Warning: this story contain m/m sex. Disclaimer- some of the elven names in this story and those to come from an Article in Dragon Magazine 251 that list elven names in prefix plus suffix forms. In short, I did not make them completely up, well not all of them.

Titosí Adventures: The Elves
By Paladin

The elven king sat upon a large living wood throne that twirled up in the treelike palace. His hair was a long, and deep gray signifying his age. Tiny wrinkles lined his dark gray eyes. He wore a long green robe decorated by swirling patterns in gold. A thin silver crown graced his head and a heavy iron staff was gripped in his left hand. His steady gaze bore into his youngest son who had long since been declared captured and missing. Ryn swallowed nervously, his deep purple eyes dropping to the ground. His honey-wheat hair draped over his shoulders mocking the plain earth-tone garments he wore. The kingís piercing eyes went to Hal and then settled on Titos.

"How is it that you dare to set foot in my palace and before my presence Warlord of the Black Army?" The voice was cold and hard.

Titos straightened himself to his full height but Ryn spoke first. "Father, I have returned to bring you word that I fare well and live." Rynís voice took a pleading tone.

The king eyed him carefully before motioning for a nearby guard to come forward. The elven guard was tall and had deep yellow hair, tied back in a long ponytail. His muscles were firm and pronounced as was his eyes of grey touched with violet. He looked as proud and impassive as the king. "Escort your brother to his room whilst I take care of our new arrivals."

Rynís brother nodded slowly and went towards the elf, but Ryn took a step back.

"Father, they are not new arrivals but my guests. They have come with me and will remain with me."

The three gave each a series of looks. Then began speaking in their elfish tongue. The conversation seemed to turn into an argument for the voices rose in volume. Ryn spat out a word that even the Titos and Hal could tell was ugly. His brother stepped forward and slapped him across the face hard enough to send the prince sprawling to the floor. Ryn tried to stand, fighting the tears in his eyes. Titos moved forward instantly to help him up, ignoring the undignified looks the others gave him. He had had enough of the formalities. The elves were rude enough to speak a language he could not understand and now he was going to give them something they could not miss. He pulled Ryn up and drew him into an embrace. Hal moved to join them, having watched the scene unfold slowly.

The king stood up swiftly, his eyes burned with unbound fury. "The stories are true! You have not only lain with my enemies but brought them forth here. You dare sport your new disgrace in my courts openly!"

"Daddy... Please." Ryn moved forward tears pouring freely from his eyes.

"You disgust me you whore!" The king replied coldly.

"No... Daddy... No" Ryn searched his fatherís eyes seeking something that would not be found.

"Is it true?" His brother asked softly. "Did you lie with the army for nearly month? Is this the warrior that captured you, this man here who you have brought before us? Did Titos take your body and now you freely give it? Give freely to the man who in fact raped you?"

Ryn lowered his eyes and nodded slowly.

The king turned and stepped down the stairs to his throne. He stopped an arms length from his son and stared past him as if Ryn was not even there. He then turned and walked away. His eyes never wavering from the direction he took, not hesitating nor even looking back once. His soft footsteps died away slowly.

"Little One." Rynís brother moved forward and pulled him into a warm hug. "You are our blood and will never be turned away fully. But... but it is for the best that you leave. The decision has been made and publicly." He kissed his brother on the brow lightly. "I do not understand. Perhaps one day you shall tell me."

Ryn nodded numbly. "I do not know... I do not know what this means..." He admitted softly. "Fareal..."

Fareal clasped his shoulders tightly. "You have been disgraced from the courts. Your presence will no longer be tolerated by the Elders or those of Power. The nobles will not look upon you as prince any longer. Take heart, your birthright stands solid, only your power has ceased. Your distant claim to the crown still exists and our family will not dessert you. Do you truly fare well? Unharmed?"

Ryn stifled a sob and turned away, but Fareal cupped his chin. "Look at me Little One."

"I can not. I am ashamed. Daddy..."

Titos took a deep breath. He clenched his teeth at the words that were just uttered from his loverís lips. Hal moved to his side and took his hand, squeezing lightly.

Fareal pulled Ryn closer cradling his head gently. "Father is a stubborn man. Centuries of proper upbringing will not die away because his youngest son has ventured beyond our forest to realms and situations beyond the norm. If this is not as ugly as it appears, do not let him make it be so. Do not let him take what you have presented before us openly and turn it black and undesirable to you. Come to my home. I will house you for as long as you would like, but let us not stay here."

"I have disgraced our family..."

"Yes, but you are still family. Lying with someone unwed is not easily tolerated, even for royalty. Coming here with two male lovers... it is beyond... Father will not be the last to address you in such a manner. You are strong and can bear the brunt of their venom. Male lovers are not new to us, just not acceptable in the open. Please, come with me and stay for at least a little while."

"They will look down upon you for housing one such as me."

"Yes, but you are my brother. That is more precious to me than anything they could offer or take away."

Ryn nodded slowly. Fareal pulled away and smiled slightly. He approached Titos with wary eyes. "I would be pleased to have you and the priest guest in my household." He walked away but whispered first. "Go to him."

Titos and Hal approached Ryn slowly as if unsure whether their presence would be welcomed. Titos had known to some extent what would happen. He knew his prince realized that as well. But hearing the elf call upon the king as daddy and then watching that tear-filled love returned with a look of indifference, was enough to make Titos reconsider his opinion about the Dark Army. If their intention is to rid the world of such arrogance, perhaps they werenít truly as black as he had thought, as the priest had mentioned earlier. Halís people had exiled him not because of his choice of love or sex, but because he denied them what they thought was theirs by right. It had not been an ugly scene or even one of great importance. He and Hal both new if the priest beseeched enough, they would welcome him back. But this, this ugly encounter would not die down so easily, especially since all the people here would live, naturally, for years to come. Ryn saw their approach and went to them.

"It is done. I am free of any more obligations... I think. We may go home and never return, but first let us accept my brotherís offer. It ëtis the least I can do." Ryn smiled weakly.

"Ryn, you are anything but ugly. You are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen, and your heart and spirit make me glad." Hal offered quietly.

Titos smiled slightly. "If your people donít want you, I know of hundreds that would correct such a folly."

Ryn laughed lowly as his deep purple eyes lit up. "You two are impossible. Elven society may not want me, but they have me, like it or not. I am going to show you the sights and flaunt myself in anyway that I choose."

Titos felt instant relief at the words, but deep down he knew his love was hurting. Rynís pride remained intact. He had scene Rynís pride damaged when he begged to maintain his freedom at Titosí own feet. That had been repaired with love and understanding. No, Rynís spirit could not be killed even by the arrogance of his people and their stupid laws and politics. It soared at the hand of the darkest of evil, prevailed in the most extreme circumstances, and survived the hardships the elfís body had brought upon itself. His prince was perhaps the strongest character he had ever seen, and to watch him be shot down by his own father was almost enough to turn Titos into the most hated man of any "good" being. He would have murdered the savior of Light for what had unfolded before his eyes without a second thought had he not realized that killing Rynís father would be something the prince would never truly understand nor likely to forgive. Rynís heart had been broken and this time it wasnít something he or Hal or even Trohan could fix. They would of course always try to offer comfort and give love and hope, but only one person could ease this wound and that was the very one who had delivered it. He praised the gods that at least Fareal had sense and that Ryn had not been left totally alone.

Farealís house turned out to be not only huge but spectacular. Like the palace it was based in a tree, but not just one, three. Granted the trees were a great deal smaller than the ancient one that held the palace, but no less grand. The household was made up of three separate buildings that were connected by wood and rope bridges. One building was rather simple but comfortable and held the bedrooms, the second contained the kitchen and storage chambers, the thirdís purpose was to entertain guests in the various large rooms and also had a library. At the base of the largest tree was also a meeting room that was used during the day for routine visits. The walls had fine detailed carvings engraved in them. Ryn explained that these were often tales of the familyís deeds. It was the custom of the eldest son to sport not only these engravings but also tapestries, and paintings and stock the library as well in the familyís honor. In Titosí opinion, Ryn was the most attractive of the two, yet Ryn clearly held his brother in awe. The two centuries separating them no doubt made a difference in not only skill but basic outlooks. Titos had been in the presence of such extraordinary people and creatures before, but Hal seemed a bit overwhelmed by the whole experience. The priest said nothing, but clearly was charmed by the mere presence of the elven race.

The first night went by rather uneventfully. They were content to share one bed, giving Ryn the right to the middle this time. Titos was relieved that Fareal did not even offer three separate rooms. Clearly this brother had accepted the situation right away though perhaps not wholeheartedly. Still, Titos wondered about the earlier slap and its implications. The next morning was a flurry of busy servants and tailors. Apparently Fareal was throwing a party this evening and wanted his guests to be dressed appropriately. Titos found himself extremely annoyed by the preparations and fuss they put on him. He tolerated the new flimsy clothing, though he had to save his dark armor and garments from the burn pile when no one was looking. He did not even openly complain about the herbal bath. But when they went at his head with scissors, he all but chased them out of the room with a roar that sent Ryn bounding up the stairs. He was happy to hear Rynís laughter but could not afford to dwell on it. His legs took him as fast as they could to Halís room where he threw open the door. Hal turned to him in shock and tried to cover his bared skin. The priest blushed terribly when Ryn and his brother showed up with worried faces. The elf maiden working on Halís hair giggled delightfully when Titos explained to them he wanted to make sure the hair was still there. She assured him she was merely braiding it again and wanted to use a silver chain of small leafs instead. Titos nodded in permission. Ryn laughed again and this time he let his heart soak it up. He even found himself quickly becoming fond of Farealís slow smile that often followed his brother open glee. The day pasted quickly and night came. Titos found himself standing in the main room, tasting the delicate appetizers alone and wondering where his companions where.

Then someone grabbed his neck and whirled into his arms. He looked at Ryn and smiled.

"I was wondering where you were." He stated casually.

"Well I was having a hell of time convincing Hal to come out. I think he feels too inferior to come join the festivity. I endeavored to convince him that his hair is nice, and his garments as well. He might have remained up there all night if I had not sworn that you would not only be displeased but would most likely be hurt to be the only human present. He shall come soon." He leaned close and whispered. "Do not call my bluff or I shall not be able to persuade him again."

Titos grinned. "Manipulate is the better word I should think. I also think we are drawing attention all ready." He looked at the people staring and whispering and threw them a fake smile.

Ryn too took a moment to look around. "They have not seen a thing yet."

Titos began to wonder if Fareal had any idea of his brotherís attentions.

More and more guests arrived and then the bards setup and began playing light silky tune. Hal arrived once the room was nearly filled, Titos had a feeling it was planned that way. He slipped next to the other two. Titos smiled at the priest warmly. "Glad you could make it."

Hal merely nodded.

"Titos." Ryn caught his attentions. There was something in the sweet voice that set of alarms off in his head though. "Let us dance."

"Youíre kidding."

Rynís deep purple eyes sparkled. "Not at all. If I am going to be shunned, let us give them a true reason." He grabbed Titosí hand not taking no for an answer. The warrior shot Hal an apologetic look. The priest merely smiled.

At first the dance was rather light and causal. They got a couple of outraged looks but nothing more. Ryn, however, seemed to want to draw attention to them. The elf moved in closer causing their hips to touch. Titos found himself instantly aroused at the way Ryn would have their bodies collide but not actually look as if it were anything more than casual. He knew better. Eyes began to drift towards them slowly as Ryn wrapped his arms around his loverí neck. Titos found the mischief dancing in those purple globes to be intoxicating. They moved around the floor gracefully though Titos began to wonder how this was possible since he had always thought he lacked in the grace department. He briefly pressed his knee between his partners legs. This was

enough to get the elf to gasp quietly and then press closer. The piping from the wind instruments and the thrumming of the drums began to create a dreamlike feel. When the music began to die down, Titos leaned over and ravaged Rynís partly opened mouth. He tasted the warmth and each of the wines that had been sampled. It was sweet and at the same time raw and erotic. Ryn pulled back gasping for breath.

"I could not have wished for a better ending," Ryn whispered before pulling Titos up the stairs and to their room.

Titos laughed lowly when he realized the room had suddenly become awfully quiet.

The warrior didnít give Ryn a chance to make it into the room before he began to strip the elf of his garments. Ryn helped him shed off his own troublesome clothing and then shoved him on the bed. The elf straddled him with is strong hips and then bent down captured his mouth. Titos grinned and grabbed the honey-wheat head till he had his fill of the passionate kiss. He began to think that Ryn ought to make a spectacle of himself more often. Titos grasped Rynís hips and drew him forward.

"Titos...?" Ryn began but it turn to a moan as Titos drew the elfís bulging cock into his mouth.

He tongued the shaft quickly and then caressed the head. The silky flesh began to move in and out as Ryn thrust forward. Titos grabbed the dancing sacs and squeezed them harshly, drawing a loud groan from his lover. Ryn cock thrust down the back of his throat easily, dripping with pre cum. His muscles worked the oozing shaft fiercely until he tasted the sweet nectar explode down his throat. Ryn shuddered uncontrollably. The elf beamed at him briefly before sliding down the warriors body and going to Titosí own pulsing organ. Ryn sucked and licked the tempting flesh for a moment and then pulled away. Titos growled lowly, but before he could do anything about it, he felt tight heat as Ryn impaled himself on his loverís sex. The elf gasped in pain but began to ride him slowly. Titos grabbed the moving hips and began guiding them himself, at his own rapid deep pace. Ryn writhed in pain and pleasure yet did not resist. He threw his head back, letting his light hair glide over the course hairs of Titosí arms. Titos relished the new sensation and surged forward causing Ryn to arch his back and adjust to the depths Titos was reaching. The elfís hot sweaty body glistened in the moonlight gleaming in through the open window. A light nightís breeze swirled the weightless hair about effortlessly. Rynís eyes were closed tight as he moved his body with Titosí strenuous rhythm. Titos let his hand glide up the smooth back and then over and around the rippling abdomen. His hand fanned over the heaving chest and grazed the hardening nipples. Ryn began to breathe in heavy gasps as Titosí hard fingers pinched and pulled at the delicious looking nubs. The elf bent his head down lowly with the touch, his hair draping down to Titosí chest.

"Come for me," Titos commanded lowly.

Rynís head shot up, his eyes wide in surprise. His body trembled as he came as requested on Titos large chest. Titos grinned, grabbed the enticing waist and thrust upwards, his cock sheathing itself into the welcoming body as he too came. After a few moments, Ryn slipped away and then moved forward, letting Titos claim his quivering mouth once again.

The elf then sighed. "Let us forget the party. Maybe we can get the priest to join us. Think he is up to it?"

Laughter rumbled in Titosí deep chest. "Youíve a stamina that wonít quit."

He smiled. "A blessing I think." He shivered as Titos rubbed his body down with a cold cloth. "Hey!" He jumped up with bubbly laughter and wrestled him for it. Somehow the elf won, and Ryn was dripping cold water all over the bronze body and then licking it up. Titos smiled slightly, maybe he had won after all. Their amusement was cut short as the door flew open.

Hal stood before them, his new garments torn at the chest and tears streaming down his cheeks. His amulet was not around his neck and his sky-blue eyes would not make eye contact.

"Hal?" Titos sat up instantly.

Hal continued to cry and went into Rynís open arms. The elf stroked him gently but the priestís body wouldnít stop trembling.

"Hal, what is wrong?" Ryn asked quietly.

Titos threw his pants on and grabbed his sword from his sheath. "Who is he?"

Hal shook his head quickly but couldnít catch his breath to reply.

"The king." Fareal stood at the door. "Father came in, and some of our favorite nobles decided to fill him in on your activities. He had to vent his anger so he..."

"Decided to take it out on the easiest target. That son of a bitch." Titos snarled and stood.

"Titos." Ryn held Hal close. "It is my fault. I pushed to far. Fareal what did he say?"

Titos found his old red and black garments and dressed quickly, ignoring Farealís presence. "It doesnít matter I have had enough."

Ryn kissed Halís temple lightly and then darted up and grabbed Titos arm. "Titos, he is...

"Your father. I know. It is the only reason why he lives." He pulled away and stormed out of the room. He glared at Fareal who stood in his path. There must have been murder in his eyes for the older brother moved aside with his eyes somewhat lowered.

Titos walked into the room heavily. He could hear the light laughter and wondered how much of it was at his loverís expense. Anger boiled hot in his veins as he strode up in front of the king. By now the room had become totally silent. The elder elf gazed at him coldly, his chin set stubbornly. His guards made a move to intercept Titos, but the king waved them aside. Titos stopped a few paces in front of the man he would like to kill. He would have slain his own father for less when he noticed Halís amulet thrown to the ground in front of him.

Titos bent down and picked it up, feeling the cold metal burn his hand slightly. "You must be pretty proud of yourself." He hissed lowly.

The king smiled slightly. "I did what must be done, exposed him for the little whore he is in front of all who would witness."

Titos moved forward. He stopped only a breath away and grinned when the small figure before him stepped back slightly. "Are you talking about him or your own son?"

The king straightened his back. "I am referring to the little harlot you left down here when you went to bed my son."

"So you decided you would take it upon yourself and start your own little war? You would signal out the one you figured we left behind and just have at it." Titos controlled his rising temper but not his rising voice.

"If what I said is so untrue, then why did he flee our presence in such a hurry? With tears even?" The king did not so much as twitch as he described the event casually.

"Because he is sensitive you ass hole." Titos moved forward. If the elf cracked a smile, that would be it. "You call my lover a whore? A young man who had his first kiss given by me? I was there when his body first yearned for the touch of another. I watched him explore the pleasures that sex can provide. I showed him one of the greatest gifts of life and then your son gifted him with more. You speak of a whore. Can you even say so much for your queen? Has she ever kissed another in passion and love or just you? Did she save herself for your touch alone or have there been others?"

"How dare you imply..."

"I am not through yet." Titos growled menacingly. "When you held your son after his birth did you show him the sky? Did you raise him above the ground and soar with him in love? Did you show him the beautiful lands of his people and tell him of his welcome? Perhaps you forgot to mention how your acceptance is limited to only experiences you have had. Did you tell him that you would rather shame him before the entire court than see him find love outside not only his race but your raceís standard? When you held your baby in your arms did you even hint at the fact that you would turn him away because your enemy drugged him and had his senses so out of whack that he was nearly stabbed to death in the back? Did you tell him that you would later scorn the very priest that saved his life?" Titos moved closer staring the king down with his piercing gaze. "I have been to many kingdoms, experienced several customs and stretched endless laws. I have heard the loneliest vagabond describe to me the greatness of the blessed king and his elven allies and refuse a crust of bread offered to him from a dark armyís general. A light of ëgoodí some claim you are. Hope and freedom. But those are just words to you arenít they? Not a ring of truth in them here. I would have left the Black Army eventually even if your son had not been captured. They are dark and with them are some of the creepiest creatures even you can imagine. But now, now I would join them in a heart beat if it would mean they would come to this fair city and sack it for all its arrogance and its lies. I have feasted with goblins and even undead with more manners than you. Whores are a whole class of people far better to be in the presence of than slime such as you." He turned to return to the room but paused. "We leave this wretched place tomorrow, and if I have any say in it, not a one of us will ever return." He stomped up the stairs and pushed past Fareal.

He shoved open the door violently. "Ryn, Hal..." His voice trailed off as he noticed that there was another visitor.

A woman dressed head to toe in a pastel, yellow and lavender dress, sat at the edge of the large bed. Her hair was long and so blonde it gleamed white in the moonlight. She looked small in frame and her hands lay delicately on Halís shoulder. Slowly her head turned and deep purple eyes looked him up and down. Her youthful and beautiful face was smooth and pale as the rest of her. A smile played at the corner of her full lips. The resemblance was unmistakable and uncanny. This was where Ryn had gained his beauty, this very magnificent woman before him. "You must be Titos." Her voice was soft yet audible and sweet.

He nodded slowly and approached with the amulet in hand.

She took the amulet from him effortlessly and retied it around Halís neck. The priest still hugged Ryn tightly, and sobbed quietly.

The elf woman patted Hal lightly on the back and then stood gracefully. Ryn looked at Titos for a moment but said nothing. Titos too found himself speechless. There was no doubting that this woman was the Queen but there was something about her that radiated a divine power.

"Greetings Warrior." Her voice was barely above a whisper. By now Fareal had entered the room and stood at the doorway slightly apprehensive of the Warlord. When it became apparent Titos would not speak, she continued. "I know you are acquainted with my son Ryn and have met his elder brother Fareal." She nodded to each, a secret smile in her glistening eyes. "I apologize for my dear husbandís cruelty. The stubbornness that has held against the darkest of forces in his early years have a tendency to be misplaced. His cruelty also has centuries of practice and experience backing it, a most unkind power to be used against your friend."

Titos nodded. "Aye, I would add that his manners are lacking and his abusive behavior ought to be dealt with promptly."

Fareal stiffened at this remark, but his mother slowly held her hand up.

"My husband did physically move against your priest when no reaction was won. He had desire to seek vengeance and vent his anger, and Hal, Parístak, would not comply to that without the most drastic of measures." She tilted her head to the side slightly. "I hope you will wait till the late morn to take my son away from his birth-home."

Titos recognized that gesture as well. Coming from this elf, it sent shivers up his back, but he was not afraid. It was more unnerving than anything else. "I did not mean..."

She nodded and smiled a knowing smile. The Queen went over to Ryn and kissed him lightly on the forehead. She then moved to Fareal and did the same. Her attentions at last returned to Titos. "I desire your company in the morning. There are gifts and certain belongings I wish you to take with you. And of course, a good-bye will be mine to give to my youngest."

Titos bowed slightly and took her hand, kissing it slowly. "As you wish."

The Queen smiled again, and he knew she was pleased. "Very good." She then strolled out of the room, accompanied by her eldest son, but paused at the end of the stairs. "And yes, there have been others. What you have must be rare indeed."

Titos then seated himself next to his lovers. He smiled at Ryn and then cupped Halís chin and looked into those enticing sky-blue eyes. "How long did you take his wrath?"

Hal looked to the floor. "I donít...

"How long?" Titos repeated.

"He came moments after you departed." Hal admitted softly.

Titos felt anger rising in him once again. His temperament seemed to be out of control these days. "Why didnít you come up earlier?"

Hal pulled away and gazed at the floor. "It was tolerable for the most part. I thought if I could withstand it now, then I would save us all the pain later. His words became more than cruel. They were personal and then he lashed out at me. It was so quick, the time just flew..."

And all of it was true, Titos was willing to bet. There were few weapons in this world that cut as deep as the horrid truth. Titos sighed and sat next to his lovers, drawing them both into his arms. They had both been hurt by one of the worldís greatest saviors, so they say. The king of elves, Haavel, the Sword of Freedom, was beginning to look very dark to him. If the ancient elf was not careful, he would become Titosí and as well as Rathís personal enemy. Haavel maybe powerful and dangerous, but so too would be hi foes together.

The rest of the party was dismissed for the evening, and the trio found at least a margin of peace in the safety of their beds and comforts of their arms.

The queen, who is called Maraethal... or Healing Priestess, had them meet her at the Wrennís Temple, located on the hill only minutes from the aging capital. She presented them with a number of gifts and treasures she hoped would insure her sonís comforts. Amongst the gifts was an item Titos noted Ryn took a special interest in. A large oaken bow that bore the tales of some of the greatest archers in gold picture-graphs. Bestowing this gift to Ryn, had to take place publicly since it was a family relic. For this reason, Fareal and Hal left before the other two to wait in the safety of the elven forest. Hal would not come near another spectacle, especially one crawling the same nobility that had hurt him early. Those were not his exact words, of course, but Titos could tell they would be close to his true feelings. Whatever the king had said, had hit a core in the priestís being. It was just another item on the list of things Titos hoped to explore with about his new relationships. For the first time, as he saw the queen give to her son this bow that seemed to mean a great deal to him, though the presence of his father would have meant more, Titos began to wonder if he brought trouble to all those who knew him. Did his love not often bring about danger and complications? Had Rath not become dragon-bonded after his brief fling with Titos at the port and then become the leader of one of the greatest armies in the world only to now begin its descent after Titos had resurfaced in his life and leave abruptly again. Not once, but twice had he done so. The first time he took a prisoner, the second Rathís soul-mate's blood. The dark blood that ran through his veins had often been said to be cursed and blessed in one. He was given a longevity that rivaled the immortality of elves and the strength that master even giants, yet at the same time, primal forces battled in his being and demanded to be headed. Titos also had this uncanny knack for drawing dark creatures to him though not necessarily death. Perhaps the sadist part of this trip to the ancient forest was that the one being he had once believed might have the answers to his many questions had turned out to not only despise him but be his enemy. Warlord, or not, Rynís father would always see him as a dark warrior.

The ceremony seem prolonged but ended while Titos continued his musings. Ryn came to him, smilingly happily and chattering about his new bow. Somehow Titos managed to get the elf mounted and they headed to meet the other two in the forest who waited for them with the carriage of many more gifts. Ryn became an evidently talkative creature in that mere hours of travel. He went from talking about his gifts, to his motherís priestly duties, to his siblings and the brother he never had a chance to meet. Evidently Fareal was some kind of general... an active one even now which Titos thought could only escalate to hostility between them. Ryn was on the topic of his traveling sister when they came across the burning coach in the trees. Titos leapt from his horse and peered inside. The gold, and the jewels remained, the people did not. Bodies of orcs lined the area. Their throats, and bellies sliced open with skillful attacks. Ryn went to report in but Titos warned him against it. There was only one person he knew haughty enough to come this far in and attack leaving gold behind in the elven forest. Only one person haughty yet skillful enough to pull it off without alerting scouts, if they were not dead all ready. Involving the king and his enemies would ensure the deaths of Fareal and Hal for sure. There best chance would be to get outside help with as little notice as possible. Titos knew Rath well enough to know that the warrior may not hesitate to slay his new prisoners since one of them was the heir to the throne of elves. He would not hesitate because he did not know one of them was a man Titos loved, or perhaps that would cause the killing if the dragon was the driving source behind the kidnapping. Either way, a unit of elves would only be able to retrieve bodies, and that was not an option. Not now and not ever

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