Warning. This is Adult fiction. Highly graphic sexual encounters here between two males here. Slash!. You have been warned.

The Black Ninja Part 2

Andy climbed the stairs with Mai's many new packages. For a martial artist, this proved to be more than a little taxing. The woman could shop, and at his expense of course. He smiled slowly, she was a pleasure to be around though. It had been sometime since he had taken a vacation and spending time in Europe proved to be more than a little relaxing. Andy pushed the stair's door open with his foot, thankful that it was a bar and not a knob. Only one more obstacle to surpass... the room's door. After dropping about three packages, all of which were thankfully clothes, he was able to get into the hotel room and plop the burdens on the bed. His greyish blue eyes scanned for the his companion and found that she was not there. Shrugging, he decided to take shower.

After about 30 min., Andy dried off and stepped into the room. He smiled when he saw the red head sitting on the sofa watching a movie. It was night, and she had all the lights out leaving on the screen to light the way. Toweling his hair, he entered the room. "Mai, you should have waited for me. Your bags arrived. I placed them..." His voice trailed off as he noticed she had not turned from the screen. "Mai?" Then his eyes darted to the movie. The world stopped. His heart sank as he saw two glistening figures on the screen before. There was no sound and the coloring was in tints of blue, yet he knew what is was. "Oh God."

Mai tearful eyes went to him. "You bastard. What sort of sick pleasure did you get out of being with me. You perverted ass-whole." She stood up, grabbing the door out. "The next time you want someone to be with, go find your brother or someone else of the SAME SEX." Then she was gone.

Andy's eyes went from the door to the screen, at a loss of what to do. He finally chose the door but it was too late, she was truly gone. The blonde fighter went to the window in time to confirm that fact as she stepped into a taxi; it drove away. His pulse raced as he turned back to the blaring screen that seemed to shout at him despite its silence. He reached down and picked up an open package that read. "To Mai, Love Andy." With trembling hands he turned off the VCR. Then he called Joe and had the kick-boxer meet him at the airport. Deciding there was nothing here he really needed, he left the room as is, taking the tape with him.

Joe was at an Airport, in New York, as indicated. Andy didn't key him in much but briefly stating what was on the tape and that Mai had seen it.

"Wow," Joe whistled. "That is some stunt. Okay so they or he taped you two and then sent it to piss Mai off. What's the point?"

"I don't know. Mai had nothing to do with any of this. Damn. I never wanted this turn out like... like this..." Hell, he couldn't even talk it was so frustrating. Joe stopped to get a chili dog just outside an electronic store. Andy smiled despite his predicament. "You really ought to be eating better than that."

"Yeah. Like raw fish. No thanks." He spoke with a mouthful. "Hmmm. This stuff is great Andy. You ought to try it sometime. Get your mind of your troubles."

"And give me indigestion." Andy muttered.

"Hey, what's that?" Joe questioned him, wolfing down the mess and ordering another.

Andy merely shook his head.

*It's all right... You can touch me...*

At first, Andy didn't recognize those familiar words. Slowly, he turned, and looked at a towering wall of TVs. Two glistening bodies, touching and exploring each other. One of the faces belonged to him. People nearby began to look from the screen to him and back to the screen again. He suddenly felt light headed though the whispering still reached his ears and the stares bore into him.

"Andy. Hey, what's wrong.. What the hell!?" Joe exclaimed next to him. He tossed his treasured lunch aside. "Taxi!"

Somehow his friend managed to get him into the back of the taxi and headed towards a hotel before security arrived.


Andy felt lost and alone. "Terry," he whispered. "Where are you?"

Andy spent the next couple of hours tossing and turning on a rather comfortable clean bed at Joe's expense. The kick-boxer's funds seemed rather endless these days. He finally sat-up and looked at Joe who had finished yet another phone call. He turned to Andy and spoke with the same light tone, despite the serious nature of this conversation, or any serious conversation for that matter. "It looks like Terry was last seen hanging around Seattle. Up for flight?"

Andy sighed. The last thing he wanted to do was be in public again. Andy took a deep breath and nodded. "Yeah."

After few hours of planning and buying, Andy and Joe found themselves standing in the Sea Tac airport with their luggage and hailing a taxi. Andy threw his gear in the car and sat heavily. He hated himself for thinking it, but he really wished Joe would stop talking to every pretty girl who happened to recognize him. The kick-boxer was signing autographs in the middle of the airport for crying out loud. Andy sighed and looked out the window. Then the cab started driving away. "Hey. Joe is coming with us."

"Oh, my pet, I don't think so."

The cab driver laughed lowly as all the locks on the door clamped down and the windows suddenly turned an ugly, concealing black. Andy tried to sit up and fight back but found flexible steel cables had wrapped themselves around his ankles, and with a few moments of struggle, his wrists. The cab driver turned, his gold green eyes peering at him intently. He was a young man with dark wavy black hair with a charming, if cold appearance that matched the icy gleam of his gold, green eyes. He smiled slowly. "Sometimes the lack of costume throws my victims off a bit." He reached out and caressed Andy's cheek lightly, before he could avoid the contact. "You turned out to be quite the treasure younger Bogard."

Andy glowered at him, his grey blue eyes blazing with fury. "You monster."

Horiden laughed darkly. "Now, now my pet. Horiden if you will. Hardly a monster. Even you can see that. I am afraid you will have to be punished for that childish statement." He pulled out what looked like a remote control with one large dial on it with several strange markings for reads. He smiled again and turned it a bit.

Andy took deep calming breaths as the electricity coursed through his body. He bit his lip to keep from crying out. Then, the sensation was gone. His pale skin crawled a bit.

Horiden laughed lowly. "Not bad. I am fairly impressed. Electricity is one of my favorite stimulants. I was hoping you could handle it well."

Andy didn't satisfy his opponent with a response.

Horiden shrugged and turned back away. They drove for several hours until they were somewhere near Rainier National park. Instead of going to the camping areas, the cab veered off into what looked like a bunch of large evergreens only to wind up heeding down a dark tunnel with only a few blue lights. At some point, the car no longer drove itself and was pulled faster and faster down into the depths of the earth. Then... they stopped.

The steel cables released Andy, giving his muscles welcomed relief, but not for long. Two thugs dressed in black suits complete with hats and sunglasses dragged him out. One unprotected blow to the face made Andy's world go black....

"Andy... Andy?" a voice called to him softly.

Andy groaned and tried to sit up, wincing from the pain.

"Take it slow Andy. You took quite a blow. We really should stop meeting like this. Most families prefer to get together for the holidays."

Andy opened his eyes and smiled briefly. "I will see what I can do about that. How long have you been here?"

Terry helped him up and applied a cool cloth to his face. "A couple of months."

Andy's greyish blue eyes widened. "That long? But you only left my..."

Terry nodded and ran his fingers through his hair. "He picked me up only a few days after I left." The street fighter wore a dark blue robe with a silver tie about his waist. His hair was still in a ponytail minus the cap. He looked gorgeous and not at all like a wanderer.

Andy sighed and looked at the white robe that was no doubt left for him. "What does he want?"

Terry frowned. "He wants us to entertain him, a lot like last time. He seems to have some fascination about some tape. The jerk keeps talking about it none stop. I don't know what the hell he is talking about." Terry's voice rose with heightened anger.

Andy looked down and spoke softly. This was all his fault. If he had been good enough the first time, Terry wouldn't be in this mess now. "He taped us back at that fighting matches... where he held me. All of it Terry, he taped it..."

Terry lifted his chin. "You saw this?"

Andy nodded. "So did Mia, and Joe and half of New York," he voiced bitterly.

"The bastard. I knew he was going to toy with you first." Terry, who had once saved the world, paced with frustration.

Andy glanced around the room with interest. There had to be a way out, something Terry hadn't thought of. It was a large square room, about the size of two living rooms. He sat on a king size bed in one corner which had smooth white sheets still warm from the drier and a large, fluffy blue comforter. A black table with two chairs was tucked into another corner, all of which was bolted to the floor. To the back seemed to be a rather empty, huge closet with more similar robes hanging on rubber hangers. Andy frowned, was that a collector's chess set on the floor?

Terry broke his train of thought. "You should probably change before he gets back. I received enough volts to light a city block for refusing to do it before."

Andy nodded and dressed quickly, despite their relationship, he did not feel comfortable partially naked, even in Terry's presence. Not that it seemed to matter. Andy was new at this sort of relationship, but he thought lover's would at least say something special to each other after two months. Maybe even kiss... He shook his head. Now was not the time for hurt feelings. They were in trouble, and Terry had better things to think about than his pathetic little brother's insecurity. Andy looked up to see Terry frowning at him. "What?"

Terry smiled and shook his head. "You think too much Andy. I can only imagine what went through your head these last few minutes, and hey, you look good."

"I agree." Horiden's unwanted voice echoed through the chamber. "Very nice indeed. Turn around Andy. I want a better look."

Andy narrowed his eyes. "And I want you to go to hell." The moment the words escaped his mouth, a strange sensation seemed to crawl from his two legs and up his spine until it felt like an explosion went of in his head. The world circled as he fainted...

"Easy Andy." Terry helped him up and gave him small sips of water.

"I hate it when he does that." Andy voiced weakly. This Horiden seemed to like him flat on his back... The mere implication of that sent shivers up his spine.

Terry chuckled and brushed his cheek gently. "Come on. Dinner is served. And around here, they don't want to come in and see a full plate."

Andy stood and sat in the chairs, which were surprisingly more comfortable than one would think. He ate the salad, though felt no hunger, and dismissed the greasy burger and fries. He had a feeling, by the way Terry was eating, that his brother's taste had been acquired. Andy watched Terry eat for a few moments. He was more than a little curious as to why the street fighter was taking this so well. Terry had saved the world and here he was, eating burgers in the captivity of some mad man, without so much as a hint of anger in his eyes at the moment.

Terry sighed and finished his water. "I have tried Andy, over and over and over again. Each time I I seem to get closer only to find a worst punishment. This place seems locked tight and sealed. The guards must be here for looks. This ninja character does not go halfway with this. I am not saying we have to give up, just find new ways to resist and escape. There is no reason for you to go through the same things I have already learned not to do again."

Andy frowned and dismissed the greasy burger again, though the fries sated his appetite "Joe will know by now that I am gone. He should be able to convince Mia to at least help with getting you back. She really hates me Terry."

Terry shook his head. "I doubt it Andy. She is probably just surprised and hurt. Give her time. Believe me, we will all have a lot of that at this rate. Any new moves?"

Andy shrugged. "I have tried a few combinations. Nothing really solid." His eyes scanned the room occasionally, trying to locate the camera that must be there. So far, he had no luck.

Terry nodded. "I figure that parts of these walls are hollow and contain cameras and recording tapes. This Horiden has to sleep at some point, so I try late at night, just knocking on the wall. So far, I know the back right corner, about two feet up from the floor on the right wall has a hollow spot. It might be electrical equipment... or it just might be a flaw in his plan... a way out."

Andy listened to his brother's hushed voice. He thought deeply, his eyes slowly going to the back corner that was suggested. Something about this made him uneasy, even a little frightened. A trap. "No," he breathed deeply.

Terry finished his soda. "What?"

"It isn't a way out. It's a test. I am not sure what kind yet. A test of good behavior, maybe skill, or pure mental prowess... it could be anything."

Terry eyed Andy for a moment. "What makes you so sure."

Andy stood and went to the bed, letting his hands try to warm his suddenly chilled body. "I looked into his eyes Terry. Not just this time either. There is something there. It says so much... I..." He shook his head. What was it. Before, it had been brief in the bouts of combat. In the cab, it had been surprising. Now, in his mind where he replayed his encounters with this dark figure... It was vivid and dark and... evil.


Terry's sudden shout caused him to return to focus and eyes his brother, frowning at the concern in Terry's eyes. "What?"

"What?! I have been trying to talk to you for the past five minutes."

"Five minutes. Terry, really, let's not exa..."

Terry spoke softly. "I wasn't."

Andy eyed him again, this time a trace of fear entering his own eyes. He could feel it. "I think I should rest now." The younger brother rolled over and faced the bland but comforting wall with a sigh. Joe, Mia, he hoped they were all right and trying to save them. If she couldn't stand him, then at least Terry. He drifted off to sleep rather easily.

Andy awoke to find himself alone in the room. He stood and stretched, noting that the room had managed to change in those few hours. There was another portion, a gym of sorts with a few small bunching bags and other such targets, nothing that could be used as weapons of course. On the dining table, a warm bowl of rice awaited him. Although he wanted to resist this strange ninja, Andy decided starving was not the way to do it. Horiden had some sort of game in mind. He would have to figure it out, one way or another. He ate with the chopsticks in deep thought, thinking of Terry and the options that lay ahead of them. It was then that the light clanking of metal could be heard which eventually lead to the appearance young but well built man. He was rather tall with long yellowish hair, loose but tied braided and tied near the end, and wore strange leggings, that were loose and tall like himself. This stranger's features included a metal mask that covered his face and claws attached at the end of his hand. He had come up from a hidden elevator that retreated instantly back to the floor. Andy stood, warily. "Who are you?"

"Hello Andy," the voice seemed haughty and yet delicate for a man.

"And you are?"

"You may call me Vega."

"Vega? What sort of name is that?"

In a flash, Vega was beside him the pricks of his metal claws touching the side of his face.

Andy took a deep breath as they merely stood their, their eyes locking. He had no idea how this one had moved so quickly.

"Merely a name," Vega whispered.

Andy did not turn away from the challenge. "I see. What do you want?"

Vega laughed. "A lot, and I will get it. For now. I am merely to show you there is no escape for you." He then backed away smoothly, very much snakelike in action. "Come."

Andy scowled but his choices were few. He followed the dangerous stranger over to what seemed to be merely a wall. Before he could voice his question, Vega reached out and seemed to touch a spot of no importance beside him. A light blue light in the form of a square appeared briefly. Slowly, the metal before them lifted revealing a large window made of something other than glass, but was just as clear. "Behold your rescuers Bogard."

Andy let his eyes greyish blue eyes drop down to the room below. He could not hold back his shock and dismay and well as growing anger. What he saw was not only Joe in a cell but Mia as well. Both of their clothes were lightly torn and bruises were across their weary faces. "You bastard," Andy hissed as he turned on Vega with quick whirl. His attack only met some sort of invisible force that continued to flash light green as he tried to hit.

Vega laughed. "Now, now. I know you are disappointed, but I am also sure a few more volts is not what you desire."

Andy stopped, his eyes narrowed as he breathed hard. "Damn you all to hell."

Vega paced around him, the shield seemingly following this strange figure. The eyes narrowed briefly as he spoke in a strange haunting and seductive voice. "They did put up a good fight I must say. This Joe, I suppose he deserves his medals and belts, but that is all show is it not. His strength and his muscles are no match for my own skills and beauty. This is the real thing Andy, but I suppose you already know that."

Andy tensed as Vega moved closer. His fingers stiffened, ready to see how strong the mask truly was if he moved any closer.

"Relax Bogard. I am not interested in you, not really. Although you might make delicious cries when my blades slice through your pale skin." He waved his hand. "In any event, Mia, now there is a pretty girl. Wouldn't you say."

"Bastard!" Andy moved forward quickly, ready to let loose a move when he met the shield again, this time it was charged. The Volts caused him to scream and sent him flying back a few feet.

Vega was on him, his claws biting into his skin as he slowly shredded the arms of his robe. "You two are a beautiful pair though. Mia and her pretty boy, perhaps there is room for you after all."

"Not in this life," Terry shouted before his fist impacted with Vega's mask.

Terry wasted no time in speaking with his kin, but moved forward with solid kick to the abdomen that knocked Vega into the wall. He drew his hand back but it suddenly froze.

"Enough!" Horiden sneered. "Vega. You fool. I told you not to mess with them." He relinquished whatever strange hold he had on Terry as he moved over to his henchman. The voice was low, but Andy's ears picked it up. "In my chambers, now."

There was a tint of fear in Vegas' eyes but he bowed briefly, after giving Terry a hateful glare, and departed through a door in the wall.

Horiden watched Terry and Andy stand. "I apologize for his rude manners. His former employer twisted our beautiful Vega into sadist killing machine. Then he was foolish enough to try and destroy him, a pitiful folly. Vega will be tamed, in time." He laughed lowly. "All of you will."

Terry glowered at him. "You are mad."

"You are hardly the first to tell me that Terry. Even the world's greatest fighters have their breaking points, their weaknesses." He pointed to he wall. "The doors and the elevators are constantly moving. Do not even bother to try to memorized them. Even now, this room is turning but you cannot tell can you? There are no windows and it is very slow. Welcome to my paradise estates." He laughed again. "Your skill and powers will be harnessed and trained properly. I will have only the best for my fighters." His thin finger went to his chin and rested there in thought. "I am afraid Vega is correct in one notion. Mia will be his, in time. Just as well, the little witch turned on you in seconds Andy. Pity, I thought she was less shallow than that."

Andy was held back only by his brother's large form and strength. "How could you? How could you do that to me, to us!"

Horiden smiled as he spoke. "You two were not meant to be. In any event, you are mine now. I will decide what is best for you, all of you. Now behave and let us see some of your anger in your workouts."

"I won't do it," Andy hissed. "I will not fight for a man that whore's out those who do not win. I will not let you treat me like some sort of animal. You have no right to me. None."

Horiden chuckled again. "This is you first day here, well back really. I will let you take sometime to adjust. You are too full of anger and self pity to possibly train without hurting yourself, and that will not do. Not do at all." A door opened behind Horiden which he turned to walk through. "You can find your way back gentlemen." Then it was quiet.

Andy tried to take several calming breaths but just found himself starting to sob. "What is this? What is this Terry?"

Terry pulled Andy back to their room. "We are dealing with one very dangerous individual here Andy. Lay low for awhile while we figure out a way to get out."

"You mean I don't you?"

"I? Andy what now?"

Andy winced briefly. Had he whined that much already?

Terry sighed. "Andy, that is not what I meant." He sighed again. "Something is bothering you... beyond all this." He waved his hand.

Andy shook his head slowly. "It is not the time or place."

"How do you know that if you don't bring it up?"

Andy's gentle eyes met Terry's globes which were full of concern and worry. "All this time you weren't calling I had thought... And now that I see you and know why I still..." He couldn't bring himself to say it.

Terry took a quick breath in. "Oh Andy." His voice rang with realization. Terry squeezed his hand tightly. "I wanted to give you time. Of course I would have called. But here and now, and you are so shy."

Andy ignored their surroundings, the too white walls and the moving cameras that must be around. He leaned forward and captured Terry's lips softly, his heart feeling with instant joy as he was responded to. Terry's arms drew Andy close to him, warmly securely and for the first time in a a few days, Andy felt safe. "We'll get through this together Andy, all of us," came a soft promise.

**Vega Not the best of pictures, one of the better of his anime appearance.

Horiden entered his chambers. It was a large room oval in shape and dark in demeanor. Two deep grey drapes flapped at the window to the balcony, foreboding like a gargoyle guarding its master's domain. The bed was large and tucked in the corner, sporting shiny black and navy blue sheeting. The rest of the room was simple, quiet in nature with only a mirror, a desk and chair of modern executive design, and a door leading to a large master bedroom. His eyes paid no heed to anything else in the room but the figure crouched in the corner, waiting. That one was dangerous. "Remove the mask. You know better than to have it on with me."

Vega stood removing the mask slowly, letting his claws lightly glide along the metal as he did so. He laughed softly and tossed it on the bed, carelessly though they both knew it was hardly an item that had no value to the agile fighter of Spain. "Do I?"

Horiden moved forward casually, though he noticed Vega remained on the balls of his feet, rocking lightly indicating there was still fight in him, anger that could be unleashed in a moment. The dark ninja gazed into the younger man's eyes harshly as a warning. Vega maybe slightly taller, standing nearly 6'2, and even skilled, but he was no match to the ancient martial arts Horiden had mastered. "You do." The ninja pivoted quickly as the blades slashed through the air, managing to cut into his shoulder. His anger held in check, he grabbed the exposed shoulders and leaped forward, carrying Vega with him like a Leopard does his prey through the jungle, and pinning him against the wall.. Horiden pressed his knees tightly against the blondes groin as his left hand let loose a hidden dagger and removed the threatening claw, sending it across the room with a clang.. His anger began to rise as Vega hit the side of his hand squarely against his temple causing him to grit his teeth from making further sound. He grabbed the young man's wrists and tightly whirled their bodies till his chest was against Vega's back and he had the arms grabbed tightly in his strong hand. He twisted the offending limbs with expertise. Finally, Vega hissed in pain. "Declawed and pinned my tiger. Now that you are helpless, will you continue to defy me Vega." Vega did not reply. Horiden did not truly expect an answer. He spoke quietly, in a hushed whisper, his tongue lightly flickering against the beauty's ear. "Do not forget who found you Vega. Aching and bleeding beneath the rubble of that woman's apartment building, being hunted like an animal by your former master. I found you the best doctors money could buy, restored your features fully." Even as he spoke, he felt the tension in the other man's body begin to ease. "Bison was a fool not to value, to control you," he promised softly, his right hand gliding down Vega's ribcage and slowly tracing the serpent tattoo in the front. Vega moaned softly, trembling wonderfully beneath him. "Yes, you like that don't you."

Vega spoke finally, his voice filled with passion and conflict. "I have not forgotten."

Horiden released Vega's wrists and began to explore the agile body before him, again. "You know I do not like my fighters harmed or agitated," he voiced softly, as he pushed Vega's long bound hair to the side, exposing his delicious neck. He kissed the tanned skin, relishing the soft sigh he drew from his unpredictable henchman.

"I am sorry," came the whisper.

"Is that a plea not to receive punishment." Horiden laughed inwardly as he felt light tension return.


Again with the pride, how amusing. "Turn," he requested gently.

Vega complied, their eyes meeting again, this time with no apprehension, no challenges. Horiden reached out and caressed his Spaniard's cheek. "Relax my beautiful Vega, you know I have no wish to hurt you even though you try to harm me." The blonde's eyes lowered delicately. It was a rare moment that Vega would show his pleasure and shyness at Horiden's words. His hands moved down his Vega's spine and down to the waists of the leggings the fighter wore. Horiden lowered them finding no resistance, pleased to find that Vega, even in his defiance, wore nothing beneath as requested. The blonde breathed in sharply as the Ninja's hand cupped the two warm sacs nestled in the blonde forest. Horiden stroked the pulsing hard flesh a bit further ahead.. "Very nice," he praised gently in Vega's ear.

Vega's fingers curled lightly against the wall, as if he were trying to grip it for support.

"Shhhh," Horiden whispered gently as he caressed the hardening flesh in the palm of his left hand. "My beautiful warrior."

Vega hissed softly as his eyes closed tightly, the young man's hips jerking unconsciously with each loving stroke.

Horiden smiled as he leaned forward and captured Vega's lips with his own. He pressed harder into a demanding, bruising kiss that left them both breathless and eager for each other, the warriors bodies pressed hard against each other. The ninja's strong fingers gripped the smooth pale skin of his henchman's rump, pulling their groins together in a heated dance of passion. Horiden smiled as the blonde writhed against him, moaning and speaking softly in a language he did not know. Perhaps it was Spanish. He then let his hot lips find their way to the vital portion of Vega's throat where he nipped and sucked at the hidden vein that pounded violently with lust. He pulled away, breathless with the desire he felt and at the stunning, priceless sight he beheld before him. His Vega, helpless in the height of passion and need. It was beautiful, erotic but more importantly, made him see the blonde warrior for the young very human being he was. "Kneel," he spoke suddenly, hoarsely surprised at the strength in his demand.

Vega's eyes popped open, an uncertainty dancing in his sharp globes. His blonde treasure complied, falling slowly to his knees and saying nothing as Horiden disrobed.

Horiden stroked his blonde hair gently. "Go on my beautiful fighter."

The younger man colored and turned away, breathing quickly. Whether it was out of fear or passion, Horiden couldn't tell. "I... I..."

Horiden gripped his chin gently, forcing Vega to meet his eyes. "Bison." Vega lowered his eyes, saying nothing. It was a clear confirmation.

Horiden kneeled down with him, gently kissing Vega's eyes closed and letting his fingers glaze over the tempting lips. "I am not a fool, not like him."

Vega spoke quietly, his body relaxing. "It was about power, about control. He never did anything else but..." Vega's finger's glided over his throat in memory.

Horiden took Vega's exploring hand and brought it to his mouth, kissing gently. "Shhh," he encouraged. Vega breathed softly, his lips parting as Horiden bent forward and captured them with his own. Horiden's fingers took hold of his fighter's neck as he deepened the kiss while gliding them both to the floor where he covered the agile body with his own. His blonde fighter struggled half heartily as Horiden positioned himself to enter the heated haven.

Vega's strong fingers bit into his shoulders as he moved inward slowly. "Horiden," the blonde whispered.

He bent down and kissed the light lips that uttered his name. "Yes?"

Vega reached over to his clothes, his hand closing around something small and solid. For a moment, Horiden tensed ready for the blow of some unseen weapon, ready to take the hit and strike back that is. Then, their gaze's met and what he saw surprised him. There was uncertainty and even fear in his eyes. Horiden blinked wondering if his gaze had become so hard and cold to bring such a reaction from a usually quite confident fighter. Vega held out a small vial of massage oil, the light warrior's breathing shallow.

Horiden smiled slowly and kissed him again as his fist closed over the vial and the fingers holding it. "At ease my agile one."

Vega returned the kiss, their tongues gliding over one another before parting.

Horiden took the vial as his lips continued to ravish his blonde beauty. He coated his fingers and slowly began to work Vega's warm opening, pausing when his lover arched and moaned loudly. "Easy my bull fighter," he murmured as he slowly pushed his hard member into the readied entrance. Slowly Horiden pumped into the young body, smiling when Vega began to move with him. He pressed harder, his hot lips seeking out the snake on his lover's body, his kisses marking the trail. Vega leaned back, arching beneath him as Horiden buried himself into the fighters body, over and over again. All was quiet save for the two men joining together on the floor of the ninja's chambers. His sure hand moved between them, grasping the silk smooth hard flesh that pressed against him as he rode his lovely blonde. Horiden's fingers traced its length delicately, relishing the trembles it caused throughout Vega's body. He plunged heavily into the heated haven heavily until he finally came with a low growl. Only when all his essence left his body and sought sanctuary in his henchmen did he pull out. Staying close to his glistening lover, Horiden leaned over and whispered in Vega's ear. "Come for me my Vega."

Vega leaned back and moaned loudly as he came.

They stayed in each others embrace for several minutes when Horiden finally stood and helped Vega up, leading his dangerous fighter to the bed. Vega made no protests and closed his eyes, breathing lightly.

Horiden departed after dressing, pausing at the door. "Continue the treatments and make sure he sleeps all night. The doctor nodded and entered. Horiden then placed on his dark garments for a little night scouting. It was past time he found out who these three people were that insisted on seeking the whereabouts of his Vega.

Additional Info: Below are the two Bogard Brothers. They were adopted and are not actually related, at least that is what most fans have read into the adoption. It is possible they are related and were adopted by a pair because as far as i can tell from the movies, it never actually says, at least not in the anime it doesn't. Remember, Terry is the older one :o)

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