Titos' Adventure: Rath

NOTE: This story take place around the same time period of Titos' Adventures: "Willing" Bondage.

Titos' Adventures: Rath 18

NOTE: This story take place around the same time period of Titos' Adventures: "Willing" Bondage.

Titos' Adventures: Rath 18


The large blonde with the scar on the right side of his face stilled his pen and clenched his fist. His dark grey eyes glided over to the chosen guard for the night. Rath had had a rough day. The orcs were finally becoming rowdy and the army was, in fact, losing. The document in front of him was the last of the papers to be signed to officially relieve him of commanding duty without having him lose face to his titles and war ethics. He smiled slightly, war ethics indeed. His attention returned to the task at hand. "I left orders for the soldier to seek out my second in command if they need to report or otherwise speak to a superior officer." His tone was level and honed with professional force.

"Aye sir. It is not a guard who wishes to see you." The green orc informed him lowly.

Rath rolled his eyes. He had hoped to avoid another diplomat. Some pathetic being begging for his mercy knowing that if the army fell, Greggorous would seek damage its foes at least one last time. "I have no time for pleasantries. Send them back to the land they came from."

The orc shook his head. "Not one of them either. A slave."

Rath looked up and frowned. Slaves normally tried to avoid his company not seek it. "A slave? I do not 'see' slaves."

The orc nodded. "I know sir, but he says you may wish to see him. Ridik."

The commander frowned. That damn elf had been more trouble than he was worth. The fool had tried to escape ten times all ready, almost succeeding once, and constantly disobeyed even the simplest commands. His worst trait, was his mouth, which never seemed to stop spinning threats and insults towards Rath and certain members of his family. He tapped his fingers lightly on the desk. The elf would have been dead long ago had Titos not delivered the guard almost personally. For some reason, the warrior did not want his death... or perhaps he simply couldn't deliver it at the time. Since their friendship was all ready strained well past usual limits, he would not risk it being the former. Still, it did not mean he had to listen to the little fiend. Rath pondered a minute; it had been weeks since he had looked in on the elf. Perhaps he had tamed down at least a little... just enough to have him shipped to a more appropriate place for his training. To a man with more patience and time to deal with someone like that. "Very well send him in."

Ridik strode in, his chin set stubbornly and his hazel eyes dark. He wore a tattered tunic and leggings in not much better shape. His black hair had been left to grow out, at Rath's request, though the elf had managed to cut it once on his own, and was tied into one large braid that trailed just past his shoulders.

"What is it?" Rath's voice was all ready cold and uninviting. That same damn stance had made him angry right off the bat.

"My lord... master." The slave tried to cover his error quickly. All ready an odd move. "Might I request something?"

Rath narrowed his eyes. Special treatments were not often given by him and certainly not to someone who thought it was their due. He also had no desire to hear anymore demands to be released or otherwise ransomed. He did not know if the king of elves knew he held one of his precious few citizens captive and didn't care. "Speak your piece and leave."

Ridik stiffened and hesitated. "I am told you do not have a tent slave."

Rath leaned back in his large wooden chair. "I do not. Is this the part where you praise me for my valor or perhaps insult my needs to have one."

Ridik remained impassive as he always did until initiating a battle. Rath waited with growing impatience.

"I am under the impression that you desire my body..."

The dragon-rider shrugged indifferently. "I desire many. Get to the point and stop wasting my time. You are a slave and have no right to it."

Ridik nodded once. "I would like to request to take on the duties of your tent."

Rath snorted angrily. "Who ever told you that I am a great master is a liar, and in any case, I am not in the mood for these games. You came seeking ease from your situation and you shall not have it. Leave before I decide to have you beaten for you haughty notions of trying my patience."

Ridik turned to go quickly. Rath went to return to his work but paused. Ridik had yet to leave so hastily. "Stop."

The elf halted, his back straight, at the opening of the tent.

"What did you think you could gain by such an encounter."

No answer. Rath fumed silently. These days, his emotions seemed to run wild, definitely a sign to end warfare for at least a year. "Look at me." Ridik did not respond. "I said look at me else you will face a fate far worst than anything your people perceive as foul." His threat was cold, loud and one-hundred-percent true.

Ridik turned to him, tears falling down his cheeks. His hazel eyes maintained the gaze.

Rath eyed him curiously. Tears? He had not believed it were possible. The elf guard had not so much as flinched while receiving a beating from him, nor had he any indications of breaking. Perhaps his soldiers were incorrect in their assessment though they rarely missed even the smallest of signals. "Come here."

Ridik approached him slowly. His stance still proud and this time a bit angry.

"What are you thinking?"

The elf did not speak.

Rath stood to his full height of six feet and eight inches. He glared down at the impudent slave, but held his rage. "Need I remind you of your position and the many ways that I can demonstrate the truth in the word you are labeled with?" His threat, was again very true and hard. "There are many ways to suffer that do not include death. Speak your thoughts and be warned from lying."

"I am thinking myself foolish to have approached you." The elf spoke levelly.

"You approached me to infuriate me further and are disappointed I did not take the bait and beat you silly." Rath shook his head. Some people never learned.


The blonde raised an eyebrow. "No? Then why?"

"I wanted to offer to be your tent slave."


"I am told no one else will do much more than huddle in a corner than clean your space..."

The dragon-rider frowned. "It is true. But why?"

"Because you are cruel. You beat them...."

"No." Rath stopped him. "I want to know why you would offer."


"Leave my presence and do not seek it again." Rath returned his attentions to the paper. He was not in the mood for more games.

"I can not take this."

Rath returned his gaze to the elf before him. Tears were flowing from his hazel eyes again, this time freely. The commander frowned and dug through more documents of the last few days' reports. He scanned them quickly, his practiced grey eyes picking up the relevant subjects. No beating had been issued. Ridik had not been given to the soldiers as the orders restricted that. The elf had his share of food and water. His considered Ridik again. The elf had not left as ordered, but that was to be expected, for he had yet to follow any order the first time around, till just a moment ago. "You are healthy and look well. If you are homesick, I assure you that your presence in my room will not aid to that. I will not allow any letters. It is not negotiable."

Ridik closed his eyes slowly, visibly trying to calm himself. He could not stifle the next sob. "I am so tired."

Rath peered at him quizzically. The camp had not had the slaves do labor while on the move as they had been for weeks. It was too time consuming. In fact, the number of slaves had dropped a great deal as they were sold from place to place to make travel faster. Nightmares? Rath found himself totally confused, but his cold gaze stated otherwise. When it became apparent that would be all, Rath spoke. "I am not here to give you a warm bed and comfort. Those who ever receive that from me are far more deserving."

"Sorry my lord... master, I will go."


Ridik paused in mid-turn.

"You will not leave until I tell you to, nor will you go till you explain yourself. If that entails you standing where you are for the next week... then so be it. If you have been keeping track of our location, as you no doubt have for you next escape attempt, you will realize we are far from any worthwhile danger."

Ridik tried to speak twice, but nothing came out. Rath waited patiently, intent to enforce his threat even if he had not meant to make it a standing one. "I am so tired."

"You have said this." Rath stated levelly.

Ridik nodded. Rath did not mind making it hard on him, this troublemaker had done enough damage to last him months to come. "The other slaves... I can not... I..."

Rath leaned back in his chair a bit more. Relaxing for a moment. Ridik would not be trying for his life this time as he had done the last. "You are the only former warrior in the lot, and are even large for your race. There is not one of them that can best you in combat, unarmed or otherwise."

"There are too many. I can not fight them all... all and win. I... I... I..." Ridik closed his eyes though the tears did not stop.

Rath smiled slowly. Ahh, so the slaves were turning on each other now. Interesting. He had not been informed of that though it must have been going on for weeks. There were always occasional assaults but never anything worth noting. Yet this, this ordeal seemed very much a group effort and a long-term one. "Every night?"

Ridik nodded, though he still would not look at him.

Rath stood with his cool smile still gracing his mouth. "I am very touched that you felt you could share this with me."

Ridik stiffened at once. Rath summoned his guard. "Take this one outside."

He watched the despair fall over the smooth features. "I should have known better than to believe any good could have come from you." Ridik spat lowly, though the look in his eyes indicated he was very close to breaking down and crying at his feet.

Rath observed him for a moment. The outburst had not changed his mind at all. "To the baths and return him." The orc nodded and took the stunned elf away.

He had his paperwork nearly complete and sealed when the elf was returned. Without so much as a glance, he pointed to the makeshift bed in the corner. He heard Ridik comply. The hours passed by slowly while he sorted over a number of things. Only when he was sure that he heard signs of sleep did he pause and venture over to his own bed. He laughed lowly to see the peaceful look on that vengeful figure, and shook his head. He would still be trouble, fighting him every step of the way. Yet this little display of the relinquishing of Ridik's pride had promise. Perhaps once he was done with the war mess, he could return to his castle and its pleasantries once again. Greggorous' bloodlust must have ceased by now, so the possibility of a longtime "rest" was possible. It had been quite sometime since he had entertained himself with any slave. And for what he had in store for Ridik, well, it would be wealth worth the trouble getting there.

Part 2 NOTE this takes place just before Titos' Adventures: Winter

Rath snapped the whip down for the twenty-fifth time, using all the strength his muscles could muster. A low groan finally emanated from the bound elf. Taking a deep breath, he curled his black whip and spoke quietly. "You do yourself no justice by taking the blows in silence. When I state to the first sound, I mean it. The next time you escape, it will be fifty regardless. Consider that, for you may not survive the next time around." He touched Ridik's quivering shoulder lightly. "Will you come to my bed, or must I distribute you to the barracks once again?"

Ridik spit in his direction. "Never willingly. Never," he hissed.

Rath shrugged, he had many others to occupy his time with. "Very well." He ordered his new slave to be washed and delivered as planned.

He retired to room for the evening, fixing his bed for the servant had not done so accurately. The lord would have to speak to his servants once again about quality work. All though he could careless, if he were to have a guest say such a snob as Zeltor, he would need it all perfected. After straightening the paintings and tapestries and organizing the papers at his desk, he retired for the night.

Several hours later, he awoke to a pounding on his door. Instinctively, he leapt out of bed and went for his sword. He threw the door open, headless of his lack of dress save for his nightly cloths. The sword was at the throat of the offender in seconds. Had it been a month or two earlier, he would have finished the job without thought. Now, he glared at Ridik angrily. The elf fell to his knees, his black hair flowing over his shaking shoulders and trembling body. He was naked and bore the markings of the night's abuse.

A guard appeared in the door way, a large rope in hand. "I apologize sir. He is a crafty one isn't he?"

Rath placed his sword on the nearby dresser. "Yes, he is." He watched the elf's trembling form for a moment before speaking. "Are you willing now?"

Ridik closed his hazel eyes and nodded.

"Now and for the rest of your life? Will you give yourself to me freely for that long?"

Ridik drew in a quivering breath. "For as long as I am yours, so too will my body be yours?"

Rath sighed and began to close the door. As if on cue, the guard threw the rope around the elf's neck and tried to drag him away, but Ridik still had strength left in him. He grasped Rath's gown tightly. "Master please."

The dragon-rider turned and eyed him coldly. "It is not good enough."

Tears poured from his slaves eyes. "Please. I need time. I am almost four hundred years old. I cannot just change... please..." He grabbed at his neck as he was yanked backwards, choking slightly.

Rath frowned. His first impulse was to go to bed and rest in the warmth of his sheets and comforter, to forget this scene ever took place. A small part of him demanded to consider this objectively, to exploit the situation to achieve a desired end. An even smaller part of him felt for this creature begging at his feet. His frown deepened; he was not completely heartless. "Release him."

"Sir, are you sure you want to give in..."

Rath's eyes blazed angrily at his guard. "I will give you one minute to turn and step out my front door else I serve my soul-mate a favored meal of raw man flesh." The guard dropped the rope and was down the hall and descending the stairs before the next breath was taken by any. He reached foreword and grabbed the elf by the hair and neck, pulling him up into a bruising, harsh kiss. Ridik shuddered but didn't pull away and even opened his mouth for a further assault. Rath pulled away, looking at the tempting elven body. "You need a bath."

He rang for servants who immediately had his personal tub filled with warm steamy water. The dragon-warrior had his slave in the tub in no time. His meager healing abilities cleared up a portion of the beatings, leaving it at least tolerable for the evening. As he combed the long, silky black hair, he spoke softly. "I want your hair grown out until further notice. Any further attempt to shorten it will be punished with further beatings until you beg for me to take you to my chambers and bed you harshly. Your bulk is also undesirable, muscle or not. As an elf, you should be several pound lighter and so a diet will be placed upon you immediately. Starving will not be the course of action, but should you feel the need to indulge yourself... you will be severely beaten and receive no meals the following day. Is this understood?"

Ridik nodded slowly.

"I should wish to hear the proper response."

"Yes my lord... master."

"That must cease as well. You have one week to begin addressing me properly. I will not mention your punishment due to further insulting. Your age may indeed be a drawback in that you are used to a certain lifestyle and different truths. However, you are old enough to be responsible for all your actions. My punishments, from here on out, will be swift and harsh. Either way, you may not have the option of changing your mind again after refusing me. Stand."

The elf warrior complied to the demand and stood slowly. Rath draped a silken robe over the pale body and smiled. The bath proved to be a definite improvement. He pulled a chair out, removed his night shirt, and sat down. The master motioned to his slave smoothly.

Ridik swallowed hard and knelt before him, his mouth slowly taking in the hardening member. The sweet tongue worked his head lightly at first and then with harsher strokes. Rath groaned inwardly, as his hand reached under his blanket and grasped a dagger, if the elf were to bite, that would be the last taste he ever had. Ridik continued his slower advances, easing the large organ down the back of his throat where he massaged the pulsing flesh with experienced muscles. Rath grasped the silky hair and demanded a more fierce pace. Ridik's hand gripped his thighs as he accommodated the command, his delightful tongue caressing the shaft and dancing at the tip. Nearly growling, Rath thrust his hips foreword, forcing his slave to take his entire length. Ridik compensated nicely, opening his throat even further and providing a warm slick passageway for Rath to finally send his seed down. The closing of his eyes momentarily, was the only real evidence of the dragon-rider's release. He pulled out silently, his face impassive. Ridik leaned back on his heels and eyed him with uncertainty. The elf had no idea if that was acceptable or not. The large blonde stood fluidly. He grabbed his slave's shoulders and brought him to his feet, pulling the glistening body close to him. Ridik instinctively rocked his hips against him, his rock, hard flesh pressed against his thigh. Rath grabbed a hold of the long, black hair and yanked back. He attacked the exposed throat with small bits and the nipping of his lips while his hand stroked the straining organ down below. The elf shuddered after a few minutes of the rougher caresses and came in his hand. The lord of the castle released his handful of hair and brought his moistened hand to the slightly parted lips of the elven warrior. As soon as the elf turned away, Rath sent him flying with a hard blow to the face. Ridik glowered at him as he moved to stand.

Rath threw him a pillow and a single blanket. "Stay there and sleep on the floor. Only through obedience will you find the comfort of the bed. " Rath returned to his bed and spoke once more before blowing out the only lit candle. "If you ever so much as consider touching a weapon, you will be sent to barracks and there you will remain. If your obedience and general respect, including regards to my desire for your weight, does not improve, there are certain friends of mine in Barslin that will see to it you learn very quickly or die trying." Then there was darkness.

Rath awoke, half expecting to feel the choking hands of Ridik on his neck. He was almost disappointed to see the elf had remained on the floor and had not moved even from the spot he had fallen to. He stood up slowly and opened up the drapes to look upon the slowly coloring sky. Once again, he had had trouble sleeping. Was it too much to ask for Greggorous to stop his slaughter at least for a week? It was not only distasteful but needless. If the dragon desired animal flesh, his guards were more than able to get it for him and not at the cost of starving a farmer's family. He went to his desk and began to filter through the endless sea of letters that were all described as "important." At least a half a dozen commanding positions had to be turned down, three invitations to weddings of people he would rather kill than meet again. An orcish ceremony, some one obviously got the wrong impression if they believe he had cared for his troops that much. Rath smiled slowly, someone wanted him to breed Greggorous with his newly acquired hatchling. He had better burn that one before Greggorous had a chance to answer. A light sigh then caught his attention. Ridik rolled onto his back, a very serene look on his face. Rath felt the familiar stirring of desire in his groin and approached his slave. He kneeled down and took a small nipple between his forefinger and thumb. The large blonde pinched them lightly till they formed small pebbles. Ridik breathed in deeply but did not awaken. He proceeded by tracing the hard muscles of his abdomen and gliding down to the semi-erect organ in the dark forest below. He stroked the silky flesh a couple of times while he inserted a single finger into the tempting opening.

"Father please... so sore. Not tonight..." the elf mumbled almost incoherently.

Rath froze, a dark look spreading across his face. Had he heard right? Before he could even consider the answer, the hazel eyes flew open. Ridik eyed him in horror, his face fading several shades of color. The moment didn't last long for the elf leapt at him, his hands on his master's throat instantly. Hatred burned in the elven, almond shaped eyes. Rath reacted quickly, slamming his fist into the side of his opponents head. He had hoped only to daze the slave but the elf went down, knocked out cold. Angrily, Rath stood and straightened his night shirt. He went to the mirror and eyed the nail cuts with fury. That is what he got for letting his guard slip but for a moment with the defiant elf. His fingers tapped the dresser loudly as he pondered on his next course of action. He could beat the slave for his outrageous action, but the dragon-rider found himself more than a little interested in what that was all about. Rath dressed quickly, foregoing the armor and sticking to his old house wear that had only a small amount of protective material. After equipping his sheath and dagger to his belt, he dug and found some chains in chest. He clamped them to the unconscious slave's wrist and attached him to the post of his bed. Rath pulled up a chair and waited.

Ridik awoke slowly, but instantly began to struggle once he became aware of where he was. Rath watched him mutely, waiting for him to settle down before he began to speak. "How old were you?"

The elf stiffened. "What do you mean?"

He stood up slowly, pushing the chair back loudly so his slave would know he had stood. "I have never and will never be in the mood for your word games. I will ask you one more time to tell me how old you were then I will make you tell me."

Ridik remained silent until Rath was but pace away from him. "I do not recall."

"Give me your best guess."

"Maybe 60," came the soft reply.

Rath nodded slowly. Three decades before full maturity. "Describe it to me."

The elf shuddered and shook his head.

Rath stroked the dark mane slowly and leaned forward placing his mouth inches from his slave's ear. He grabbed the hair suddenly and pulled back. "This can be very easy and simple, or it can be the equivalent of having your soul ripped out. I am your master and I demand to be pleased. Do you want a demonstration of my power now for I am more than willing to give it?"

Ridik shook his head quickly.

"Good. Now was it at night?"


"Now I want you to describe it to me. Take it slow if you must but do it. Options are no longer available to you. Do as I ask, and your life will be more than tolerable."

Ridik closed his eyes and spoke softly. "He entered my room late one night and started.... he stroked my hair... gods. I cannot do this. Please do not do this to me. Master, please..." Ridik lowered his head in defeat.

Rath paced a few times and then smiled slowly. He pressed his body up against the kneeling captive, his covered chest against Ridik bare back. "You liked it didn't you? Was he your first? Did his touch set your body on fire? Bring to life your dark desires?" The elf shuddered in answer. Rath's hand traveled over the muscular abdomen and grasped the hard evidence. "Was it the darkness of the desire or the method of which he claimed you in more ways than a father should?" Ridik groaned lowly as he was stroked a couple of times roughly. Rath ran his hands over the smooth, hard buttocks and pushed a finger in the warm opening. "Did he seduce you or merely take?" he questioned lowly as he inserted another finger.

The elf bucked, held only by his restraints, when the human warrior found and teased his prostrate. "I hate you," Ridik hissed.

"That very well maybe," he replied. He forced two more fingers in and shoved forward hard. Ridik gasped in pain, unable to arch away more than a couple of inches. "Did he seduce you or merely take?"

"Seduce." Ridik breathed. "Foreplay."

Rath pushed the long hair aside and kissed his captive's neck slowly, his tongue rolling over the sweet sweat glistening skin. "He pleasured you, and later began hurting you... and kept hurting?"

Ridik trembled, his hands clenching at the chains that held him. "Yes, gods yes. Why are you doing this to me? How can you hate me so much?" the elf sobbed quietly.

Rath kissed a pointed ear, his hands seeking and finding a tempting nipple. "It is not about hate, but power. Domination. Learn your place and you can live with it. Struggle and you find only pain. You do well with physical torture but you crumble under sexual torment, under emotional interrogation. I know this so do not tempt me. How long did your sire force himself on you?"

"My sire never did."

Rath grabbed his throat, using enough force to have the elf fighting for breath. "Do not lie to me."

"I have not. I swear. The man who raised me and the one who sired me are not one in the same."

"Your father died..."

Ridik shook his head before Rath could finish.

"You are a bastard child." Rath asked fiercely. He was finding this hard to swallow. Of all the races he had seen and known, the elves were the most vivid in claiming all family ties and then some. Marriage was rarely an option when considering a child involved and even then, several formalities would be taken. Such was the case for all the elven cultures.

Ridik tried to shake his neck free but failed. "Yes, please. Master I can not breathe..."

Rath stepped back. Damn. He had notions of breeding the elf. Not only did Ridik look bulky enough to be a half-breed, he did not have a noted lineage. "Your mother?" the dragon-rider questioned as he released his grip.

Ridik took a deep breath, calming his instincts to gasp. "Died in labor."

"I don't suppose you know who your father is..." Rath muttered more to himself than Ridik. The elf's eyes instantly averted which caught his attention right away. "Do you?"

"No," came the short reply.

Rath drew his sword and brought it to an exposed wrist, the blade gracing the skin lightly.. "You do not need both hands for the plans I have in store for you."

Ridik eyed him quickly, swallowing when he noted the serious gleam in the grey eyes. "Yes, I know him."

Rath found himself at a loss for patience. He had never been a man ready and willing to deal with anything at a slow pace and fought even now to maintain control. "Why would he not claim his son? Elves claim even their half-breed children."

Ridik tried to blink away tears but failed. Rath could not tell if they were from fear or emotional pain. "Because he has two perfectly fine sons now, a worthy family and a position to care about over one mistake he made with one elf maiden."

"You are lying." Rath announced and drew his sword back in a show to fulfill his threat though he had not the intention of carrying it through. He wanted to see his new slave's reaction.

"NO! I swear! PLEASE. The King will have nothing to do with me save for employ. PLEASE. He knows, but I have no evidence to give you for this is... none. Master... please... I beg you..." Ridik sobbed. "please... not my hands."

Rath stood their stunned for the first time in several months. His mind raced with what he had heard and its possibility of being true. The elven king had been married to his queen for nearly 500 years. Ridik mentioned being almost 400 years which would make him the eldest son left living. Was it possible that the king had betrayed his wife and conceived with another woman? He lowered his sword slowly. Although he had no interest in pursing any kind of political power through this knowledge, and there really wasn't much there to pursue anyway, he wanted to know it's validity and how many knew. He smiled slowly, the youngest prince's birthday was coming soon. It was likely the others would be there but he should be able to plan to avoid the encounters with all of them but the one he wanted to talk to. Considering Titos' fondness for both the elven princes, he wouldn't be surprised if Ridik had been caught extracting some small measure of revenge on one of them if not both. Had it been an assassination, he knew Titos would have taken care of it and the queen as well. It was time for Rath to ask what Ridik had done to earn him his place as Rath's slave. And here he thought life would be rather dull without an army at his beck and call.

He put away his sword and unbound his captive's wrist. "Easy. I will not take one of your hands."

Ridik stayed where he was, hugging himself with his head lowered, clearly terrified.

"How long did this elf hurt you?"

His slave remained silent.

Rath sighed heavily. "Must you press with every breath you take?" He grasped Ridik's chin gently, forcing the hazel eyes to regard him. "Your future will be very bleak and an endless torment if you continue to defy me. There is no future in your stubbornness."

Ridik closed his eyes slowly. "If given the chance, he continues to do so."

Rath frowned. "And you allow this?"

Ridik flinched as if struck. "He took me in from the streets. Gave me a chance Helped me find my real father."

"I see." Rath remarked dryly. "So you have mistaken desire for love. He raised you and so has a right to you. Or... or is it he knows this secret and you pay him with your body to keep the king's reputation secure?"

"I have whored for less reasons than that. He is stronger than I." the elf spoke lowly.

Rath pulled him to his feet and pressed the muscular body to his own. "And you will whore for me, when I ask and with whom I ask it. I am a slaver now and you are my slave. Accept that fate and you will find that even slaves can be content and happy. You belong to me now."

The elven warrior took a deep breath. "Yours." His hands traced Rath's muscular figure under the cloth lightly. "Is there a chance for me to earn my freedom...?" came the whispered question.

Rath stilled the hands and brought them to his lips, kissing them slowly. "Not likely, but don't let that stop you." Ridik closed his eyes, tears coming out of the corner and gliding down his cheeks. Rath kissed away the tears slowly and murmured. "Do not let this situation sap your strength. Grow from it and learn.'

The elf pulled away, and he let him. Ridik turned his back to him and looked out the window with longing. Seeing him thus preoccupied, Rath retrieved a thin leather collar from his wooden chest near the back of the room. He approached the elf and pushed his long hair aside. Meeting no resistance, he attached the collar to the slender, yet strong neck. Rath pulled the elf against him, wedging his knee between the strong thighs. He breathed in the sweet fragrance of the forest of shiny hair as he ran his fingers through the divine silk. His lips bit gently at the pointed ears, his tongue dancing just on the lobe. "It is the same sky, and moons. The sun still rises each day. The stars smile upon us here. You are not dead merely enslaved. Submit, and a new world will open up to you."

Ridik sighed. tilting his head to the side, shuddering when Rath licked at the insides of his ear. "I cannot fully submit to you."

Rath rubbed his knees against the heavy sacs, drawing a groan from his slave. "Then you will suffer, daily if necessary, until you do."

"Not today." the elf whispered as his nipples were pressed and squeezed with commanding force.

Rath maneuvered them both to the bed. His hands roamed over the hot body that now belonged to him. His palm rubbed the hardening flesh slowly, relishing the small gasps that came from the elf. Abruptly he stopped and waited for Ridik's attention. Once he got that, he spoke. "I want my clothes removed."

Ridik hesitated and then complied, his hands working slowly to strip his master's clothing. With one smooth motion, Rath had Ridik pinned beneath him. He took his hard organ and rubbed it slowly against the desired opening. The elf groaned, his hips instinctively lifting to provide an easier access. He plunged into the hot body with one thrust, his hand clamping over the mouth to muffle the erupted scream. Slowly, Rath moved in and out, filling the body. A sweet tongue flickered out and bathed his hand as his movements increased in speed.

"Sir," Someone called outside his door.

Rath grunted, his hands dropping to the elf's waist. He gripped the lusty body tightly, plunging and claiming his slave as his for the first time. "Enter."

The soldier stepped through with a documents in his hand. "The report you requested has come in...." His voice trailed off as his commander stood and faced him in naked form.

"Don't move." Rath commanded to Ridik. He took the papers from the shocked soldier. "Something wrong?"

"No sir."

Rath scanned the paper quickly, his deep grey eyes darkening at the information. Unconsciously, he traced the scar on his face as he made a decision. "Tell my friend that he is to take the resisting force as prisoners. No executions unless otherwise directed by me." His eyes darted up to see the young man's, who's short hair had a sandy coloring to it, emerald green eyes watched the aroused elf intently. Smiling, Rath went to the door and closed it lightly. "What is your name young man?"

The soldier looked at him wide-eyed. "Markus sir...?"

Rath touched his shoulder lightly, his eyes admiring the young muscles and lightly tanned skin. He pressed his erection against the young man's thigh as he whispered to him seductively. "Well Markus, tempting isn't he." His hand clenched at the hardening evidence of his accusation. Markus gasped nearly coming in his pants right there. "Ridik!"

The elf sat up his hazel eyes taking in the situation. "Come here... no on your knees."

Ridik's shoulder stiffened as he looked into Rath's cold eyes. The dragon-rider returned the gaze unwaveringly, his eyes daring Ridik to defy him here and now. The elf kneeled and approached him on his knees. The lord slowly removed his soldier's garments, letting them drop silently to the floor. Luckily, his castle guards rarely needed to wear armor. His hands tightened on the shoulders when the young man made visibly attempts to step away. He kneeled down and gripped the elf's stubborn chin roughly. "Show him what your sweet little mouth can do." The elf complied, and practically swallowed the young man's organ straining before him. The dragon-rider watched the elf nurse the young man's hard flesh with growing desire. One of his favorite pass times was merely to watch. He stepped behind his elf and traced the lovely spine slowly, before positioning himself. Rath thrust his large organ in the heated haven. His entire length eased in and he began plunging once again, grabbing onto the strong waist for leverage. His strokes became harder and deeper with each gasp that emitted from Markus in the brink of the young man's orgasm. Then, Ridik shuddered beneath him as he too found release. Rath grabbed the long, black hair and pulled back hard, drawing a pained gasp from his slave as he entered one last time and filled his trembling body with is warm seed. Rath closed his eyes briefly as his need dissipated. But the desire left his body for only a moment for he looked into the emerald eyes of a young man just recovering from a powerful second orgasm. Markus must have seen something in the light of his employers eyes for he suddenly backed away and went for the door. Too late. Rath was on him and had him up against the wall. His fingers squeezed the soft mounds and forced themselves into the warm opening. The young man was extremely tight and gasped as he was stretched only a portion. Sneering slightly, Rath lost patience and plunged into the virgin hole almost brutally. Markus stiffened, a small cry escaping his lips. He rode the soldier mercilessly, pushing and pushing until his entire length lay sheathed in the hot body. Rath shoved the body hard into the wall, smiling when the youth gasped as his organ rubbed against the coarse stone. Rath grunted twice and came, concealing his own cry by biting into an exposed shoulder. After a few moments he straightened himself and stepped away. His eyes instantly seeking and finding Ridik kneeling near the bed, his eyes averted.

Rath dressed quietly, glancing at the soldier as he too dressed in silence. He approached his slave, his eyes narrowing. "Share your thoughts with your master."

Ridik eyed him slowly, his hazel eyes glimmering with mixed feelings. "That was very cruel of you."

"The youth?" Rath glanced over his shoulder and smiled inwardly to the soldier waiting for his next orders. Confusion and fear danced in the emerald green eyes "That was an act of mercy. Do you think my men would have done less if not more? Ignorant farm boys join the ranks of armies daily only to become the victims of a group or two." He reached into his dresser-drawer and withdrew what looked like a small amulet of a cursive G with a dragon-claw in it. He handed it to Markus. He drew the young man into a long passionate kiss that left the soldier breathless. "Bring your things to the east wing of the castle and wear this around your neck at all times... it will protect you. Dismissed."

Markus nodded and left him after a moment of hesitation of which he looked at Rath slightly confused.

Ridik's eyes narrowed at the human. "You expect me to believe that was an act of kindness? How long has he been here before you decided to offer your hand?"The elf sneered at him and that was a very dangerous thing to do.

Luckily, Rath's mood had progressed, and he tolerated it for now. "I do not care what you believe. He arrived yesterday. As many have done here and other places. Did you think that all wars are done with the finesse you elves wage it? People are starving all over the world as their lords and ladies wage their battles and political strategies. He is likely here to feed himself or feed his family. If I were to offer him a gold coin, he would likely bed my entire castle for it means his family could eat another week." Rath gathered his traveling gear and sword. "I have labeled him as under my protection and a patron of my household."

Ridik shook his head in disbelief. "No one would subject themselves to this kind torment when other options exist. You are more likely to force your men here than help them when you can."

Rath eyed him briefly. "Tell me. Did you spread word of your sexual abuse as a child when the option arose?"

The elf looked away and said nothing more.

"I didn't think so. Nor would you do so now. Do not judge what you do not understand. I am leaving for awhile. My soul-mate will be remain here. He is here to protect my lands of which you are now a part of. He will also hunt down and return a traitor or escaped slave. Should you decide to take that chance, pray that you make it for no amount of screaming or crying will bring an end to the punishment you will receive. You are restricted to the walls of the castle. I will be back in about a week."

Rath left abruptly. He had had his pleasure, now it was time to for business. Now what did one get as a gift for an elven prince?

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