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Here are a few of my current stories. Many more are on the way. Please
pay attention to the ratings, warnings and disclaimers. Most of these stories
do contain m/m sex and not all of it is consensual. Adults Only.

Disclaimer: Some of the stories are based on commercially licensed written works of art. I do not own these original works or characters nor do I claim that I do.  All original work does belong to me. Do not post any of these stories without my direct permission. Do not take them.


September 2006

A Work in Progress. Yes I am still here, working to update the site and post new stories as well as move everything to the slashcity site. Thanks for your patience.

The Various Genre's of my stories:

Fantasy - Original fantasy based stories, DragonLance and Lord of the Rings.
Highlander - Based on Highlander the series.
Anime & Yaoi - Fatal Fury and Fushigi Yuugi series
Misc. - Underworld
Links - to sites I enjoy and think you might enjoy too.



A link to the Fantasy section of my stories. Elves, Warriors wizards and the like.

- Original

Titos' Adventures  These stories contain m/m graphic sex. If you like that and the fantasy genre, have a look. Last Updated August 02

Gods This story has graphic m/m sex. Some of Titos' gods in action. Finished

Betrayed 1 & 2  loosely the start of  the Titos Scenario. Totally different Characters. This was actually written before the rest and is in badly need of editing. Finished

Orta Forbidden Pleasures An unusual pairing between am elf and a half-orc set loosely in the Titos world. Last updated August 02  Finished


- Fan Fiction -

DragonLance: The AfterMath Dalamar Raistlin/Dalamar Pairing. This story contains, or will contain graphic m/m sex and other adult situations. This is based of the DragonLance book series, pre fifth age. More info on the stories website.


Lords of the Rings: Seek and You Shall Find Part 2 Posted
This is an Alternate History/Universe look at Middle Earth, the threat of Sauron and the Ring. Pairings include or will include Aragorn/Legolas and Elrond/Glorfindel. Last updated January 03


Elven Slaves: An alternate universe approach and look at some of Lord of The Rings characters, mainly elves, in slave/master situations. Last updated January 03


Golden Habits A very brief humorous story involving two elves in Rivendell. Might make for some nice light reading. Last updated January 03 Finished

Two Overlooked, Neither Forgotten.  There is trouble in the budding relationship between Glorfindel and Erestor which involves long term secrets and past pains. Last updated June 03

The Keepers and the Kept: Very Long Summary, see the page for details. Lots of pairings, based on the one ring not being found and evil sweeping across Middle Earth. Last updated July 03

contains m/f and m/m scenes.


My FanFiction based of one of my favorite TV shows, The Highlander. Works temporarily on hold.



Introducing Sasha (PG-13) A light little tale introducing a new Immortal name Sasha.


Back Again ADULT Contains m/m and m/f sexual scenes. Part 2 to Intro. Sasha. Sasha is back again with some questions and maybe even more trouble. PLUS Duncan and Methos find a little more than friendship when Richies troubles come into play.


Origins: Sasha 3 Adult M/M. Kiddies, go away. Part 3 to the Sasha series. The group meets an interesting person who adds a neat little twist to their already complicated lives. 


Fantasy Highlander ADULT Duncan and the Gang adventure in a new "reality." Some laughs and some discoverers- slash implied but not described graphically.

Fantasy Highlander2 ADULT and M/M. SLASH. Duncan and Methos explore their relationship a bit more in this new fantasy based world.


-warning Yaoi is just like slash... that is m/m sex, and I do get graphic!


Fatal Fury

Fatal Fury: The Black Ninja
Andy runs into a new enemy and finds himself in some new situations.  


Fatal Fury: The Black Ninja 2  Andy and Terry are back PLUS a special guest from the Street Fighter series.
Fatal Fury: The Black Ninja 3: Coming Soon


Fushigi Yuugi


Emperor's Ordeal: sort of a PWP at the moment, but I am rather pleased about it. Takes place in the anime universe for now and involves an unusual coupling, sort..

The Never Ending Story of Fushigi Yuugi Last updated July 2003
Part 1: Hotohori
Part 2: Byakko and Nakago: Coming Soon


These stories do not have another category. World listed first then Story Title.

Underworld: A Prisoner of Sorts: Takes place after the Underworld movie scenario with a light twist, involving a certain vampire and lycan. Last Updated October 2004 Finished


Links I know some are not working, but i am working on it.


The 2002 Cyrrheal Awards

Best Original Slash: Titos' Adventures, by Paladin (7/20/02)

Not the best edited or proofread slash fantasy out there, but one author's unique, almost British voice, sexy and sweet and very imaginative.

The Annex Reviews:, January 2003 - I am very proud of this, please forgive me for saying so.

Let me know what you think Paladin