Fantasy Highlander

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Note there is some reference to sex and slash but no graphic sexual scenes. Consider yourselves warned.



The rain fell heavily upon the car creating a rhythmic beating not unlike a lullaby. Duncan drove tirelessly back towards Seacouver. He had taken the Quickening of yet another madman. An Immortal who loved to butcher his victims and listen to them scream. The monster still rattled around in his head making it hard to concentrate on the dimly lit back road. The sleek black car cruised around the corner and flashed its lights upon a figure in the middle of the road. Duncan slammed the breaks and swerved of the cement. Then last thing he saw was a large oak tree...

"Wake-up MacLeod." Methos' voice cut through the hazy cloud of Duncan's mind. "Can you hear me? Mac, this is not the time or place to be lying around on the job."

Duncan opened his deep brown eyes slowly. The sunshine blasted through the sky like a thousand little blade. He groaned and struggled to stand. His limbs felt like rubber.

Methos helped him up with some visible effort. "Damn MacLeod. Loose some weight will you?" Methos peered at him quizzically. "Rehearsing for a play or something?"

Duncan remained silent. He felt heavy and bulky even. He gazed at his attire and discovered why. For some reason he was dressed in some pretty hefty chain-mail. His katana was in a nicely oiled leather sheath on his right thigh. He frowned trying to recall what had happened. He was on the road and then there was nothing.

"MacLeod, are you listening to a word I say?"

He took that moment to get a good view of his surroundings. They seemed to be in a meadow of some kind that was covered in clovers and daisies. A few small maple trees lined the rolling green hills. The scenery did not look familiar at all. "Methos, what is it?"

Methos gave him his most irritated scowl. Only now did MacLeod notice that Methos was dressed in some peculiar garments of his own. The ancient immortal was dressed in a long black robe held closed by a golden tie, and he had a book in his left hand.

"MacLeod I have been here for hours. Are you listening to me? I don't have a sword. The only weapon I found on my person was this bloody dagger. A dagger!"

Duncan sighed. "All right. Calm down. What was the last thing you remember? I think I was in a car wreck."

"I was sleeping comfortably in my cozy bed. I heard a noise, grabbed for my sword, and wound up here. God knows where here is." Methos' eyes brightened when he noticed the katana. "I see you've got your sword."

"Yeah... Is there a phone around here or something?"

"No. Leave it to a Scot to believe that the oldest immortal would be standing here chatting in pajamas if a phone could be reached."

Duncan opened his mouth to reply but was cut off by a shout.

"Hey guys!" Richie suddenly stepped from behind a tree. He wore bright green tights and a loose fitting brown tunic. A bow was slung over his shoulder and a quiver attached to his back. "Check this out." He knocked an arrow and let it fly right past Methos' head. It embedded itself in the of a knothole. "Hey old man."

Methos scowled. Richie too had a sword, a short-sword also in a hip sheath.

Duncan raised an eyebrow. "I didn't know you knew how to use one of those."

"I didn't. Its great Mac. This is some dream. I woke up knowing how. Hey you guys are dressed kind of funny."

"Yeah and you're a real Boy Wonder." Methos sneered. "What is going on? We can't all be having a dream."

Duncan held up a hand for silence. A low strumming sound could be heard not far away. MacLeod moved towards it drawing his katana just in case. Richie shrugged and followed. Methos took one look at the open wilderness and then at his only companions. He rolled his eyes and pursued. They traveled just over the next hill to see a man playing what Methos explained to be a lyre. He was dressed in bright orange and red shiny clothes. He wore a dark yellow hat and had a sword on his hip. Methos threw his hands up in frustration while Richie and Duncan exchanged glances. It wasn't the clothes they found interesting but the voice. It sounded just like...

The man suddenly turned and stood.

"Joe." The trio exclaimed together.

They bound down the hill.

Joe shook his head sadly. "You know a guy should not have to eat, talk, and sleep Immortals."

"Wow. You've got legs man." Richie smiled.

Joe grinned. "Yep. Real ones two. Nice outfit guys."

Duncan looked him up and down. "Likewise."

"I don't mean to ruin the party or anything but this is not funny." Methos rain his fingers through his short hair. His hazel-eyes pondered Richie's sword. He'd been pretty quick before and bet he could get that short-sword before the kid knew what hit him.

"Don't even think about it Old Man."

Methos grumbled something intelligible just before they heard a high powered scream and the sound of horses.

Duncan listened for the direction of the sound and ran to the west. The other followed him quickly. Methos found it slightly odd that Richie and Joe were running a hell of a lot faster than he was. He began to wonder if someone was playing some kind of joke on him.

They came across the dirt road in now time. A four-horse carriage was coming towards them at a rapid pace and out of control. Several horsemen were riding nearby except they weren't horses at all. They had dingy green skin and bald heads with pointed ears.

"Help me!" cried a female voice.

"Amanda?" MacLeod ran to intercept the carriage immediately.

"MacLeod! They have swords, all of them!" She yelled. "I seem to have lost my driver!"

The greenish men drew their weapons and went straight for the little group. There were eight in all.

"Stand back Joe. I'll take care of them." Richie let loose an arrow sending the creature to the ground easily. The second arrow achieved the same results.

Duncan jumped one of the lead horses trying to bring them under control. He almost fell flat on his face for the armor weighed him down terribly.

Meanwhile the horsemen closed in on Richie and Joe. They swung their flails around eagerly and attacked. Richie dodged the blows and drew his sword slashing at the unlucky one that had gotten too close. Joe resisted the urge to take cover and drew his own sword. It was a dream after all, why not. He lunged forward and impaled the ugly critter as it went by. They continued dicing and slicing getting nearly all of them. Methos moved in and picked up a fallen sword, feeling instant relief. That went away all too quickly as he faced his own enemy. For some reason the thing took one look at him and laughed. It moved at him rather quickly. Methos saw an opening and went for the strike but fumbled the attack. The sword practically slipped right out of his hand. Luckily Duncan had the carriage under control and saw the mistake.

"Come now. Let's do this fair."

The creature grunted something at him and moved forward. MacLeod whirled around and beheaded the thing easily.

"Eat those words." Methos snarled.

"What happened?" MacLeod questioned the older Immortal.

"What the hell did it look like? The sword slipped through my god damn hands! I can't believe this. I must be losing my mind!"

"Calm down sweety." Amanda hopped out of the carriage dressed in a pearly white silk gown. She had a strange silver amulet around her neck and what looked like a staff in her right hand. "This is so strange. I was just counting my new... err my money and then I found myself having the ride of my life. I haven't been in a horse carriage in a long time."

Duncan sheathed his sword. "This is strange. Does anyone have the vaguest idea of where we are?"

"I would guess Harperville is nearby." Methos grumbled.

"What?" MacLeod eyed him carefully. "Where is that?"

"How the hell should I know? That little green man said 'die men of Harperville'." Little green man. By god he was losing his mind.

"I don't know what to tell you buddy. But hey, that was not English he spoke." Joe informed looking a bit amused.

"Or Gaelic or French or German." Duncan stated.

"Old English either." Amanda tipped in.

"Definitely not Spanish." Joe added.

"I think we covered English." Richie mused.

"All right all ready! Hold on let me think." His mind scanned the many languages he had hidden away. He raised an eyebrow curiously.

"Well?" Duncan pressed.

"What would you say if I said it was Goblin?" Methos spoke lowly.

"Goblin!" Richie broke down laughing. "I think you've taken one too many Quickenings if you know what I mean."

Duncan eyed him with the concern you would give any madman.

"I am serious guys." Methos exclaimed. "You asked and that was what came to mind." He grumbled something in another language angrily.

"Hey!" Amanda frowned. "Be nice. This is some serious stuff we have going on here. I didn't even pick you guys up on my special little radar."

Methos looked at her quickly. "You understood that?"

"Well duh. Everyone knows Elven..." Her voice trailed off.

As Joe, Richie, and Duncan gave them both odd looks.

"All right this is weirder than I thought." She admitted.

"Hey guys and gal. I hate to break up our discovery party, but if you look over on that hill over there, you'll see a shit load of more green riders. And I do mean a shit load." Richie exclaimed, his voice reaching new heights.

"This is like the perfect time for a bit of tree climbing, or horse back riding. What do you think Duncan?" Amanda inquired lightly.

"I'm not one for hiding. And just because we're not picking up other immortals, it doesn't mean everyone has that problem."

"All right guys. Let's mount up." Joe grabbed the reins and lifted himself up into the saddle easily.

Amanda, Richie, and Duncan did the same. Methos looked at the horse slightly annoyed. He knew he knew how to ride a horse. He'd ridden one long before these youngster knew what one was. But if this was a game, he was beginning to understand the rules.

Methos cleared his throat. "MacLeod, let me ride with you."

"Methos you know how to ride a horse. What is wrong with you?"

"Its not like I want to snuggle." Although the idea had merits. "Trust me. And even if you don't, I'll be in front, and you'll have the sword."

Duncan frowned slightly but complied with the idea. "All right."

Methos went to the side and tried three or four times to get into the saddle. He rolled his eyes. "Some help might be nice."

He heard the others laugh, but luckily MacLeod took pity on him gave aid without cracking even a small smile. They then took off in the only logical direction to go, away from the angry riders.

Duncan led the way although he hadn't the faintest idea of where to go. The others seemed entertained by this "dream," all of them except Methos. The eldest of them was sporting a smart ass annoyed appearance. Duncan knew better. He made out the frustration and even fear in those hazel-green eyes. Methos hadn't even insisted on figuring out his sword problem. He saw the Old Man retrieve his newly acclaimed sword with doubt written all over him. He didn't complain and even followed direction. And that last crack that practically stated that Duncan would be able to kill Methos before he had a chance, left him troubled. Than an idea struck him. Methos had said he'd been there for hours. Hours doing what? How long had Methos been trying to wake him and what for. They both knew they weren't on good terms every since the Kronos and Horsemen appearance. He began to wonder if Methos had at least a hint of fear of being left behind.

"MacLeod!" Methos' loud voice interrupted his line of thoughts.

"What?" Duncan asked sharply.

"You are squeezing the hell out of me." He mumbled.

"Oh." Duncan loosened his grip.

They rode over the ever going green hills well into the dark. They lost there pursuers nearly three hours ago and had slowed the pace down. Richie and Joe chattered tirelessly with each. Those two were thrilled with this change of scenery. Amanda kept grabbing her amulet and issuing a prayer to a goddess she called Harmony. He didn't bother asking about that, not yet anyway. Methos. He blinked a couple of time. The older Immortal hadn't said a word. Duncan leaned forward and got a good look at Methos' sleeping figure. Well now was as good a time as ever.
"Hey, let's camp here for the night."

"Sounds good to me. Man I could use something to eat though. These horses are looking mighty tasty." voiced Joe.

Richie laughed. "Hold that thought. I'll go snare us a hare, or maybe we'll get lucky and feast of venison tonight." Before Duncan could say anything, his student took off into the night.


Methos startled from his sleep nearly falling of his horse. "Damn. I'm still here."

Duncan chuckled. "We all are. Its time to make camp."

"Right. What else would we be doing in the twentieth century?" Methos slipped down from the horse and peered around. This was not looking good. "I'll get some firewood."

"Let me help." Amanda piped. She snagged Methos without giving him a chances to refuse the offer.

Duncan looked around. "I guess I'll see to the mounts."

"Whatever Mac." Joe shrugged. "This is one hell of a dream, but you don't think this is a dream do you?"

Duncan sighed. "Once a Watcher always a Watcher. This doesn't seem like a dream at all. Everything is too defined and clear."

"And everyone is too like themselves right."


"But you don't feel each other so it could be."

"It could be." Duncan nodded as he looked over the mounts. They were in luck, water-skins and even some dried rations were found in the saddlebags. A couple of ropes and even flint and steel were among the other various tools found. Amanda and Methos returned quickly with bundles of wood in their arms. Amanda frowned intently and Methos had his shields up again. Duncan began to wonder if maybe they had had an argument. They got the fire roaring by the time Richie returned with three plump rabbits.

"Some rope and a couple of leave and wah lah. Pretty nifty wouldn't you say." Richie's spirits soared.

"Yum, roasted rabbit was always one of my favorites." Amanda retrieved the bounty and had them spitted and roasting in no times.

"All right guys. Let's do a couple of songs while we are waiting." Joe pulled out his lyre and tested a few notes. Then began singing his own version of "In the Still of the Night."

Duncan joined in after a few nudges from Amanda, but his eyes kept wandering over to Methos. Methos sat in the corner looking over that book he had seen earlier. His eyes widened a couple of times and then he murmured to himself in a language unfamiliar to the Highlander. The rabbit finished cooking and so the meal began. Duncan ate a few bites silently and then spoke. "Anyone have an idea of what's going on. Speculations even?"

Methos spoke first. "All right speculations it is. I seem to remember everything that I normally would but the skills just aren't there. If I were to take an educated guess, I would say that this looks like something right out of fantasy genre type novel. We've got our classic warrior, that's you Duncan. Our very own bard Joe and woodsmen Richie and even a priestess, that's you Amanda dear."

"Sure whatever, and that makes you what Methos?" Richie asked first.
Methos sighed heavily. "I just know I should have kept my mouth shut. A wizard."

Joe spit out his mouthful of water and Richie his food. Amanda broke out giggling.

Duncan tried hard not to crack a smiled but he couldn't resist.

Methos threw his hands up and stood. "That's it. I am out of here."

Duncan stood quickly grabbing his arm. "Wait a minute. I'm sorry." He glared at the other three
"We all are. You said that you never saw much in the way of magic in 5000 years. What makes you think you are a wizard."

"That was on earth. Have you ever seen goblins on earth? I haven't. I've taken heads long before any of you were born, and today Joe showed more skill than I did. It makes sense."

"Yeah if you are on the Twilight Zone or something. Come on we're dreaming. Its not our fault you chose to be wimpy." Richie actually used a scolding tone this time.

"You don't believe me. Fine I'll prove it." Methos flipped open his book and began chanting. The campfire began to grow and then actually took the shape of a woman. The figure danced and twirled around, even hummed a bit. Then it subsided. Methos then went further and pulled out his dagger and stabbed his arm. The blood pooled and then his healing took place.

Duncan nodded slowly. "Nice trick Methos but it doesn't prove anything. So you've given yourself some spells, and you're Immortal too. It's not exactly earth shattering stuff."

Methos dropped to his knees and leaned forward. "All right Highlander take my head or believe me. If this is fake it won't matter will it? Relieve some of that pressure in there. Make it clean."

Duncan looked at him for several moments. He really did not want Methos dead in any reality. There were so many things that were exactly the same as they were before the accident. But Joe had new legs, Amanda was praying, and Richie had become a dead shot with a bow and arrow, something was not right. "No Methos not now and not ever. Let's all get some rest, and we'll make some decisions in the morning." That said, Duncan pulled out some blankets from the horses, tossed one to each member, and then followed his own idea and went to sleep.

Methos waited till all them eventually complied to the idea before letting out a breath of relief. He knew that Highlander did not want him dead. He had stated that clearly to Cassandra at the

submarine base, just after the double Quickening, but that was a long ways from regaining any kind of friendship. He picked up his book and glanced around. Every good book had the heroes take watch, he would fit the bill as good as any.


"What is it Richie?"

"Do you think you could bring her back say tomorrow night."

The ancient Immortal cracked a smile. Sometimes the kid seemed to surprise him.


The water hit him square in the phase. Methos' eyes shot open. He had fallen asleep and on watch. Damn it. He was getting soft.

Amanda peered at him. "Come on sweety. Joe and Richie spotted a town but ten minutes from here. I would have woken you sooner, but Duncan said no." She pouted slightly. "Then I got permission and well, here we are."

Methos stood up slowly, trying to contain the anger that was building inside him. For a moment, he considered being unoriginal enough to turn her into a frog, but then a number of other interesting ideas began to flash before his eyes. Some of them where gruesome enough to have Highlander actually take his head.

"Be nice Old Man." Duncan rode up next to him.

Methos shoved his book in a pocket he just now realized he had and looked to MacLeod to tell him just how nice he was feeling. He took one look at the Highlander, shed of his cumbersome armor and sitting on that black gelding and felt the world come to a rapid stop. By gods no man should look that good.

"Careful you're drooling." Amanda warned as she jumped by and mounted her filly.

Methos mumbled to himself.

Duncan tried not to smile but it was too hard. His old friend was at times painfully obvious. For now, he would let him squirm. He offered a hand and helped Methos up. Then he made sure to pull the lithe body a bit closer than necessary.

They caught up with the others at the small town. It was everything one could expect from a fantasy type wilderness town. There was one large wooden building that served as an inn and a tavern called the Golden Dragon. A few small houses lined the dirt streets as well as a couple of shops. In the middle of the town was an overgrown pine tree with a rumpled piece of paper on it that Joe and Richie were studying intently.

Methos got one of those sinking feelings one gets when you know something is about to happen.

"Hey Mac. Check it out. This sign here says that there was a farm girl stolen three years ago by the Black Knight. He lives in Hollow Forest. The reward is 1000 gold coins. Gold Mac. Real Gold!" Richie exclaimed.

Oh gods no. Methos prayed but Joe picked up where Richie left off.

"Yeah. I guess the guy comes and goes from this town pillaging when he feels like it."

Duncan stiffened. His protective nature began to kick in.

"Gold. Sounds good to me. A girl could always use a bit of an insensitive to help the world out."

"Now guys. There is no need for us to invite trouble. He hasn't bothered..." Methos trailed off as a stamped of riders dress in black rode into the street. They drew there swords and began busting down doors and pulling out the townspeople, shaking them for spare change.

MacLeod drew his sword and moved forward instantly to shield a little girl crying in the street. He didn't care where they were or if they had changed or not. He was not going to sit here and watch these people get terrorized.

"Here we go." Richie yelled as he pulled out his own sword and went for the nearest rider.

MacLeod and Richie fought side by side. Swiping at the men in a style that definitely labeled them student and teacher. Their unison would have been something to watch if Methos hadn't suddenly found himself in a bit of trouble.

"Raise your hands in the air, and I might let you live." The assailant informed.

Methos sneered. "Yeah, and horses fly." Whoops he let that slip before he realized that they just might here. The sword came straight for his gut. He stepped to the side realizing his defensive tactics weren't all that off. They circled each other a couple of times before Methos drew his dagger and went in for the attack. He slammed the blade deep in to the exposed arm but cursed when it got snagged in the armor. Shit. This wasn't good. The sword came at him again tearing into his side. Then it was at his neck.

"Good bye wizard." The dark attacker drew the sword back for the finishing blow. But Methos eased his hand into his robe and brought out his second dagger just in time and thrust it between the exposed ribs.

He grinned. "Some things never change."

By now the rest of the battle settled down. The rest of the riders fled as Methos healed quickly.
"Well if we weren't in trouble before, we are now." He grumbled.

"This is exciting stuff. It could a man going for years." Joe remarked as he wiped his blood blade clean.

Amanda laughed delightfully. "I haven't had that much fun in a fight for a long time. Come on Duncan let's finish the job."

Duncan nodded. "We need to make sure they don't come back. Let's go."

Methos opened his mouth to object but found himself hauled back into the saddle instead.

The castle was easily found. It lay barely hidden between the twisted barren trees of Hollow Forest. It looked like something right out of a Halloween movie. They each dismounted and began heading for the bridge.

"Wait a minute! Where the hell do you think you are going?"

"To get the bad guy. You are the one who said this was like a fantasy story." Richie replied.

"Yeah well how many stories have you read where the heroes walk up to the front door, knock, and live to tell about it?" Methos retorted.

"Wait." Joe nodded. "Methos is right. What we have to do if figure out a way to get inside that won't get us all killed. We'll at least me anyway."

"I am not doing that again." Methos informed. The eldest Immortal and the favored Watcher eyed each other for a few moments.

"Maybe Joe should stay behind. It is probably safer." Duncan sighed.

"Oh no. Have a look around. This place gives me the creeps. Besides, what the hell am I suppose to do? Wait outside until someone decides orange and red really do make nice target?" Joe glared at Duncan.

"I've got it. This is a castle right. Classic castles have moats, and the moats always have like a little gate to get in. Let's fine that." Amanda looked entirely too pleased with herself.

Duncan moved over and kissed her lightly on the forehead, ignoring Methos forming frown. "Good idea. Let's give it a go."

Everyone complied to the idea. Joe was the one that found the gate after a several minutes of searching.

Duncan and Richie each tried in vain to break the iron bars or slash at them with their swords.

"Hey you're a wizard right. Do something." Joe demanded.
Everyone turned their expectant eyes on Methos.

"Fine make me waste a spell." He pulled out his leather bound book and began scanning the pages. "Fireball. That is sure to catch the archers attention. Invisibility, hmmm might come in handy later. Uh hah Acid Touch. Stand back everyone." Methos invoked his spell with a few well chose syllables and grabbed the bars. His face must have revealed a bit too much delight in watching the metal melt away for he raised his eyes and noted everyone looked a bit shocked. He shrugged. "A job well done if I do say so myself."

"You do." Richie ducked into the new hole quickly before Methos could finish his swing.

Joe and Amanda followed, both trying to conceal their amusement.

"After you." Duncan insisted.

"I am not a Lady MacLeod." Methos remarked before complying.

MacLeod wanted to assure him he was indeed not. In fact he could point out a few things he wanted to do that had nothing to do with a lady at all, but instead he would save that for later.

Richie bounded ahead of the group, insisting that he try to sneak up on anyone that might lay in wait. MacLeod wondered if the guard would take one look at his tights and die laughing. He realized that this situation could be dangerous but everything about it seemed so comical.

They moved down the dark hallway and caught up with Richie peering down a large pit.

Joe threw town a lit torch and watched it bonk a family of alligators lazing around in the waters bellow. "Nice," he commented.

Methos nodded. "A classic obstacle."

"Oh this will be easy. All we have to do is shoot a rope across and tip toe right over." Amanda smiled happily, pulling out the rope as she spoke.

Richie tied it to the end of one of his arrows and let it fly, a perfect shot to the other.

Duncan moved forward, but Amanda cut him off.

"My idea dear, and besides its ladies first right." She used some spare rope to tie her robe up.

"Need I remind you that you are not a thief here but a priestess. Plus, alligators are more than likely to bite your head off." Methos scorned lowly. With all the noise they were making, he wouldn't be surprised to see a legion of orcs on the other side.

Amanda shook a finger at him. "I feel limber enough, and anyone can walk a tight rope, ask Duncan." Without further adieu, she went for it.

About halfway through she tittered a bit and got all the guys to gasp in dismay. She then turned around and shot them a shiny smile. "Just testing."

She then ran the rest of the way.

Methos reached out in the air as if to strangle her from afar. For a moment, Duncan wasn't sure he couldn't do it.

Richie and Joe went next. The Watcher experience some coordination problems but the rest of them coached them right through it. Methos commented on the fact the nearly coached him straight to his death with all them talking at once like that. Duncan laughed lightly at that one which caught the eldest immortal's attention. They locked eyes. Duncan wasn't sure if he was surprised that someone had heard the comment or if it was because he laughed at it. Methos went to take his turn. The ancient looked one too many times into the watery death for Duncan's taste so he stopped him.

"Hold on." He then took out a rope and wrapped it around Methos' waste. "OK now," he said and gripped the loose end of the rope tightly.

"What is this?"

"I am not going to let you fall to your death." Duncan replied with a slight smile.

Methos opened his mouth to say something but then changed his mind and shook his head. "Well thanks. I am not going to let me fall to my death either."

It was a typical cynical reply but at least it was something. Methos then began to move across the rope steadily.

"Hey! How come he gets a safety rope." Richie frowned intently.

"Because I am very old and very wise." Methos retorted halfheartedly.

"It just came to mind." Duncan admitted truthfully.

It took a while for Methos to get across. In fact, it took him so long that Joe began whistling the theme song to Jeopardy and Richie and Amanda were quick to join in. They completely ignored Methos' hateful scowls when he did make it over. Duncan moved across the rope with some ease though he thought he had done it faster in the "other" life or whatever you would call it.

"Well you're the expert. Now what?" Joe pulled out his sword and took a couple of practice swings.

"Now? Now either disaster strikes or we meet our bad guy." Methos opened his book and scanned a couple of choice spells.

"How about both."

It wasn't the voice that caught their attention first, but the faint *buzz* from the immortal.

A few choice words came to Methos' mind but shit won over all. "Shit!" he exclaimed as a bunch of armed warriors came their way. By now MacLeod had all ready picked out the immortal and tried to give chase but was cut off.

They were out numbered nearly three to one. After only a few rounds, they found themselves getting pushed back towards the unsavory pit.

"OK guys protect me..."

"What!" Richie glared at Methos. "Protect yourself you old goat."

"If you would have let me finished." He sneered. "I would have said while I cast my spell you young little..."

"All right let's do it." Duncan piped in before Methos could finish off an insult that would make use of the long breath he had just seen the Immortal take.

They formed a semicircle around Methos as they heard the 5000 year old begin to chant. A light blue powdery substance filled the are right in front of them. The warriors crumbled to the ground in quiet slumber, but so to did Richie. The "kid" had jumped forward in the last minute.

"Don't worry MacLeod. It will wear off in a bit." Methos assured as he bent down to slit the throat of a warrior. Duncan continued to give him that how dare you look so he hesitated. "What Highlander?'

"You know what."

"Oh come on." Methos tried very hard not to whine like he did with Keane but once again the Scot was being way too stubborn. "What did I put them to sleep for? So we could tuck them in?"

Duncan didn't bother to answer and bounded up the stairs to issue his challenge.

Methos had half the urge to do it anyway but both Joe and Amanda were giving him another look that said "you are asking for it."

He sighed heavily. "Okay. Fine. You two disarm the scum, and I'll make sure that MacLeod doesn't loose his head." Not that he will let me help or anything, he added to himself. Then he too
went up the stairs.

"I am Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod."

"Yeah. And what if I tell you I could care less?" came the deep reply.

Methos nearly laughed as he heard the exchange but stifled the urge quickly. He had always wanted to hear something like that, but this time he could not relish in it. He still didn't know if MacLeod had all his swordsmanship intact. He watched the thrusts, and the sidesteps with little interest. It was the neck shots that he was looking for. He had a Lightning Bolt with the Black Knight's name on it if he even came near that beautiful neck. The battle went on for several moments. Methos must have blinked for he suddenly found himself looking at the headless body of the Black Knight. The castle room became aglow with the energies of the Quickening. It had to have been a old immortal, at least a thousand years old, that coursed that muscular body before him. When things finally settled down, Methos moved forward.

MacLeod stood wearily and cracked a smile as the eldest Immortal came forward, the eldest Immortal and one of his closest friends. He moved to speak to him when he heard an ear-piercing speech.

"MY HERO!!" A girl in a white gown, that was so see through it missed its purpose completely, bounded toward him. Her breasts bounced like two little volleyballs and her long blonde hair span out behind her. She jumped into MacLeod arms. "Thank you so much." She cooed.

Methos turned away and felt like he was going to be sick. He started walking away and almost cringed when he heard their released prisoner speak again.

"Doesn't the hero kiss the damsel in distress?" she insisted.

"You know what. You're right." Duncan replied.

Methos moved away faster. He cursed nonstop in the many languages he was fluent in. That stupid Scot always playing the hero. Even Richie could have taken that guy. It would serve him right if that girl just took a dagger and... His line of thought was cut short as he found himself whirled around. "What?" Duncan cut him off with a surprisingly passionate kiss. The world, this world, or any world for that matter came a screeching halt.

"Geeze guys! I thought we came for the girl not something we all ready had." Richie shouted.

Duncan pulled away and smiled at the flushed Immortal in his arms.

"Remind me to figure out how to make that spell last at least another hour." Methos whispered.

They both heard the rustling of papers and turned to see Joe sitting cross-legged on the floor. He pulled a pin and quill. When he noticed the others were looking at him he looked and smiled. "This will make on hell of a reading at Headquarters." His face broke out into an open grin. "What did you expect? A close up shot of the kiss of the new couple and a happily every after "The End?"

They laughed happily. Now, Duncan thought, how to get back. He had no idea that Methos was secretly planning on keeping this reality over the other. The eldest Immortal ripped out a page of his new spell book and tossed the crumpled piece of paper over his shoulder.

Charm Spell. Who needs it?

-Please let me Know what you think-  Paladin

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