Some of Titos' Gods Are Having a Bit of Fun!

BY Paladin

ADULT STORY. Your know the drill. This story has ADULT CONTENT and GRAPHIC M/M SEX. That is homosexual sex for those who don't know or just pretend not to know what I am talking about. IF you DO NOT LIKE or are OFFENDED by this, LEAVE NOW. AND if you are UNDER AGE, YOU KNOW YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT ALL READY!

Tzuenuss smiled maliciously at Airamor, the captive god of light and air, who lay at her feet unconscious. She pulled at the delicate yet magically powerful chain about his neck. "Awaken my brother," she spoke with a voice of ice.

Airamor slowly opened his light grey eyes and gazed at his torturer with a look of sadness. He tried to flex his white wings in an effort to comfort himself, but they were too sore to move. The room was cold but not nearly as cold as this crazed goddess before him.

Suddenly the heavy walking of the Rage could be heard entering the room. The large god came quickly and snatched the chain away from his dark ally. He towered over them both, and bore the markings of endless wars proudly, displaying the muscles of equally long training. His black eyes bore into the goddess as she shrank away knowing in this realm, he was lord.

Rage's voice rang loud and clear in the divine chamber, "Why have you done this? It was not necessary."

The goddess threw back her mane of black hair and laughed, her blue eyes dancing with mischief. "I was bored. Besides he is still alive."

Rage pulled Airamor to him and gave the goddess one last angry glare before departing.

They entered Rage's war room in the northeast tower. The room itself was decorated with large maps on every wall along side paintings of former grand warlords, deceased generals, deadly weapons, but it was mostly decorated with horrific battle scenes. There were current tactic papers all over the floor and on the main round, wooden table in the middle of the room. Rage placed Airamor on a large silken bed in the back of the room before he turned to his maps and sighed heavily.

Airamor sat up grimacing in pain, trying to focus on Rage. "I thank you for stopping..." he trailed off as the god of war turned on him with piercing eyes. The look sent a chill down his spin instantly.

Rage grunted, "It will all be over soon enough when your friends and allies take the field on the morrow against me. You will be freed with my loss."

Airamor closed his eyes slowly, letting his long silvery hair fall lightly over his face. "Why do you stay with them? When..."

Rage cut him off with a laugh of everything but joy. " In truth. I'd have left them the moment they revealed there true intentions to me, but Tzueness and Zelian are too powerful for me to cross now. Besides to leave them is to leave you in this hell that was once my home."

Airamor smiled slightly gazing at the handsome figure of this dark lord, the one deity he had never understood and even now was confused by his actions, his words.

Rage grinned, "Dear Baroness will rescue you soon enough. Tomorrow I take the field against Gazier." He shrugged as he seated himself next to the fair god... next to his enemy.

Having this dark powers next to him, caused Airamor to shiver. Even in these few moments, his wounded body began to heal savoring these few unmolested moments. "Take your followers and leave the fields perhaps even surrender..."

Rage looked in his eyes with a look that was not cold nor harsh but simply hard. He smiled slightly and spoke, "The god of war surrender in a battle of his own making. Never. I will see it to the end... whatever that maybe."

Airamor shook his head in frustration. Why was he so stubborn? He would loose, and they both new it. "This 'War of Powers' as the mortals call it has fallen under the control of the darkest forces for nothing more but control of this world... our creation." He was desperate to save his long-term enemy from total annihilation.

Rage leaned over and kissed his captive's brow lightly, "I am dark brother, forget not." His voice lowered as he drew Airamor closer to him.

Airamor gazed into is enemies eyes, startled. The move had not been anticipated. What could he mean by such gesture he wondered? "What...?"

He was cut off as Rage tasted his lips and then explored his mouth while removing the rags that remained on his beautiful body... the chain and collar he left alone. His greedy lips continued to draw his captive into his powerful embrace.

Airamor withdrew confused. His mind searched for something to grasp onto, but this was something he had never experienced before. Rage was not be dissuaded that easily. His lips traveled down Airamor's neck leaving a trail of fire. Airamor gasped, his body responding instantly to the warmth. He felt his passion beginning to awaken but fought the urge.

"No..." Airamor protested weakly

Rage merely grinned widely and went to one of the gentle god's nipples, sucking and biting them fiercely.

Airamor groaned as his body began to tremble. His mind raced with ways to end it now, but the pain and pleasure was clouding his mind. "Ooohh." He breathed as the assault continued, realizing his excitement began to grow.

Rage relinquished the nipples and passionately kissed his new would be lover. Airamor groaned as a large hand traveled down his abdomen and to his growing organ. Rage smiled and kissed the gentle god fiercely as Airamor revealed his passion to him. Then he pulled away.

Airamor breathed heavily and felt instantly the disappointed of the withdrawal. He opened his eyes slowly and beheld a massive tanned body naked before him. His eyes widened as he beheld the supreme organ between the war god's legs.

Rage grabbed the enchanted chain and pulled him closer. His dark voice filled the room. "Kneel before me. Beloved of all mortals." Rage's eyes smiled at him. He must have seen the terrific battle waging in his own ancient yet youthful light grey eyes, a war between lust and godly might.

Airamor dropped do his knees feeling somewhat defeated. That he, the god of light and air, would pleasure this lord of death and violence. It seemed so wrong... But he pushed those thoughts aside and took the massive organ in his mouth. His delicate tongue caressed the growing flesh as he sucked gently, tasting the salty might of the god of war. Rage moaned inwardly. He had not the patience for even this delicious pleasure. He grabbed the silvery hair below him and forced Airamor to look up at him.

"Now I shall have you in a way that you'll never forget." Rage promised softly. Airamor shuddered at the very thought. Rage then forced him onto all fours and positioned himself between the two strong buttocks. Airamor provided no resistance for he realized he wanted this. He wanted to explore this growing desire in him... this desire for a male-lover, and not just any lover, but that of a long-term enemy. He felt the shaft entire him with a sudden thrust. Airamor gasped aloud as he felt his mortal body stretch for the hard flesh that seemed to radiate intense heat. Powerful hands caressed his feathery wings as the large god rode him in away that was alien to him, alien but pleasurable. The dark god plunged into to him over and over again reaching depths he had never experienced with that of a female. He felt a twinge of pain that he realized Rage placed there on purpose. The dark one had the power to avoid such a mortal weakness as pain. The pain was meant to let him know his place, to let him know that he was the one who had complied to the greater power, and that he bowed to that power. He came quickly, his sweet nectar sprinkling the marble floor, and Rage continued humping him.

"Now isn't this a sight to see..." a dark raspy voice alerted them both.

Rage continued despite the intruder... Nothing, it seemed, would ruin this moment... Not even Zelian.

Airamor looked up towards the door and saw the small deadly figure of Zelian entering the room. The gods shrunken figure in the those black robes sent a shiver through him instantly. Small piercing red eyes laughed at him as thin fingers pointed in his direction.

The raspy voice continued, "I'd heard you captured your fair brother but did not believe it... till now." He laughed openly.

Rage threw back his head and yelled as his seed exploded into Airamor. Despite the god of undead's presence, Airamor groaned aloud treasuring that moment of which Rage claimed him in a way no other had. Rage pulled him to his feet. Airamor turned to him resting his head on Rage's muscular chest, holding him. Rage's smile broadened as he embraced his new lover... but his eyes danced with hatred as he looked at Zelian.

"How dare you enter this room unannounced." Rage's voice increased in volume.

Zelian laughed loudly, "Had I known you were thus busy... I would have come sooner." His voice lowered. "Tell me oh beloved one... as mortal would say... was it good for you?" His dark laughter chilled the room once again.

Airamor felt that cut deeper than any mace or whip or sword could provide. He realized he was too afraid to face this presence of pure evil. Somehow Zelian had passed over the forces of good and now stood behind him.

Rage growled deeply prepared to fight this mockery if necessary, but Airamor surprised even himself and withdrew from Rage and turned on Zelian.

Airamor's light grey eyes blazed with hidden strength, "One such as yourself could never feel the pleasure of another. Zelian you live in a pit of your own making... not even a mortal could ever... could ever..." He paused blinking as what he was going to say. His voice softened, "Could ever love you."

Zelian merely laughed again this time louder, "Is that what this is... love?"

Airamor opened his mouth to say something but found not the words. Was it love... was it truly love or had Rage merely exposed a dark desire he had hidden all these eons.

Rage grabbed him again, pulling him close to the taught body and revealing an enlarged organ. The dark god pushed into Airamor almost savagely and began humping him slowly. Airamor groaned as the warmth of Rage touched his inner most parts. He began to drift away into a world of pleasure, barely remembering Zelian was even there.

A cold lifeless hand held his chin up as icy lips touched his. Airamor gazed into those hideous red eyes, filling himself fall into darkness. Light bony hands fingered his hair as the other hand lightly stroked his cheek. A small snake like tongue probed his lips almost cautiously. Airamor hesitantly open his mouth, letting it in, despite the dread that was coming over him. It was like he was powerless and then even driven by Rage hammering in his body.

Zelian withdrew laughing, "Come now Rage. I would think you would wish to have something a little 'harder to get' as mortals say."

Rage grunted once in reply.

Zelian grinned and moved his hands slowly over Airamor's hairless chest till he reached a nipple. He raked his nails across the tender flesh, his smile broadening when Airamor hissed quietly. Airamor swallowed nervously, this was dangerous. He couldn't afford to second guess this deity. This foreigner who had forced himself upon their creation. He clenched his teeth as the fingers bit at his other nipple mercilessly but couldn't keep the groan from escaping his throat.

"What have we here?" The voice was barely above a whisper. "I do believe he likes it."

Airamor narrowed his eyes as the lord of the undead leered at him. "You bastard." He hissed loudly.

"Oh come now you didn't mean that." Zelian seized his hot flesh.

Airamor moaned in please and in part fear.

Zelian stroked the organ slowly. "See I do believe your body loves me."

Airamor cursed lowly. If only Rage would stop his relentless hammering. He could think. Resist. His body tense as he felt the war god touch something deep inside him. Airamor thrust backwards to meet his assailant and came in Zelian's hand.

After a few moment he recalled where he was and who he was with. A pale hand covered by his juices was held just before him. "Do it." Zelian commanded.

"Never." Airamor defied him loudly as Rage pulled out of him.

Zelian moved forward perhaps to strike him but Rage interfered by moving his large body between them. Zelian shrugged, "Another time. That is my promise to you."

Zelian left as silently as he came, and Rage followed shortly after.

Airamor watched them go. He smiled though a part of him cried for he knew they faced defeat. Rage faced it head on, and Zelian was too crazed to realize his failure just yet.

Airamor returned to the bed to enter a healing sleep. "My brother..." He whispered, determined that the War of Powers would not end the existence of the God of War.

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