Betrayed 1& 2

By Paladin

The sun beat down on him as never before in this foreign land. Where were his dark violet trees with their ever running streams of cool fresh water? Not here. Here there was nothing but arid airs swirling the brittle sands about these ever rolling, ongoing hills. He paused, bringing his cloak about him tighter and trying to shield his sensitive blue eyes from these many small daggers. His lord had said to meet the humans in this place. He had said to bring them his message and yet he saw no one. Suddenly a dark deep voice reached him.

"Stranger, you are trespassing."

He turned about startled his black hair turning with him. A large man dressed in worn metal-armor carrying a dented shield but a sharp blade stood before him, his black eyes gazing directly at him, the rest of his features covered by heavy cloth.

"Sir," he said, "Are you Areth...if you are my lord sent me here..."

The man came closer bringing a horse he was leading into view. "Aye, I am he. Come with me for a storm lady awaits you."

Nodding he was hoisted into the saddle and soon an endless smear of sand blocked his view.

From out of nowhere, it seemed, brightly colored tents came into view. His guide took him directly to the large violet one in the middle of the rest where four guards, two on each side, were posted at the entrance. He was amazed at the size of these large bronze men, being small in stature himself, he couldn't help but feel slightly threatened by these enormous desert humans. He was then led into the tent where he met the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She had long flowing silver hair kissed slightly with blonde strands. Her emerald eyes glistened with
youth but remained steady with the skill of a seasoned warrior. Light blue silk covered a small portion of her body leaving the rest of her surprisingly pale skin
exposed. Then she spoke with a voice of honey, "Greetings elf, I have been expecting you."

"My lady," He kneeled before her afraid he might tremble if he remained standing.
"My lord bid me to deliver this message and express his desire of this most eventful and important treaty of the desert humans and elven people."

With the graceful wave of her hand, she summoned a slave girl, in her early adulthood, to bring his letter forward. The girl bowed and took the letter but first gazed at him with a kind of hatred that shocked him. Here sat a beautiful woman and her slave girl, whose beauty also bears mentioning, though her's was a darker stronger beauty of tanned skin and dark features all around than her mistress's but whose demeanor seemed equally dark.

The lady took the letter and read it thoroughly for what seemed likely several minutes before she spoke. "I am afraid Jeslie has poor manors at times...shall I punish her?"

He stood up shaking his head slowly, "No my lady, do not punish your slave."

The lady gazed at him steadily, "You say slave as if it is a bitter taste elf."

He nodded, "Slavery is..." He paused realizing the delicate nature of this diplomatic meeting.

The woman only smiled, "It says here that you are the remaining son of a noble line..."

Solaris looked up sharply slightly shocked, why would the letter mention such a fact.
"Yes my lady..."

She gazed at him calmly but with a look that made him slightly uneasy as she passed the letter to one of her guards. "Your name?"

"Solaris..." He cut off as he felt himself grabbed from behind, both his arms now pinned behind his back.

"My lady, I assure you that no deception is intended here." His voice began to tremble.

She laughed lightly, her melon sized breast bouncing in the process. "Worry not elf, the treaty will be fulfilled by both parties...your payment set the deal."

He searched her eyes quickly dread entering his heart and then denial. "No..."

Her eyes turned to her slave girl, "Shall I punish my new slave Jeslie."

Jeslie dark red lips slowly curled into a smile, "No my mistress...allow me."

The slave girl approached him casually and withdrew a knife slashing his robes in
one quick motion and tearing them away from his body in a fury he could not understand.

He remained silent for what could he do?

Jeslie dropped her knife and began running her hands over his body so slowly it was almost torturous. Her hot mouth clamped onto one of his nipples and began to sucking followed by the biting and tearing with her teeth. He gasped surprised almost not hearing the lady's words. The pain and pleasure ignited his entire body in a wave of heat.

"Elf, you will make a fine addition as my slave after some fine tuning. You lord was very gracious indeed."

The girls lips traveled to the nipple and doubled her efforts causing him to gasp in heightened pain. He tried to arch away but those behind him would not budge.

He was speechless and for the time being at a lost. This betrayal had no warning...there had been no hints of...He breathed heavily looking down at the girl who was watching him steadily, a smile played on her lips. Her tongue traced lightly from his nipples and across his quivering abdomen to his hardening cock. She clamped down and not too gently on his organ creating a deep fear which quickly overtook him.

"Please..." Her teeth closed slightly, and he felt himself begin to sob.

"Enough!" The lady's harsh tone caused all heads in the room to look in her direction.

Jeslie backed away obviously angry.

The lady looked to him. "Kneel."

The guards let go, but he hesitated.


He dropped to his knees shivering although the desert provided no cold. A large hand clamped his shoulder and shoved him roughly forward to all fours. A taut muscular body pressed against him, it was Areth. Large meaty fingers probed his ass making him flinch and gasp. First one finger and then another. He tensed which caused pain to ripple through his entire body. Solaris looked to the lady his mouth slightly open in a silent plea, he noted an icy glaze in those eyes he had not noticed before, and his heart sank. Areth positioned himselfm and he felt the head enter and yelled in pain. And then the pounding began. Areth shoved his large shaft in him in brutal thrusts not heading his shouts of pain. The rock hard flesh was oiled but his small frame could not compensate at such a quick rate. His body trembled as the sweat drenched man continued to ride him in a manner he had only heard of. His voice was becoming hoarse and he prayed for it to end. He did not know when he stopped screaming, or when Jeslie had approached him again This time she was unclothed, and he remember her mouth finding his
organ and caressing it with her sweet tongue, and having pure ecstasy overcome him. Somehow, Areth had reached such a depth that sent nothing but pleasure soaring through his body were pain was dominant before. He was breathless and kneeling when they pulled away. His body ached; he was afraid to speak, afraid to anger her, afraid of what he might say...even afraid to look.

"Solaris," The lady's voice beckoned him.

He did not, could not look at her.

"Solaris," He noted a harsher tone when she repeated his name.

Slowly he looked up, his eyes glistening slightly.

She merely smiled. "You have beautiful eyes."

Again, he was speechless.

She continued, "Clean him up....for my chambers."

He was taken to an oasis not far from the camp where he was bathed and drenched in the sweet smelling perfumes of the desert. He was then given dark green robes of silk and told to return to the tent...they left him alone at the oasis. At last, minutes to think, to really think. Solaris looked around him. Just beyond a hill he could make out the camp, the rest was desert..endless and similar in all directions. He could see why they left no guards on him, they didn't need any. He had no place go. Closing his eyes, he recalled the days earlier, how he had sought and found stories and information on these vast desert and shuddered when he recalled the descriptions of dehydration. Sighing he returned to camp, not knowing what else to do.

Inside his mistress' tent he found her there and alone. She lay there naked and smiling, sipping her blood red wine as his eyes looked over her oiled body. She said nothing but motioned him forward. Silently he obeyed and sat beside her, still not looking her in the eyes. Her gentle voice spoke, "How do you feel."

He wanted to yell at her, ask her how did she think he felt. Instead he merely replied, "Confused."

He felt her soft hand touch his back as she continued, sitting up and whispering in his ears. "Your lord had promised me one of his subjects in advanced payment, but I hardly expected such a fine specimen." Her mouth traveled down his neck as she maneuvered in front of him. He swallowed nervously, not trusting himself to say anything. She kissed him lightly, her tongue barely touching his as her hands removed his robes easily, no doubt the clothing was made with that purpose in mind. Her fingers light circled his nipples as she spoke on. "Tell me of yourself."

He shook his head slightly. "I can not"

"Why?" Her voice had not heatened with his refusal.

"Because..."He looked at her trying to hide his rising excitement. Trying rid himself of his attraction. "What you did to...what you allowed..." He could not finish.

She laughed lightly, "Do you tell me you did not enjoy it?"

His eyes searched hesr as he remained silent. They betrayed him for she continued to laugh, "I thought so." Her hot mouth replaced her fingers drawing a deep moan from him. Her tongue flickered skillfully over the hardened nipples sending a sweet shudder throughout his entire body. Her hands found his organ and slowly, easily brought it to erection. With one quick fluid motion he brought her under him and gazed into her eyes yet again. He hated her for his predicament, hated her for mocking him, shaming him...hurting him yet now he could not hurt he felt nothing but passion. He eased into her as he covered her breasts with his mouth and hands. She gasped in pleasure as he pushed in and out, quickening his pace with each deep thrust. Her legs wrapped around his waist urging him on. Her hips moved up to meet his thrusts making them both moan and groan in heightened ecstasy. He plunged one last hard time into her bringing her over the top and spilling his seed deep into her beautiful youthful body.

After several minutes she eased him off her, resting her head on his hairless chest. "Tomorrow I shall introduce you to my brother and perhaps my sister..." She laughed lightly, "They will be pleased."

**5 days ago Back in Elven Homelands...

Eveyln listened carefully to the conversation she walked in on. Her long blonde hair swished about lightly with the evenings breeze as her deep blue eyes blazed. She concealed herself carefully behind the tapestry despite her rising anger. They had sold him! She had never heard of such a thing in elven lands. Not only was it illegal it was also immoral. Solaris, love...they had sent him to the desert, no doubt, for some desert whore or worse. With the king gone, the prince believed he could do anything he wished. Eveyln growled quietly. She had no taste for the prince nor the deserts, but she would have to face both, the latter first. With that she headed to her home, to gather supplies and weapons...she would need them where she was going.

**Desert Caravan...

Solaris sat on the horse in silence. They had traveled only a few days, yet already he felt tired and drained. The wind hurt his eyes and skin and the sun was so hot. He shuddered under the scorching heat and felt very faint. A constant pain graced his body, but he uttered not a word. He closed his eyes slowly not noticing the approaching rides. Suddenly the caravan stopped, and his mistress stepped out. A tall dark man, with short dark hair and shining armor, approached her and smiled. "Hello Desert Sister."

She smiled in return and embraced him, "Greeting Desert Brother."

The man looked at him suddenly, "A new member I see." He approached him and peered at him pulling at his beard as he did so. "An elf...Desert Sister he should not be in this sun...not so soon. Let him ride with me."

She shrugged, "Very Well."

The man offered Solaris a hand of which he hesitantly accepted. He was led into what liked a small tent on wheels, pulled by four white horses. In there the man sat and motioned him to sit on a nearby white pillow. Solaris complied but still remained silent...what was he to expect?

"I see you are frightened by me. I know my desert sister does not beat her slaves, and my reputation is not one to cause such a reaction, so I must ask what she has said."

The elf looked at him, what was he to say? She had indeed said very little but she implied.

The man frowned, "I am Gar."

"Solaris" he whispered.

Gar poured himself a goblet of wine and then one for his guest. "Drink this, it is much better than the waters of any oasis."

Solaris complied eager to relieve the tension even through toxication.

Gar continued to watch him as he drank his wine. "Areth?"

Solaris started, dropping his wine and staining the nice white pillow he sat upon. "I am sorry," He breathed, jumping up make a foolish attempt to mop it up with his own clothing. Panic began to rise in him. Then a large hand grabbed his wrist and pulled him back down. Gar watched him coolly.

"It is only a pillow." He paused. "It is like my desert sister to be so childish as to allow Areth to have his way with you, and even more like her to allow you to believe that I would do the same...that is not the case."

Solaris watched him wide-eyed but silent.

"The trip will be a long one, sit back and have nothing to fear."

**Out in the Sands...

Evelyn pulled her horse to a halt, her eyes blazed at the caravan before her. Her keen eyes caught sight of Solaris instantly. He looked tired and defeated...not to mention scared. Anger boiled in her as she saw the desert whore come into view. It was most likely her doing. She knew her love would not have fought his captors; he feared his awakening powers too much. If these humans had got just a glimpse of the powers he had stored inside of him, they would not have even given him so much as an unwanted look. She closed her eyes remembering her time in the dungeon of her enemies...believing and hoping she would die. Then he came. It was like a fairy tale and horror story in one. How he melted the flesh of his enemies with his bare hands and sent the castle tumbling down, it made her shudder. Her eyes narrowed. Had the prince realized the gift her love had, he would not have sent him away. They all believed what these people must believe now...that Solaris was a youth scared and easily manipulated...they where right for the most part. But she had seen his strength, felt his confidence in his arms, seen his skill and prowess, if only he would defend himself and forget his foolish idea that all life was sacred and that violence brought the monster out in him.

**The caravan...

The desert night was cool and refreshing. Solaris walked about the sleeping group and over to this new oasis. He sat at the water edge and peered into the water looking at himself. No one would have ever guessed the centuries he had lived or the dark powers he was born with that lay idle inside. He closed his eyes letting the cool water flow over his hands. Evelyn would have loved this place despite its harshness...would have if she still lived.

A deep voice broke his delicate thoughts. "I thought you'd be here..."

Solaris held his breath. Areth...but he had been asleep...he had seen him.

A large hand grasped his shoulder. Solaris did not move, even when the man began to rip his clothing. He was shoved to his knees again and there he waited and waited. There was a thud sound from behind him but he dared not look...not when this giant of a man could easily tear him apart. He shuddered in antisaption. *I will not resist* he thought. *I know my place, but but let him be gentle, even if only a bit.*


Evelyn slammed the handle of her sword onto the giant's skull with all her might. He fell down silently. Her eyes then turned to that of her lover, her companion, her once champion. Solaris kneeled there before her like a dream. Was this how he presented himself to others?. He must have known what would have been in store for him like this. She could not resist this situation for all the world. Quietly she set down her arms and approached him gently touching his back, stoking him lightly. He breathed in deeply but said nothing. Oh the gods, she thought, what to do. She allowed her hands to slowly glide down his back and over his buttocks to his sacks down below. She kneeled and blew on them briefly, relishing the shudders that coursed through his body. Using her hands she kneaded his sacks and shaft gently but with firm pressure. His deep moans excited her beyond what she thought the situation could ever warrant. Kneeling even closer she let her tongue flicker out tap his sacks playfully, watching him jump, all to delightful. He still did not know who she was, she didn't allow it. Let him think she was the desert whore, for now it didn't matter. This was her time and her power...control. Getting totally under him, she took his shaft in her mouth and began to suck followed by deep gulping...he came in mere seconds. Evelyn stood and removed her garments and then gazed at him lovingly. Had this been something he needed all along, or was it something else. She took his face in her soft hands and turned him...kissing him deeply. His eyes shot open as he discovered the identity or his carasser.


"Shh..." She placed a finger over his mouth and moved beneath him, Grasping him in her arms and pulling him down. His mouth moved instantly to her breast where he deliciously took them both and rolled them with is tongue. She groaned having wanted that for the last several seasons. His groped downward and found her middle moist and warm. Slowly he pushed some fingers in and out while he continued with her breast. To hell with it she thought...she wanted him now. Her hands shot up and grabbed his head bringing him back up where she attacked him with a passionate kiss while her thighs straddled him. Knowing this signal he slammed into her repeatedly just as she requested. They came together in perfect harmony shortly after.

Not giving him anytime for answers she reclothed herself tossing him a hooded-robe and some of his old pants. She whistled for her horse ever so quietly and jumped up on her, helping Solaris up in front of her and soon they had left the camp site far behind.

After riding well into the night Solaris finally spoke. "Eve, how did you find me...your alive." He shook his head in disbelief.

She slowed their mount down some and smiled. "You always had an uncanny way of stating the obvious." Her voice darkened, "The prince who has taken the throne in the king's absence has much power but he uses it foolishly and carelessly. It was easy to find and his sources and get them to help me...he has no love from his people." She gave his arm a reassuring squeeze. "The task was a failure and I was trapped in the jungle for endless days, dodging my executioners but I made it back." Her voice quieted, "Why did you do the prince's bidding, why did you not fight them?"

She felt his body tense and he moved as if he wished he could get away from her, but not a chance. "The prince is still royal blood and you know I can never do...not again."

Evelyn frowned, "Surely you realized what that man would have done to you..."

His shudder answered her question instantly. She didn't know what to say.

"Is he dead," His voice remained low.

"Do you want him to be?"

He shook his head slowly.

She sighed heavily, "He is not though now that I know for sure..."

"No was not exactly like that."

She hugged him tightly, "Someday perhaps you can tell me."

He said nothing, "And my...mistress."

She paused, and he felt anger building inside of her. "She was part of the deal. Gar told me where you were and where you would be, in exchange I spared the life of his adopted sister."

He turned and faced her, "Gar...?"

She nodded, "The minute he heard of deal taking place with the woman and an elven slave being involved, he sought me out as I searched for you. His speed was remarkable."

Their conversation was cut short by shouts coming from behind them. Evelyn turned and looked back, twenty maybe more riders were hot on their trail...she should have killed that man.

"Solaris, they have desert horses...and knowledge of the area."

She saw the pain and sadness well up inside him but still he dismounted. Closing his eyes, he kneeled and touched the sands. Bright red lights burst from his body and traveled through his fingertips to the sands...lava began to form in front of him. It went from a puddle to lake size in mere seconds. He stopped the flow just short of the riders. Evelyn cursed lightly, for a moment she thought he would do it. Instead weary and drained he joined her back on the horse.

"That will take him several days to go around."

She smiled and nodded.

5 days later...

Evelyn and Solaris looked one last time at the sea of desert hoping they would never come across it again and knowing that they could never return to their elven homelands until the king returned...but there was plenty of land left to settle...or explore even.

Human Lands, Human Needs

Part 2 of Betrayed

Evelyn entered the large tavern quietly, ignoring all the eyes watching her. With her long blonde air, glistening blue eyes, and natural elven beauty, perhaps she ought to have cloaked herself. No, she thought. Let them try to take her...she had years of swordsmanship over any of their meager skills. She seated herself at a back table and ordered an ale when the opportunity arose. Watching the shadows of the fire dance about the room, she pondered on Solaris. Was he not suppose to be here by now as they had planned? Her eyes quickly searched the room, no sign of him. As her drink came she sighed heavily. Her love had a way of finding trouble even when there was none to be found. Suddenly a slight movement in the back dark corner caught her eye. A large man nearly six and half feet tall and weighing well over 200 lbs gazed at her with sharp eyes. His shift in weight suggested he wish her to see him. But why?

Casually she ordered a second drink which she placed by the second chair of her table. The man caught on rather quickly and came and sat down. Not bad she though, for a human brain. He sat down silently drinking his ale as his deep brown eyes bore into her. She had an odd feeling about this man and when his hand move to brush his curly brown hair out of his face, she nearly cut him down. Instead she smiled pleasantly letting her hand glide down to her sheathed sword. "Good ale?" She asked softly.

He nodded smiling as well. "Aye it is. I've a room to join me."

She raised an eyebrow at such a direct question yet held her tongue and kept her speech pleasant still. "Do you now...I am meeting someone..." She let that last part hang in the air.

He shrugged, "Aye, I know."

This caught her off-guard. Damn it Solaris. Now what had happen. "Do go on," she urged.

"An elven friend of yours came in not long ago. He and I spoke a bit...seemed like a nice enough fellow so me friends and I 'escorted' him to my room for shipping."

Evelyn's eyes darted about the room. This man had openly admitted that he planned to sell her friend and love. Was there no law in this land? Her eyes narrowed, "I am afraid he is not for sale...nor is he even on the market."

The man again shrugged, "So he too said, but I pointed out that these are my lands. My lands and so my people."

This was more than a little odd, "Then why speak to me? Why not call upon your goons to take me up to your room as you had done to him."

" see I noticed a dangerous gleam in your eyes when you first came in. My men are important to me and their deaths would be unwelcome"

She frowned, "Then what do you want?"

This instantly produced a broad grin on his face. "I'm up for entertaining tonight. The local woman and men have become quite boring. Then what do you know...I come across an elven pair."

Kill him her mind screamed. End the mortal life early, no one would care.

He must have read her thoughts for he spoke yet even more. "If I don't return to my room, you friend will be 'escorted' to his death."

Her heart sank slightly, "Did he tell you of me?"

He shook his head still grinning, "No but I figured it out rather easily..."

Gracefully she stood before him, her eyes picking out his goons easily this time as they started at her movement. Too many of them, even for her. How odd to find out this tavern was little more than a trap for her and who knows how many other travelers. Giving the man a quick look she turned to the stairs and climbed them up...knowing he wouldn't be far behind. He lead her to the last room and opened the door.

The room was larger than any inn room she had ever seen. It was decorated with large tapestries and painting. Fine furniture took up most the room especially one large chest in the center. Towards the back was a large bed on which Solaris sat still in his green silk robes and looking totally defeated. She noted some bruises on his right check and the way he cradled his left side told her that the man had lied or chose to leave somethings out. Oddly she noticed bars on the one and only window. This room was obviously entertained a number of "guests." She did not look at Solaris at all as she removed her armor and weapons though she knew his eyes were on her. She stood before the human half-naked wearing only light undergarments which had the purpose of protecting the skin from the armor and not covering it. The look of pure surprise followed by delight on the man's face intrigued her.

He stuttered, "Remove..ere the ah remainder." He locked the door behind him.

She complied as she moved forward slowly. As she approached him she let her hands glide lazily over his broad shoulders as she placed her lips near his ear. "I've the experience of Centuries of love-making." She guided him over to a oak chair and proceeded to remove his clothing. Her eyes darted over to Solaris who instantly looked away from her.

"Come!" the man's voice startled her but she didn't let it show. He was talking to Solaris.

She watched the two gaze at each other, and she recognized fear in her lovers eyes. Odd she thought until she noticed a tattoo on the back of the human neck, the Zealin's clan's mark. Oh damn the gods for this. To allow them to fall into the hands of a follower of a dark god such as this. The clan was known for its willpower and the ability to use that will to manipulate things, to fight without fear in battle, and most importantly to cause pain and death at the mere twitch of the hand for the masters of the power. Solaris was there only hope to avoid this situation and to the abyss with him if he would not wield those powers gifted to him at birth.

Solaris approached them as ordered and the man proceeded by telling him to strip. Her lover hesitated, and she knew if he waited to long, agony would be his reward. With one quick fluid motion she approached him and tore his clothing from his body. He gazed at her startled and lost for words. Her own eyes revealed nothing but coldness.

The human laughed at this which sent nothing but hatred swimming through her veins. He looked to Solaris again, "My pants." As he spoke his hands traveled to her breast and began squeezing and not to gently.

She ignored the movement for the moment but instead eyed Solaris again. The message was clear do it. He nodded to her and removed the man's pants with the grace of an ogre. She almost laughed aloud but decided against it. Frowning she already knew the next action that would be requested of Solaris; she also knew he would have trouble with it.

Smiling lightly she removed the man's hand from her large breasts and approached Solaris. With firm but gentle hands she forced him to sit and then leaned over and whispered to him. "You must take him in your mouth."

Solaris's eyes widen. "I can't," he breathed.

Her eyes traveled to the organ that he was gazing at it. It was indeed large and she could understand his fear. She had not even looked at it until now and despite herself, she found herself aroused. She turned her lover's face to hers, brushing his long black hair aside and looking into to his fearful blue eyes. She whispered even lower than before for their tormentor watched them intently, "If you don't he will kill us. You lost the chance to avoid help me save our lives." She kissed him slowly, her tongue briefly touching his before she pulled away and smiled at the man. Evelyn returned to the human and began kissing and licking his barrel-sized chest, her eyes looked to Solaris while doing so.

Solaris nervously took the man's organ in his hands and slowly moved in closer. He took in the tip and jumped in surprise as the man began laughing. The dog. But Solaris continued and soon had a good portion in his mouth before he began sucking. The man groaned. Evelyn smiled though she noted Solaris looked very upset having the man watch him. Forcefully her hand snaked out and turned to the humans head so that his mouth might meet hers. She kissed him fiercely noting his surprised reaction. Pay attention to me she thought. Instead the human grabbed Solaris head and forced him to take more, this time he started thrusting his hips which made the elf gag. Damn him! Her mind screamed.

Thinking quickly she got a hold of the guys other hand and brought it to her middle and then rocked her hips against it. That got his attention. He practically kicked Solaris away as he grabbed her. He threw her on the ground and began to forced her legs open even further as his hands explored her woman-hood with increasing force. She found herself moaning in spite of herself. He then positioned himself properly and filled her body with his pulsing organ. To hell with it she thought and abandoned herself to his deep thrusts. He didn't last long, to her disappointment and her body was not yet satisfied. She looked into the man's deep brown eyes and he grinned down at her. She sneered. "Now die."

Solaris slammed the sword into his unsuspecting back as she slugged him with all the strength she could muster. He crumbled to the ground silently, with a grin on his face. She turned on Solaris with surprising speed hitting him as well as she realized just how mad she was. Once he was on the ground she pounced him, straddling him with her thighs and having his still erect organ slide nicely into her. She moved her hips with rhythmically as his hands grabbed her waist and encouraged her to continue. He lasted much longer as she knew he would. She had trained him herself. She kissed him forcible and then pulled away dressing herself with amazing speed. Evelyn laughed allowed. Praise the gods, she thought. Oh how she loved this life. She help Solaris up and found him some suitable travel wear to dress in. Her eyes glistened happily as she searched the human body at their feet. He proved to be a rich man.

Solaris marveled at her, "What...? You enjoyed this?"

Evelyn grinned, "Didn't you? I still haven't forgiven you for not slaying that man in the first place and putting our lives in danger...but it worked out well enough."

He stood there staring at her, mouth opened.

She continued to laugh, "Will you at least use those powers of yours to rid ourselves of the bars on the windows so we can get out of here."

He complied still lost for words, "You struck me..."

She frowned, "What..ah yes well you deserved it. Oh and remind me to teach you some nice things you can do with your mouth." She gave him one last quick look of glee before she jumped out the window. He followed her shortly after. Oh how funny humans could be and so stupid.

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