Titos' Adventures


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Titos' Adventures # 1
Life as a Warlord
A Warrior named Titos gains a most interesting captive...an elven prince named Ryn.



Titos' Adventures #2
In a Darkened Land
Titos has a surprise encounter when his robbery goes sour.



Titos' Adventures #3
Ryn In Captivity
Ryn faces internal conflicts when he meets his first "customer."



Titos' Adventures #4
A Man's Tribe
Ryn finds himself in some real trouble. Meanwhile Titos meets Hal's desert tribe, but there is a custom here the warrior just can't accept.


Titos' Adventures #5
Trohan's Inn
Titos and Hal return to Trohan's where Ryn is waiting.



Titos' Adventures #6
Trouble at Home
Titos has left Ryn and Hal alone, and Hal makes a startling discovery.



Titos' Adventures #7
A Witch in the Woods
Titos and the group go to see a witch to get the "cure,"
but what exactly will this cost them?



Titos' Adventures #8
The Dragon's Blood
While trying to get the cure, Titos runs into an old friend and his new pet.



Titos' Adventures #9
On the Way
Titos has returned. The trio decides to make a little journey.



Titos' Adventures # 10
The Elves
The trio return to Ryn's homeland and get a glimpse at the prince's family



Titos' Adventures #11

Broken Souls
There are some battles Titos doesn't know how to fight, but can he win them anyways with some help?

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Titos' Adventures #12-14
Fareal is having a tough time coping, but the others are trying to help the best way they know how.

Home Again
The group runs into an old friend...

"Willing" Bondage
Titos made a decision but who is going to pay the price?



Titos' Adventures #15
Ryn and his lovers return home and discover a surprise.



Titos' Adventure #16
Just how much will this new discover change Titos' household? Will the warrior even notice?



Titos' Adventure #17
Unexpected Visitor
Titos' household gets a surprise visit from a pretty important individual. Is this a good thing or a bad?



Titos' Adventure #18
For all you fans who like the character Rath, here is a look into his activities.



Titos' Adventures #19
What is a guy to do?



Titos Adventures #20
The Price of Royalty
Ridik is now a member of the royal family. But what does that really mean, and does he have any other secrets to hide?



Titos Adventures #21
New Arrivals
Some unexpected guests join the boys at home, but which one will cause the most impact?



Titos Adventures #22
Out to Sea with Amaiat
We've heard a little about the elven princess Amaiat, but is she really as fiery as her younger brother Ryn?
This is pretty much a PWP with M/F Content



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