Sasha 3: Origins
By Paladin

Duncan awoke early. Last nights events still played vividly in his head. Sasha's desperate battle, Richie's anxiety... the love he and Methos had shared, none of them compared to the shock that the mention of Cassandra had created. He wanted to be able to focus on his new lover and faithful friend, but everything inside him screamed danger. Duncan kissed Methos' brow lightly before he put on his sweats for his jog. *buzz* His gaze darted to the elevator as he snatched up his sword.

Amanda came in dragging someone behind her. "Duncan!" Relief glazed her face slightly. Her eyes glanced over to Methos who had also retrieved his sword. She didn't say anything. Instead she dragged the man with her over to the couch. "Help me. He's not really heavy, but his head is a bit banged up."

Duncan knew better than to question right away and moved to help. The young man she had with her seemed a bit different. His hair was almost black but seemed to have streaks of deep auburn in it. His skin looked very pale and smooth and not just because of the gash on the side of his head. He also had... pointed ears!?

Duncan frowned at Amanda as Methos, now fully dressed, approached. The ancient one went into the bathroom and returned with a damp towel. "Amanda?"

"Oh Duncan. I didn't see him crossing the street. It happened so fast. I wanted to take him to the hospital, but he begged me not to."

"So you brought him here? Where did you hit him, outside a Star Trek convention?" Methos mused.

"Funny." Her eyes displayed no amusement.

A low moan came from their patient, and his eyes slowly opened. The three immortals found themselves gazing into dark green eyes that seemed to have a swirls of red roaming in them. "Methos?" He gasped lowly in dismay and then lost consciousness.

Amanda and Duncan raised their eyebrows in unison.

Methos pondered for a moment...

** "Brother!" Kronos smiled as Methos entered his tent. The leader of the Horsemen had a young man cowering in the corner. Methos glanced at the new toy and frowned slightly. He hadn't seen the youth captured in the last raid. Kronos stood and motioned him forward. This move was somewhat odd considering the fact that they were equals, and he was not to be summoned. Part of him wanted to ignore the motion completely and become angry, another part, no smaller than the first, warned him that Kronos was in a peculiar mood which made him unpredictable and essentially dangerous. Methos complied and moved forward. Kronos nodded towards his captive. "What do you think Brother?"

Methos shrugged. "He is no different from the others. Do you have a wish to share him?"

Kronos laughed. "No different? Perhaps you ought to have a closer look."

Methos frowned and moved to investigate. He was still wary. The youth had beautiful hair, he would give him that. It was dark and black but had streaks of auburn that made him unique. The young man stared at him with strange, yet erotic green eyes touched lightly with red. The eyes seemed youthful enough, but there was hidden strength there. The youth moved to cover his face, but Methos swatted the hand away angrily. He would not be shown up in front of his Brother by a slave. The slave stared to the ground mutely as Methos reached out and fingered the silky hair. He brushed it to the side and beheld pointed ears. He threw a questioning glance towards Kronos. Kronos shrugged. Was the boy some kind of freak and if so why had Kronos picked him up?

Kronos grinned. "This one learns fast. Let's have some fun..." **

Methos pulled himself out of the memory quickly, not wanting to relive that experience. How could this one be still alive? The slave remained with the Horsemen when he left, but that was long ago and this guy was not immortal. He looked very much the same and even remembered his name. At that moment, the presence of more immortals gathered the trio's attention. Richie, Sasha, and Joe stepped off the elevator.

Amanda instantly went for her sword as did Sasha. Duncan stepped between them quickly. "Amanda? Sasha?"

Joe and Richie frowned as both the women kept their weapons level.

"Well hello Amanda. Its been a long time."

"Not long enough..."

1960 LA, USA

**Sasha moved like a panther through the darkness towards the sleeping manor. Her black gloves kept her hands warm on this winter's cold night. The guards were numerous and so were the dogs. Getting in would be difficult but certainly not impossible. The memory of the jewels in the showcase spurred her on. She scaled over the gate easily enough, taking out the security camera quickly. The neatly cut bushes provide adequate camouflage, and she succeeded in reaching the back door. Just as she withdrew her tools, the familiar buzz of an immortal struck her. Out the door came a woman with short dark hair and dressed in the similar style of burglar. Their eyes locked briefly, and then both locked down at the sparkling diamond in Amanda's hands. Sasha smiled slightly as she pulled out a gun.

"This is against the rules. I am Amanda, and if you wish to challenge me then do so."

Sasha fired twice into the air. The sounds of guards shouting and dogs became evident. "It is not a challenge. Hand over the diamond."

"Never. You fool we will both go down for this."

Sasha shrugged. "I have friends that will get me out in less than a day. How about you?"

The fury in the Amanda's eyes could kill a lesser soul. "And if I relinquish the diamond?"

"We depart our separate ways. I'll take care of the guards."

Amanda cursed lowly. "Fine. This isn't over." She dropped the diamond and ran into the darkness.

Sasha picked up the jewel. Score. The night soon filled with the sound of gun fire... **

Sasha glanced at Duncan and then Richie. "We seem to have mutual friends. Perhaps fighting is not our best course of action." Her eyes then darted to the unconscious man on the couch.

Amanda followed the gaze and nodded. Her eyes maintained her anger, but she spoke pleasantly. "Very well. We'll 'discuss' this later."

"May I?" Sasha motioned to the man on the couch.

Duncan nodded quickly. He wanted to say something but what?

Sasha inspected the head quietly. "It looks pretty bad. I have a personal physician that will come to my house, no questions, asked for a price," she offered lowly.

Joe raised an eyebrow. "No questions asked huh. Mac is there something you want to tell us new arrivals."

Duncan sighed heavily. "It looks like Amanda hit someone on her way over to my place. He is a bit unusual. He *knows* Adam."

Joe's eyes widened. "And he's not one of you?"

Methos shook his head.

"Wow. He must be Hell old," Richie exclaimed. He would have continued, but Methos shot him a warning look.

"All right guys. That's enough chatter. Let's get this doctor friend of hers before I have a murder on my hands." Amanda didn't like the idea of taking anything this woman offered, but if Duncan trusted her... well didn't that mean everyone should?

Sasha grinned and escorted everyone into her car. She had the guys help their patient into the front seat where Richie would sit next to him and apply pressure to the wound. The other four sat in the back easily. They pulled away from the loft rather quickly. Her eyes darted to the mirror and she noticed the other small blue car follow, yet she said nothing.

She drove them way out of the city limits towards the back country. Duncan realized that almost everyone in this car trusted this woman because he did, and it made him fill somewhat uneasy. He needed to get his mind away from this line of thought quickly.

"So Sasha how far out do you live. Joe doesn't exactly recall." Methos questioned lightly.

Sasha chuckled, "It won't be long now. It's a large house. You are all welcome to stay. In fact I insist."

"Joe was at his house and doesn't remember? Hello. Guys. Want to fill a lady in here?" Amanda asked lightly.

Duncan had a major urge to shake some sense into Methos. Why would he bring that up.
"Sasha and Joe. Well..."

"I kidnapped Joe to get some information without getting trouble from the rest of the guys. Everything worked out well enough, and these guys gave me new reasons to live. Well, at least they are trying." Sasha threw Richie a fond glance.

Richie blushed. "That's a quick summary if I've ever heard one."

"Must have been one hell of an adventure."

Sasha glanced in the mirror and caught Duncan squeezing Adam's hand. "Oh. I think we are still in the middle of it. By the way, I talked to Cassandra and..." Her voice trailed off as the lights behind her barely reflected from her mirror. That's it! She shifted gears quickly and pulled out her semiautomatic. She did a U-turn as if she were a professional driver, ignoring the exclamations from her passengers. Duncan and Amanda moved to protect Joe while Adam pulled his sword. "Chill out guys. I am just going to take care of the car following me. The permanent way."

"Sasha. This isn't right even if someone is following you."

"Oh the little bastard is following me all right. He has been doing it for at least the last two months maybe even longer. I have given him every chance to back off and he hasn't. He's probably an assassin from my competition."

"Nope." Joe stated a matter-of-factly.

Sasha lowered her window and prepared to take aim. "What?"

"He's not an assassin. He's your new Watcher. Nick is a really nice guy, really. He's a bit new. I would appreciate it if you wouldn't start another Watcher/Immortal war." Joe looked at her expectantly.

Sasha glanced at the others. Not one of them seemed surprised at what he just said. "Watcher?"

Joe nodded. "Let's get moving. I'll tell you about it on the way."

Sasha hesitated for a moment and then complied. He kept his word and explained who the Watchers were and what they did. She kept quiet the whole time all though she realized they all expected her to say something. Using the cellar, she had the doctor waiting for them as they pulled up. Amanda and Duncan carried the patient upstairs as she took the rest to her sitting room. She poured them all drinks and started up the fireplace. She spoke briefly with the doctor before he left and then turned to the rest.

"Sasha...?" Richie spoke first.

"They all where that tattoo?" She spoke to Joe quietly.

He nodded. "Yep. I watch Duncan here. Almost all the immortals we know about have a watcher unless they are proven to be too dangerous to have one."

"All they do is watch," Sasha whispered sadly. "By God. What have I done and why do you have a watcher on me now?"

Duncan stood and paced a bit. He knew what was coming and most likely the others did too.

Sasha continued. "I went by the name of Madam Rosella at one point. I killed at least three men wearing that Tattoo. I was running from Kronos at the time." Amanda's startled reaction caused her to pause and explain. "Kronos was..."

Amanda nodded slowly. "I know who he was." Was this sympathy she was feeling.

"Anyways. I thought for sure they were after me too so I killed them and anyone else who wore that tattoo that came my way."

Joe frowned. "Damn. That complicates things. The Watchers have had some serious problems over the last couple of years, but I am sure this will blow over once I explain. They won't be happy, but filling in the holes in your chronicles will interest them. There won't be any retribution. I am sure."

Richie gripped her arm. "Don't worry Sasha." He grasped her hand. "Things will turn out all right. You'll see."

His mere voice brought a smile to her lips, but before she could say anything. Adam caught her attention.

"About Cassandra..." Methos encouraged

She nodded quickly. "She seemed very surprised that I didn't kill you. I am not sure exactly what her game is. I mean it seems like she wanted you dead, but if that is the case, then why didn't she just tell me instead of me finding out?"

"I would say that is where MacLeod comes in. She gave him my life and directly trying to kill me would certainly go against his will."

Duncan frowned. That was a sick kind of logic, but revenge seemed to have eaten away at the Cassandra he knew.

Sasha sipped her red wine slowly. "Well, she knows who I am and where I live. Its kind of strange when you think about it. I mean, it is as if I believed she wanted to help me with Robert. Normally, I would have seen right through such an obvious setup."

"Let me." Richie smiled as the others opened their mouth. "Cassandra has the Voice. It like mind-control, sort of. She gets you to do things, and you don't even realize it till its over."

Sasha suddenly laughed lightly. It was a pleasing sound for most in the room. They had known her for such a short while and even during that time, she had been so depressed.

"What's so funny." Amanda implored.

"I've been around for just under a thousand years. I've seen some pretty strange, ugly, and beautiful things in my life. Not once had I ever dreamt that I would be sitting here, in a room, with four other immortals in my house, drinking my wine and talking about this... these strange topics."

They all smiled briefly at that thought. Joe felt somewhat blessed. No other immortal seemed to draw immortals together like Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod. He had to admit it wasn't always a good thing, psychopaths and serial killers were on that list too.

Sasha's face fell slightly. "I wonder how many years this can happen before one of us is challenged and that rest are forced to watch... again. Except the next time one of us dies."

Joe filled in Amanda as the other succumbed to their own thoughts.

"I'm sorry guys. I was just thinking about Robert... The Game is a curse we are all apart of. I need something stronger... What do...?"

"Scotch." They spoke in chorus.

Sasha grinned and complied with the orders. "Now about Cassandra. She could be a serious danger. I mean oath or not. I don't care what she gave. Anyone on the edge could easily fall off completely. Adam is a target, and now I might be too."

"We'll just have to wait and see what happens next." Methos shrugged.

"What? I thought you were the paranoid one." Duncan wasn't sure if he liked this reaction one bit.

"I am paranoid just not delusional. I am careful MacLeod, and I still will be. Sitting around expecting something to happen at any minute just makes one go crazy."

"We'll figure this out together Adam. All of us."

Sasha cleared her throat. "Is there some written contract between you two to be so formal in the presence of others?"

The color drained from Duncan's face instantly, and Adam's eyes narrowed slightly.

Whoops. Sasha had assumed they didn't want her to know, but the other three seemed just surprised as the proposed couple. The important part probably didn't escape their notice either. The men didn't deny it.

"Adam, MacLeod, I am sorry. I didn't realize."

"No. Its all right. You just caught us off guard. Is it so obvious?"

Richie choked on his drink. Did Mac just confirm her idea. Methos seemed a bit surprised at Duncan's reaction too.

They drank quietly for several minutes. The mood had become very dark and Sasha felt guilty. "I was born to an African tribe. It was our custom to force woman to marry men they often did not love due to the bride price that was paid. My father accepted such a price but I was in love with someone else. We had unwritten laws then. I knew that If I escaped and made it to my love's hut, that they could not force me to marry. My brother found out, and he held me captive in my own hut so that I could not run away. But my love was smart and started a fire in my hut. The smoke drew the attention of the others and my love slit the side and picked me up and we ran. My father and brother pursued quickly knowing that if they did not kill my love, I would be lost to them. My love, whom I called Ox for he was strong, was quick, but a poisoned dart struck him in the shoulder. He fell and told me to run. I had to run to his hut, or they would take me. I refused and dragged him with me. I was strong for a woman in those days but not nearly as strong as I am today. It was hard, my knees nearly buckled under the weight, but I did it. I sucked out the poison and became Ox's first wife. This was before my first death." She finished her tale and smiled as the others listened carefully. "I am not much of tale teller, but I would love to have Ox be remembered. Written language was not a custom of the African people for quiet sometime."

Richie kissed her hand lightly. "I think you told it just fine."

Just then they heard a door close. Duncan was first up followed by Amanda.

"Back door down the hall." Sasha called as she pulled out her gun. "Honey, watch Joe please." She then went out the front door.

"Did you hear that Joe. She called me Honey!"

"That's great Richie. What the hell is going on?"

Methos shrugged. "Either someone is coming in or going out."

"That's great Methos. More words of wisdom for everyone huh." Richie felt himself seriously becoming annoyed. Even if somehow this guy got Duncan into bed with him, it didn't mean he had to like him.

Duncan bolted out the door quickly hearing Amanda's soft footsteps right behind him. He saw the figure up ahead and ran through the garden, jumping over the short stone fence and pinning the man. He put up a fight for a moment and then gasped loudly in pain as Duncan pulled his arm back.

"How they hell are you up and walking?" Amanda was next to him, holding a flashlight.

Duncan looked down and recognized their patient. He pulled the wrap away from the head and saw that the wound was almost completely healed. "I am going to get up now. Don't move, we aren't here to hurt you." Duncan stood up gracefully, and then helped the young man up as well.

"Let's get back inside." Amanda looked around a bit worried. Sasha stood a few feet back but didn't say a word.

The four of them reentered the house with there guest. The young man took one look at Methos and backed away quickly, bumping into Duncan. Duncan gripped his shoulders lightly. "Easy."

Methos noted the look of pure terror rising in those green-red eyes.

"Methos. I..."

Sasha looked at Methos quickly. His secret had been revealed. It really was only a matter of time, but still.

"I am not like that anymore. I've changed Dhoahal." He kept his voice level and calm.

Dhoahal looked around. The eyes all seemed so sincere. He suddenly felt lightheaded and swayed. Duncan caught him and helped him to a seat. "You took quiet a blow to the head. Sit a minute." Dhoahal nodded mutely.

"Well, I would say the good doctor was a little off on the recovery time. By a month at least." Sasha threw her question out in the open. If the others wanted to dance around their curiosity, let them. She, however, was too anxious to figure this out. The night seemed full of questions and answers.

"That's quite a name... Dhoahal. I don't recognize its origin." Joe mentioned cautiously. Anything to get the man talking and feeling more at ease.

"Of course you wouldn't." Dhoahal looked at Methos. "None of you. It means Pale Falcon."

"Wow. That is something. Did you pick this name?" Amanda smiled. She liked birds all though a raven was preferable to a falcon.

"No. Of course not." He smiled weekly. "You are all immortals. But you." He looked at Joe. This startled them, and he knew it would. He half-feared a panic maybe even death at the hands of those he could sense, but they could not sense him.

Duncan noticed the others stiffen, except Richie and Joe. Richie was too young yet to let the idea pose an instant threat to him, and Joe was most likely going to get some kind of reward for getting all this information down. Having this creature be able to tell they were immortal and not the other way around was dangerous. MacLeod cleared his throats. "And you are?"

Dhoahal sighed. "I am in a good deal of trouble. We should not have met and now the damage is done. I am of elven kin. We have a loose tie with your people." He gazed around for a moment. "I would like to return to my home if you do not mind taking me."

Sasha frowned and stood. "You explain very little. I am afraid you are not going anywhere unless you do better."


"No MacLeod. He knows what we are. He also knows Methos. Do not think I missed that for I am not deaf. I want to know why and how. Admit it, so do you."

Methos nodded. "Dhoahal. How is it you are still alive? And well?"

The elf frowned and then spoke quietly. "My kind is somewhat related to you. Like you, we do not die of age. Like you, violence can destroy us. Unlike you, we do not fight. Our healing abilities are strong but not instantaneous." He stood and walked about the room. "I know what you are because it is feeling. Call it intuition. A bond of sorts. I cannot explain it much better than you can the pains and pleasures of your Quickenings."

"I say we take him to Macs at least. No offense Sasha," Richie offered quickly. "I think I am starting to see the problem here. I mean if he knows about Quickenings then he must know..."

Dhoahal nodded. "About the beheadings."

Duncan stood. "I am afraid our little visit is cut short. Tell me more about Cassandra when you get the chance later."

"Cassandra..." Dhoahal seemed a bit surprised and interested in the name. A strange source of warmth drifted through his gorgeous eyes.

Sasha frowned. She did not like this pushy side of MacLeod. He acted as if his word had suddenly become God and very much final. Glancing at the others, she realized they accepted this to quickly to suggest it was anything but common. With narrowed eyes, she ordered her "help" to come around and escort them home by limo. She had no intention of not being included in further investigation and slipped a bug on Duncan's jacket, with some regret.

MacLeod had their "guest" comfortable in the corner of the room as he spoke to the others. "Joe. I want you to see if there is anything on this guy in your network. Something, anything. A name. A face..."

"Yeah Mac. Believe it or not, I do know how to look into things. I have had to do it a lot with your psychopath a week syndrome."

Duncan smiled despite himself.


"Be careful right? This sucks. I never get to do anything."

"This is serious Richie."

"Yeah? Well so am I." Richie pulled on his jacket. "Let me know when it is safe to get delivery again." He then departed.

"Richie..." Duncan voiced but he was already gone. "Joe I appreciate your help."

Joe shrugged with a light smile. "We know. Trust me. We know." He went to the elevator. "I call you in the morning." Then the Watcher was gone as well. That left Methos.

The ancient immortal was putting up a light dressing barrier between their bed and the small mattress of their guest. "If we are quiet, he won't even hear us."

Duncan's eyes widened. "Methos. You can't be serious."

Methos' hazel-green eyes watched him intently as he moved forward and placed a finger over his lover's somewhat pouty lips. "I need you right now Duncan. No questions asked. Can you do that?"

The Highlander watched the fire dance erotically in the older immortal's eyes. It seemed very powerful and somewhat dark. He wondered if it had anything to do with Dhoahal. "Yes," he breathed without realizing his lips had moved.

Methos stripped the Scot in a few quick movements and the tearing of his shirt. "Oops," he murmured lowly as he led Duncan to their bed. His hot mouth glided over the muscular bronze skin like a hot furnace. Duncan barely suppressed a moan as his lover nipped at his hard, dark nipples eagerly. The fire and love remained in Methos' eyes though his face was curiously impassive. Methos' long, strong fingers, gathered Duncan's wrists and held the Highlander arms above the dark strands. Methos kissed him fiercely as he nudged Duncan's pulsing organ with his Jean covered knees. The treatment was harsh and hastened but 100% arousing. Methos continued to deepen his kiss as he tied a his lover's wrists together with a portion of the torn shirt and then attacked it to an object MacLeod couldn't see. His limbs were now immobile. His paler lover stripped fluidly, his naked form glistening from a small portion of moonlight gliding through the window. He stood back and eyed his handy work with a slight smile playing at his lips. His hazel eyes now blazed with a hungry that made Duncan squirm like a school girl virgin. His breathing became heavy as his as Methos let his fingers glide over his muscles delicately, pausing to test their firmness. The inspection continued over his abdomen and down to his legs, conveniently missing his groin. The fingers were soon replaced with a warm tongue that made his body shiver and writhe in desire. A low moan sounded from his throat despite his efforts to remain quiet. Methos continued after a low chuckle. He lightly breathed on the dark and raging organ as his hands sought and found an exotic smelling balm to ready his lover. Then, Duncan closed his eyes and used all his inner strength to keep from screaming when Methos took his hard member into his mouth and down his throat. A delicious tongue traveled his length and danced on the tip repeatedly. Strong fingers pulled and squeezed his heavy sacs with just the right amount of pressure. All these sensations plus the pure mentality of this event sent the Highlander over the top. Still, he managed to remain fairly quiet even at the peak of his orgasm. Methos smiled and kissed him as he pushed his own member into the hot body. Duncan moaned and leaned forward to encourage the kiss further as his body was entered delightfully. Their hips moved in unison after the first few strokes, Methos' hand gliding through the sweet drenched black strands of his young lover. Then the ancient immortal came with a light cry into the Highlander's mouth as his warm seed made Duncan's body ignite like a great inferno...

Meanwhile, Sasha sat at her desk and pondered carefully over the documents she had before her. There was something strange about all this. She felt uneasy and unsettled. Her bug worked perfectly which comforted her a bit, despite her own growing arousal from the obvious activities were involved in. Dhoahal had the ability to determine immortals from others. He had also been alive for sometime, it seemed. Methos knew him, and certainly not currently. Methos. It was still difficult to deal with. Anyway. Cassandra wanted Methos dead for reasons not a hundred percent clear to her. Death was point blank itself. Something wasn't adding up well. Her eyes widened after a moment. Cassandra. Could Dhoahal be involved with her? Maybe even to the point where he might take advantage of their current situations. Shaking her head in frustration, she grabbed her leather jacket and took out her motorcycle, favoring speed over comfort at the moment...

Methos released Duncan with a slight smile, sighing in relief when the smile was returned.

Duncan kissed him lightly. "Incredible."

"I think so too. Nice way to end your days don't you think?" Came a low and dark, yet familiar female voices. "You guys really ought to be more careful. Duncan, I finally understand why you would not let me kill him. Love. True love. It has no boundaries and can often be misguided. I know a great deal about love. That is why I am granting you this. Since your love will not likely be severed nor do I wish to force upon you the grief of yet another dead to your list of many, I have decided to kill you both."

MacLeod went for his sword and had it up quickly, almost in unison with Methos.

Cassandra's voice lowered. *You do not wish to hurt me. I am your friend. I will grant you eternity together. That is what you want. Put your sword down. They are heavy and burn. Burn at the tips of your fingers. Spreading to your palm as a wildfire goes from tree to tree...*

MacLeod held onto his sword but found himself barely able to move. Methos was not having much better luck. The crazed female moved closer, her blade shining as it was drawn. *This is what you want Duncan. It is your wish to die. No more death, no more killing. Methos, you do not have to die alone. This is...*

"Cassandra. Stop." Dhoahal walked out, dressed in a borrowed robe. His eyes blazed with hidden strength.

She eyed him coolly. *Go to sleep mortal. This is none of your affair. You will forget...* Her eyes burned angrily as his expression did not change. Dhoahal did not so much as falter from his advance.

"Cassandra. You are not a cold blooded murder. You do not wish to do this. It is not like you. These people have done nothing." He tried calmly.

"Move aside or die with them."

"No. Do not become the darkness by committing it."

"I said move aside," an ugly light rose in her eyes. "I do not know why you are resisting me. This is your last chance."

Dhoahal shook his head. "No. Your powers do not work on the line of the ancestors that..." His voice trailed off as the steel slide into his belly. Blood trickled at the corner of his mouth as he looked at her in surprise. "No... my..." He gargled and choked.

Cassandra stepped away as a strange light came from his wounds, almost like a quickening except it crawled over his wounds as if to heal him. Dhoahal stumbled back, falling as he tried to grip something. Duncan and Methos found themselves released but trying to hold onto their powers as it was drawn to Dhoahal.

"Cassandra!" Sasha warned as she came in with her sword drawn.

Then there was a explosion of sorts, a flash of blue and red light. Sasha blinked rapidly and calmed her panic despite her blindness. In minutes, it was over and she found herself looking at three figures on the floor, Methos, Duncan, and Dhoahal. Cassandra was no where in sight though a window the elevator was descending. A war waged in Sasha's mind for a few moments. Go after her, or stay and make sure... Make sure. She knelt and checked their pulses, even the immortals. Something odd had just happened, so she had to be sure. Methos' and Duncan's were fine and strong. She hoped they would awaken soon. Dhoahal's fluttered lightly as he teetered on the bridge of death of and life. As her dark hand went to his wound, she drew back in instant fear as the lightening jumped from her and went to his wound. Her eyes widened though she took heart and put it there again. They would need him for answers later. That, and he did not deserve to die. After what seemed like hours, Sasha felt drained but the wound looked less mortal. She took out her cell phone. "Joe. This is Sasha. Come here quick. Something has happened. And get Richie too."

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