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Titosí Adventures: Broken Souls 11
BY Paladin

Hal tested his black chains once again though he knew they were still very secure. His arms and legs were stretched painfully to the bed posts in a small tent in the very center of the Dark Armyís camp. Farealís loud cries had kept him awake for hours into the night and the night before even. This morning, all was quiet, and he felt a sense of dread creep upon him. He had once said that being put on display would upset him, but here he was staked out and stripped of clothing and dignity and not so much as a tear had dropped. Every once in awhile, an orc or dark knight would wander in and look him over with lusty eyes and open leers, yet that was as far as it went. The blankets he lay upon were soft and smooth though he shivered terribly during the night hours; the daily cloth bath did not help either. Lord Rath himself had come in to fondle him on occasion but would leave angry when he did not react. The priest had had his amulet taken and destroyed before him. That act itself had him cast into a sense of despair. He hoped that Titos and Ryn would not come looking for them for the Dark Army was not truly disbanded at all as some rumors had suggested. The dragon was here and so too was its rider and at least a hundred more. His lovers would only find death here, and he began to wonder why he still breathed.

Then a noise caught his attention, and he looked up to see Lord Rath entering again. The tall blonde with a scar across his right eye was dressed in his usual black heavy armor. His short hair moved silently with the nightís breeze, and his deep grey eyes frowned at him intently. On his hip was an oily sheath carrying the shiny renown Sword of Rage. In the grip of his right hand, he held a large black whip. He stared at Hal for several minutes. Perhaps he wished the priest to squirm or even speak first; he was rewarded with neither. His eyes narrowed, and he uncoiled the whip slowly. He slapped the black leather on the ground lightly. Hal caught his breath as Fareal was pushed inside. The elfin prince trembled in naked form from either pain or exhaustion, he couldnít tell. The dark blonde hair was damp and loose and the body looked tense. He could make out small cuts and bruises along the smooth, pale skin from here.

"Approach him."

Fareal moved towards him slowly and then sat at the edge of the bed. The elf would not look at him.

"It is simple priest. If he can not awaken your body, he dies."

Hal caught his breath. Then Lord Rath departed. Fareal sat motionless on the bed his eyes still averted.


"I am not afraid to die. It is the method..." His voice was low and barely audible. It sounded tight with pain. His hands moved slightly and for the first time, Hal noticed a set of small silver keys clinking in his hands.

"Unchain me." Hal requested quietly.

The prince complied slowly, still avoiding any eye contact. In fact, he let his dark yellow hair completely conceal his face. Hal sighed in relief as the chains were unlatched. He rubbed his wrists slowly and then pondered on the problem at hand. He reached out and touched the pale shoulder lightly. Fareal quickly pulled away from him with a wild look in his eyes as he stood, but the elf stumbled and fell almost immediately. Hal went to him quickly. The priest closed his eyes to keep the nausea from overcoming him. The elfís pale back was striped red and blue from excessive whippings. Fresh blood trickled down between his thighs, and obvious finger marks marred his vital throat. Bruises covered the pale body terribly. Hal moved forward, approaching him as you would any wounded animal. He cupped the elfís cheek gently when he was close enough. "Easy," Hal whispered. Fareal closed his eyes and said nothing. The priest was thankful that his face remained unblemished, that would have been too much. He touched him gently with the hands of a healer, stilling when the elf became tense or shuddered. There were deep rings around the princeís wrist, most likely from trying to escape his bonds. One looked deep enough to have reached the bone. Two small, gold rings pierced his nipples that were red from excessive pulling. Hal sighed heavily. It was clear Lord Rath would not issue a quick death if he chose to resist. He began to wonder what kind of game was being played and if he dared to become an active member. Forgive me Titos, he prayed lowly. He then stood and exited the tent and was not surprised to see Lord Rath standing and waiting. "I will not resist you," He stated simply.

The dragon-rider smirked and pushed him back in the tent. Fareal tried to stand but lacked the strength to do even that. Rath shoved the elf into the corner of the tent. "Stay," he commanded darkly. Fareal made no move to resist.

Hal found himself uncertain not of his decision but about what to do next. Love he could do, it came naturally but this was so different, so strange. He thought of Ryn and how he must of done it.

Lord Rath reached out and moved aside a stray braid that fell before his eyes. Hal closed his eyes in acceptance. He would not encourage this rape. He did not have to, he need only respond. The dark warrior pushed him back to the bed and then sat next to him. His large hand slipped down between the priestís legs and gripped him tightly. Hal gasped. The man was direct. Hal knew that his meditation would not be able to provide escape this time, not if they were both to walk away from this alive...

The rape went on for hours. He whimpered lowly into the pillow that proved to be his only sanctuary. At some point the dark lord had stripped and began pounding his aching body with his hard cock instead of pawing at him with cruel fingers. He felt himself slipping away into a gray world of numbness. He had said he would not resist, and he hadnít. Hal began to wonder if his cries had become as loud as Farealís did at night. Everything hurt, and for the first time in his life, he prayed for death.

"Get off him!" Titos dark voice reached his ears.

Hal hurt too much to move despite the comforting voice of Titos. He opened his tearful eyes slowly and beheld his warrior standing at the entrance of the tent. The green flap was slightly open revealing the figure of his elfin lover Ryn, who stood guarding the place with the bow his mother had granted him. Titosí blade was crimson with the vitality of those who must have challenge his presence.

"Stand and face me," Titos demanded coolly.

Lord Rath pulled out of him slowly, drawing a low moan from Hal. The Rider grabbed his sword and held it against Halís unprotected neck. "Come closer and he dies."

Titos visibly hesitated.

"Do not let him walk from his crimes..." Hal managed to whisper lowly. Tears fell from his eyes as he realized the last touch he would know would be that of a man who served death.

Lord Rath laughed loudly. "Crimes. Ah yes the slaughter of innocence and rape as well. How does it feel to know that I have bedded everyone of your lovers? That they cringed at my touch and came in my hand that same day?" The blade bit into the tender flesh slowly. Hal could feel the hot burn of the cut as it oozed his blood slowly. "Iíve taken my archenemyís only sons in the most brutal ways possible. Both of them cried out. The youngest even begged for it to stop and then returned for more. The eldest is broken, beyond anything you can fix. The elfin king has now felt my wrath ten full." The evil man continued without even a taking a breath. "And you, ex-lover, betrayer, once Titan now will see your precious love die before your eyes. Take a look in those eyes, that anyone can not help but love, one last time before they close forever. You see Titos, I am not a man of my word. I will kill him when you take your first step towards me. I will kill him perhaps before you even have the chance. Blood for blood." He grabbed Halís dark braided hair cruelly. "Where is your god now priest?"

A whirling sound somehow filled the air, and Lord Rath dropped his sword and clutched at his throat desperately. The black leather coiled around his neck tightly until the sick crunching of bones echoed in the still tent.

"Die, for your crimes a thousand times over." Fareal hissed and then collapsed but feet from the dark lord he tried to kill.

Titos moved forward and checked the for life signs and then stood heavily, saying nothing. Hal tried to stand but found his head was oddly dizzy. A warm embrace wrapped around him, but he felt no comfort. His heart sank as his body even shuddered from the contact. "Iím sorry..." He tried to say but the words barely formed.

"No!" Titos spoke loudly. "Do not be sorry for something that you did not do. It is not your fault. None of this."

"Fareal...?" Hal questioned quietly. Gods, please let him be alive.

There was a long pause of silence. "He lives." Titos assured.

Hal nodded in relief. He then closed his eyes and felt numb. "I think I will sleep now." His voice sounded even odd to him. He didnít hear Ryn enter or the shouts as battle erupted just on the other side of the cloth dwelling.


"What now?" Ryn asked lowly as Trohan and his mercenaries cleaned the world of this portion of the Dark Army. The dragon they left to sleep. There was no one here strong enough to kill the beast even in that state. The younger elf prince held his brother close to him, heedless of the blood staining his clothes. Fareal looked very much dead; thank the gods, he was not.. Ryn let his tears fall freely at seeing his brother in such a state.

Titos held Hal close to him as if he was losing him, and he knew he was. Halís eyes were open but sightless, in a state of shock. Gods, he didnít know exactly what had happened here but it had left two very strong individuals weak and venerable. "Now we take him home, and try to help your brother in the process." He had meant his surprise to come out during a quiet evening once they had settled down. But things just kept happening, Rynís curse, his quest for dragonís blood and last but not least the kidnappings right from under their noses. The circumstances could have been better but he had not choice. It was time to take Hal back to his desert home. Titos prayed theyíd fine at least some form of peace there, and healing that no other place could provide. He briefly wondered how he would be able to tell the rest that Rath was not dead, and that as soon as they departed, he would be healed by his soul mate when the beast returned. Rath was right, the dragonís venom overcame the man he knew in this powerful bond. Titos needed to help those with him now, but some how he would find away to get his first male lover back. There had to be a way to have the bond remain in tact, as he knew Rath would demand, and save the dragon-rider from the blackness of his soul-mateís wrath.

***Approx 1 week Later***

Titos sighed heavily and gazed at the starry night. The fire crackled quietly nearby causing the horses to neigh quietly. They were getting close to the deserts again. Fareal was in the process of healing, and Hal had overcome his status of shock. The priest remained pretty quiet and did not cringe from his touch, for that he was thankful, but Fareal was another story. He spoke even less than Hal and even then only to Ryn and in the elven tongue. The traveling had to be hard on his abused body but the elder elfin prince had said nothing. There were times when Titos wished he had taken up a more useful trade than the sword. He had some knowledge of tending battle wounds but even then, it wasnít much. He suspected Fareal to be in a lot of pain still, but the foolish elf didnít let on. Hal stirred next to him as he stroked the heavy, braided dark hair. The priest opened his sky-blue eyes slowly and then turned towards him. He looked at Titos for a moment but revealed little of his thoughts in the process. Titos really hated it when he did that. The priest probably even thought that didnít realize that he couldnít keep his meals down. Every night, while Titos setup camp, Hal would walk away quietly and then return a few moments later.
At first Titos thought it was nothing, that he only need space, but then he followed him one day. Hal would vomit in the distance, drink some wine, and then return. Titos had almost lost his temper then, and even now he wasnít sure what to do about it. As he was recalling the earlier events, Hal did something that not only surprised him but caused worry. The priest began kissing lightly along his neck. The kisses were hesitant, but Hal did not falter. The left a small trail of fire as the smooth lips traveled further down and along his broad chest and to his dark nipple. There, a small tongue twirled around the hard nub. Titos growled lowly. It had been sometime since he had taken one of his lovers to bed, but this did not sit right with him. He cupped the smooth check and forced the priest to look at him. Tears swelled in those gentle eyes.

"Do you not want me anymore?" Hal asked quietly.

Titos sighed. "Hal..."

But the priest cut him off. "I know things are a little different now..."


"If you don't want me as your lover, I... I understand. I can be your servant or your slave even. I wouldnít mind." Desperation rang clear in his small voice.

Titos thanked the gods and cursed them in the same breath. They had given him two wonderful lovers of whom he would never have to worry about leaving him, but at the same time, he couldnít convince them they were loved and that he wouldnít let them go if they wanted to.

"My responses are getting better. I can learn to do what you like." Hal searched his eyes almost frantically. The tears were pouring freely now.

"I love you Hal. You. Where is this uncertainty coming from?" Titos tried to keep the frustration out of his voice but it was failing. He looked at his tanned lover, the silver still glistening in the dark hair, the blue eyes once again tearful. Hal was beautiful but so sensitive.

"Give me chance..." Halís voice quavered briefly. "I too can please you."

Too? Titos cursed inwardly. Was this the Ryn thing all over again? What the hell was he going to do about that. "You do please me. You do." Titos spoke forcefully. He grabbed Halís shaking hands and squeezed them. "I said I love you. I love you both. Are you listening to me?"

Hal closed his eyes but the tears continued. "Then why are taking me back?"

Ahh. Titos could have kicked himself. This was not the route they had traveled but clearly Hal recognized the destination. He began to wonder just how long this had been a problem, since they left, or just now. "I think that home will help you better than anything else."

Hal looked down and took a deep breath. "I donít have a home this way. The only home I have, I thought, is with you..."


"They will either kill me on sight, or demand I return and give them what is their due right."


"I want to be with you." Halís voice became barely audible. "I donít care how just..."

"Hal..." Titos knew if the priest cut him off this time, he would loose it. Luckily Hal remained quiet. "Do you remember the favor owed to me by your chief?"

Hal nodded slowly. "You took nothing."

"I did. I took a promise. I wanted you to be able to return to your homelands unmolested, without fear."

Halís eyes slowly returned to his. They eyed each other for several moments. The lights slowly returned to the priestís glittering globes. "He granted...?"

Titos smiled slightly. "Yes, I am taking you home, and then we will return to your new one. I wanted it to be a surprise later, but Fate... she isnít always so kind..."

Hal wrapped his arms around Titos neck and cried. "Oh Titos. I thought... I am such a fool."

Titos laughed lowly. "Yes, but you are my little fool." He hugged his love to him close. "Now I hope that..." He was cut off as Hal drew him into a long, warm passionate kiss.

The priest pulled away breathlessly. "Make love to me." He spoke quietly.

Titos sat up abruptly but did not let go. "Are you sure?"

Hal nodded. "I am not broken." The priest winced and glanced at the two elves sleeping on the other side of the fire. He wasnít broken, but he knew one of them was.

Hal moved on top of him slowly. They both gasped as the body heat surrounded them and their groins touched. Titos wondered if had truly been that long. He stroked his loverís smooth back slowly and moved in for a gentle kiss. "Take it slow," Titos cautioned.

The priest breathed in deeply and trembled. "I am not a virgin Titos." The warriorís name rolled of his tongue seductively. "It is merely the remembrance. Help me forget." The priest murmured lowly as he began to kiss the large chest in front of him.

Titos rolled them so that he was on top, pinning the priest under his heavy body. He watched for signs of fear or panic and grinned when he saw none. He claimed the luscious lips fiercely gaining gasp from the small body under him. He held the priestís wrist above Halís head as he continued to plunder the sweet mouth. Hal arched up against him groaning as the large hands parted his robes slowly and stroked the tanned skin tentatively. Titos let his hands assure himself once again that everything would be all right. The priest shuddered with each soft stroke and groaned deeply. The small nubs hardened in desire as Titos let his tongue roll around the tempting treasures. He drew his lover towards him as his hands explored the relaxed back relentlessly. Hal grasped his hair tightly as his eager tongue sought and found the growing organ down below. He sucked lightly at first waiting for the first thrust of the hips and then he drew the entire member in his mouth. Hal thrust into his throat repeatedly, lost in a world of pleasure Titos was more than happy to provide for him. The sweet nectar poured down into his gut, and then his lover leaned back slowly. Titos kissed the limp member than cover his loverís body with his own. He petted the darkly braid head and smiled. "Ready for more, love?"

Hal closed his eyes and nodded slowly.

Titos gripped the small hips and lifted the priest for easier access. Using some natural lubrications from the nearby blossoms, he pushed in slowly. Hal gripped his shoulders tightly, trembling under him sweetly. Titos stroked his lover gently, willing him to let go off the bad memories and soar with him now. The priest opened his eyes and smiled, his sky-blue eyes dancing with unbound love. Hal leaned forward and lightly kissed Titos lips. The warrior responded at once, drawing the young man into a powerful and passionate kiss, their tongues intertwined and then broke. In one fluid motion, Titos moved to a sitting position, bring Hal with him. Hal gasped in slight shock at the sudden movement and held on to him tightly. Then he wrapped his arms around Titosí thick neck, seeking and finding another dreamy kiss. Titos grasped the small waist and began moving the small body over his hard member. Hal broke the kiss with a slight gasp as the warrior thrust forward with his powerful thigh muscles. His sky-blue eyes blocked with Titosí dark ones as the priest groaned loudly. "Do you wish my eyes to remain open?" his lover asked lowly. Titos chuckled softly, pulling him closer. "I wish you to remember and see these moments when you close your eyes for the rest of your life." He nibbled Halís lower lips momentarily. "I love the color of your gentle eyes." Hal colored instantly yet maintained the gaze. "They are so light yet as deep and wild as the sky at times. And when you are angry, they blaze so unlike the fire more like... like..."

"Raging water," Hal whispered, his legs closing around Titos and drawing them closer. He gasped loudly as Titos pressed further still with a forceful thrust.

"Yes," Titos growled lowly and filled the wanting body with his warm seed. "Exactly."

Hal closed his eyes briefly as he arched into Titos warm body, realizing his own desires in muffled cry as Titos claimed his open mouth as his own once again. He laid them down and covered them with the blankets. "Hal, know that every time I look at you, I make love."

Hal groaned lowly. "You, of course, realize that every time you look at me now, I shall be embarrassed."

Titos grinned. "You are most beautiful when you are shy." A sniffling sound suddenly caught his attention. He frowned at not having noticed the pain coming from his other lover earlier. Titos touched Halís shoulder briefly and stood to see to his other lover.

"Titos..." Ryn called brokenly.

Titos turned to him and felt his heart sink. He was cradling Fareal to him, his deep purple eyes pleading with his lover to help, but Titos wasnít sure he could. He kneeled by them and brushed the sweat drenched yellow hair from the elder brotherís brow. Even darker despair hit the warrior when the elf did not flinch or even look towards him. The skin was nearly hot to the touch, and his breathing had become shallow. "Where is your pain?" Titos asked lowly.

Fareal stirred a bit, his grey-violet eyes slowly focusing and then becoming cloudy again. "Everywhere," he whispered.

Titos sighed. He had suspected the elf to be hiding his pain, but had hoped it wasnít anything internal. Part off him suspected that Fareal had journeyed with them because the elf-warrior realized he would not make the trip home. "I am sorry Ryn. There is nothing I can do." Titos hated this feeling of helplessness.

Ryn sobbed. "There has to be something..."

"Cold..." Fareal rasped. "Not... not cry Little One."

Hal approached with a few more blankets and a wet cloth. He applied the damp moisture to Farealís brow. "I go now. I go to pray. Perhaps my god will grant me another amulet even away from the temple."

Titos nodded slowly. "Do not go far."

Hal approached him quietly. His light hand touched the warriorís muscular arm. "I must go far enough so that the presence of others will not interfere. I will be all right." He then strode away and into the darkness.

Titos paced angrily by the fireplace. Hal had been gone more than half the night. Everything in his being screamed for him to go to investigate, to just make sure things were o.k., but Hal had mentioned needing to be away from others and to interfere may result in the death of Fareal. Ryn watched him mutely from the other side, the fire dancing in the deep purple eyes that usually held so much joy and passion. Titos sighed, he was probably only making them both uneasy. He plopped himself down next to Ryn, and hugged him tightly. Ryn leaned his head wearily against the strong shoulder. Titos kissed his sweet honey-wheat hair and let his hands venture to Fareal sweat glazed brow. He was still fevered, but at least he rested. Titos hoped that was a good thing.

Suddenly, Hal was standing before them. How the priest managed to get so close amazed and made the warrior uneasy. His sky-blue eyes held no hint of success nor failure. He simply kneeled before them and then pulled out his shiny new amulet. In his left hand, a small cup was secure. He swirled the liquid momentarily and then supported Farealís neck to bring his head up. The elder prince stirred, his pain-filled eyes opening slowly. "Drink." Hal commanded. Fareal was only able to marginally open his mouth, but it was enough. The elf drank the liquid slowly till the cup was drained. Then he began to convulse and gasp in agony. Hal placed his hand on the pale forehead and murmured lowly. The silvery amulet glowed a deep red and then green. Fareal stilled and closed his eyes, sighing heavily. Ryn and Titos watched in silence, neither one trusting themselves to speak. Hal touched the forehead again and then looked at them both, his sky-blue eyes glittering. Only when he smiled, did the other two feel the weight lifted.

"Is he all right?" Ryn asked in disbelief as he felt the cooling brow.

Hal nodded. "Yes, but I can only heal the physical damage. And even that is not complete yet. My powers will be weak for awhile. His life is safe, the rest will go away with time and more spells."

Ryn closed his eyes in relief. "Thank you."

Titos summoned Hal to his open arm, and then held him tightly. "Well get through this. All of us." The others managed to sleep with some ease. Titos merely watched the fire burn out and then sighed... finally falling asleep himself.

The next day brought them to the brinks of the sandy hills that announced the presence of Halís desert home. The priest smiled slowly turning to Titos to say something but then he turned and blushed. Titos grinned, it would appear last night had not, and he hoped, would not be forgotten. The priest lead them on slowly, glancing at Fareal occasionally. Titos too kept an eye on the glum prince. The eldest elf would not speak to any off them and actively avoided their presence still. Titos wished he could ease the guilt or the pain that tainted the proud noble... perhaps sometime, he could.

Hal motioned for them to dismount after several hours under the hot sun. At first, Titos did not notice a difference from this spot from all the others. Then the wind paused and revealed the largest palm tree he had ever seen and the biggest mud hole as well. Puzzled, he wondered why his love would take them to this ruined oasis. And then the warrior realized he had just run out of an further plans. He wanted to take Hal home and he had. Now what?
Hal dismounted and approached the dark, murky waters. He closed his eyes briefly as tears sprang to his eyes and fell to his knees in grief caused by something the others could not see. Titos approached him silently, his hands squeezing the shuddering shoulders, lost for words.

"Priest, why have you brought us here? Why did you need to come?" Ryn implored quietly.

"Long ago. A warrior came across the most beautiful watering hole he had ever beheld. The waters so crystal blue and sweet that kingdoms would have been driven to war each other over it had they known it existed. A more valued treasure lay behind the open beauties of the place. A creature whose fair skin glistened with youth, and whose blue eyes sparkled with the powers of the elements. Her blue hair and lair at the waters bottom labeled her as a water spirit. For one night alone, they shared each others love and were bonded in a matter few mortals have ever felt. He returned home, never to utter a word of the presence of the place he longed to return to... vowed even when his term of service ended." Hal took a deep breath. "The tribes were, at one time, in a constant state of war. He was mortally wounded in the desert hills on the night of a terrible dust storm... too far from home to be able to return alive were the wound not to kill him. His tribe counted him as lost. Suddenly a beautiful woman, with sparkling blue eyes, came to the camp and spoke to the chief of the people. She handed him her babe so that the child might grow up with his people if not his parents. The water spirit wept over the body of her love and died by his side. The storm covered their bodies and the oasis dried up, but never vanished."

Titos listened intently glancing at Ryn who shot him a look that asked him if he was thinking the same thing he was. The elf prince was surprised and so was Titos. He drew his weeping lover to his feet and turned him, kissing his teary eyes. "Hal, do you weep for you parents?"

The priest shook his head slowly and pointed at the Tree that glistened with... dew drops. "They weep for me...as I do. For the love I have and have put at risk by seeking relief from the pain I feel."

Titos frowned. "You have not lost our love..."

"Havenít I? I am a creature born of the elements in human form. I have deceived you. Made you believe I am mortal when I am not. You will grow old and die..." Hal caressed Titosí cheek. "And I will not. I am a half-breed, an unnatural race."

Titos chuckled softly, taking the hand and kissing it slowly. "I am not human my love. Not even close, the only way we will leave each other will be by force or our own will, and I do not will it. Ryn is not mortal either. Hal, love, you are not alone now and wonít ever be even in our untimely deaths."

Hal tried to blink away the tears that formed but could not. "But I am..."

"Unnatural," Ryn strode forward and hugged Hal quickly. "That is the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard you speak." Ryn kissed him lightly, his deep purple eyes sparkling with youth and love. "We love you... not what you are... but who."

Titos drew them both into a mighty hug. "The gods have blessed us with each other at least for this time being. Shall we return home now?"

"Not yet." Hal shook his head and dried his tears smiling. "Darkness comes upon us. Let us bed for the night. There is water in the nuts of that tree."

Titos complied, preparing camp promptly. He was, however, surprised when Hal stopped him from preparing the priestís bedding.

Hal stepped in the murky water and then turned around and motioned to Fareal. Titos eyed the elder prince watching the surprise and then hesitation enter his grey-violet eyes. Hal spoke softly, "Come with me, it will help."

Fareal closed his eyes briefly and moved forward, accepting the offered hand without a word. He looked to Ryn briefly, fear evident in his eyes, his hair loose around his shoulders.

"It is all right my brother... he will help if he can." Ryn assured softly, stepping next to Titos for support of which he received with a hug.

Hal pulled him forward and then they both disappeared under the murky waters.

"Breath Titos..." Ryn murmured softly after several moments. Titos inhaled loudly, his heart watching the thick liquid for a sign... any sign of life.

The night quickly came upon them, the darkness as well. He leaned against the tree, listening to Rynís soft breathing as he slept in his lap. Hal, he wondered... where are you?

Then two figures broke the water and Hal and Fareal stepped into view. Despite their venture into the murky below, they were both clean and dry. Ryn stirred awake and stood quickly, as did Titos. Hal ran into the warriorís arms. "Letís go home." His gentle lover implored.

Fareal approached his brother slowly. The elf warrior tilted his head slightly and then slowly smiled. "I am beginning to understand; I think."

Ryn ran into his brothers arms, sobbing violently. "Is it true then. You are all right."

Fareal patted Rynís soft hair and sighed. "I hope to be. I am better."

Ryn pulled out a small shining object from his pocked and backed away. He hand the silver band to Fareal and smiled. "Might this help?"

Fareal laughed lowly. Taking the silver clip and binding his hair with it. "Your gift to me can do no less."

Ryn smiled happily and returned to his brotherís arms. Fareal glance at Titos for a moment before returning to his bedding for the rest of the night, with his brother

Titos couldnít place the look, but it was not entirely friendly... maybe even a bit fearful. The prince was not cured of his experience, but at least he was speaking again and life had returned to the grey-violet eyes. "Yes." Titos murmured as he and Hal returned to the soft to the furs to sleep. "We start home in the morning."

And they did just that.

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