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An Emperor's Ordeal

Part One

A side note from Paladin. This story is a cotinueous project much like the Titos Series. Unlike the Titos Series, I am not sure how long it will go on, but I do know i am never going to end it in a way that leaves my readers hanging. I hate that myself too much to do it to someone else. Editing note. Somewhere along the line, I switched to present tense. I went back and corrected it, but if you have read me before. My editing is not the best, so please, forgive me for that. :o)

By Paladin

"Nakago." Hotohori voiced quietly from the bench at the dresser.

"Yes?" The voice was low and short but oddly delicate. The dark Seishi stood in the shadows, watching the candle light flutter lightly against the smooth light skin of the young emperor before him.

The Emperor of Konan turned towards his blonde guard, his hands lightly playing with the blue and yellow wrap around his long, silky mane, soft hair no doubt. "Kutou's emperor has not summoned me. It has been a few days and none speak of my fate. Is there an execution to take place?"

Nakago gave his slight half smile. The voice, it did not waver even for a moment. There was strength here, in this emperor his own likely underestimated. "No, at least not yet."

Hotohori stood gracefully, his golden eyes calm as he beheld the dangerous Seishi. "Why does he keep me here? If there is not to be my execution, or demands of terms of surrender, even actions to extract valuable information from me?"

Nakago laughed briefly. His blue eyes were sharp as he gazed at his enemy coolly. "The emperor has certain tastes he prefers... many of which precedes any desires for death."

The golden eyes widened quickly. The cool composer faltering for a moment, perhaps for the first time since his minions had taken the emperor but a few days ago. Foolish Sazuka no Seishi. Protecting Miaka when there was another more valuable, more... Nakago shook his head slowly, his golden mane swishing lightly. Patience, he demanded of himself. His voice, dripping with ice, addressed the startled noble. "You seem surprised."

"But I am... I am emperor..." Hotohori's eyes blazed as he realized his lapse, the vulnerability that the youth surely realized he had just displayed.

There was a rap at the door and Nakago answered, taking the silver tray from the servant and placing it on the table nearby. "Come, eat."

The golden eyes narrowed at the order.

Nakago only smiled inwardly this time. "Excuse me, please, come dine. It would not do for you to collapse from lack of meal and drink."

Hotohori stood and went to the table, seating himself after smoothing his gown. "I am hardly so frail."

Nakago chuckled. "I have no doubt of that. It cost me good skill and money in obtaining you."

"Don't you mean life?"

"What is life Hotohori? Even you do not fear death?"

If the young emperor had a sword, he would have drawn it. That much was clear for the insult was well placed. Nakago continued, unfazed by the tense and angry nature of his captive. He leaned against a nearby pillar as he watched the emperor. "Go on, dine."

The gold eyes went from the plate to Nakago's figure. "It is cold."

"I see. How unfortunate. I will put the servant to death at once. She took too long in coming here."

Hotohori's eyes widened in fury and disbelief. "Bastard," he hissed.

"Come now Saihitei. Did you doubt the monster that stands before you?"

Hotohori managed to ignore the insult and began to eat slowly, carefully trying to prove his composer even while admitting a light defeat.

Nakago moved to the bed, noting the golden eyes followed him while the head did not. He removed the bulk of his armor and placed it on the bed. Hotohori did not show signs if the action affected him. Nakago smiled and stretched lightly on the bed, his long arm lying casually on his knee as he simply watched the young man eat.

"Turn your head Shogun," came the soft demand.

He smiled and did as he was requested, for now. "Tell me Hotohori. Is it the fact that the emperor desires your beautiful body that surprises you, or the ideal that you will be taken here against your will."

The emperor stood smoothly, the character glowing lightly on his neck as he whirled around and glowered at his tormentor. "Silence!"

Nakago's cool blue gaze rested on the flush body of the Konan Emperor. "You have a sharp tongue Hotohori. If I did not believe it could be put to better use, I would remove it." The blonde Shogun stood quickly as the emperor struck at him with a well placed but calculated fist to the gut. It hardly phased him. His strong hands gripped the smaller wrist and whirled the emperor around, pressing the arm into the smooth back until he felt his enemy tense with pain. "So the cat does have claws." He leaned forward slowly, his lips breaths away from Hotohori's right ear. "They will not come for you Hotohori. Not until it is too late, and when they do, I will be ready for them." He bent down slowly, his lips lightly brushing against the exposed shoulder before him.

"Nakago!" The Sazuko no Seishi explained, anger lacing his voice.

He smiled slowly. Outraged, yes, but his trapped beauty could not hide the pulse that beat rapidly beneath his lips nor the color that arose from his cheeks.

"Sir the emperor seeks you," came a gruff voice from the door.

Nakago turned to the door sharply. Damn. His hard fingers released Hotohori after a moment. "Another time," he promised as he went to the door, not bothering to look back at the emperor as he departed, nodding to the three guards just outside as he did so. The fool wanted to speak to him. For now, he would listen. It was not long now. Soon, he would have his first course of revenge.

"Report Nakago. Our plan, is it working?"

Our plan indeed. "Yes emperor. They have left the Konan emperor behind as I said they would. He will not cave to his responsibilities of the throne, even for the foreign girl. Soon, they will separate and break into two groups, making them even more vulnerable."

The emperor smiled wickedly. "Excellent. We will snatch the Sazuka no Seishi from under the puny young man's nose before he even know what happened. " He laughed slowly. "I hear you have a woman Nakago. Tell me is she pretty? Does she have light hair like you."

Nakago eyed him calmly, his hatred carefully tucked away to await a more proper time. "She is merely a common girl."

"Aye? Well then you won't mind if I help myself then." Another smile.

"Of course not."

The emperor frowned and waved his hand. "Very well. Go."

Nakago departed, smiling slowly as he entered the courtyard. The fool indeed. "Report spy."

A low voice came from the shadows near him. "The one they call Tamahome is in Kutuo."

His finger lightly graced his chin. Of course it would be him. The heroic fool, coming to rescue his own rivalry. The irony was thick, but then again, this Miaka would wish only the best to save this important Seishi. He laughed lowly.

"We will make sure he never makes it..."

"No," he voiced lowly. "Let him come." He smiled again. "Let him come."


Hotohori took a deep breath, thankful the evil Seishi had departed. He clenched his fist tightly as he searched for a way out of this situation. With the emperor of Kutou? "Never, never," he hissed through clenched teeth. How could he have missed this? All the reports, even the man's own people mentioned women, lots of women. Gods, even now his face flushed at the thoughts. If there were men surely the others one know. How could they not unless the person was so powerful and influential that... No. He gripped the bedpost in disbelief, recalling the cool yet hot lips on his shoulders. Nakago. No. The shogun was merely infuriating him... The actions, the advance was not real.

Hotohori went out to the balcony, gazing up at the moonlight. "Miaka," he whispered longingly. I will not be defiled, he vowed. His long fingers pushed his hair back and tore portions of his robes. There was a need for more flexibility. He then leapt from the balcony, gliding down and using the small ledges and vines to the ground.


Nakago stepped forward from a nearby tree and watched the young emperor take off into the night. How amusing. He thought he could possibly escape here, in the heart of these lands. He laughed softly and made quiet chase. It would not do to have Hotohori find a weapon from one of the foolish guards. Then, he might have to harm his fleeing rose.

The chase lasted only minutes. Hotohori had his mind evidently on something else first before leaving the city. War plans or perhaps some other vital piece of information. "Ah, young emperor," he voiced quietly. "Cannot leave empty handed. So loyal to your kingdom."

Hotohori turned quickly with a series of kicks. Nakago dodged them lightly and then used his power to send the emperor flying into a nearby room. "Miss your sword I see." He laughed lowly as Hotohori crouched before him, the fire not dying just yet. Good. "The emperor wants you now." He voiced lowly, knowing it would phase him again. Nakago strode forward carefully as he waved his hand at six guards who were merely changing shifts. "See, here they come."

Hotohori hissed through clenched teeth. "I will die first Nakago."

Nakago raised an eyebrow as he leaned against the frame of the door. "You would have Miaka suffer all this for nothing? The deaths, the fights all for nothing because you cannot fathom sacrificing yourself for your kingdom, for your love, for your own comrades? You are a selfish brat Hotohori."

The young emperor's eyes widened, surprise again lighting the glistening globes.

Nakago gazed at him steadily his voice soft, seductive. "You will be taken this night Hotohori. The only choice you have is with whom."

The emperor stood, his eyes wary and still angry. "I demand you tell me what you mean by that."

"Demand." He laughed softly. "You are in no position to demand. The emperor wants you Hotohori, but perhaps I can persuade him to seek warmth else where."

"But you said..."

"And you can join me in my chambers."

"Never." He voiced lowly, clearly ready to fight again.

Nakago waved his hand lightly. "It is your choice of course Hotohori. We will fight and you will be given to him bruised, aching, broken bones, conscious or not. It matters little to him. He has perfected rape down to an art form."

Hotohori flushed a deep crimson.

Nakago could practically see the horrid images the young emperor had playing before his eyes. "Tell me, Hotohori, how many young men have you been with. Will he be your first? Hmmmm?"

The Konan Emperor stepped back, his confusion and hesitation evident, even beautiful.

Nakago moved to Hotohori, stopping a few steps from the young emperor. "Come to me Hotohori. Consent to me. I swear to you there will be little pain and shame. Your prophecy will not die, your kingdom not mourn your loss."

The golden eyes shifted over to the marching men as they neared and then went back to Nakago. Slowly the long lashes fell and the tension left the young man's body. Nakago moved forward and gripped the smooth shoulders, his fingers feeling the long soft strands of the wondrous hair his new lover had. He smiled as he bent forward, their lips touching. Though Hotohori did not respond, he did not move away either. Nakago smiled. Gotcha.

Nakago took the emperor's wrist and led them out the door. He nodded once to the captain as he passed by, a simple pointless gesture but one Hotohori did take notice of. He chuckled softly as he continued to lead them to his chambers. The guards, the servants, they were all fools. What they believe they beheld was not the Konan Emperor but some woman he had found, stolen. it mattered little. He parted the doors to his chambers and sent the servants away. Hotohori could only be pressed so far.

"Go sit on the bed."

Hotohori complied, saying nothing. The young man, turned his head away, looking into a nearby candle flame. "I do not consent to you Nakago. You gave me a choice, and I choose the lesser of two evils. But I do not consent. Never will I consent to you Nakago."

Nakago smiled slowly as he poured two goblets of smooth red wine and set them near the bed. "Disrobe Hotohori. I wish to see the beautiful emperor in all his grandeur. The flawless art that we all hear about."

"No," came the flat refusal.

So, Nakago thought, this is the game you choose. He smiled slowly and picked up a goblet, sipping lightly. Very well Hotohori, I will play. The shogun handed the golden goblet to the emperor. "Drink Hotohori."

Hotohori's eyes narrowed.

"It is not poison. Drink or I will believe you have changed your mind and send for an escort to take you to the Kutou Emperor."

The strong sure fingers closed over the glass, their fingers meeting momentarily. Nakago watched intently. The light tilting of the head back, the gentle sound of swallowing, he breathed heavily. He had to see more.

Hotohori turned to him, the golden eyes full of fire and anger though there was a flicker of uncertainty as the larger blonde warrior went to him and pulled loose the wrap the bound the silky brown strands. Like a waterfall, the strands fell over his shoulders and rested gently on the bed. His fingers stroked the welcomed mane gently, the softness startling, the shine bewitching. "Hotohori," Nakago murmured lowly, his eyes still calm and composure visually stable though his heart pounded. There was a quick intake of breath as he bent down and claimed the smooth lips before him, not surprised when they did not bend to his will. Ever the warrior, the proud warrior. His strong fingers went to the tie before his new lover's robe. "You have torn your garments," he murmured. "It is unseen for you to go about in such rags Hotohori." He gave one quick yank that sent a startled gasp from his beautiful, blushing emperor. How many hands ever touched this body he was about to claim as his own, even casually? To be treated like this, when none dared to even speak harshly to an emperor, did it excite Hotohori as much as it excited him to give the attentions? He chuckled softly as he noticed that his young friend had tensed, his eyes closed and his teeth clenched. Such anger, such spirit. Nakago let his fingers cover Hotohori's gently as he took from him the goblet and placed it on the table. "Relax my young emperor. Little pain, shame, remember? You may even enjoy this." he promised softly.

"Your words mean little to me," came the low reply.

"And so my little bird sings. Tell me, if my words mean nothing, then why are you here?"

"I have... have no choice."

Nakago parted the robes slowly as he bent forward and kissed him gently, warmly on the temple. "Believe that if you must."

His cool lips drifted down the sides of Hotohori's face to his neck. Nakago suckled the little crevice where his shoulders began, relishing the light tremble he was rewarded. He laughed into the light skin as his hands dislodged the rest of the cumbersome clothing hiding the upper portion of his bounty. His lips continued to explore the surprisingly soft, delicate skin of his neck and shoulders. Every tremble, every intake of breath he felt excited him further. It was all he could do to keep from throwing the Seishi on the bed and taking him quickly. Patience, he reminded himself. Hotohori would be his before the night was over for no one would have ever bothered to teach the Konan Emperor how to defend himself from this.

Nakago backed away, peering at Hotohori with a smooth smile. The silken hair covered his forehead and went down near his eyes, but did not cover the tightly closed lids that shuddered as Hotohori tried to fight his body's responses. The lips, those lips that must be sweet, were partially parted as he tried to take in air as if it would truly cool the heat coursing through his veins. Nakago laughed softly and leaned forward, capturing the lips again, this time his tongue working his way into the warm mouth. The golden eyes flew open before him, clearly bewildered at what was being done to him. The blonde gripped the shoulders tightly as he pressed on, his tongue plundering the sweet taste of wine from the younger man's mouth before him. They parted breathless. Even Hotohori could not hide that response. The look of bewilderment remained on the young emperor's face. Nakago stroked the now swollen lips with his thumb. "What did you think happened Hotohori?"

Hotohori turned his head quickly, blushing, the anger returning into this body.

Nakago scolded himself silently. No shame, he had promised. He laughed inwardly. As if promises meant anything. He bent forward lightly gracing his lips across the now closed eyes as his fingers dropped to remove the undergarments from his lovely victim. The muscles of Hotohori's abdomen fluttered beneath his every touch and so did the rising bulge hidden down below. He laughed softly as he pulled the young emperor to his feet, gently lowering and removing the rest of the offending garments that still hid the beauty from him. Gently, he pulled the naked man to him, his arms embracing the trembling inexperienced emperor and holding him tight against his body. His hands stroked his back and lowered to the round strong muscles of Hotohori's rear. Hotohori breathed in quickly as he delicately traced the smooth crack. "Easy," Nakago murmured.

"Nakago," Hotohori voiced tensely. "Do not do this. There is no honor in what you do."

Nakago laughed lowly. "Honor? Honor is important to you is it? How fitting Konan Emperor." The Shogun kissed the closed eyes gently, his tongue lightly tasting the moisture forming at the corners of the dark lashes. "For your kingdom, for your Miaka." He murmured the soft, comforting words. Very gently, he pushed the emperor onto the bed, his knees wedged between the strong thighs, his palms pressed against the shoulder blades as the naked body met the silk bedding. His lips captured the pursed line of the others, smiling briefly as he wondered if Hotohori would bite him. The young man, did not. Nakago let his palm traced the ribs down to the smooth thighs, his fingers crawling over to the dark silky forest that could not hide the desire stirring in his enemies blood. One, two fingers and a thumb traced the hard length carefully. Strong soft fingers grabbed his shoulders tightly as Hotohori gasped, his eyes fluttering open in surprised as his body responded despite the owner's wishes.

"Nakago." His name was a whispered plea, but for what he wondered.

Nakago continued, exploring the hard member at the mercy of his palm and fingers. Smooth and hard, just like the rest of Hotohori. It was pleasing somehow, and reassuring. His enemy, his soon to be lover, his prize. "Hotohori," he whispered softly as his strokes gained speed and pressure. It did not take long, as he knew he wouldn't. Hot moisture spilled from the younger emperor and onto his palm. He laughed lowly and stepped away, wiping his palm against his paints before he removed them, along with his shirt. His blue gaze, which was often icy, was now calm and nearly warm as he peered at his conquered power. "Hotohori," he murmured again. "Behold me with your old sight as I am now. For not long now, your golden gaze will never see me again in the same light."

Hotohori opened his eyes, despite himself. There was wonderment in those golden eyes, as well as anger... and the glint of fear. "What do you...?"

Nakago cut him off as his knees went to the right of Hotohori's left thigh. He lowered himself, their bare chests meeting as he kissed Hotohori again. Their hairs mingled like strands of thread in a breathless tapestry. This time, the lips yielded to him, opening with a slight gasp that was silenced only by the shogun's own hot breath and mouth. Nakago withdrew his lips dropping to the vital throat as his hands lifted the younger man's legs to rest on his sturdy hips while his knees position themselves on either side. His fingers returned to the weeping organ below, taking the seed on his fingers tips and transferring it to the tight hole of his new desire. Hotohori arched beneath him, nearly throwing him off in shock. Nakago gave an arid laugh as the young emperor turned his head to the side in mute protest despite the positive reaction his body screamed. Nakago took a great deal of time in this process, using Hotohori's own moisture to ease the union they would partake. "Little pain," he whispered softly. Not like I received, he thought inwardly. Nakago could no longer resist his own yearnings, his own pulsing veins. Carefully, he let his own member rest against the newly prepared entrance. His fingers grabbed the wrists of his lover, preventing any actions against him. Hotohori would resist this. He knew that. But the young emperor could do nothing save use his hips. That, Hotohori would not do. Not with his large body pressed so close, so hot and heavy above him. "The weight of a lover. This moment marking the end of your innocence. Is it not exciting Sazuka no Seishi?"

Hotohori's eyes widened but he said nothing, not likely to trust his own voice. Instead, he laid there, his head facing the moonlight as if it were some sort of sanction, his lips tight together and jaw tense.

Nakago laughed again, not a cruel or dark laugh, but a sympathetic. Hotohori expected to be brutally taken, raped like some common peasant. Oh, no Hotohori, he promised in his mind. Not you. You will be loved, you will be treasured, remembered and you will be mine. He pushed forward, stretching the moist hot entrance. Hotohori arched beneath him, unable to contain the gasp that flew from his lips like a freed nightingale. There was sweat on his brow and his body trembled. It was beautiful, so lovely that Nakago paused to watch the reaction subside. He moved again, this time deeper as more of himself claimed his enemy. Hotohori bit his lip as the head entered his cavity, a light trickle of blood falling to the bedding below from the cut mouth. Nakago's eyes widened... He paused.. The blood was nearly too shocking. Blood meant pain did it not. He closed his eyes and leaned forward, lightly licking the pain, gentling it away just before his mouth again covered the emperor's. He thrust forward, unable to wait any long and knowing it is best this way. Hotohori cried out, stifled again by his enemy's hot mouth. The powerful blonde began to move slowly, relishing the tight muscles squeezing his pulsing groin while his tongue plays gently with Hotohori's. It took only a few moments before Hotohori felt the pleasure of such motions and returned the sentiment. At last, Nakago rejoiced as they moved slowly. He lead his enemy in a smooth quickening rhythm, their sweaty bodies gliding against each other. Their lips broke as he leaned back, his hands pressing firmly on either side of Hotohori's head. The larger blonde grit his teeth from the pleasure he felt, from the urge to let go completely, to use this body as he knew a body can be used. His gentle emperor turned his head and closed his eyes, a sheen of color rising again in the light cheeks. Still shy, still timid even now as the pleasure wracks his body. It was inspiring and so strong. The pride, the warrior still shining while the young man slowly succumbed to the bodily pleasures he had only heard of before... perhaps even dreamed of. He thrust deeply as his excitement grew, the strong fingers against his thigh merely encouraging him even as the nail's cut through his skin.

"Nakago..." Hotohori whispered, his chest rising and falling with his rapid breathing. "I..."

Nakago closed his eyes and plunged forward one final time, the tender sound of his name from the lips of his enemy sending him over the edge finally. His hot essence spilled into the young emperor, forcing a light sweet whimper from the Hotohori. Then, it is quiet save for the light breathing of them both. Nakago's lids opened slowly, his blue globes gazing down at his claimed treasure, a smile pulling at his lips as he beheld still anger and strength in the golden eyes that were turned from him, as well contentment. Their union was enjoyed by both. Nakago rolled gracefully to the side, pulling Hotohori closer to him by his hips as the shogun closed his eyes with a pleasant sigh. Mine, he thought.


Hotohori waited until he felt the heavy breathing of sleep against his neck till he opened his eyes again and gazed at the moon. Moisture could no longer be held within him and the tears glided down his cheek. "Miaka," he whispered. "I am sorry for I have failed you... failed us..."


Nakago's eyes opened quickly as he heard the unmistakable sound of footsteps nearby. Tamahome. He stood fluidly careful not to disturb his lover. He smiled as he dressed in silence and then went to the second goblet of wine. He dropped a small pill in the dark sweet liquid, pausing to stir it quickly. Then, using his finger, he went to Hotohori and applied a small amount open the sweet lips. Almost instantly, the tongue came out and licked the moisture away. He did the same for a few moments, almost hesitant to stop for the scene was nearly bewitching in his eroticism. Forcing himself to back away, he slipped out the balcony into the next the room. For now, he would have to let Hotohori go, at least until his own emperor was taken care of.


Tamahome glared carefully at the three guards outside the door. This had to be the place. Nakago's chamber's, but why? He shook his head, the blue hair swaying lightly with the movement. It didn't matter. The guards were certainly not there to watch over Nakago. He dropped quickly to the ground, the cloak gliding down behind him with a swish. Giving the three men no time to react he attack quickly, his kicks and fists bring them all down silently. Rubbing his hands together at job well done, he went to the door and slid it opened carefully. His eyes darted about the room noting no movement, no hidden figures. He stepped in boldly, moving towards the one figure that lay in the bed. Tamahome spoke quietly. "Hotohori, we must go." No answer. He frowned and leaned over shacking the shoulders. "Your highness." Still no reply. His breath caught and he let his fingers push aside the dark silky hairs as he checked for a pulse. There was one. Still frowning he pushed the covers back. "By gods," he breathed. The emperor was not clothed! How odd. Using a sheet to cover the exposed body, Tamahome lifted Hotohori into his arms. Still the Sazuka no Seishi did not awaken, but at least felt light to carry. He went out to the balcony, hoping he would not have to fight his way out. Tamahome dropped to the ground and moved quickly finding none to block his way. With a smile at the ease of this attempt, he disappeared into the forest, not noticing the cool blue gaze of the shogun Nakago gazing down at them from a tree nearby.

To Be Continue...

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