Warning: This story contains graphic images of male/male nonconsensual sex and violence with slave/master and bondage elements. It is not intended for minors and individuals under the age of consent in their state or country. If you are offended, underaged, or still don't know what I am talking about, hit the back key on your browser now and leave. These characters, and other elements of Tolkien's work, are not mine and are not presented in any fashion of them being mine; they belong to someone else.

Summary: An alternate universe approach and look at some of Lord of The Rings characters, mainly elves, in slave/master situations.

Pairings: A combination of the following: Elrond, Glorfindel, Legolas, Aragorn, Boromir and Aritaer an original character..

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Elven Slaves
By Paladin

Elrond sat upon a large oaken chair at the end of one of the many long tables covered with the finest foods the citizens of Mirkwood had to offer for a feast. Spiced apples of cinnamon, roasted acorns, honeyed breads, sweet cider, well aged wine and roasted venison filled the cool forest air with a delicious aroma accompanied by the rhythmic drums of elven musicians mixed with the sweet sounds of glistening elven harps and alluring wooden whistles. Restlessly, the Lord of Rivendell listened to the endless chattering of Thranduil, ruler of Mirkwood who sat nearby and who hosted this fine elven feast. It was not often that he and a good number of his household ventured this far from home to pay homage to their distant kin, and despite all the grandeur, it was not an event he often looked forward to. Thranduil himself was stern, fairly unforgiving for an elf and very much obsessed with treasures and gems, which often led to conflicts with dwarven and human kind for their entire race. Still, the elven king was a strong ruler and deep down, good in heart and soul.

"Are you listening Elrond?"

He nodded slowly, though in truth he hardly heard a thing. His grey eyes and thoughts were fixed on another more interesting object, one that danced and made merry with too many during the course of the evening. The twilight haired elf frowned a moment when the bright cheery eyes turned to him. He wouldn't, Elrond thought. Not here and certainly not in front of Thranduil.... He did.

The elven lord ventured up to the two powerful elves bowing briefly, lowly even, his golden strands nearly touching the ground. "My Lord Elrond, King Thranduil."

Elrond fumed inside, knowing that Glorfindel purposely spoke his name first which would, of course, annoy their host a great deal.

"Glorfindel," Thranduil nodded to the golden haired elf, seeming unaffected by the occurrence though his fingers did tap the tip of his throne slowly. "It has been sometime. As always, Mirkwood is pleased to have such a fine warrior as yourself for our guest. It is my hope..."

Glorfindel tilted his head slightly to the side and interrupted the other. "The feasts of Mirkwood are memorable though it is the company here that is truly treasured." The words of praise seemed well spoken and well placed though he was looking at Elrond.

Thranduil raised an eyebrow and sipped from his silver goblet. "Well said Glorfindel. We are fortunate to have our kin from Rivendell as honored guests."

A bright smile flashed across the fair face. "It is far more my pleasure to please than is obvious. Is it true, that a dance of the fireflies is to take place this evening?"

The Mirkwood king nodded readily. "Oh yes. It is a wonderful event. One of love and passion, of union amongst the stars and the living light. Of course, it is not one to be performed alone. Perhaps I can offer a suggestion..."

Glorfindel's meaningful eyes looked to Elrond. "Have not worries my lord, I do not mean to dance alone this night." He then whirled around on his heels and disappeared into the fray.

Elrond did not know if he had been holding his breath or not, but suddenly drawing air in seemed urgent. He turned to see Thranduil eyeing him with actual concern. The dark haired elf raised a hand. "It is nothing, I assure you."

"Very well then. What does he mean by acting so? Glorfindel is far too aged to be behaving so irrational. Even Legolas behaves..." Thranduil frowned. "Speak of my son. Have you seen him? I was very specific about the day of his return. I really ought to limit his freedoms if he is going to act so disrespectful."

With an inward sigh of relief, Elrond smiled. At least the conversation turned from Glorfindel even if his mind had not. His secret lover was angry, though they had both discussed the importance of appearances before Elrond agreed to allowing Glorfindel to come. Well, perhaps discussed was a bit generous since really he had done all the talking while his lover merely glowered. "Your son is still young enough to allow a bit of leeway I would think..."

"I would think not. In fact, I have heard you have given far too much liberty to those in your charge. Allowing Elrohir and Elladan to parade around the countryside slaying orcs for sport, and I hear that Haldir and Glorfindel entered a brawl before the Lord and Lady of the Woods themselves! Really Elrond, there was a time when being elven meant more than a longer lived version of a human." Thranduil spat the last word, his anger for the human's still fresh considering their encroachment upon Mirkwood and its fine timber.

A heavy sigh escaped Elrond's lips as he shook his head wearily, allowing his fingers to press against the light skin of his forehead.  "The world could always use a few less orcs, and if the twins desire to rid us of them, so be it. They are always careful. As for Haldir and Glorfindel, the source of the argument is personal, but I do not believe the fight was displayed before Celeborn or Galadriel though they may have heard it..."

Thranduil frowned as he filled their goblets with more wine. "You are making excuses for all of them. It is far past time that you took control. One of these days, they are bond to enter trouble of which they cannot escape. Then it will be too late to teach them and the lesson would have been learned permanently." The elven king relaxed. "As for my son, if he does not set foot in this forest before the dance begins, he will not step out of it during the next century maybe two."

They continued to converse into the darkness of the evening, and thankfully the topics were varied greatly from their original discussion. Unfortunately, it was not until the beginning of the dance itself did Elrond find time to excuse himself from the long one-sided conversation.

He ventured forth with growing worry as the fireflies began to gather around the specially designed lanterns. Glorfindel mentioned not being alone for this intimate dance. Who could he have possibly found? Of course, he couldn't dance with the golden haired elf himself without giving away his well kept secret, but surely even his lover did not have enough time to coerce someone else into dancing with him.

His search proved fruitless even after leisurely questioning a handful of couples about the whereabouts of Glorfindel and Legolas for good measure. Elrond paused at the edge of the festival with a sigh as the reed pipes began to lure the dancers with their haunting, warm melodies.

"I am not certain I can keep our affair a secret forever my lord," a soft voice sounded behind him.

He turned slowly, beholding who he already knew would be there. "Not forever Glorfindel, never so long." Elrond moved forward, his fingers lightly gliding down the side of the beautiful face, pausing to linger over the tempting lips.

Glorfindel lowered his eyes delicately, a tiny trail of moisture escaping his right eye. "I did not think it would be so difficult as this. It is but a short a journey, yet there are so many here who have interest..."

Elrond lifted the lighter elf's chin gently, his heart moved by the sorrow and the others unwillingness to look him in the eye. "I know... In time, I will be ready to present myself, to present us to the other elders."

A smile formed slowly as Glorfindel's clear sea green eyes regarded him fully. "I have many offers you know," came the quiet tease.

The Lord of Rivendell chuckled softly. "Yes, I know. You did before and you do now. I wonder how many would continue if I were to make myself known fully."

Glorfindel leaned forward, their lips almost brushing as they spoke. "What makes you think they would not be more interested?"

Elrond breathed in deeply, the forbidden implications so heated that he merely missed the approaching sound of another.

Quickly, the twilight haired and golden haired elf parted.

"Lord Elrond, Lord Glorfindel. It is pleasure to see you both again here in Mirkwood. My father must be very pleased to have such a dual presence." Legolas bowed briefly, his blue eyes vibrant from a long ride, his light blonde hair loose from the wind.

Elrond smiled quickly though it was Glorfindel who managed to speak first, as usual. "Well met princling. It is always a pleasure to see you again. And just Glorfindel if you will."

Legolas scowled, not truly angry though the word princling would cause few other reactions. "Very well Glorfindel. I will do the honor if you will do me the same and call me Legolas."

Glorfindel laughed readily, a light pleasing sound that could melt the heart of a mere mortal. "It is agreed then."

"Now that that is settled, I must warn you young prince that your father is very displeased with your late arrival."

Legolas shifted the bow over his shoulder, having not had the time to redress. "I am certain he is. Unfortunately, I caught sight of some unusual tracks on my way in that deviated from my course. I found nothing, but such heavy prints are certainly not elven riders."

"Foreigners have not been in these parts for nearly a decade, not even the dreaded spiders come abroad openly." Glorfindel remarked, a light blush still showing from their intimate words but moments ago.

"Maybe, but my heart feels that there is something amiss."

Elrond took a moment to listen and allow nature's songs to speak to him. He heard nothing. "I feel nothing foul in this forest. Whatever maybe be out there, it is not of the Shadow."

The prince turned to the darkness of the outer woods. "I suppose two such fine warriors cannot both be wrong."

The dark haired elf shook his head. "It has been long since I was a warrior young one."

Glorfindel shrugged. "Not I, though perhaps we are all a little too drunk on wine and the pleasantness of satisfaction from good food."

It was amazing how his elven warrior shown brightly and so merrily in the presence of others but was so quiet, even timid when they were alone.

Legolas smiled slowly. "Well, perhaps you are right. I have come from darker places. It is difficult to abandon the worry they create. Come, allow me to introduce you two to a couple of ladies I know. It would not be seem to have such important guests absent from this evening's dancing."

A sense of dread entered Elrond's being. He did not care for dancing much, especially with others that did not hold his heart. Unfortunately, the three of them never got a chance to meet up with the said ladies.

The first series of arrows missed the crowd, entering the hefty bark of the towering trees with a thud.  It only took a few moments for the elves to begin to scatter as horsemen entered the area swiftly, their horses neighing loudly.

Elrond paused in the fray, his grey eyes sharp as he noticed there were only handful entering the clearing, far too few for it to be an actual attack, perhaps a ploy of some kind, a trick? "Glorfindel wait!," he turned in time to see his lover chase after a departing mount and its rider, the elven blade shining brightly under the moonlight. Without real thought and driven by mere instinct and emotion, the Lord of Rivendell made chase, quick on the heals of his agile lover who took down the clumsy rider but a few dozen yards away from the area.

The golden haired elf never got a chance to finish his enemy for two then three lassos whipped around his arms, neck and waist, causing the elven warrior to gasp and struggle as their attackers descended down on them.

Elrond drew his own blade, his eyes glistening with fury as he swung at those who dared move in for the capture or kill, he wasn't sure which. The finely crafted steel cut through the weak armor, sending his assailants back  as he moved with deadly accuracy. "It is your folly to come here and disturb our peace!"

"And it will be your end, for you have invaded our home for the last." Came the cool voice of Legolas, his bow knocked and ready as he neared the elven lord, daring them to move.

Foolishly, the armored and helmeted beings did, and easily did they fall to the blade and the amazing speed and accuracy of the elven prince until there were ten maybe more fallen around them.

Elrond looked around carefully before he bent down and began to untie his lover. "Glorfindel, are you well?"

Glorfindel nodded though his eyes suddenly widened as a large net with small blossoms tied to its mass fell upon them, seemingly from out of nowhere.

Elrond's eyes burned quickly as a strange dark smell assaulted him; he felt his eyes become weary and the strength seemed to seep from his body. "What?" His grey eyes looked around, as he sank to his knees, unable to hold his head up while he noted that Legolas had already succumbed to the trap as was Glorfindel too failing. The last thing he remembered was looking up to see one finally armored individual remove his helm, revealing the stern features of a dark haired human. "These three will do. Leave the rest. It I easier to let them live and grow free, taking a few when desired, than to capture them all."

Then, there was darkness...

"Elrond, awaken," a quiet voice broke through his cloud of weariness.

Elrond sat up, his palm going to his head a moment as his eyes blinked a bit to clear their vision. His mind, however, was instantly aware. The Lord of Rivendell remembered what happened all too well though the rest of his senses did not readily respond and revive from the affects of the drug like blooms. "Glorfindel?"

"No my Lord Elrond. They took him a short time ago. It is I, Legolas." The elven prince moved to his side, a hand easing the elder to a sitting position.

The twilight haired elf sighed heavily, forcing himself to relax and not succumb to growing fear. "Do you know where they took him or where we maybe?"

Legolas nodded, the alluring deep blue eyes turning towards the iron bars that kept them. "We are in Gondor, but which part I cannot say. I recognize the accent of the guards here. The one that came during the night, he is the one that took our friend. These men, I do not sense the Shadow in them or a grave sense of evil though clearly their minds and souls are tainted with power and greed."

He stood then, on shaky legs though he managed to remain standing. "The efforts of man has become bold to enter the realm of your father so openly and with so many near. Thranduil will be furious," Elrond almost smiled at the thought despite their uneasy situation.

The light haired prince nodded. "He will be very angry, but I do not think these men expected to come across as many of our numbers as they did. I overheard them earlier. They lost a great deal of life to our battle and are very angered by it."

The grey eyes narrowed as he peered at their stone surroundings, his fingers clasping the bars briefly. "They thought to take us unaware and easily."

Legolas visibly hesitated before approaching the dark hair elf, his light fingers that so often displayed incredible archery skill, rested on the others forearm tenderly. "I have seen the eyes of the one in charge my  lord Elrond. I do not believe there is malice in his heart or a great deal of hate or anger. Surely, Glorfindel must be well."

Elrond sighed, clasping Legolas' hand in his own. "I see your reasoning, though it is difficult for the heart to grasp and hold true to. Tell me, you are well?"

The younger elf nodded, a light smile even forming. "Yes, as well as can be expected. It seems we were handled carefully during our unawares."

Oh to be young again, he thought as he watched the light shine in those blue eyes, so full of hope and lacking in any solid fear. The ease of change still running through this one's veins.

At that moment, another approached, interrupting any further conversation between the two elves.

This man was the same that Elrond recalled as his last memories of the night before. A strong, tall man with loose dark hair, brown, a faint beard and mustache lining his mouth neatly, his eyes dark eyes bright seeming to radiate a gentleness that could not be otherwise be noted I the hard armored body. "It is good you have awaken. My lord and I were both concerned that this batch of blossoms may have been too numerous for but three captives. Come, the other has finally awaken."

Elrond stepped forward as the barred door was opened, more than a bit furious as to be taken captive and to be lead by one armed guard as if he were some mere villager. "You have not the right to take the freedom of elves. We are a free people, one that has long lived alongside humans for over a millennium..."

"Yes, I am well aware of your race's ways, longevity and history. Consider yourself lucky that it was I who came across your party and not the band of orcs we encountered and slew earlier."

Legolas' icy voice filled the stone hallway as they ventured down past other empty cells, climbing a wooden staircase. "And I suppose you want our thanks then? Do you truly think my people cannot handle a few orcs, when we have been doing it for centuries before you were born."

The human stopped then, and turned to the two elves following, his eyes showing no fear, no respect, no remorse. "I have little doubts that you would have handled the encounter well, however; you may have lost one of your members perhaps more. Is it not a far greater thing to loose the life of one immortal elf than tens of man?" There was anger there, deeply rooted.

The Lord of Rivendell said nothing as too did Legolas hold his tongue while they finished their little venture. It gave him a few minutes to contemplate their situation and wonder about the source of bitterness before the trio found themselves standing in a large chamber lined with a troop of guards.

Another man entered from the side, his chest improperly bare as he finished clasping his belt. "Aragorn. Wonderful, the prisoners are both well. Most excellent. I must say this is the finest batch I have seen ages. Far better than any lot my father ever gathered." This human was equally tall, perhaps taller, his eyes a light grey his hair a sandy brown. He too maintained hair on his face, a bit longer and thicker than the one called Aragorn.

Aragorn bowed briefly. "My lord Boromir. They are fine indeed..."

His voice trailed off as the other approached Legolas, his fingers boldly going to the light blonde strands. "The others' hair is that of gold as I have not seen amongst human. This one, this one is pleasing as well and those eyes." Boromir starred at the elven prince with open appraisal.

Legolas suddenly jerked away, his hand slapping the man's intruding fingers away. "How dare you!"

The sound of swords being drawn filled the rather silent hall though this human lord held his hand up quickly with a soft laugh. "A fiery spirit. I like it." Boromir then turned to Elrond and the two held each others gaze for a few moments before the human managed to speak. "And this one, by the gods Aragorn, this one stares at me as if he can read my soul." The human laughed softly. "You have made your lord very pleased. As a reward, you may choose one. Of course he will have to stay here with the others, but choose for future pleasures."

Aragorn smiled slightly. "I am not certain if I have a choice so soon my lord."

"You had best make up your mind else I claim them all."

The darker one looked the other two over thoughtfully. "If that is the case, then I will indeed choose. I have not had the pleasure to see the third long, and seeing that you are so pleased with the dark haired elf, then I so choose the one with blue eyes and light hair. I will spare you the trouble of breaking that fiery spirit."

"Ah, you do me a favor do you? No matter my friend, you choose well and he is yours. Now do us both a favor and have these join the other to be collared, bound and branded."

Elrond's eyes blazed as he heard the last word. "We are not stock to be branded Boromir, son of Denethor."

Boromir did not hide his surprise. "And so you knew my father, or at least have heard of him or me. Tell me, what is your name elf."

"I am Elrond, this is Legolas, and the one you so often refer to as the other is Glorfindel. We are not slaves and will not abide by your bidding or any others. What you have done is barely short of declaring war against our people. Do you wish such bloodshed on your hand?"

Boromir's eyes narrowed as he raised a gloved hand in denial. "Start a war over the capture of but three elves in over decades? I think not. It would be folly for your race to war with my kingdom and my allies."

Legolas glowered at both the humans. "But three elves? You do not understand who you are dealing with. Elven lives are not to be dismissed by any number."

Aragorn interceded. "No, elven lives are certainly more valuable than human. That is why in the previous days man was led to the slaughter by the thousands while the elves lost but tens, so precious were there lives. No, the elves owe us far more than a handful of slaves from their numbers." His cold gaze turned to Elrond, as if considering something. "Your freedom is ours to take, but not your lives unless it warrants it. Come with me."

Legolas' body tensed but before he was able to move forward, Aragorn was on him and soon too were the nearby guards, grabbing the light haired elf roughly. Elrond too was grabbed though he scarcely resisted.

The elven princes fury was clear. "I will not submit as your prisoner as your slave. My father will have your heads for this. I am Legolas p..."

Elrond gave his companion a sharp look. "Legolas, say nothing more! We do not know the whereabouts of Glorfindel."

Boromir straightened his long shirt. "See, what did I tell you Aragorn. They stick together. It is easier to get them in pairs, said my father, but a trio may work as well. We will have to see. Come Aragorn, let the others tend to these troublesome prisoners for now. While we discuss another idea, a wager for the one with dark hair, a game of sorts. We will see who will win him."

Aragorn stood and nodded, the idea clearly pleasing to him as well. "Very well. A wager it is. I await the terms. For now guards, take them to the Rugar. Have the one with golden haired branded for our lord and the one with blue eyes for myself. The other, we will have to wait and see."

With that, their two masters departed while the others dragged them unceremoniously away down two hallways. The elves were shackled with heavy iron and then thrown into a small room where Glorfindel awaited, his sea green eyes surprised as he stood to meet them.

"My lord, P..."

"Legolas," Elrond corrected swiftly as their chains were attached to ringlets on the wall. "At least one of these humans has deep rooted anger against our kind, we do not wish to reveal ourselves until we know the source."

Glorfindel took a deep breath. "Of course, I was not thinking clearly. Rugar has not yet returned since minutes ago." The sea green eyes brightened a moment. "He seems a rather reasonable man, but neither of us knows why we are here. My lord, have you discovered their purpose?"

Elrond sighed heavily, his heart a bit weary. "I am afraid I have. The lord here Boromir, seems to have a desire for elven slaves. And this Rugar is here to..." He hesitated.

"Brand us like cattle," Legolas offered in anger. "They will not get away with this insult."

Glorfindel shook his head. "Rugar would not do such a thing. We have spoken for the past hour, I know the names of his children and the fate of his sire."

Elrond sighed. "The humans have a more demanding ruling structure my... Glorfindel. He may not have a choice."

A large man with a dark complexion, deep brown eyes and long black hair walked with two iron rods. "I am afraid he is correct Glorfindel. I have no choice."

Glorfindel backed away shaking his head slowly. "This cannot be. This cannot happen."

Elrond grasped his hand tightly. "It will be all right." When his love tried to move away, he held him more firmly, his strong arms willing his elven warrior to accept temporary comfort. Once Glorfindel buried his face into Elrond's offered shoulder, the Lord of Rivendell pulled Legolas into an embrace. He understood what was to come, and seeing how they were powerless to prevent it, the best he could do was offer support.

Rugar approached Glorfindel first, the large rough hands pushing the elf's shirt off his right shoulder. Elrond could feel the elf tense, his breath quick against his neck even before the iron was placed in the hot coals. The fair skin was cleaned quickly, leaving the area glistening with moisture so that when the hot iron finally pressed against the skin, it sizzled loudly.

Glorfindel shook violently, his fingers grabbing Elrond tightly as tears flowed down over the Lord of Rivendell's shoulder. Elrond stroked the golden strands gently, his grey eyes never wavering from Rugar's every movement, not even when the human performed the same horrid act on the prince. Legolas was not as calm and cried out whirling around, nearly grabbing the offending object in hand in anger and pain, though Elrond grabbed the light wrist. "Legolas," he voiced sternly, watching the young body shake in distress and fury.

Rugar then departed, leaving the three elves chained in the small room, all in pain if not in body in heart. The human had also left three leather collars, two with names for them to wear.

Elrond sighed heavily as he found a crate to sit upon, still holding the two blonde elves in his arms firmly, not allowing either to break apart to mourn and deal with the pain and shock alone.

After giving them both ample time, Elrond lifted both their chins gently with his long strong fingers, allowing his thumb to wipe away the bit of moisture on their cheeks. "This too will be my fate when these humans have finished their fun and games on the matter. For now, it seems they wish to keep us together." He sighed yet managed to smile weakly. "There is anger in their hearts but not hatred; these two are not led by the Shadow and seek to do us no physical harm."

Legolas pulled away, wincing lightly from the pain he must have felt. "I do not care what it is they wish for they will not have it either way."

Glorfindel shuddered a moment and then picked up the three collars, fingering the tanned leather a bit. "We are their slaves..." He examined the large loop on the backs. "Perhaps pets." He turned to Elrond, the pain fading from his loving eyes though he did not have a chance to speak further.

At that moment, another individual entered the room wearing light violet robes with yellow trimming that complemented the soft lavender eyes. His hair was long, perfectly straight and of the color of glistening silver. The skin was pale but not white, but the most noticeable feature, aside from the white leather collar around his neck with the letter "B" etched on it, was his pointed ears. Before Elrond had a chance to speak, their intruder did the honor. "My name is Aritaer. I know you must be very confused and frightened by now. Many times my master forgets that the elven race is not used to such a pace of life as the humans lead. Small details are often forgotten." He pulled a small jar from the depths of his robe and slowly opened it, placing the contents on his fingertips. "This aloe will ease the sting of the burns."

Aritaer waited for Legolas and Glorfindel to accept his approach before he began administrating the salve.

Elrond spoke first. "You bear no chains and yet you call these human's your master?"

Aritaer smiled, a calm soothing gesture. "Not the humans, only Boromir. His father really. I was rescued from the clutches of the orcs by Boromir's father Denethor. When Denethor passed on, the others were released, but long had Boromir taken favor to me and so I was to remain."
He closed the lid carefully and picked up the collars. "In time, your chains will be removed and you can move freely here as I do."

"Freely," Legolas began, "but not free."

Glorfindel shook his head. "This is not a fate I can accept, no matter how generous these humans believe they can be."

"Better humans than orcs," Aritaer commented softly. "You must accept your fate in order to weather it. You and I are the only elves here in this kingdom. The rest they leave alone. We are small penance for peace."

Legolas shook his head. "You have already been defeated then Aritaer, for they have you believing this is a life worth living."

Anger entered the silver haired elf's soft lavender eyes. "You dare judge me young one? I was lying in filth, covered in my own blood when the humans fought through the orc camps to save a prisoner they knew nothing about." He took a deep breath. "I understand this has happened very fast for you all, and I wish to help. I am content here, away from the wars, the battles, the aftermath of violence and hate." His voice softened. "Do not try to destroy my world because I wish to aid you as best I can."

Elrond moved forward, letting his fingers clasp Aritaer's wrist for a moment. "I thank you for your kindness. It is not our place judge, and if you have found happiness, I can be nothing less than glad for you. My name is Elrond."

"And I am Glorfindel"

Legolas hesitated, though anger and bitterness departed from the alluring blue eyes. "I am Legolas."

Aritaer took out a key and gently unclasped the thick irons from their bodies as he, in turn, clasped the proper collars about their necks. "Elrond, Lord of Rivendell, Legolas of Mirkwood, Glorfindel, I do not recall one by that name living." He sighed lightly. "It would seem my master's friend has captured renown prisoners, and they are not likely to know it. Then it is as I feared, your friends and allies will come for you in time, and there will be blood spilt. Yet you must keep your titles secret there are those here who would destroy you despite our master's wishes."

The only dark haired elf of the group ignored the discomfort of the leather collar and frowned. "You are right, once they discover our location and a means to rescue us, they will Aritaer. Do tell us why these human's here bare such hatred."

Aritaer motioned them to follow, leading them out of the dark hot rooms of the forges and below halls up stone stairs and past the main room where they last saw the two human lords. "Most of Gondor has no hatred towards elven kind, some of the lords remain angry that we battled along side them but had less blood spilt. They believe we were more cautious with our soldiers and that it cost the human's a great deal because of it." He paused, nodding to a couple of soldiers outside a large oaken door clearly marked elves in the human tongue. The elf slave pushed open the door easily revealing a large room with four beds of ivory white comforters, silk sheets and large pillows, two on each wall. At the end of each bed was a small chest. A full-sized mirror was nestled between each bed, made of wood and oval glass. A small table with two chairs painted a soft gold and silver sat in the middle along side a small cart with ice, wine, four crystal goblets, and a wooden bowl of grapes, pears and apples.

"This is our room," Aritaer voiced quietly. "There is a closet in the back left with allowed clothing and a curtain to change, a room in which to bathe in the back right, and a balcony down those stairs in the back. It will remained barred until they believe you can be trusted not to escape."

Elrond took a seat, finding himself a bit more weary than he would have liked. "Then you live here?"

"I do. In the chest are my private things and under the bed we may place them as well. The servants take care of the cleaning and anything we may ask for." His soft lavender eyes regarded the solemn elves with a hint of sadness. "This is a very fine room, and we are not accosted here, not with punishments or dealings of any kind. It is not allowed by any though the king of course has final say." He paused. "Most nights I spend with my master."

Glorfindel laid down on one of the beds, his sea green eyes troubled. "And that is what we can expect as well?'

The other elf hesitated, his words uncertain. "You presence is wanted for as much as show as it is for pleasures. I have not had the chance to speak with my master or lord Aragorn since your arrival. I do not know the specifics. Our master is far more impatient than his father before. He may not give you as much time to adjust as was given in the past. When taken about, there will be a light chain on your collar, again for show and for control" He smiled slowly. "They are not cruel individuals. I assure you."

"Aside from burning our flesh with their marks you mean." Legolas voiced quietly as he poured the wine in each goblet.

Aritaer reached up and lowered the top of his robe tentatively, revealing a light red "D" on the front of his left shoulder. "I too am marked. It is how slave ownership is enforced and shown in Gondor. It ensures our return if escaped, allows the wizards to track us and, on occasion, it discourages bandits and soldiers from molesting us. It is a great crime to mess with the king and his friend's property."

A soldier then entered the room. "Aritaer, you are summoned."

Aritaer bowed to the others curiously. "I am certain we will meet again shortly. Please, do not hesitate to ask the guards or servants if you require anything."

Then, the three newly captured elves were left in their slave quarters alone.


Boromir paced lightly in this great chamber, his chest bared and a great mug of ale in his hand. The young man's excitement grew as he thought of the three elves they had managed to secure. Rumors about the elves taking great offense and even planning a retribution of some kind did nothing to calm his eagerness. He gave it no more time than the rising goblin raids near the Mordor border. The two of them, he and Aragorn, had just returned from a very long campaign against the evils of their kingdom and joint troubles of the same with their allies, Rohan. Now was the time to relax, to mourn, and of course enjoy life.

His cool gaze turned as he heard the light rustle of robes followed by the appearance of Aritaer. Boromir felt the heat and tightness of his groin even before he caught sight of the soft lavender eyes beholding him. With but a light gesture of his hand, he motioned the elf to him, smiling when his slave entered his arms in silence. Boromir took in the fresh, clean and elegant scent that only elven hair had to offer as he had Aritaer drink from his mug deeply. Alcohol did a number on his slave, and though the elf did not enjoy such strong drinks, he was more passionate from it.

He tossed the mug aside and captured the elven lips greedily, demanding surrender as he tasted the ale remaining in the sweet mouth. Aritaer moaned lowly, his body moving against the human's as Boromir let his strong palm roam over the light figure, pausing at the bulge hidden beneath the thick robes. "Hmm, you are most eager this evening my pet."

Aritaer shivered delicately as his clothing was loosened and then discarded. "I am sorry master," he whispered.

"Mmm, don't be. I do not mind taking you quickly," Boromir commented as he pushed his slave onto the bed, grinding his covered groin against the exposed hard member.

Aritaer hissed softly, a sound captured by the human's determined lips.

He chuckled lowly as they parted breathlessly, seeing the elf turn his head to the side with a light blush arising. "Do not shy from me my pet. I know you relish this as much as I do." Boromir stood, removing his leggings easily, his eyes devouring the elven beauty displayed before him, treasuring the light scars around Aritaer's abdomen and thighs from the days the elf had been at the mercy of the orcs for they were as much a part of Aritaer as the rest.

The human king was not gentle in his caresses or attentions, grabbing the light groin and squeezing tightly, watching the elf close his eyes securely as he moaned. The hard member pulsed in his palm, straining to be free, straining for release. Aritaer trembled, arching sharply as his grip tightened, the light thighs parting widely to ease the comfort yet granting greater access. Boromir laughed softly, not a cruel or amused laugh, but one laced with fondness as he lowered himself onto the elf, pressing heavily on the squirming body, pinning Aritaer to the bed firmly. He didn't have to be gentle with his pet, with this lover. The gods certainly knew his father had been anything but yet somehow Aritaer had grown accustomed to such attentions and even in want of Boromir's, likewise harsh but caring, ways. His lips nipped at the tender flesh beneath the elf's chin and the exposed vital area of his throat as he impaled the wondrous body completely with one hefty stroke.

Aritaer tensed, his heat surrounding the human's manhood deliciously, tightly, the elf's mouth open in wordless cry. Boromir's powerful hands gripped the other's waist, using the support to drive rapidly into the hot haven while watching the flash of pleasure and pain dance across the tense face below him. "Easy my little pet," he murmured lovingly.

Boromir continued riding his elven slave at a grueling pace until he felt the twitch of release. He then paused and grabbed the elf's parted lips with his own, biting the tender flesh gently as he plunged into the body hard, grinding into the impossibly hot haven deeply as he released his seed.

The elf responded with a soft needy whisper, his fingers grabbing Boromir's neck and hair tightly as their lips met again for a deep, wild kiss. Boromir withdrew, moving to the side of his lover as his large strong hand enclosed the barely weeping hard member of his slave, stroking the silky length quickly, gently until he saw the soft lavender eyes open as release neared. Then, he squeezed, again harshly, watching the white spew forth while its owner twitched and moaned on the bed.

The human king then grabbed a damp cloth he had readied and cleaned them. "Now lets talk."

Boromir pulled Aritaer's form into his warm embrace as they relaxed on the bed, his strong fingers playing lightly with the long silver strands. "What do you think of our new slaves?"

Aritaer hesitated, his eyes hidden behind light lashes as he relaxed completely in his master's arms. "You wish my opinion of them or you having them?"

The human king frowned a moment. "Both. You have been given leave to speak to me freely. Aritaer after all these years surely you do not fear retribution from me, even if you do or say something I do not like."

The elf sighed. "All these years Boromir? They are but a season or two for an elf. It is not so easy for me to forget your father's demands of me." He paused "I think that you have managed to capture warriors of my race, very strong individuals that are not easily broken or lured with promises of an easy life."

Boromir laughed quietly. "I have not heard of many elves that would take kindly to slavery just as I know that most wield arms. Still, I will heed your concern. Now tell me, are they not the most wondrous to look upon, are they not worthy prizes? And since they are elven, will they not ease your loneliness, your yearning for your race?"

Aritaer sat up swiftly, pulling away as if he had been stung. "You did not... You did not capture these elves because I mentioned my heart ached for my people. Tell me you did not do this thing for me. Tell me." The voice was soft and quiet, gentle and meek as it had always been. No one knew from what experience had caused this occurrence, but even Aritaer's voice in anger remained quiet, his shouts of pain the only sound that rose to any notable levels.

The human frowned deeply, also leaning forward, his hand cradling his pet's distressed face. "Of course not, though I would be lying if said I did not think of you when I sent Aragorn to capture them. They were under strict orders not to slay or maim though your people did not return the favor."

The elven slave stood quietly, his eyes distressed as was his voice. "They had no way of knowing your intentions, and even so, they would not submit to capture of any form. I have told you elven lives are in the balance in captivity."

"Yes, so you have said. You do fine."

Aritaer looked away, his arms holding his body as if shielding himself from an unseen force. "I am different. I was nearly lost to this world when rescued. My spirit lay in ruins long before that day."

Boromir crawled forward and kissed the light shoulders, neck and pointed ears leisurely. "If not them, it would have been others. My people demand payment from the elven race and they would not consent to reasonable demands." He smiled against the pale skin. "Besides, do you not find them worthy of a king's bed?"

Aritaer turned to him, kissing the human gently and leaning into the offered touches. "It is the golden haired one that catches your fancy, the one called Glorfindel."

Boromir's grin must have looked foolish but he didn't care. "Yes, yes indeed. Such color..." He could not place the words. "You know me well. I must have him, I will."

His elven lover nodded silently, his eyes going to the drapes that swayed gently to an unseen, unfelt breeze.

"Your loyalty is torn isn't it? Between your people and me?"

"No, my loyalty belongs to you Boromir, my master. My heart aches for my people, for these elves. You were kind to me, even as a child, and when you grew, so too did your fondness. My people cannot walk free in Gondor, but they can in Rohan and they need not have fear of murder from your people." Aritaer smiled slowly. "You even fight orcs far from your borders and those of your allies simply because you hear that they are accosting the elven race. Others do not know for you cannot be open about such efforts and have the nobles back you, but I do." The elf slave paused a moment. "If you want this Glorfindel, then I believe you must also win Elrond. The two are together, I think."

"Very well, I will win this Elrond and Glorfindel over together even if the bet may not be won."

"What is the wager?"

Boromir shook his head, a smile forming readily. "That I will not reveal. Not until it is done."

Aritaer shifted. "You mustn't be harsh with them Boromir. It is not a common trait amongst my people to enjoy such treatment."

His strong hand lifted Aritaer's chin carefully. "I do not hurt you do I?"

The elf smiled and leaned forward, his lips brushing across Boromir's. "No. You do not. Remember if you fill an elven heart with fear, with despair, with great sorrow, we cannot survive." A light sorrow entered the soft lavender eyes. "I think your greatest weapons will be shame and having them experience what they would not do on their own, what they do not believe to be enjoyable though it may. Start slow."

Boromir kissed his brow. "Excellent. I will try as you say then. Stay here, rest. It begins tonight."

The human king departed, not realizing that shortly after he left the room, Aritaer sobbed in despair for the elf was torn between his love of the king and the trust he knew the others would place in him.
Elrond sighed and put down his empty glass, standing tall as he moved over to Glorfindel's claimed bed, placing a gentle kiss near the wound on the back of his lover's shoulder. "Are you all right?"

The golden haired elf nodded and turned to him, the sea green eyes bright and clear. "Yes. The pain is nearly gone."

"What of the pain in your heart?"

"The sorrow remains and I am worried there is not much hope to escape from such a place." Glorfindel admitted. "Still, I am not alone. And though I would not wish this fate on anyone, I am glad."

Elrond smiled fondly, his fingers lifting to the elf's cheek. "It is a unique situation we find ourselves in. Battling our way out could bring the humans and the elves to war if important members were to become injured or killed."

Glorfindel clasped Elrond's hand tightly, giving it a firm squeeze. "There are other eyes in this room, and I believe he is heavy in heart with perhaps even blame."

His grey eyes widened. "Legolas has blame, why would you think such a thing?" He did not comment on Glorfindel's efforts to remain hidden for he was not certain on the matter either.

The elven warrior leaned back and relaxed. "We were taken from his homeland, his father's realm, and the young prince noticed something amiss shortly before the attack."

The Lord of Rivendell nodded. "Ah, yes, and the young do place such weight on their own shoulders. I will go and speak to him."

Elrond stood after resisting the urge to kiss his lover and then ventured over to where Legolas sat upon the bed, facing the wall in perfect silence. The dark haired elf took a seat beside him, looking over the ugly red burn before lifting his hand to gently push back a loose light strand, his thumb gracing the pointed ear briefly in doing so. "This too will pass."

Legolas sighed softly, his body relaxing and seeming not to mind the gentle strokes against his blonde hair. "I know."

"Your mind knows," Elrond voiced softly, "but does your heart?"

The elven prince shook his head. "My heart tells me that you would hesitate to leave here even if given the chance. You will not allow us to risk bloodshed and perhaps not leave this Aritaer behind."

The older elf considered the words and then choice his carefully. "I believe that it is best for our people to make sure there is no death or great harm done when we part. Our people are strong, willing warriors against evil but we have not the numbers to face a kingdom like Gondor and its allies in open war." He sighed lightly. "You are angry with Aritaer then though you do not know him."

"He allows himself to be a slave and expects us to do the same for the sake of peace. We have been branded by these humans and yet even you will not condone violence against them."

Elrond shook his head quickly. "Do not mistake my hesitation for death and violence as acceptance. These human's have overstepped their boundaries and slavery is not our end. We will find a way, but I do not believe it will take place before what they want has not been taken."

Legolas tensed again. "I will not submit to him or any other."

"Of course not," Elrond voiced fondly. "Your father would not have raised you to. Use caution in your judgment and decisions, that is all I ask."

The bright blue eyes turned to Elrond, marvelous little jewels they were. "I will consider your words at length."

Their conversation ended their for a soldier dressed in light armor and wielding a sword on his hip with two chains in hand entered. "Our lord calls for Glorfindel, and Elrond."

Elrond stood then as did Glorfindel though it was the Lord of Rivendell who spoke first. "Which lord and what does he want?"

"Boromir, and you will know soon enough. Turn."

Both elves complied. The light chains were ran through the iron hoop on the back of the collar and the clasped to its self form a complete circle. The guard then pulled, and not kindly, for them to follow.

They were led into a large room, one lacking any notable furnishings save a large fur rug, a worthy chair and the king who sat in it. The human stood as the elves entered, two silver glasses in one hand and a glass of wine in another. Boromir took the ends of the chains and dismissed the soldier. "Ah, Elrond and Glorfindel. I trust you were shown your chambers." He filled the glasses with the dark red wine and handed them to each.

Glorfindel accepted the wine though his voice was almost cold. "Your slave quarters are lavishly decorated."

Elrond glanced to his lover, concerned the warrior might challenge this king too soon.

Boromir laughed a bit and motioned to the chair. "Elrond, please sit. Aritaer calls the place home and so to, in time, shall you."

The dark haired elf took a seat, not touching the wine, his mind troubled and trying to decipher what the human may be up to. "Aritaer is an elf, it is in his nature to be free."

"Aritaer has a gentle and accepting soul. He accepted his fate during my father's rule and is very important to me. I will not give him up anymore than I will let you go free. Please, drink." Boromir waited for Elrond to drink his wine but did not seem to mind when Glorfindel did not.. "It is true he knows me very well, and I am certain you will try to take advantage of that fact. However, my love for Aritaer does not simply extend to his entire race, not to even those I find appealing."

Elrond marveled at the rather pleasant taste of the wine. Of course it was not nearly as aged or carefully prepared as the wine the elven race had the patience to produce, but it was very nice. He drank a bit more.

Boromir took the goblet from Glorfindel's hand and downed a good portion before returning it to the angry blonde. "Not a fan of wine Glorfindel?"

Glorfindel did not give the man a verbal response though his look was murderous.

The human king chuckled and moved behind Elrond, his large hand dropping to the elven lord's covered shoulders. "Relax my slaves. I am not here to harm you."

Elrond did not hide his doubts though it was a known fact that humans and elves did not agree on what constituted as harm.. "That remains to be seen."

Boromir then leaned down, his lips breaths away from Elrond's pointed ear. "Disrobe and I will not take this golden haired warrior of yours fighting before you."

His grey eyes met the puzzled sea green eyes of Glorfindel who remained standing, tense and swirling his half empty glass of wine around.

The Lord of Rivendell considered his options for a brief moment, realizing that there would be many events taking place that he and the others would not be able to prevent. He stood slowly, his fingers going to the ties and clasps of his robes, loosing them with ease without a word or even allowing emotions to play on this face.

Glorfindel stepped forward. "My lord?"

Elrond held up one hand, stopping his lover's objection. In a few minute, he was bared. He turned to the human king then, purposely, his challenge less passionate but felt. "I have done as you requested."

Boromir scowled and then waved for him to sit which he did. "Kneel before him, my golden one."

Glorfindel hesitated, his eyes looking to Elrond as if questioning not only his lord's actions but what he should do himself. Finally, the elven warrior approached Elrond and kneeled in silence, his head bowed as a light red highlighted the fine elven cheeks.

Elrond closed his eyes, feeling a  bit a light headed as a soft sigh escaped his lips, his body shifting uncomfortably. The room felt warm..

"I think, Glorfindel, that you know what I wish of you. If I must voice it allowed, you will service far more than on dark haired elf." The human's words filled the room, lacking any anger or demand as if it were but a voiced command.

His grey eyes dropped to Glorfindel's, watching his lover crawl in between his knees, the tips of his fingers lingering on Elrond's opened thighs. Their relationship had not reached many points just yet, and this was one of them. The two had been courting only a few seasons with Elrond wishing to court slow and quietly, keeping their affair and love private until he was ready to face not only the other rulers but to allow his heart to love and trust as completely as it did the first time, before she had left him in despair he could not lift. It was not just a political secret like Glorfindel believed. The golden haired lover wanted it fast, passionate and joyous though Elrond feared it might be fleeting at such a pace. Now, it looked like certain choices were no longer in their control. Again, a sensation of warmth coursed through his body as his strong sure fingers gripped the light strands of his lover and pulled him closer.

It did not take long, for watching Glorfindel kneel between his legs, the elf's beautiful face taking in the scents of his loins stirred his groin and awakened his passion. The blonde elf leaned forward then, his tongue lightly flickering against the tip of the growing member, his fingers grasping the growing rod carefully.

The warm moisture was like fire, sending a hiss from Elrond's body. It was a very strong reaction, one he was not certain was right, but he could not linger on such thoughts long for Glorfindel drew his length into the hot mouth, the rough sweet tongue traveling the shaft and probing his tip. Elrond groaned, grabbing the mass of gold hair before him tightly as his hips lifted and he thrust forward smoothly, drawing a startled gasp from his lover. Glorfindel choked briefly as he accommodated Elrond's moving flesh. Not knowing what drove him on, Elrond then quickly began to thrust into the hot moisture, quivering lightly in pleasure as his lover took his length down his throat carefully.

Elrond's head swam, lost in pleasure and barely aware they were not alone. His fingers continued to grip Glorfindel's hair tightly, urging him on as he whispered his lover's name softly. "Glorfindel..."

Boromir's warm breath and voice reached him then, his strong fingers gliding over Elrond's neck and shoulders. "Let go. Give into the rising need, the pleasure."

The Lord of Rivendell bucked sharply, eagerly as he felt wondrous sensations race through his veins and intoxicate his mind further until he was headless of his beloved, driving into the sweet mouth rapidly, groaning deeply as the elven warrior's fingers gripped the base of his member tightly, the free hand fingering and molding his sensitive sacs.

Just as he was on the edge of release, riding the wave of pleasure, Boromir's voice reached him again.

"Pull out," the human murmured. "Label him yours."

Only partially aware of his actions and his masters demands, Elrond did as requested, withdrawing from the wet heat with a soft groan.

Grey eyes met the puzzled sea green eyes just moments before Elrond released his white warm seed over his lover's beautiful face.

The two elves remained still for several moments, neither one moving away or saying even a word. Glorfindel then bowed his head, his breathing still labored as he shifted with discomfort, no doubt his own arousal painfully trapped in his garments. Still, Elrond could not bring himself to look away or act. He replayed the brief moments his release, of the white fluid bursting forth from his body, of Glorfindel's startled features, how the blonde slowly closed his eyes and a fast blush rose to his cheeks but the warrior did not pull away nor even turn his head.

"Open your eyes," he finally breathed, vaguely aware that the human remained, that he himself may have been drugged through the wine. Elrond did realize that Glorfindel did not drink the wine, was not drugged in anyway and what he saw before him was very much real, and the Lord of Rivendell liked having his lover kneel between his legs in this display of submission very much.

Glorfindel made no move to wipe away the moisture from his face, his head lifting slowly as his eyes opened, the sea green eyes alit with uncertainty and yet colored by hidden hope.

Elrond smiled then, his fingers gripping the light haired elf's chin and bringing them forward, their lips locking in a warm gentle kiss, the taste of his own seed strange yet not unpleasant. He entangled his fingers in Glorfindel's glorious hair as his free hand moved down between his lover's leg, feeling the trapped bulge and palming it firmly, squeezing rhythmically and pressing hard until he felt his beloved tense and then arch with release, a moan forming deep in Glorfindel's chest.

Boromir's voice interrupted any thoughts they might share. "Excellent. You two were indeed quite a catch. I only hope Aragorn is equally as lucky, though I suppose he still has a chance with you Elrond." The large man, now with a towel in hand, gently wiped their faces, smiling happily when Glorfindel buried his face in Elrond's naked shoulder.

The twilight haired elf held Glorfindel warmly, firmly, more than a little angry that such moments had been shared by a human master. "You drugged me, yet I saw you drink from the cup yourself."

Boromir nodded as he attached the chains to a very small loop in the hole. "Yes I did, this brew was specifically tailored for elves." He leaned forward and kissed his marking on Glorfindel's shoulder, drawing a slight shudder from the golden haired elf. "It seems as if it may have been unnecessary. Stay here, I will bring you both fresh robes."

The two elves were alone.

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Aragorn paused outside the elven slave chambers, a frown forming on his rough features. He was not certain he was ready to see them again just yet. There was anger between them, some of his rational, some not. The last thing he wanted was to harm a defenseless enslaved creature for the crimes of generations before. He sneered a moment, or perhaps the crimes themselves. You never could tell with an elf.  The race had never been forthcoming with their history and deeds, even during the good years. Still, he had yet to speak to Aritaer since his return, and knew the elven slave was always eager for news of lands beyond. With that in mind, the human lord stepped in to great the familiar slave.

His dark eyes took in the pleasant atmosphere wit a light smile. Everything was elegant, carefully selected right down to the different shades of white and cream. Aritaer had truly made this once bland servants hall into a work of art.

“The others are not here, unless, of course, you have come for me...”

The cool elven voice tore his attentions from the light chambers, his dark eyes resting on the blonde elf with beautiful blue eyes who gazed upon him steadily... his elf. “Legolas, where have they gone?”

“They were summoned, if not by you then your culprit.” The light haired beauty did not bother to arise from his bed, instead lying their leisurely, sipping his wine as if Aragorn’s presence was no matter to him at all.

Aragorn frowned, his displeasure not near as great as his curiosity. Boromir had taken the other three, what could he possibly do with all three of them so soon? Surely he was not forcing them outright. That was not their way and certainly not why he brought the elves here. No, Boromir would never do such a thing, and it shamed him to even think of it. “I see, then you are here alone. These chambers were designed to Aritaer’s taste, I am certain he would not mind if you wished to have them altered.”

Legolas sat up a bit, his arm resting across his knees. “I’ve no wish to decorate my own cell. Your first statement does not deserve a reply for it is obvious.” The voice was quiet, musical and calm despite the unpleasant nature of the words themselves.

The human lord pulled out one of the chairs and took a seat, not allowing himself to be easily baited and chased away as this one obviously wanted. “You were not nearly as hostile before the others awoke Legolas. One could say you were even calm...?”

The alluring blue eyes narrowed. “That was before your display of arrogance and this Boromir’s obvious intentions. And...”

The elf did not finish though Aragorn found himself fascinated by the lights warring in those beautiful eyes that were now alit with remember pain. The branding, he realized.

Legolas turned away from him the elf features remaining composed though those eyes, they held so much more, Aragorn noted.

Aragorn leaned forward his elbows rest on the fronts of his legs as he examined his slave with a bit of concern. The man rested his chin atop his folder fingers. “We did not take you to harm you Legolas, you or the others...”

The light haired elf turned to him again. “You stole us for payment with no intention of releasing us, burned our skin with your emblems and bid us to stay in a garnished cell and bid us to call home. Perhaps the cuts are not visible to you Aragorn, but they are felt just as deeply. I call that harm.’

He stood then, angrily and moved forward swiftly, grabbing the thin wrists tightly with his fingers. “You’re insolence will not be rewarded here elf. Our people have suffered generations of missing father, lost brothers, sons that do not return in this battle again evil while the elves remain in their trees, practicing music, encouraging art dancing and laughing in love. I’ve seen the elven homelands, and they are not scarred in war.”

He pulled Legolas over to the bared balcony, pressing his palm and fingers against the pale neck as he bid the elf to down upon the city and its soldiers, men walking about the streets armed for attack, wooden coffins stacked in neat piles, ready for the next raid. “Ours is,” he voiced lowly.

Legolas did not flinch from the rather harsh treatment nor even resist where he was led. The elf, however, did look upon the sight, the alluring blue eyes taking in the scenery without blinking.

“What do you have to say...” Aragorn began but could not finish for what happened next silenced any words that would have come.

The elf blinked, a single trickle of moisture falling down the light cheek, a crystal of empathy. “We know your pain, we have always felt it...” It was a soft whisper that sounded too loud in his ears.

Aragorn backed away, his hands dropping to his side. “That is not good enough,” he finally declared lowly and departed from the room, a flight that looked to be nothing more than a calm walk...

To Aritaer.

The silver haired elf looked into the room, his home, beholding the light haired elf who remained peering down below at the human city, kingdom, hurting from years of war, and sighed. His heart bled for them all.

Clasping his night robe around his light body firmly, he ventured down the hall towards his lords room, stepping into a nearby storage closet when he noticed Boromir returned with the other two slaves, Elrond and Glorfindel. His love looked pleased but the elven lords seemed weary, beyond the fatigue of the body.

He let them pass and remained unseen. Realizing sleep would not come for him this night, Aritaer spent the evening walking the pleasant gardens of castle, whispering silent prayers of guidance.


Elrond awoke as the sunlight broke through the barred balcony’s window. He sat up with soft sigh, leaning over and kissing his lover’s bared temple lightly. His grey eyes looked around the room, noting how pretty it truly was during the graces of day.

Legolas, like Glorfindel, remained asleep.

The Lord of Rivendell stood and smiled briefly as he smelt the welcoming aroma of melting butter, freshly baked bread and eggs which must have been their breakfast. He turned to the table, his brow rising in surprise to see Aritaer sitting, his eyes closed and fingers folded and head bowed in sleep.

The twilight haired elf approached his fingers touching the other’s shoulder gently. “Aritaer, are you well?”

The soft lavender eyes opened slowly and the elf smiled, nodding once. “Yes lord Elrond, I am. I must have lapsed a moment.” The elven slave reached under the silver platters and replaced a burned out candle with another. “I am afraid that I’ve not many candles left to keep our breakfast warm much longer...”

Elrond nodded and proceeded to wake the other two with gentle nudges. When he succeeded, he took a seat across from the quiet elf at the small table and considered him a moment. “Have you been up long?”

Aritaer nodded, his eyes downcast as he removed the lids from the plates and placed them in their proper setting. “I normally dine early in the morning, but I wished to...” He hesitated.

Elrond smiled and aided in the efforts. “I understand. Come Legolas, Glorfindel.”

The two blondes complied, sitting at the table in solemn silence.

He took their hands and squeezed them warmly. “It is all right. We will weather this together...”

Glorfindel took a deep breath and nodded, choosing the fresh apple cider first. Legolas barely acknowledged the Lord of Rivendell though Elrond suspected the prince’s mind was not on despair for the blue eyes seemed clear and thoughtful and not dark with grief.

They ate in grave silence, the sorrow great and the mood dim.

Elrond took his lover’s hand and squeezed it firmly though received little reaction for his efforts.

It was Aritaer’s voice that broke the silence first. “It has been ages since I have heard word of our people, of the first born. Of Mirkwood, or Lothlorien even Rivendell. I was but a child when I visited Rivendell.” He smiled brightly, taking a knife and slicing a pear in fours. “The great halls and the waterfalls it was...” The smile faded when he realized that the others did not find joy or pleasure in the shared memory.

In truth, it was disheartening for the Lord of Rivendell for though he vowed never to give up their efforts to return, he realized it could be some time before that actually occurred.

He cleared his throat and tried again. “I know that Elrond is the Lord of Rivendell. Legolas, Glorfindel do you also have titles?”

Legolas eyed the elven slave rather coolly, his displeasure and distrust clear. “Our names should suffice for now.”

Glorfindel hardly focused on the others at all.

It must have become apparent to Aritaer that there would be little conversation for the soft lavender eyes lowered and he stood, his pear untouched. “I apologize. Allow me to give you all due privacy.”

Elrond stood and grasped the light wrist before Aritaer could finish his retreat. “Aritaer,” he voiced quietly and with concern. Aritaer’s voice seemed tense, wavering as if he might be angry or...

The light colored eyes lifted to meet his gaze, the globes glistening with unshed sorrow.

He breathed in deeply, surprised and yet why should he be? How long had Aritaer been here, alone amongst humans? And here were three elves, sitting before him, too lost in their our discomfort, realizations, to speak with him, share his burden. And though his heart told him Aritaer remained a creature of the light, Legolas maybe right in that they could not trust him completely which made him hesitant to speak as well. “Please, sit down.”

Aritaer shook his head. “He is right. I am of the first born, but I am no longer one...”

Elrond breathed in sharply, his grip on the wrist tightening. “Say no more Aritaer, for it is not so. Our hearts are heavy, our souls conflicted by what has happened in but just a day, a breath of time.” Softly, he added, “I see your pain.”

The lavender eyes closed as the moisture freed itself, and the elf made no further efforts to depart.

Legolas took a deep breath and stood, his fingers lifting to the silver strands and trailing through them. He smiled weakly and then gave a mild sorrowful laugh. “Never could I have imagined being thrust into such chaos and uncertainty. It was my folly to react without due consideration. Aritaer, I am Legolas of Mirkwood and my father is Thranduil, its king.”

Aritaer’s eyes opened, the surprise clear but he was not able to speak for Glorfindel also spoke.

“I am Glorfindel of Rivendell, a lord of the House of Elrond.” He approached them with a light smile of his own and clasped Aritaer’s shoulder. “I apologize for my own lapse.”

The four elves had formed a small circle.

Aritaer drew a quivering breath a joyous yet sorrowful smile forming. “I am Aritaer once of The Golden Wood.”

Elrond shook his head and loosed the wrist, his hand lifting to the damp cheeks. “Just of, and when this time of darkness passes, we will see the elven realms again.”

It was then a guard entered, his expression uninviting. “The Lords of Gondor send their summons for all of you elves. Finish up and come.”

He held in his hand three strands of light chains.

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