Golden Habits
By Paladin

Warning: This story contains reference to slash, m/m sexual material. It is not intended for youths even though it has no graphic sexual content. Tolkien's characters, world, and creations do not belong to me. Enjoy this short little humorous thought that came to me one night.

Elrond relaxed, letting his lengthy twilight hair drift down over his shoulders, his long night shirt moving in the gentle breeze of the night. His grey eyes looked to the stars briefly and then peered into the dark depths of the wine in his crystal goblet. He smiled, heading to his chambers with unheard footsteps. Desire crept into his youthful yet aged body. A golden treasure awaited him there, and even if this elven lord had spent his long days riding over his lands in search of trouble, there were certain techniques that could refresh the beauty easily.

He kneeled onto the bed, sipping his wine as he allowed his fingers to caress the golden, silk strands with a smile. Glorfindel slept already, yet even that did not persuade him for the Lord of Rivendell had waited all night for this moment.

His cool lips moved over the exposed shoulders to the pale neck, causing his lover to stir lightly though remain under sleep’s influence. With a soft chuckle, Elrond moved to his lover’s lips... and froze.

The wise grey eyes widened in horror at what he beheld, a sight so horrid it chilled his hot body nearly instantly.

Glorfindel, asleep, seeming as a peaceful as a child, his features smooth and tranquil, and like a child, his mouth was filled with a thumb.

The dark haired elf sat there, dumb founded. This required more research...

The next evening, Elrond entered his chambers again, this time without wine. His grey eyes looked at his lover’s back warily, for once again he felt the soft stir of desire in his blood but the image of Glorfindel suckling his thumb prevented anything further than that.

Already angry for finding his body betraying his intentions the Lord of Rivendell walked in front of his sleeping lover, glowering at the peaceful sleeping form who held his hand to his mouth.


The deep blue eyes shot open, the elven lord’s body startling awake as he removed his hand. “My... lord?”

The confusion and surprise would have been priceless if he were not already hell bent. “Look what you are doing...”

Glorfindel rubbed his eyes and peered around. “I do not know what you mean my lord. I am merely here sleeping in your bed, your chambers...” There was hurt and confusion in those lovely eyes now. “Is that... is that an occurrence you no longer desire?”

Elrond fumed. “Of course not. I...” He closed his eyes and pressed his fingers tips against his forehead. How to explain this. “You were sucking your thumb...” he finally blurted.

Glorfindel frowned. “What?”

“Really Glorfindel, must I repeat myself?”

The golden haired elf stood smoothly, his own eyes angry. “I was not, and even if I were such an outburst was unnecessary.”

“Unnecessary?! How long have you done this. Do you hide this... this habit of yours.”

Glorfindel grabbed his pillow tightly and held it against his fine body. “I have not yet admitted to anything, and even if I were, it is none of you affair.”

“None of my affair. I go to kiss you in your sleep, for you have been so tired lately, and I find you... you...” He couldn’t say. “Gods Glorfindel, I can't ensue pleasures while thinking of you as a child.”

The light haired elf glowered at him darkly. “I am no child. And if this, this thing has occurred as you said, then it is likely something I have done far too long for me to bother myself with breaking it now, not even for you.” With the swish of his hair, Glorfindel turned on his heels and departed.

Elrond frowned, staring at the door in deep thought. It was true, if the habit had occurred, it would have begun long ago which meant Glorfindel had been sucking his thumb for centuries. How did one end such a problem?

It was time to consult others...

“So in other words, this habit has had no adverse affect on his life what so ever.”

Glorfindel looked like he was ready to die. They had discussed the “issue” for several minutes now, all of them seated around him as ordered by their lord. An elven council to cure him of his childhood “affliction.”

The Lord of Rivendell shook his head. “It is a poor habit rather it has an affect or not. It needs to be remedied. Besides, it reminds me of the twins when they were young, and you can imagine the affect that has when one wakes in the night to be with his lover?”

Elladan and Elrohir frowned dually. It was difficult to tell if they were more displeased with their father mentioning their own thumb sucking or the thought of their father having a sex life.

Erestor leaned forward and looked Elrond straight in his eyes, a light frown forming. “So let me get this straight. You awake late in the night aroused and ready to take advantage of your still sleeping partner. Yet when you begin to coerce Glorfindel in his sleep to conform to your desires, you take one look at the thumb in his mouth and loose the mood because it reminds you of your children.”

Elrond nodded.

“And you want us to help you with this!?”

The Lord of Rivendell cleared his throat. “Well Erestor, you see... When you voice it in such a manner, it does seem to reflect a bit more poorly upon me than warranted.”

Arwen eyed Glorfindel impassively, her dark eyes seeming almost cold. “Your choices are rather simple father. You need only restrict his arm with ties, dip his thumb with hot spices or... deal with it.”

Elrond frowned. “That seems a bit drastic my heart’s child. And if I could deal with it, then we would not be here at this moment.”

Glorfindel stood, finally finding a voice to speak his outrage. “Do I not get a say in this?”


It would be the only universal agreement this elven council would ever encounter.

Oddly enough, it was a quiet little being on a holiday that came up with the perfect solution...

Elrond entered his chambers that evening, his glass of wine in hand and a bright smile on his face as he kneeled onto the bed, kissing his lover’s bared shoulder.

Glorfindel sighed quietly, rubbing his eyes, the soft cloth of his silvery fingerless mittens shining from the candlelight.

-Please let me Know what you think-  Paladin

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