Introducing Sasha

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Introducing Sasha

Metho sat at the bar talking to Joe drinking beer together. The late night left the place fairly empty as far as customers were concerned.

"Just give Mac sometime he'll come around."

Methos merely finished his drink and shook his head, running his fingers through his dark hair. "I am not so..." *buzz* His hazel eyes scanned the small crowd quickly.

Joe recognized that look and scanned as well. Both their eyes settled on a dark woman dressed in a modern short blue dress wearing a black long-sleeved coat, too short and tight to hide a sword.

She approached the slowly her eyes looking from Methos to Joe and then to Methos again. "I am looking for a man by the name of Duncan MacLeod."

Methos straightened slightly glancing at Joe briefly, "What do you want with him?"

Her dark eyes narrowed, "Who are you, and do you know him?"

"Adam Pierson. What do you want with MacLeod?"

Just then all three turned to see the large man himself enter the bar. His broad grin disappeared quickly as his eyes locked with hers.

"Duncan MacLeod?"

"Of the clan MacLeod."

She smiled briefly. "I need to speak with you."

The three of them exchanged a series of quick looks. Methos looked at Duncan, Do you know her?... No you don't?. They both then turned to Joe who merely shrugged.

Duncan then spoke, "Go ahead. They can hear anything you have to say."

She straightened slightly but continued on, "My name is Sasha. I've an old enemy that has rescently disappeared. Word has it he may have been killed by you..."

"And he is...?" Duncan questioned.

She shrugged, "I don't have a name but he had a scar on the side of his..." She trailed off as she noted the man tensed and his companions paled instantly. "He had somewhat short hair and he liked to laugh..." She frowned as they began doing the look thing again. "Is there something I am missing here?"

They each gave her their most innocent face, but her cool expression remained.

"Listen," Her voice was cool, "Either you killed the man and did me a favor or you didn't, and I still have a problem. He was nothing short of a lunatic." She gave them each a hard look. Of them all, Adam seemed the most uncomfortable.

Then her eyes darted behind Joe. The other immortal finally showed himself.

"Hey Joe I couldn't find any of those..." Richie trailed off as he noticed all his friends looking all too serious at this new woman.

Sasha looked around and frowned, "What is this some kind of gathering?"

"Who are you," the red haired kid asked instantly.

"My name is Sasha, " She was losing patience. "All I want to know is did you kill some crazed scarred man with a real power problem?"

Riche held up his hands, "Hold that thought and give us a minute."

She glared at him silently.

The three of them moved out of hear range.

"MacLeod are you sure you don't know her?" Methos asked quietly.

"Of course."

"Do you think she is talking about Kronos?" Joe asked.

Duncan and Methos looked away from each other but both nodded.

"Well then why don't you tell her?" Richie scratched his head lightly.

Methos frowned. "Because she might really be here for somekind of revenge. Or maybe she wants to challenge the man who took down Kronos."

"I'll take that chance." Duncan pulled away and approached her, "Yes. I killed him."

Sasha smiled, "Finally!" and walked to the door.

"Wait!" The mortal with the grey hair and beard called out to her.

She turn, "What?"

"That's it."

She pushed her long curly black hair back, "Is there more?

"Ere... no. But perhaps you would care to stay for a drink. Maybe explain..."

"He hunted me for fun. That's it." With that she left.

Duncan frowned, "Has he ever hunted like that before?"

Methos sighed, "How should I know MacLeod? I didn't really know the guy that well. Not anymore." He grabbed his beer and left quickly, ignoring the bewildered look on Richie's face.

Duncan looked at Joe with a sigh.

"Yeah I know. I'll see what we might have on her." He grumbled.

Richie sighed, "I guess this means the card game is off." He shrugged, "All wells."

MaCleod nodded, "I'll drive you home."

Methos drudged through the rain and puddles of the street. Leave it to MacLeod to make me walk home in such bad weather. He should have known better than to only take a sweater even if the night was suppose to be all fun and games. If only he could get his damn car fixed. With Adam's financial situation... not likely. He walked around the corner but a block from his apartment. *buzz*

"Nice night for a killing don't you think."

A figure in dark trench coat walked into view. He looked like a rather large man, with bronze skin, dark hair and maybe about "29" years of age. And yes in his massive grip was a sword.

"Oh I don't know about that..." Methos scanned the area for a way out. None.

"The name Benson. Robert Benson."

"Adam Pierson. I don't want to fight."

He laughed, "Well then I guess your life line has just got all that much shorter. Defend yourself or die."


The man came at him quickly, swinging his sword in a professional manner. Luckily, Methos had a decent amount of agility, but that would only prolong the inevitable. He parried the attacks as best he could but the guy was fast, too fast. In two more moves the man impaled Methos' shoulder sending a wave a pain through Methos' body. He stabbed the man in the side but that hardly made him flinch. His opponent made another of series of moves which Methos was able to avoid easily. This guy was so predictable... this might not be so bad after all. Then he did something odd. His eyes narrowed and he stared at Methos in an odd way. Suddenly Methos felt as if he were moving in slow motion. His arms wouldn't react and his legs were heavy. With one steady stroke, his sword was knocked from his hand. Shit. No sword.. Dead Methos

"Hope its been a good one."

He closed his eyes waiting. .

Sasha walked down the street wearily. Could it be true after all these years.. That the monster was dead. She shook her head slowly. This MacLeod had killed him. He must be good. She paused considering what had just happened. Three immortals in one place and one mortal who seemed to know about them. She'd heard that there was a group of mortals who knew about them... she just hadn't met any until now. She smiled slightly wondering if she had walked in on some family outing. An odd thought indeed. *buzz* Blinking a couple of times she searched the area till she spotted two figures down the street; they were fighting. It was dark and no one else was around. She watched them for a moment from the side... if they realized she was there, they didn't care. The smaller one was losing. There was something familiar about him. Adam. That was his name. Too bad he would die. MacLeod had done her a favor but rules were rules.

"Hope its been a good one."

That voice was so familiar... She closed her eyes recalling the sweet caress of a strong man. A longtime lover and companion. And his voice so... Robert! Her eyes flew open. That was

Robert. Maybe just maybe she could repay MacLeod. She approached summoning her blade quickly with the flip of her wrist. Robert moved for the kill and she moved to intercept.


"Robert... It's been awhile."

Methos's eyes darted up. Sasha.

In her hand was a small thin blade that held his monstrous long sword just inches from his neck. One strike and the bloody thing would probably break. But Robert did not strike instead he bent closer to her, and they kissed!

She grabbed his head and brought him closer, kissing passionately. My god it had been so long. "I don't want to interfer but..."she whispered softly.

Robert smiled lust instantly intering his deep grey eyes and whispered, "I'll tell you what. Come home with me tonight and I'll give you his head."

Sasha smiled pulling away. It worked. "How about you give me his life and we'll call it even... for now."

He looked at Methos.

Methos eyed him warily but was thinking don't mind me.

Robert eyed Sasha with a slightly tilted head, "All right. We'll do it your way for now. You know how to reach me." With that, he walked down the alley way slowly and disappeared from sight.

She turned to Methos slowly, "Adam you are a lucky man. Obviously you haven't been around long enough to learn the tricks of the trade." Her voice was cold again.

Methos stood slowly, ignoring the biting pain in his shoulder.

"Do you have far to go? Or should I escort you home?" Her voice scolded him not unlike a child. This young one ought to learn a thing or two from MacLeod.

Methos' eyes narrowed. Who the hell did she think she was talking to anyways. "No I'll be fine. Why?"

She gave him a quick look and walked away, smiling inwardly, "Because I could.."

***the next night***

"That's all she said?" Joe asked hurriedly.

"Yes. That was it. Imagine that. 'Not old enough to learn the tricks of the trade.'" Methos downed another beer. Who the hell did she think she was anyways.

"Well you did loose...technically."

"We were suppose to play cards remember? Richie, Duncan, Methos, Joe. Here till late. Methos wins as usual. Duncan drive home. I didn't expect to have to fight. Besides its MacLeod fault."

"A bit over confident aren't we? And what do you mean it was my fault?" Duncan grumbled. The old man somehow always managed to blame him one way or the other.

Methos gave him a dark look but didn't say a word.

"Well I looked into that Robert fellow. Not a nice character."

Duncan gave Methos a hard look to cut off any smart ass remark he might have.

"Robert is about 1200 years old. He's used to be a pirate. Played around with that for a couple decades... got himself a name as the Ghost of the Seas. He disappeared for awhile. We aren't really sure what happened but before now, he was last seen with some biker gangs. And that was about 30 years ago."

"The girl?" Duncan asked.

"Well he does get around. She could be any number of these names. It will take awhile to sort them all out." *buzz*...


Sasha smiled pleasantly. This was going to be a good night. Robert was in town and they had spoken as if nothing had happened. As if she hadn't left him as she did. Her dark eyes blinked back the sadness she felt. She'd left him waiting at the hotel and for what. A few diamonds and the promise of power. Yes, power was fun and it helped to have mortals around to protect your head. Robert had been something more. More than a lover, more than just some immortal who chose not to take her head when he could've. At first it had been merely a submissive relationship. He hadn't killed her so he decided he owned her. It wasn't all that bad. She never had to fight when he was around and he didn't really hurt her. Well no more than she wanted him to. Still freedom had been a must. She smiled slightly, it was beautiful how somethings could work out.


Her eyes scanned around quickly finding two immortals fighting up on the hill. She approached cautiously for a better look. The fighting style of the younger one was a bit frantic at best. His swings were wide and miss placed. And it looked like there was blood in that red hair. Light red hair. She blinked. Richie. Her eyes took in the opposer. Robert. She rolled her eyes. I wonder why this looked familiar.

"Well hello again dear Robert."

Robert risked a glance at her, "Sasha. Hold on and I'll get to you in a minute."

Richie glanced at her as well, recognition instantly in his eyes. But she also saw hopelessness. He knew the rules too well it would seem.

"Well Robert. I was hoping to owe you two favors."

He sliced Richies right arm and frowned, "Say what?"

"Oh I was just thinking that two favors are better than one. Wouldn't you say."

Robert paused to looked at her. She smiled slightly. Richie took the oppurtunity to rest a second. They had been at it a lot longer than any practice he had had with Mac.

This one too? Roberts grey eyes asked.

Sasha nodded.

Robert snorted slightly but laughed. "All right. Two it is." He shrugged, glanced at Richie and then left.

Richie faultered and she moved forward quickly for support.

He looked at her slightly confused, "What was that about?"

"Less about you than you would like to think." She assured quietly anticipating the up coming event with Robert already.


Both the immortals turned to the door as not only Richie walked in but Sasha as well. The kid had blood on his shirt.

"Hey guys... Looks like she can't get enough of us." Richie smiled weakly before basically collapsing in a chair.

The three men came to him. He had several deep slashes all over his chest and back and a deep gash in his thigh.

Sasha looked at Duncan smiling slightly, "I suppose your next."

"What happened?" Duncan asked carefully.

"Robert?.." Joe implored.

She nodded, "He's found some new hunting grounds it would seem." She looked around. "We are getting some undue attention..." Sasha took a seat and looked at Joe, "Wine cooler."

He nodded and handed her the bottle.

Richie blinked a couple of times as he healed but remained silent for the most part.

Duncan looked very angry at this point. His jaw was clenched and Sasha could tell some of the anger was directed at her.

Once they all sat down, with Joe behind the counter she spoke. "He'll stick around here till he has had a crack at all the immortals around here and then some. I don't know exactly how long nor if he'll attack you two again."

"Who is he really?" Duncan glared at her with dark eyes.
She set her chin. That mortal seemed to know a lot, "He is an old ally of mine. A lover and once a companion. He has little, if any honor." Her eyes darted from Methos to Richie, "And he'll take any with or without a sword. Your guess is as good as mine to what he does now."

"How old is he?" Methos asked ignoring Joes questioning look.

"I would say a little older than myself. Around a thousand years or so? Does it really matter. Age hardly has anything to do with it."

"He said you'd now how to find him. Can you take me to him?" Duncan asked dryly.

"Why should I, " She sneered, "So you can take his head. Not likely."

"He just tried to kill two of my friends..."

"Right and he might do it again. It is part of the Game. Deal with it. Besides I don't find him he finds..." *buzz*

Robert strolled into the bar casually. "One beer." He shouted at Joe and pulled up a chair next to Sasha. "Is this our new place?"

Sasha's heart fluttered. He used the word "our" as in staying for awhile. But her new "friends" would hardly understand his visit.

Duncan went to stand quickly but Methos put a hand on his arm.

"You shouldn't be here," Sasha spoke quietly. "It's not necessary."

Robert laughed snatching the beer from Joe. "Of course it is. You should have let me know these chaps were your friends. I'd been more gentle."

"I'll show you gentle you.." Richie now recovered from his wounds moved as if to jump over the table and strangle him but again Methos' mere touch prevented it.

Sasha eyed Adam suspiciously. Why would those two simply comply to his notions like that. Something was not right about him.

Robert looked very amused, "So my dear how was Kalas?"

Sasha apparently was not the only one surprised by the mentioning of that name. In fact even Joe looked up. Was it possible, she thought, that he knew everything. But that was not her chielf concern. "What do you mean?"

Robert traced her upper arm slowly, kissing her neck in the process, "I told him you would be good. All he had to do was push the right button."

She froze. Her heart must have stopped, and she felt herself slipping away.

He continued, nibbling her ear, "I knew he wouldn't take your head dear. He did swear after all, and he knew I would kill him if he did."

She felt herself filling light headed. By God she was going to be sick. Did he mean what she thought he did?

"Was it fun? I think the other fellow... Kelvin or whatever his name was would have been funner... was he?"

"You bastard." She hissed shoving him to the floor.

He laughed loudly as the others mortals looked in their direction. "Now dear don't make a scene."

Her eyes traveled over from Methos who looked thoughtful, to Joe who looked concerned, to Richie who seemed rather shocked and rested on Duncan who just looked pissed.

Robert stood straightening his clothing. "Come now. Who left who here. You cheated at our Game dear. You must have realized I would retaliate."

"I you sent these monsters after me. You cold hearted bastard. How many Robert? How many did you tell that I would be easy with a sword to my neck. He chased me for 200 years you son of bitch. 200 years."

"Easy," Methos spoke quietly realizing they really were becoming the center of attention. His hazel eyes became rather icy as he looked at Robert. "You really had no idea who you were dealing with did you?"

Robert looked at Sasha with a look of plain shock. "200 years?"

"Oh yeah," Her voice was a low hiss, "I must have died a dozen times monthly. Throwing myself in rivers, over cliffs, jumping out of a goddamn airplane just so the sick bastard wouldn't take them all down. He was relentless, just marching on like a machine. Disappearing for a week at a time to some unknown god forsaken place. He left messages on my machine... on my doorsteps. At hotels before I got there. It was a game all right. A twisted game of cat and mouse. I was the mouse you asshole!" Her voice was rising with each word. Don't cry her mind screamed. Not now and not infront of them.

"Sasha I..."

"Get out." Duncan spoke with a level voice but it was certainly deadly. He was not about to sit here and watch the man torture the woman. "Now."

Robert looked at Sasha for a moment, but one look at Duncan was enough to get him out the door quickly.

Sasha stood also. Grabbing her coat. Time to retreat.

"Sasha..." Duncan grabbed her arm but gently.

She closed her eyes briefly, "Silver Dragon." And then ran out the door. Next time they met it might be deadly... depending on rather her notion about Joe was right.

By now they had a lot of eyes on them. Luckily a bunch of blank confused eyes.

"All right every body shows over." Richie smiled broadly waving his hands at them as if they were cats going for a bowl of milk.

***Same night. Different Place. A bit later***

"Well Joe... Methos. Did you find anything."

The two had been in the books and computers for hours. The name Silver Dragon hadn't come up so Richie and Duncan had left to get some Chinese food and been back for a little around two-hours.

"Fried rice anyone?" Richie got no answer once again but he wasn't to be put off that easily. Taking the chop sticks he shoved his mouth full of rice. "Hmmm. This is good stuff guys."

He then took a taste of the sweet and sour pork. "So sweet yet so sour."

"All right give me some of that." Joe looked up form his book.

Success. Richie grinned and quickly brought the box over. "Duncan...?"

Richie looked at Duncan. He looked up for a moment and then turned the page. "How about some..."

"Won ton soup.." Richie offered quickly.

"Yeah sure..."

Another delightful order filled that left. "Methos..."



"Beer. You do remember what that is don't you." The man didn't even look up from the screen.

Richie grabbed a beer and handed it to him. "You've been at this for hours."

"Yeah and I'll be at it for several more."

"It is way past tomorrow"

"I won't begin to tell you what's wrong with that statement."

Richie frowned but then smiled, "You know nothing goes with beer quite like a bit of shrimp..."




Richie grabbed some barbecued pork. "Methos check this is out. How can you resist such a tasty convenient bit sized..."

"I swear Richie. If you put that in front of my face one more time..."

"You do remember what food is don't you. Too much beer and no food..."

"I am going to figure this out if it kills me." Methos' voice was getting a little too strained for Richie's taste.


Methos began to stand

"Methos sit down! Richie shut up! Joe."

Joe looked up at MacLeod barely able to hide his smile with his chronicle.

"Continue on." Duncan mumbled

Methos and Richie exchanged glares but complied.

"Fine. Sit down Richie. Shut up Richie. Don't hurt yourself Richie," Richie grumbled to himself grabbing a chronicle and throwing himself on the bed.

They sat there in silence as the sun began to peak in through the window.

"Guys maybe we should..." Richie closed his mouth as Duncan, Methos, and even Joe sent him warning looks.

Fine! He flipped through his pages. So much for sleep and so much for dinner. His had gotten cold.

Joe closed yet another book, "I can't find anything. No name is even close to Silver or Dragon."

Methos leaned back in his chair. Blinking for the first time in hours.

"Maybe she was just leading us on." Duncan sighed. "Maybe she didn't mean for us to look here. Maybe..."

"Maybe it was a mark she left every time she did a crime or something noteworthy."

Three pairs of eyes went to Richie.

Richie shook his head in disbelief, "Oh sure. Listen to the little red haired kid now. Neglect and abuse him whenever you want. Hell. He'll be around forever right." He smiled, "Well guys I believe a bit of groveling and begging ought to be performed about now."

"May I see your chronicle Richie?" Methos asked quietly.

Richie raised an eyebrow.

"Please?" Methos nearly clenched his teeth. Clearly the man did not do well with little sleep.

"Well... I don't know. I did kind of find it..."

"You made your point Richie," Duncan warned wearily.

"Yeah he sure did." Joe burst into laughter that he could no longer contain.

Richie tossed Methos the book. Whoops. Bad Aim. Bad Catch. Methos glared at him. Richie just knew he would pay for that one later.

Methos scanned the pages.

Duncan leaned forward, "Well...?"

"Petty theft. Breaking and entering. Street kid stuff."

Richie eye him warily. The look was a clear message: Careful Methos.

Methos grinned, " Topped off by slavery, murder, couple of back stabbings. I would add poison and basic violence to that list as well."

"Well at least its nothing new, " Richie shot back.

Richie and Methos killed each other a thousand times with just one look. Joe took the chronicle just to be safe.

Duncan cleared his throat, "Well that doesn't seem so terribly important. I mean she could have said that herself. That all took place years ago right?"

"Do you remember that bank robbery about five years ago in the national bank. The one with the bomb threat followed by a lot of armed men disguised as those to 'control' the situation?"

Duncan frowned, "The one that got a lot of guards killed and a couple of tellers?"

Joe looked up and nodded. His expression dark. "Yeah that's the one. It was led by an organized group that called themselves the Dragons. Led by a woman who died. Well a few years later another woman showed up as their new leader..."

Richie shook his head, "So..."

"So this woman could be recognized as the new leader by the tattoo of a silver dragon she had on her left thigh..."

They remained silent for several minutes. Richie broke the silence, "I'm gonna get some sleep."

Duncan stood slowly, "I'll take you all home."

They piled into Duncan sleek black car and he dropped them off saving Methos for last.

"What are you going to do?" Methos asked quietly.

"I don't know. Hell I never do."

Methos simply nodded.


Sasha paced in her hotel room restlessly. Robert had repayed her back more than ten full for her betrayal. It nearly cost her her life but clearly he hadn't realized that. The man obviously still believed everything was a game. One that he had control over and that was dangerous. Perhaps too dangerous for even her. Her mind raced over several courses of actions. "No. I'll be fine." For some reason she recalled Adam's assurance at that very moment. The street, the short fight. It all came back to her. He must have lived nearby. Frowning she grabbed her coat and hesitated about taking her sword. She hadn't fought anyone really for so long it seemed almost pointless to grab the thing now. She had her blade anyways. Sasha patted her right arm in assurance and left. Maybe a talk with this Adam could clear somethings up and maybe even give her some ideas.

Finding the place was easy enough. It seemed rather small and low class for even an immortal but that wasn't a problem. She would wait patiently at the door. *buzz* What luck! The door was opening. He was home. She smiled and turned around, "Adam I..."

It wasn't Adam.

"Sasha..." his voice was colder than she had ever heard it before and there was a dangerous glint in Robert's eyes. He grabbed her quickly and pulled her in. He threw her against the wall knocking the wind right out of her.


"Well well my dear I came here hoping to finish what I started and to find out where you were hiding. Imagine finding you here. How long have you been seeing him."

Jealousy! Her mind ruled it out instantly. This was not the work of a jealous man. She gazed into those raging eyes and found herself falling. Falling into blackness. Look away her mind screamed. And she did."

"Or is it MacLeod?"

She breathed in deeply. "What the hell is wrong with you. Robert who the hell are you?"

"I'm Death."

She shuddered at that alien voice. Those eyes suddenly became someone else's. The voice under some monsters control. She was watching Robert slip away right in front of her and there was nothing she could do. "Who did this to you? Robert?" She felt her heart beginning to break.

"We'll rule the world. You can be at my side. Nothing will stop us."

Sasha saw the fist coming but did not duck. She would suffer more before she committed herself to any action. Who's words were those. They sure in the hell weren't Roberts


He led the old man up to his apartment only to find the door open and the place trashed.
Methos' clothes was thrown all over the floor and his furniture torn apart. Several papers were scattered in the kitchen and all his drawers had been emptied. "Shit. I'm too tired for this."

Methos looked around somewhat frantically. Breathing a sigh of relief when he found some of his chronicles, and they were barely touched. "I'll need a ride to a motel if you don't mind." He spoke quietly.

"You can stay at my place." Duncan spook roughly but something in his tone told Methos not to argue.

They returned. Duncan gave him a pillow and a blanket. He was out in seconds.

Sighing heavily Duncan phoned his other friends to make sure they were still all right. They were. He then sat down at the table and sipped some old coffee. Methos went to sleep as if nothing had happened but that didn't mean he wasn't as concerned about what happened as he was. Had Sasha torn through the room? Had this whole ordeal simply been about something she wanted? The woman clearly had no qualms against getting things any way she could. Or maybe it was Robert who hoped to what... find his love. Or whatever you call it. Maybe it was another one of Methos' never ending list of past problems coming at a really bad time...

The phone rang. Methos stirred slightly but didn't wake up.

It was way to early for a chat. Duncan answered the phone warily, "Yes?"

"Come to the park and quickly. Else you'll live to regret it." The tone.

Robert. Duncan growled to himself and grabbed his coat. He took one look at his sleeping friend and left without disturbing him.


Duncan approached the man warily. Sword in hand ready for a fight.

Robert's eyes never wavered as he approached. "Drop it else she dies." He threw Sasha down to the ground in front of him. Her hair was loose and she was bound a gagged. The bounds were so tight that they turned the dark skin the ropes touched white.

Duncan frowned. She was a killer. The man's lover. But she was still a woman wasn't she. Methos always said chivalry was outdated but still... He dropped the sword and backed away.

Robert grinned. "She was fun for awhile even if just for a laugh. I think that if you two had gotten to know each other. There could have been sparks. Well at least a flame."

MaCleod watched the man carefully, "I am Duncan MaCleod of the Clan MaCleod."

Robert laughed, "Aye. Your not going to belong to any clan in a minute."

He charged the Highlander.
Sasha watched in horror. That was Robert fighting MacLeod not this death figure. What the hell was going on. She manuevered her arm so that her blade came out and began sawing at the ropes.


Thrusting his sword at him with all the skill and precession of a swordsman. The blade sliced through Duncan's side but he was able to avoid the rest. Robert recovered quickly this time swinging at his head. Duncan could almost feel the winds against his ear from that one. They circled around and around. Robert swinging and Duncan trying to dodge but always Robert seemed to get at least a piece of him. The man was not stupid enough to give Duncan a chance to get his sword. At this rate he was going to loose if just by pure exhaustion. Robert surged forwards stabbing the Highlander in the right thigh. Duncan hissed with pain but remained fairly focused. His eyes darted around once and couldn't locate Sasha anywhere.

Damn. Well he guess that was the whole point. To let the girl go.

Robert moved in closer for a nice thrust at the chest. It worked but Duncan was able to slam his fist into the man's face... drawing blood from his now cracked lip.

Duncan was filling slightly dizzy from the loose of blood. And his whole body seemed a bit slow.

"Now MacLeod... you die. Permanently."


Sasha stood to his right still dressed in her black shiny coat. She made an odd movement with her right wrist. A small blade was now in her hand, and she tossed it to him.

Duncan did not hesitate for a moment and shoved the blade into the man's upper left chest. Blood welled in his mouth but he could speak. "Sasha...??"

She merely looked at him. Tears welling in her eyes. "Robert... MacLeod.." But her voice broke off as she searched Roberts eyes. It didn't say save my life. It didn't beg for help. They spoke of love and begged for forgiveness. Begged for death. I'm sorry...End this torture Sasha. Please. You owe me. Her eyes widened. Oh God. You owe me. It was unmistakeable. She looked away slowly. The unevitable tears arriving. A voice sounded in her head, "I am sorry. I am no longer whole. We were all such a disappointment. Never good enough. Four failures always..."

That was the only signal MacLeod needed. He took his head in one clean swipe.

The Quickening came with a great deal of intensity. Robert had not only been old but powerful. The pain wracked through his body for several minutes before he was able to breathe normally again. He recovered.

His eyes darted about and found what he sought. Sasha picked up his sword and handed it to him... hilt first.

He still held her blade and accepted the other.

"I've never seen anyone fight with such passion. Not just the passion to stay alive but the passion to win." She wondered why she felt no hate. Nothing at all ready. Just numbness everywhere.


She looked at the body with a pained expression and lied. "Because his love was cruel. Because he killed for pleasure. He used me. But mainly because of the pain he caused and would continue to cause."

Duncan shook his head in disbelief.

"I know what you are thinking Highlander. Of what I've done. Of the wrong I've committed. It wasn't vengeance. He searched long and hard for me. Hoped he would find some kind of clue to where I was in Adam's place. Well he did. He found me. I went there to find out what was to be. Well?"

Duncan looked at the swords in his hand and handed her her's back.

She accepted it and went into battle stance. He wouldn't hurt her, he made his decision earlier.

"You've changed?" He asked quietly.

"Not as much as you would like."

He sighed, "I'm not going to fight you."

"He would never have taken my head."

"I know."

"Then why?"

He smiled slightly, "Because I could but mostly because your not the only one I know who deserves another chance."

Sasha grinned, "You don't know me Highlander."

Duncan shrugged, "I might get to."

Sasha smiled. "Maybe."

And then left. Some one had turned Robert into their deadly pawn and the only key she was that someone had wanted Robert to believe he was Death...but why and who?


Duncan sighed. This would be an entertaining story once he, and his friends got some sleep.

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