Titos' Adventures: Life as a Warlord

Titos's Adventures: Life as A Warlord
By Paladin

Warning: This story contains adult material for adults only and includes male/male sex.

Titos gazed at the battle field with hungry eyes. They out numbered the enemy nearly 10 to 1 but even so, his orcish warriors were little match for the human fighters that lined the other side of the grassy field. Brandishing his serrated sword and maneuvering his black steed up in front of his troops, he let out a war cry that would have woke the dead had they not already walked the earth.

The orcish warriors, dressed in the skull covered black tattered armor complete with blood red shields, charged the fields in waves... charging straight for the men dressed in well kept chain-mail while wielding sharp swords and bows, some were even mounted themselves. His dark eyes scanned the field watching his troops fall under bloody blades and piercing arrows. He stood in the back not out of fear or even really necessity but to remain alive long enough for the reinforcements to arrive. There was no need for him to risk dying just yet.

The battle went on for hours, and nearly half his troops lie dead in the battlefield while only a handful of theirs had unseeing eyes. Then, as the sun slowly sank and a purplish hue covered the land, the sign of fire could be seen in the distance. Large orange flames that kissed the clouds soared lower and nearer to the men down below. Shouts rang out as the scaly winged beast descended upon them belching its fury and scorching all those who were unfortunate to stand in its path. The clicking sound of animated bones and their mounts overwhelmed the ears shortly thereafter. Grinning broadly, Titos entered the battle. Charging into the fray with a fury that few had seen. The large dark haired warrior wearing only a scarce amount of armor plowed through all those who would dare challenge him. His blade glistened with the vitality of his enemies, and he felt an old glory retake him... the battle would be theirs.

Darkness took the land with little mercy. The campfires of the surviving troops dotted the valley and the drunken voices of orcs filled the air with horrific laughter. Titos smiled slightly. Having taken care of his mount and weapons he could now allow himself the pleasures of victory. Taking a swig of good dwarven rum that they had acquired at a nearby village, he ventured through the camp in search of a little fun. Maybe a wrestling match or better yet a clash of steel. Maybe... his thoughts broke off as he heard shouts coming from a distant hill. Shrugging he climbed in that direction wondering what it could be. The dragon had retired awhile ago and so too had the dead ceased to move. He rounded a patch of trees to behold four of his more powerful green orcs surrounding one lone figure dressed in the garbs of the men they had conquered today.

"Halt," Titos commanded as he noticed the man staggered a bit.

The orcs glared at him angrily but backed away in fear and then fully retreated back to the camp below. The man then turned to face him concealed by light armor and helm. He held his sword in a clumsy fashion and looked even encumbered by his own armor. Titos grinned, this could be fun.

He advanced on the lone figure quickly and easily disarmed him with one skillful twirl of his serrated sword. The man retreated several feet, clearly unsure of what to do next.

"Run... and I'll kill you." Titos promised lowly.

"To what end shall this come to if not death?" he asked quietly.

Titos paused, that voice it seemed... odd, male but odd. "Remove the armor."

The man paused and then complied slowly. His motions seemed rather graceful and well thought out for a man alone in his enemies' territory. The armor was removed eventually and revealed a smaller figure but a muscular one.

"Now the helm." Titos spoke through clenched teeth as he tried to hide his growing excitement. The man seemed to hesitate at that so Titos approached quickly ripping the helm away fiercely. He gasped aloud at what he beheld, a beautifully portioned young face... long flowing honey-wheat hair and gorgeous deep purple eyes... ancient eyes. Elven eyes.

The elf gazed at him, his chin held stubbornly and his eyes defying him.

Titos laughed loudly first at himself and then at his captive. "Now isn't this a pretty little surprise."

The elf glowered at him, "My name is..."

Titos raised a hand and cut him off shortly with a dark voice. "Aye... Prince Ryn if I recall right."

The elf seemed startled at his enemy knowing not only his name but his title. He spoke hesitantly, "Mountains of gold and seas of gems may indeed be yours for my safe and unharmed return. I assure you that no harm..."

Titos laughed even louder at this. "Ah yes, and where must I go for such a treasure? Past the many un-conquered lands of the king and then through the forest of his elven allies... I think not."

The prince backed away slightly worried. "Then what...?"

Titos approached him with amazing speed grabbing a hold of his luxurious, long hair and pulling it back sharply to gaze into those wonderful eyes.

The elf winced slightly but said nothing.

The warrior smiled down at him with a smile he had used to unnerve his most malicious opponents. Titos slashed away the remainder of the elf's clothing. "You are in a camp of orcs that would sooner tear your throat out then let you take another breath. Why are you here and speak quickly?"

Ryn gulped. "Bearing a message. I came bearing a message to the king and intercepted the army at hand. They clothed me in these garments to conceal my presence from the spy... your army approached much sooner than expected..."

Titos smile broadened. "These clothes you are not accustomed to?"

Ryn blinked slightly surprised at such a question. "Yes... I have entered battle before but in much lighter garments."


Ryn nodded.

"You're naked before me. Do you realize that?."

The elf blushed slightly. "Yes. My being unclothed has no bearing..."

He trailed off as Titos' large strong hand glided down his throat and to his hairless chest. There he lightly pulled and pinched the delicate nipples till they hardened to little tips. Ryn gasped slightly looking up at him alarmed. Titos ignored the look completely and instead was intent on the hardon that the elf had begun to show.

"Like that?" The warrior asked lowly.

Ryn shook his head but could not say the word.

Titos moved his hand over the taught abdomen and stopped just short of the blonde hairs below. The elf's dick became completely hard in moments. Titos released the hair, stopping to smell the light fragrance of the silky mane first. He lowered his captive to the ground in one quick but gentle motion. The elf provided little resistance. He spread the prince's legs slowly and bent down to take his balls in his mouth. He licked them lightly, relishing the shudders and moan of pleasure that he drew with the slightest motion. Then Titos slowly ran his tongue up the beautiful shaft and then took the head into his mouth sucking away fiercely. He let his eyes gaze up to Ryn's face... smiling slightly when he realized that the elf fought to control himself. He took more of the hard flesh in his mouth and soon had it down his throat. He used his muscles to massage the entire length. That broke the control for the elf thrust his hips forward grabbing onto the dark curls. Titos continued until finally the honey sweet nectar spew into his mouth... he swallowed it all without missing a drop. Titos then withdrew, pulling Ryn forward so that he was on his knees. With trembling hands, Ryn removed the muscular warrior's clothing and gazed upon the scarred beauty of a war hero.

Titos stood slowly and moved closer bringing his crotch just inches from Ryn's beautifully formed mouth. He waited with immense control... knowing that in time he would get what he wanted. He was right. Ryn tasted his massive man-flesh slowly. The hesitant tongue explored him delicately in such away that it took every muscle in his body to keep from thrusting forward. The elf's hands came slowly took each ball-sac in his hands and squeezed them slightly. This caused Titos to growl lowly, not a growl of anger but one of lust. The hands dropped quickly so Titos petted the prince's head in reassurance. By the gods, Titos exclaimed inside, he wanted him now. He withdrew from the caress of Ryn and leaned down to pull the elf up. He looked in the ancient yet youthful purple eyes briefly and then kissed him fiercely. Ryn gasped into his mouth as he tasted male seed for the first time... his. Titos embraced him and pulled him closer grinding his naked crotch against the other's. Ryn gazed into his dark eyes in surprise, but Titos would not give him a moment to think. Already Ryn had regained his full excitement. Reluctantly pulling away, Titos turned the elf around so that he had his back to him... more importantly his buttocks. Ryn gasped aloud as he realized what was happening and began to struggle, but Titos held him in place with his powerful arms. His dick found the warm entrance and slowly began to enter.

"Relax," He breathed into Ryn's ear.

Ryn shook his head frantically nearly sobbing from fear. "Please... this can not be..."

Titos covered his mouth with his large hand and then plunged into him with one slow deep thrust. Ryn cried out in pain but was muffled by his hand. He trembled once again in the large man's embrace, but Titos pulled him closer... supporting him and yet at the same time fulfilling his own animalistic needs. He began to move in and out relishing the warmth that surrounded him and the pleasure that crawled over every inch of his large naked body. Both their bodies were covered in sweet sweat which at any other time would have chilled them in the night's air, but not now. Slowly he removed his hand and smiled when he realized that Ryn now groaned in lust. He moved faster feeling his excitement beginning to match his desire. He began kissing the prince's neck leaving a trail of fire where his hot moist lips explored till finally Ryn turned and they kissed, this time it was mutually fierce. He felt the explosion from deep within him and filled Ryn with his seed. Ryn moaned having cum just moments later.

Titos held him for several minutes not letting go for all the world. He cold tell Ryn still swam in this new world of pleasure for his breathing remained heavy.

Titos took the opportunity to catch him off guard. "The message?" He whispered into his ear sweetly.

Ryn sighed. "Of what message do you speak?"

"The one to my enemies." Titos answered as his hand slowly stroked the sweat glistening blonder hair.

Ryn hesitated. "What of it?"

Titos laughed lustily. "Tell me of it of course." He began to play with Ryn's nipple again this time he was light and gentle.

Ryn sighed wearily, allowing himself to fall prey to the sweet caress. "The message simply stated that our elven troops can not... "He paused not ready to go on. He tried to pull away, but Titos held fast.

The man frowned slightly not willing to give up. His hands slipped steadily down till he found the elf's dick. Slowly he stroked the flesh hard till it began to show life once again. Ryn groaned and pushed his hips forward wanting more. Titos withdrew. He spoke harshly, "The message elf." He turned Ryn to face him, looking deep into those lusty purple eyes with his own cold piercing dark eyes. He bore down on those delicate lips and crushed them with is own. His kiss was passionate but harsh. He withdrew quickly. "The message."

Ryn could not hold the gaze and looked away. "Our forces are unable to join the northern troops at the mountain pass. The gnolls... they have intercepted us on the other side."

Titos started at this. He grabbed the elf's chin and gazed at him hard. Tears welled in those gentle eyes... the prince spoke the truth.

Silently Titos reclothed himself thinking deeply on what to do next. Ryn had not moved... he was too smart for that, especially when the warrior had a sword and he did not.

"Come." Titos demanded. Ryn approached him and Titos grabbed his arm to escort him back to the camp, stealthily if possible. That proved easy enough, and they entered his tent.

Ryn gazed around at the stravagant pillows, goblets, blankets and even books. He shivered slightly from the cold Fall had provided them. Titos merely seated himself on one of his favorite over stuffed silk pillows and poured himself some ale. "Sit," the warrior commanded in a quiet but level voice. Ryn complied and just watched him. Titos grabbed one of his wool robes and tossed it at him. "Dress."

Titos than began to think quickly. He had an elf and not just any elf but a prince of elves here in his tent, in a camp of orcs and even a sleeping dragon. Ryn would have to be revealed but how and when. Now... the thought hit him instantly. The orcs were drunk and the dragon had feasted earlier... his commander would no doubt be having fine pleasantries this evening. It was the perfect time and as a boon he had something to offer... a most interesting message. He stood up quickly grabbing Ryn's arm and dragging him outside. It was best that he looked confused and a bit afraid any ways.

The commander's tent was as usual located at the far end of camp. As he had expected, the orcs on the way were too drunk to notice something odd about the young "man" he was dragging beside him.

"The captain is busy..."
Titos slugged the insolent guard squarely in the jaw. How dare he block his path. He pushed the tent open and cleared his throat.

The commander, a large man with blonde and deep grey eyes and a large scar over his right eye glared back at him. Thirty years in battle made him the perfect rider of the beast of dread. He Dismissed a boy immediately, he glared at Titos, who merely gazed back at him.

"This had better be good Titan."

Despite the upcoming events, Titos smiled slightly. The pet name always managed to do that to him.

"I assure you it is..." He pulled Ryn forward and removed the hood.

The commander stood instantly despite his nakedness and raging hardon. "Prince Ryn... here?"

Titos nodded. "Aye. A scouting party found him near here... most likely with death on their minds."

Titos pushed the elf to his knees as the commander's eyes darkened. Death danced in those clouds, and Titos was not ready to take on an army... prince or no prince. He continued, "He was a messenger sir. The reinforcements the king expects... will not be coming."

The commander would never allow himself to be surprised by any source of news... but Titos knew that this pleased him for he had not as yet drawn his sword. "His life...?" The blonde man asked quietly.

Titos hesitated. "Be mine."


Titos slowly allowed a grin form. "Royalty is most enjoyable."

Ryn breathed deeply on that one. The situation was too delicate for his words to be spoken, so for now the prince would just have to stomach it.

The commander smiled slightly. "I see."

Titos let out a sigh of relief. The commander had smiled. The delicate nature of this meeting had thus ended.

The commander spoke, "Come elf.."

Ryn began to stand.

"No!" The commander's deadly voice filled the tent. "On your knees."

Ryn paused and then moved forward as ordered.

The commander hit him hard across the face, sneering. "You know what follows next."

Titos stiffened. This had not been part of the plan. The commander hated elves yet now he asked, no told this one to suck his dick.

Ryn gazed up at him, defiance in his eyes. "Of course Rath, as you wish."

Titos' eyes widened. Ryn knew the commander's first name and worse yet spoke it to him.

Rath grabbed Ryn's head and shoved it in his crotch. "Now or die"

Ryn took the member in his mouth and began sucking lightly, but the commander would have none of it. He thrust deep into the prince's throat nearly causing him to choke. The blonde man grinned, and Titos realized that the man was actually getting off on this. Rath began grunting and groaning, thrusting deeper and harder. The delicate mouth would bend to his will and comply else be destroyed in the process. Rath threw back his head and cried out as his seed filled the elf's mouth. Ryn had little choice but to swallow it all and fast. Then Rath withdrew shoving the prince aside. "You may go captain."

Titos nodded shortly and helped Ryn up who still gagged. As they left the tent, the voice called out to him, "Tell that one to your father, elven bastard!"

Titos felt nothing but rage enter him. The man had taken Ryn right in front of him. It didn't matter that he did not fuck him but that he had the nerve to do it will he was standing there. He led them not back to his tent but to his mount. It took only a matter of minutes before he had his excellent steed ready and mounted. He pulled Ryn up in front of him and looked back angrily. He had had enough sorcery, enough of the dead and their lizard leader. Be damned to the king and his foes. He fingered his heavy pouch lightly. The pay had been good but then again... money was not exactly hard to get for one of his skills. With that he rode into the blackness of the forest.

They traveled several miles before Ryn finally spoke. "Wherest do we go noble warrior?"

Titos laughed cruelly. "I am not a noble warrior elf. We go to an old friends house of mine. Are you all right?"

Ryn shook his head slightly. "In body yes, but I shall never forget those eyes... the eyes of a dead man."

Titos puzzled at that one. The commander was a lot of things but dead was not one of them.

Ryn continued. "Are you so concerned?"

Titos grinned. "Of course I am concerned. You are very valuable merchandise that should not be damaged."

The elf stiffened against him. "Are you to ransom me?"

Titos laughed again though this time he thought the question to be funny. "I believe I mentioned earlier that your homeland is too far for any man not loyal to the king to roam."

The prince seemed puzzled. "Then...?"

Titos continued, "My friend has a business that you should fit into just nicely." He paused, "And bring in fine profit in might I add."

That did it. Ryn somehow snaked out from under him and hit the ground on his feet. He took of into the bushes with amazing speed.

Damn. Titos cursed. Damn elven agility. He dropped as well knowing that his mount would stay put and ran after him.

Ryn ducked the low branches and jumped the bushes with ease. Titos plowed right through them exclaiming in anger as he did. Titos was a man in anger, pure anger now and he began to catch up with the elf quickly. Reaching into his side sheath he withdrew a dagger. Praying to the gods that his aim would be true and not actully cause great harm, he hurled it at the elf, throwing with all his might and skill. It worked and the dagger lodged itself in the elf's right leg sending him to the ground. This chase had gone on long enough. Titos jumped him.

Ryn struggled frantically, even striking the warrior in a few key places. Titos howled in anger and struck him on the side of the head. Then all went still. The elf was dazed, he realized. He ripped the robe off with one swipe and pinned Ryn beneath his heavy and sweaty body. His breathing was hard from the chase, and all he could think of was one thing... anger. His hand roamed the front of the elf till he found the exposed nipples. He pinched and pulled at them till Ryn groaned in pain. He twisted them in blind anger. Ryn tried to wiggle free but there was no use. Titos then moved down and grabbed the elf's balls giving them a hard squeeze and grinning when Ryn exclaimed. He pulled at them cruelly till he felt the elf's entire body begin to sob. Titos blinked for a moment as he realized the prince was uttering a prayer to the gods.

"Praise the gods to witness my call to them..." The voice was sweet but tight with pain.

Cursing at himself, Titos released his hold on the balls and then began stroking the growing dick. This time he was gentle and strong and he had been before, strong but not painful.

Ryn stopped his murmuring and just began to breathe hard. He still trembled and his voice wavered

"Please stop..." Ryn begged him.

Titos groaned as his dick became enlarged with need. Not likely, he thought. He embraced the trembling body below him, and they stayed that way until Ryn finally calmed down.

After several minutes, it became evident that Ryn was all right. Titos maneuvered himself between his legs and pushed in slowly. Ryn groaned beneath him as his own excitement began to grow. Titos thrust in and out caressing the elf's dick as the prince stood to all fours. Titos groan as the warmth surrounded him again and began to move faster still, thrusting and grunting as he felt himself begining to come. His hands began to move at a rapid pace so they could come together. They exclaimed mutually. This prince was certainly a good fuck.

Titos moved first as his brain recalled why they had just fucked in the middle of a dangerous forest. He bound the prince's wrists together and shoved a gag in his mouth before he threw him over his shoulder and carried him back to his steed.

They traveled past the night and well into the next afternoon before he caught sight of the well established home of his friend Trohan. He tipped the stable boy and entered the inn carrying his prize still. After making a few inquires he located his sleeping friend.

"Wake up you lazy wench," He laughed as he poked his friend's hefty gut.

Trohan awoke slowly, still recovering from last night's drinking. The dwarf always managed to out drink himself daily. Trohan blinked a couple of times pulling at his whiskers. "Is that you Titos?"

"Aye, little man."

Trohan laughed as he stretched and stood. "I assure you man had nothing to do with my existence." The small beady eyes peered quizzically at Titos. "You got something there lad?"

Titos nodded and dropped Ryn on the bed next to him. The elf merely sat up unable to speak with the gag in his mouth. The prince gazed at the floor with a true look of defeat.

"Have an extra room I hope..." Triton implored just frowning slightly.

Trohan shrugged. "I told you before that most the men that pass here prefer wenches not boys... "His voice trailed off as he brushed Ryn's hair to the side. "My word! Do you realize who this is?"

Titos laughed lightly. "Of course I do. Have you the room dwarf?"
The dwarf eye him warily. "There isn't an elven army waiting to knock my door in is there?"

Titos shook his head. "Of course not. The dragon's army took over those lands just last week. Besides they wouldn't dare show their faces this close to the source of there enemy. What of it will you have him?"

Trohan examined him briefly. "I don't know... I mean has he even.."

"Fucked old man? Of course he has."

The dwarf snorted angrily, surprisingly hitting Titos squarely in the jaw. "Don't you talk to me in that tone."

Titos would have continued the fight had he not the worry of the dark army searching for him any minute. He had deserted them, and it would take at least a week before the commander realized that he had been a valuable enough warrior for his short stay with them.

Trohan placed his hand over the elf's crotch and smiled slightly when the flesh came alive right then and there. "I see. Well name your terms."

Titos rubbed his jaw and smiled. Those beautiful words he loved to hear. "60/40 of profits only. Very high prices and few customers but well worth the rate. No more than one a night and no rough stuff. If the guy looks bad, don't sell."

Trohan listened intently. "Anyone?"

Titos raised his eyes slightly. "If they can pay... sure why not."

Trohan shrugged very well. "Well lad there are some woman who could knock you down but... Staying the night?"

Titos shook his head slowly. "Nah there is an army back there wondering where I am."

"Where to?"

Titos smiled slightly. "Oh no... even drunk old friends have good memories. Agreed."

The dwarf nodded. "Agreed, I'll take good care of him lad."

Titos nodded and then looked at Ryn. He had been absolutely still and quiet as they talked about him. The dwarf took his leave promising fresh supplies on his horse. Titos slowly removed the gag and waited. But the prince said nothing, so Titos spoke first. "He means it. You'll be well taken care. Trohan takes care of all his employees."

Still the elf said nothing.

Titos sighed best leave now. But first. Firmly he grabbed Ryn's chin and turned him towards him. Drawing him into his fierce and passionate kiss, again Ryn responded instantly kissing back with deep need, but Titos withdrew.

The warrior paused as he walked out the door. "Don't forget me. I will return."

Behind him he heard the sweet voice whisper. "Never shall I ever forget... never could I."

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