Fatal Fury: The Black Ninja

By Paladin


"Ugh!" Andy grunted as he struck the tree with his right fist followed by his left. sweat drenched blonde hair blocked his vision. His hands stung slightly yet still he did not stop. His anger escalated despite the cool winds that normally calmed his temper. One kick to the tree and then another. No letter and no phone calls, Terry had disappeared again and did not bother to let his brother know whether he was alive or not. Andyís concentration slipped and the bark slashed against his bared knuckle, cracking the skin open. He hissed lightly and stepped back, sighing heavily. Why couldnít Terry see that it hurt him, the not knowing? Andy knew his brother meant nothing by it. Terry was a loner by nature, but it didnít have to be that way. Andy exhaled slowly, grabbed his fluffy white towel, and ventured back into the small house. His greyish blue eyes darted to the phone as the machine picked up when he enter his small home.

"Andy!" Mai called out. "Pick up the phone. I know you are there. Andy." She continued, this time whining a bit.

Andy shook his head and smiled. He liked her a lot but the persistence could be breath taking at times and sometimes just plain annoying. He moved to pick up the phone thinking that if she continued to ask him to spend a week with her in Europe, he would just die.


He whirled around just in time to dodge the tiny shuriken flying through the air. It cut through the air with a whooshing sound and imbedded itself in his newly painted wall. Three more of the little horrors came his way. Andy tucked and rolled to the safety of his little couch. He threw his towel away and listened for the signs of his foe.

"Andy. Come on I just want to talk." The machine wailed.

Damn. Andy took a deep breath and eased himself away from the cover. He kept low, not willing to become a completely open target. Not a sound could be heard except for the quick beating of his own heart and the voice of Mai yelling at him on the answering machine. Zing, Zing, Zing. The light bulbs shattered on impact leaving the small house completely dark aside from the dim light of the late eveningís sun shinning through a single small window.

"Okay maybe I am wrong and you arenít home so Iíll just try again later."

Andy let out a breath in relief. Quiet, now he could really concentrate. He heard the light pat of footsteps in the kitchen. He rolled to the side just in time to avoid the pounce of the quiet attacker. A fist went to this face, and he grabbed the arm throwing his assailant over and into his newly bought lamp. The foe, dressed head to toe in black and wearing a dark face mask, crouched low and watched him, unhindered by his fall. They eyed each other for a few moments, though Andy could only make out his cold green eyes. Both ignored the phone as it range again. A dark hand darted out towards him in a flash. Andy vaulted over the couch, yet one of the deadly weapons slice through his back right shoulder. He hissed slightly. The fiend was gone yet again. His eyes darted about the room looking for any kind of foreign object. He saw none. Cold fury raced through his blood. This game of cat and mouse had to end, and fast. His opponent was just too quick. How can he fight a target he canít see?

"Hey itís me." Terryís voice called on the phone.

Terry! Andy only had a second to wonder about his brother for the assailant seemed to come up from the floor and slam his fist into his targets chin. Andy hit the table hard sending the phone clattering to the floor. He shook away the dazed feeling and jumped to his feet.

"Hishoken!" The fireball missed. He went for his enemy in mid flight. Hoping to knock him away and end this quickly. As his feet gained contact with the tough abdomen, white pain raced through his veins that seemed to catch his mind on fire. Andy could not hold back the scream that emitted from his very core. He fell to the ground gasping for breath that would not come.

"There are weak gods too. He was captured once. You are nothing special, Terry Bogard!" The attacker's laugh was low and sinister. It carried a hint of menace which sent a chill up Andy's spine?

"Andy!" Terry screamed into the phone.

The world went black.

<End Intro>

Andy slowly opened his eyes and shrank away from the bright light of the shadowy room. He seemed to be sitting in a chair, his arms tied behind him tightly with what felt like small, cold chains. Blinking a couple of times, he glanced up at the offending light which swayed slightly from unseen wind. It was then he noticed he was not alone. Someone lurked in the back corner, almost completely hidden.

"Andy Bogard."

So the attacker had heard the mistaken identity. Terry had called... Andy tried to shake away the hazy filling that overwhelmed all of a sudden. "Yes."

The deep voice continued. "You are not the one who defeated the god of war?"

"No, but we all helped." He felt strange, almost in a dreamlike state.


"Terry, Joe Higashi, Mai Shiranui, and me." Why was he telling this man anything? Andy closed his eyes trying to regain control of his own thoughts.

"Interesting. I managed to go for the wrong one. Funny, you seemed the stronger of the two... Perhaps your discipline is lacking, patience even."

Andy tested his chains and found them not lacking in strength. Odd, he felt no pain from any injuries he must have obtained from the battle.

"Well now it would seem we have a dilemma. I wanted to kill Terry and not you. I could kill you anyway though it is hardly worth my time. Iíve no desire to go for the underdogs." He paused. "I imagine he would come for you were he to know your whereabouts. That will not do will it? It is rumored Terry draws strength from those he loves when they are near. Returning you would be dismissing my victory as not." The figure moved forward and out into the light. He seemed a man of average height and a lithe muscular build. Andyís assailant was still dressed head to toe in a deep black. " I think it is the arena for you."

"Bastard. You are a fool if you think I will fight for you." Andy could feel the anger brewing deep inside him. However, he could not avoid the elbow that knocked him unconscious.

Andy awoke again, but this time his hands were free and the groggy feeling had dissipated.His eyes quickly took in the many colored lights as he stood. Shouts rang out loudly and the sound of some announcer could be hear.

"Terry Vs Haogor!" The crowd yelled louder.

He was standing on some sort of platform with blue and red ropes around it. His eyes caught the sudden movement quickly and he maneuvered to the side, easily avoiding the kick. His opponent, a large man with a deep tan, bright brown eyes, and a dark brown hair tied in a braided tail, followed through with a low punch. Andy rolled with the attack, sustaining only minute damage, and then did a sweep for the ankles. The assailant grinned and jumped back a few feet. Damn it. It looked as if he had no choice but to fight. They circled each other for a few moments. Andy went to the balls of his feet and rolled away from the next heavy punch. He came up from behind and ran at him, slamming his shoulder into the exposed spine. The man howled loudly and back-attacked with a hefty elbow. Andy backed away, holding his bruised ribs angrily. Enough. If he had to fight, so be it, but he would not give them a sport to watch. Cold fury raced through his veins as he moved forward quickly, landing five quick blows in the now open gut. "Shoryudan!" he shouted as the power flowed through him and nailed the man square in the jaw... knocking him out cold.

Cheers erupted from the crowd and the money of the losing betters filled the air with a light whispering sound. "Andy Arcane! Ladies and Gentlemen. Andy!" the announcer yelled.

A referee grabbed his hand and held it up momentarily before Andy could pull away. He yanked his hand free and went to demonstrate his anger when three guards, dressed in black suits and wearing similarly black hats, tackled him. The fight was brief for the koppo specialist felt a small prick and then the world went black. These induced unconscious states were really getting on his nerves.

Andy awoke once again feeling very groggy from the drug. He was sitting on some kind of large silky pillow. The smell of hearty food, sweet deserts, and fresh baked bread filled the air, causing his stomach to realize he had not eaten for sometime. Then warm lips began to travel up his arm and to his neck. He bolted at once, his eyes just now focusing. A woman dressed in a tight white blouse and short green shorts purred at him, her grey eyes looking him over slowly. The rest of the room was filled with various tables of the food he had smelt earlier; he was not alone. Other men, perhaps arena fighters as well, were in different corners of the room receiving similar attentions. His face burned red, and he backed away as "his" woman continued forward.

"Not to your liking?" A deep familiar voice questioned.

Andy turned to see his captor move away from a shadowy corner, still dressed in black.

"Who do you think you are? Where am I?"

The man laughed lowly. "Where indeed. If you no desire to enjoy the spoils of victory, then do not. Indulge in the rest if you will." He went to the only door where the guards parted for him. "Oh, you fight again tomorrow." And then he was gone.

Andy looked at the door and watched it silently for a moment. "What happens if you loose?" He questioned lowly to himself and then sighed. The woman shrugged and left again as soon as she realized that Andy had no interest with her. He then partook in the offered foods deciding that he had all ready been drugged a number of times and anymore venom would not make much more of a difference. Later that night, he was taken to a small cell that had a comfortable bed an little else. He fell asleep vowing to escape the moment he had a chance.

The next couple of weeks rolled by slowly. Andy made attempt after attempt to break free but it always resulted in failure. There were too many guys with guns in this large building... or perhaps it was really a mansion and home of his captor. The fights had been rather easy thus far, and it was to his understanding that they were meant to be. He needed to show strength to get higher bids on him before he started taking on those worth fighting. The last couple days had him face men that were nearly his match, if not better. Their lack of discipline proved to be their downfall, that and his powers were channeled easily these days. Andy realized he had not been punished for his escapes, only more frequently drugged, but some questions quickly came to his mind on a daily basis. What happens if you loose? How many fighters were there and how many were captives such as he? Where were they and could he possibly get someone in the audience to help him? His musings were cut short as the door opened suddenly. "Time."
Andy frowned. He had all ready fought today. As he strode through the door and down the hall to the arena, he looked about for another escape rout. His hair swished slightly as he shook his head in annoyance when one his "escorts" pulled out a syringe and smiled. He bet they all carried them now. Once again he entered the arena listening to the shouts of his sport name in disgust. Martial arts were not for play or sport, but these people drank it up like water. His opponent, a tall lithe man with long pink hair and sparkling green eyes bowed to the crowd getting an instant roar. The man looked very feminine and had large metal claws attacked to the ends of his fingers. He wore loose white pants and kept his chest bared. His long lashes lifted slightly revealing a sharp light from those tiny globes that caused Andyís blood to run cold.

The bell rang and in seconds, Andyís opponent bolted for him. The hands flashed at him in a flurry of motion. The tiny blades sliced through Andyís exposed skin even though his defensive moves blocked the actual intended blow. They danced around the ring as if some unheard music lead them to do so. There seemed to be no time to think or counter attack as this new fiend struck at him time and time again. Andy tried a few combinations on this limber figure, but not even his chi could come fast enough. He soon found himself becoming light headed from the blood loss of the multiple cuts that covered his body. A light, raspy, laugh emanated from his enemy as he suddenly stood on one tow and began to twirl. Faster and faster he went until his opponent exploded out of the emotion in the form of green tiger. The "animal" pounced forward and sent bolts of energy racing through his veins at a painful intensity. Andy tried to stand but found himself to weak to do even that. Cheers erupted from the crowd and then Andy knew for sure he had lost. No wonder Terry could not stand to be around him. Terry was a winner and Andy... well he had just lost again and would do so every time it seemed count. This time, they didnít even need the drugs for Andy blacked out on his own.

Andy was dressed in warm robes when he came too and discovered his wounds had been cared for. He felt weak but strong enough to do anything but fight. Two men, dressed in black suits, escorted him to the back wall where one pressed a lever behind the makeshift lamp. His hands were secured tightly in black cuffs making it easy for them to pull him up the revealed stairway. The place was dark, lit only by one or two candles located on a few low placed, black shelves. Similarly dark doors covered the walls, from which low moans and gasps emanated. From a few, whimpers and even sobs could be heard as well. Terror gripped Andyís heart when they finally stopped in front of an awaiting door. "No..."

"Youíll learn quickly enough." Came the cold reply.

The door was opened and he found himself shoved into the room. The front part had a few dimly lit lamps while the rest was pitch black. He could not see anything. Andy stood there listening and finally hearing the breathing of the other. His hands trembled where they gripped his robe close. Tears sprang to his grey blue eyes. Of all the situations he could not handle, this was one of them. "I have not done this before... anything really." He admitted softly as if whoever this was could possibly care.

"Really? You ought to receive some kind of reward for keeping Mai away this long." The friendly voice rang out as Terry stepped into the light, lifting his hat just enough to gaze at his little brother.

"Terry..." Andy whispered in disbelief.

"Yep." Terry moved forward and brushed Andyís fresh tears away. The movement sent shivers down Andyís spine. "In the flesh."

Andy smiled slowly. "But how? Gods, Terry this must be a trap..."

Terry covered his mouth gently with his gloved hand. "Donít worry about it. Joe and I worked this out perfectly. We had a friend book the room for me, and it costs a fortune. We all expect to get paid back... eventually." He smiled brightly, his deep blue eyes shining. "Are you all right?"

Andy recovered slowly. "Of course, just tell me what to do."

Terry gripped his shoulder and laughed lowly. "Easy there. You are staggering a bit." His brother led him to the bed. "I saw the fight. It was tough."

"You can take him easily." Andy muttered bitterly.

"Maybe." Terry shrugged. "Maybe not. Andy, donít let it get to you. You have been fighting a lot. When your heart is in it, you are unstoppable."

Andy sighed. "So we just sit here..." His voice trailed off as someone exclaimed from the side room. His eyes widened at the proceeding sounds. It sounded more like a battle than anything else. His face burned when he realized Terry was watching him quietly. "Sorry. What do we do?"

Terry continued to eye him for a moment, a strange light in his eyes that seemed to make the room warm. "Now? We wait. Late tomorrow night... we make our move."

"Tomorrow night?" Andy breathed. By then he would be used by someone else. His heart sank instantly. Suddenly he looked up and noticed Terry had moved considerably closer. His breath caught in his throat. This had to be some kind of a dream. A drug playing with his mind. "You never let me pick you up from the airport." He muttered softly.

"Andy..." Terry smiled again. "What is wrong.. Oh, I didnít want to bother you are Joe then... not after that fight. I am sure Mai appreciated the sentiment."

Andy sighed. "It is nothing." He cringed from the sharp noise that radiated from the same room. 'I just wish it were you and not some stranger,' he thought.

"It could be." Terry murmured in his ear. Andy blinked, had he actually said that aloud? "It is hard for me to get close to someone, but we could be so much closer than we are Andy. If you are willing."

Andy trembled. "You deserve...."

"I have always loved you." Terry drew him closer, his arms stroking his back lightly. "I have lost so many loved ones and the ache can be unbearable. The pain would never disappear if I lost you. You want me donít you?"

Andy closed his eyes, almost letting himself be drawn in by the soft words and unvoiced promises. "I just wish you would call. Let me know things are okay. I am always here for you Terry. I love you. We are almost kin. There need be nothing else simply to ease my fears."

Terry laughed lowly. "Your desires are not one-sided. Let me show you. I would be honored to be your first." He grasped Andyís loose light hair and pulled him forwards, their lips meeting briefly. The contact was short, but it sent fire roaming through his body. Terry broke the kiss and whispered. "This can stop anytime you want."

Andy tried to gather his wits. "And what if I donít want it to ever stop?"

Terry laughed lightly. "Thatís okay too. Why donít we light some more candles... I want to see you."

Andy frowned. "But you have all ready..."

"All of you." Terry corrected lowly.

"Oh... all right," he answered hesitantly.

"Itís okay Andy; youíve no reason to be shy." Terry assured. The famous fighter stood quickly and flicked open his lighter, getting the room illuminated more fully. Terry then returned and sat beside Andy. "Relax." He commanded, again with that low husky voice. Terry drew him into another passionate kiss, his hands slipping the robes down slowly. Andy shivered from the chill though Terryís hands quickly warmed the exposed skin up. The street fighter moved closer, as he parted the rest of the imposing robes. Andy loved the weight of Terry on top of him. He felt a bit trapped and one-hundred percent aroused. Terry pushed a knee between his legs and gently nudged his exposed groin. Andy gasped loudly, his hips instinctively came off the bed wanting more friction and quickly. Terry kissed his neck slowly. "Easy Andy," he murmured. Andy groaned louder as a rough, moist tongue glided down his neck to his right nipple. The sucking and gentle pulling sent surprising sensations to the rest of his body. He arched into the caress and closed his eyes, letting go of all his fears and feeling only the slightest touch of remaining shyness. This was Terry, he could trust him. Suddenly, the warmth was gone as Terry pulled away and stood. Andy sighed in disappointment, it had been too good to be true. He opened his eyes and beheld Terry like he had not before. Even in this low light, Terry shone bright and magnificent. His muscles rippled slightly as he removed the rest of the clothing. His blonde hair, in cap and ponytail, whipped about as he kneeled and took care of his shoes. Terry then moved forward, revealing his whole self to Andy. Andy gulped quietly as he took in the sight, his eyes roaming from the deep blue eyes glistening with love and lust to the bulging organ nestled in blonde hair. A pang of fear crept over him, followed by even more shyness. He would have sat up had Terry not lowered himself down again, pinning him to the soft bed. "Itís all right..." He muttered lowly as he stroked Andyís lighter hair. Andy drew in deep breaths, falling into sweet bliss again as Terry lightly kissed his colored cheeks. Their bared groins meet momentarily, drawing a deep groan from Andy that was captured by yet another kiss. Terryís tongue explored his mouth slowly as his hands snaked down to Andyís own excited member. Andy tensed and shuddered as he was grasped gently and then stroked. "You can touch me..." Terry mentioned with a light laugh.

"Oh..." Andy sighed and then blushed at his own bewilderment. Hesitantly, Andy let his hands trace the hard shoulders before him as his own grey-blue eyes looked at Terry in wonder. Terry grinned and grasped his hand, gliding him down the warmth below. Andy closed his eyes briefly at the contact. Everything seemed so unreal. He stroked the hard flesh softly at first and then faster and harder as he drew a gasp from Terry. Soon, Terry stopped him and chuckled at Andyís puzzlement. "Not yet," Terry murmured. He then licked his way over Andyís chest, down his abdomen, pausing to kiss his weeping member and heavy sacs, and then rested just outside his opening. When the first intrusion came, Andy grasped Terryís shoulder in reflex. His body jumped almost violently as he gasped loudly. The moist invader continued, soon turning the surprise and light pain into a sea of pleasure. His groans continued until he finally came with a shout that even startled him. Terry pulled away, licking his moist organ briefly and then covering him with his body again. Andy was drawn into another kiss that seemed to have no end in its intensity. Terryís hands snaked down to his bum and kneaded him slowly. Then a finger invaded his warmth, sending a sharp pain up his spine. Terry paused momentarily, his other hand stroking Andyís sweat drenched hair in assurance. Then another finger was inserted followed by another. Andyís breath came in small gasps when Terry's lips finally left his and went to his ear. His lobe was nibbled gently. "Relax..." the soft command came. Andy closed his eyes again, forcing his body to relax to this gentle invasion. Then he felt something larger and hard seek a way in. He tensed instantly, his eyes flying open only to meet that deep blue gaze again that still held promise, love, and passion. "Trust me." Terry whispered softly. Andy nodded quickly as he began to get filled. The pain seemed so intense that he did not realize he was crying until Terry licked up his tears and stroked his hair again. There came a moment when he felt he could take no more and not be stretched further. Then the movement began. Terry moved inside him slowly, pushing in and out and then finally touching some unseen pleasure point that drew a long drawn out moan from Andyís being. This time, Andy pulled his admiration closer for a kiss, letting his tongue explore the mouth often seen in a smile. Terry rode him slowly with deep, long strokes. The pace quickened to a speed that had both their pale bodies soaking the bed. Andy grasped Terryís wide back as he was plunged into over and over again. Somehow, he managed to find the rhythm, and they moved in unison. Then a point of explosion occurred as Terry filled him with his warm seed and Andy came again. They remained still for several moments, content to just watch the emotions fly in each others eyes. Then Terry rolled to his side, drawing Andy into an embrace. Sighing in contentment, Andy let his head rest on the firm chest. He feel asleep to the soft beatings of his almost brotherís heart, forgetting about their situation and not even hearing the commotion around them.

Andy awoke to a shout and the sound of a door flying open.

"Woe Man!" Joe explained as he slammed the door close. "Sorry man. I hate to break up the family reunion but we have some serious problems here. Get dressed and I do mean in a hurry"

Terry did so in a flash, with a dark look on his face. "What happened?"

Andy secured his robe as best he could.

"I was sleeping safe and sound in my room right. Then some big nasty fellows come flying in with sticks and try to beat the crap out of me. Of course, Joe Higashi had no problems dealing with them. I figured youíd have problems here, and I was right! Some serious nastiness is taking place as we speak. I know we were going for the quick, quiet escape... but well..."

"Gotcha." Terry frowned and flew open the door, just in time to catch the arm that went flying for his face, and throw the guy over his shoulder and against the hard wall.

The room quickly filled with men in black suits and dark hats. "Look out for the needles!" Andy shouted as they tried to overwhelm him again. This time, the odds were a little more even and the three fighters were able to make quick work of the offending assailants. They headed down the stairs when they came across two more opponents. One, was the victor that had defeated Andy... the other was the one that had captured him in the first place.

Without hesitation, the black ninja let loose more of his shurikens. The tiny, deadly pieces of steel raced through the air, missing Joe chest by mere millimeters. The clawed fiend bound forward and up the stairs with ease, taking on the Bogard brothers. Andy wish he had time to check on Joe, but this one was as fast as ever. Even with Terry, the attacker had speed enough to send them both hurdling down the stairs. Andy and Terry were able to recover rather quickly. The claws slashed at him with only a moments pause to deflect Terryís blows. The guy was fast, inhumanly so it seemed. "Crack Jaw!" Terry shouted and threw his foot against the manís hard jaw. The sound of crunching could be heard, but he wasnít even dazed. "Burn Knuckle!" Terry continued again with a solid punch. This second blow caused the opponent to stagger. In obvious fury, he transformed into a Tiger and went for Terry with a harsh roar. Terry stood there, ready to take it on full. No. Andy was mistaken and realized his error immediately. Terry was drawing the attention of the "animal" as one would a bull. With a fast leap into the air, and a roll, Andy came down on the creatureís spine, golden power flaming from his feet. The spine crumbled from the assault and the creature died instantly, steam coming from his open mouth. The green energy left the body, revealing not a man but the carcass of a huge Siberian Tiger. Andy looked at it in shock... "Damn!" Joe exclaimed, causing the Bogards to turn around.

The black Ninja leaped out the nearby window fluidly and hit the ground on his feet. He then disappeared into the dark. Joe pulled some offending steel from his shoulders with a painful grunt. He then bent down and picked up a light green crystal. "He dropped this."

Terry picked it up and frowned, then placed it in his pocket.

Joe smiled. "I donít think weíll be seeing him again. His power doesnít even seem real. He retreated almost immediately when this thing came out of the tear I mead in his suit." The kick boxer beamed in pride.

"Letís get out of here." Terry nodded and smiled.

Joe returned to his hotel after it became clear that Terry and Andy wouldnít spill any information out for him. Andy had thanked him repeatedly for his help, pleading with him not to say anything to Mai. The famous fighter had agreed promptly, saying something to the effect that he would be damned if she found out anything before he did.

Terry returned to Andyís house with him. The wanderer stayed only a night before he was packed and ready for the morning. Andy offered to take him to the airport, but Terry politely refused. He felt a heavy weight being placed over his heart again.

"Andy..." Terry began. "I love you. You know I do."

"Yeah..." Andy forced a smile. "You always seem to watch out for me."

Terry laughed lowly. "Nah, you can take care of yourself. Listen, I just have this thing that seems to take me place to place. Iíll call more often..." He stepped forward and drew Andy into a tight embraced followed by a deep kiss. Andy felt complete joy at the move... it meant there was still something here. "I promise to return soon though." Terryís deep blue eyes glisten with a happiness Andy rarely had a chance to see.

Andy nodded, unable to prevent his own smile from surfacing. "Iíll be here..."

Terry grinned again. "Donít wait up... I donít expect you to wait around all the time either.. Just wait " With that, he headed down the road and soon disappeared over the next hill

Andy sighed. With Terry, promises were never light, and he felt lifted by the turn of events and the unuttered implications. He picked up the phone and called Mai. He still liked her a lot, in a fun.. fleety kind of way, and he knew Terry understood that. It was way past time for him to spend some time with her. "Hi Mai. Itís me. About that trip to Europe..."


In an office in the large city of New York. Horiden slipped in the tape and watched the two beautiful, glistening figures on the bed, a grin slowly forming on his lips though darkness entombed his eyes. His thin fingers traced the image on the screen and he groaned lowly. "You have taken what belongs to me, but it is destiny that has thrown us all in each others' path. I always get what I want."

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