Titos' Adventures: In a Darkened Land

Titos' Adventures: A Darkened Land

by Paladin

Warning. This story contain adult material and m/m sex. If you don't like it, Don't read it

Titos gripped the sharp stones of the castle wall, his arm muscles straining to pull himself up. There were no outcroppings for his feet so it was pure sheer will that he used to scale the wall. Breathing heavily he slipped over the side his soft leather boots barely making a sound as he landed in a crouched position. No sign of the guards. He stood slowly sticking to the shadows and running swiftly in the night. He made it to the door of the first tower. His dark eyes scanned the area. The warrior placed his ear skillfully against the smooth wood and listened. No sound. Slowly he pushed the door open and began to ascend the swirling stairs. A guard. Drawing his blade from his black sheet he impaled the man before so much as a utter was sounded. He caught the body and slowly set it down before he continued. Ah the room. Titos stopped just outside the double doors of the treasury. Reaching into his pouch, he pulled out his small set of tools and began working at the locks. Then suddenly all around him, invisible bells began to cling loudly. Damn... a trap. Shrugging he backed away and slammed into the door busting it open with pure strength.

The room was enormous and filled to the brim with gold coins, gems, and fineries from distant lands. The sound of guards could be heard in the distance, time was running out. Quickly he began feeling his bags with every piece of treasure he could get his hands on. Then running over to an open window, he threw his rope down and began making his escape. He went down quickly not bothering to be silent this time. By the gods this was easy. Then a strange but familiar clicking sound reached his ears. The sound filled the night and sent a chill down his back. Damn. He broke into a open run heading straight for his hidden mount but he was cut off. The skeletons with their round red eyes and clattering swords began to surrounded him quickly. Throwing the bag over his shoulder, he withdrew his serrated sword and faced them. The charged him clawing and tearing his skin. He thrashed and beheaded everyone one he could reach. The wounds would not kill them but slow them down immensely. There was just too many and by now arrows from the walls towering above began to whiz past his head. To the abyss with the gods and their fates. He would not die here nor would he loose his new found wealth. If only he had some armor and not the stealthy black clothing he wore now. Suddenly a blast of bright blue light burst into the fray. Titos couldn't see but he could hear a man's shouts and murmuring. Some of the ghastly things left him and went for their new target. Ugh! He felt a sword impale his right-side. Gritting his teeth he began using his fist against his brittle enemies, forgetting his useless sword. The things crumbled under his powerful blows. Then he felt a hand grab his shoulder. He whirled around to kill the guard quickly.

But this was not a guard. A young man perhaps in his early twenties glared at him angrily with gorgeous blue-eyes and swirling black hair. He wore some kind of armor under those pale-blue robes and held a small shining medallion in his hands. The man wielded a mace in his right hand. "You fool. You've awakened everything here."

Titos grumbled a few curses but not out loud. He slammed his fist in the skull of another skeleton and gritted his teeth. That hurt. He then faced the young man, "How about we chat later and live now."

The young man was not entirely happy with the idea but seemed to comply, "There's shelter over..."

He began to turn around as he spoke but Titos grabbed him. "No, I've a mount this way."

Titos turned and began to run not caring all that much if the man followed him or not. But apparently he did for when skeletal hands began to dig up from the ground, they disintegrated with the murmur he heard behind him.

Ah! Titos spotted his black steed up ahead. He jumped into the saddle and help the other guy up. Then with the slow animated dead and shouting guards behind them... they road off into the forest.

They road silently for several miles until they breached the haunted forest.

"Turn here."

Titos complied though he was not used to taking orders from strangers or anyone for that matter. Sure enough when they climbed the next hill, a small campsite was found.

As soon as the man dismounted, Titos followed his suit. He instantly plopped down and began examining the contents of his bag. He pulled out silvery goblets, emeralds, and bags of gold grinning to himself the whole time.

"Your just a thief." the man's disgusted voice reminded him he was not alone.

Titos sprawled out and leaned on his elbow simply smiling. "Today I guess I am. What of it?"

The young man merely glared at him and began starting a fire.

Titos reached into his bag and threw him a small pouch of gold. "There, for saving my life. Have you a name?"

"Of course I do. Hal and what should I call you?" The voice was strained for apparently he was not happy with the gold. He threw it back.

"Call me Titos if you will." He retrieved the gold shrugging. His loss.

The man continued, "I've no need for gold from those I aid. You ruined everything back there and from the looks of it you don't even care!"

Titos laughed loudly. Clearly this man was getting upset. "Perhaps you'll explain that remark?"

Hal glowered at him even more, "I planned that attack for months. The wizard's every trick none to me and eliminated. Everything perfectly setup and you go in there and trip the only damn trap left!. The trap of greed!"

Titos only laughed some more. "Your eyes light up when you're angry do you know that?"

Hal calmed down looking at him with a puzzled look, "By the gods what are you talking about now?"

"Speaking of the gods," Titos reached into his pouch and pulled out hunk of stale bread from the morning and tore into it. "Which one has your soul?"

Hal didn't like that question either. "If you mean," he practically snarled, "Which Deity do I follow? It is of course Airamor."

Titos chuckled. Oh how perfect. "Ah yes, the fair god of the wind and air and of course the light of good." Titos mocked him openly. "I bet he would be a good fuck."

That sent the man into shock or something for he simply stared at him apparently appalled at the idea. Titos ran his hands through his dark hair and laughed. "Do you disagree."

The young man just watched him quietly. He poked at the fire as the warrior ate is bread and drank the mead down quickly. He watched the fire dance in those blue eyes and felt desire where hunger had been.

Hal gazed right back at him. He stood slowly and approached him kneeling beside him. He spoke quietly, "I need your help to get back into that tower."

Titos grabbed the man's hand and looked it over, soft and clean yet like the rest of his body, tanned, "You aren't from around here are you?" he asked lowly.

Hal shook his head, "I came a long way to obtain something very dear to my people that was stolen and is now held in the tower..."

"The deserts?" Titos continued with his usual one track mind.

Hal gazed at him, "How did... how did you know?"

Titos grinned, "I get around." He guided the hand down his enlarged dick, his steady gaze never wavering from that of the young man's face.

Hal blinked slowly as if considering something, then his eyes locked with Titos's. "You would take me even if I did not desire it would you not?"

Titos smiled slightly, "How would you like me to answer that?"

Hal laughed lightly. It was a quiet laugh one touched with nervousness. He stood slowly and removed his clothing. He reached for the medallion but Titos stopped him.

"No," he said, "Leave it."

Hal nodded and waited while Titos looked him up and down. The body was muscular though not nearly as big as himself nor was he as tall. His dark eyes glanced over the tanned tight abdomen and went down to the dick. That was nice size too and his balls looked pleasingly heavy. Titos grinned perfect. He stood heavily and drew Hal to him stroking the black heavy hair and gazing into those beautiful sky-blue eyes that contained a glint of lust. The young man slowly began to trace his arms with a light touch. The hands stroked his hairless large chest and then went to his side.

Hal gasped lowly, "You're wounded."

Titos merely shrugged.

Murmuring, Hal placed his hand over the wound. Soon all pain and evidence of the cut dissipated. Titos groaned pushing Hal down to his knees. He felt the warm mouth enclose over his dick and closed his eyes enjoying every sensation. The tongue worked his head harshly sending shudder after shudder traveling through his entire body. He thrust his hips forward and grabbed the Hal's head forcing him to take him all. Hal provided no resistance and held on to Titos's hip as the warrior began to fuck his mouth. Titos held back nothing shoving forward with intense desire, wanting nothing more than to fill this willing man's warm mouth with his seed. Hal's mouth and throat compensated the intruder easily. Titos felt the muscles close around his hard flesh and growled loudly. He grunted slightly as his released his first load for the night. Hal swallowed it all and withdrew somewhat gasping for breath. He looked at Titos with wide-eyes but said nothing. Titos grabbed him tightly by the shoulder and pulled him up and closer. "Second thoughts?" He growled.

"No..." Hal voiced breathlessly.

Titos smiled. "Good." He grasped Hal's waist and brought him upward with ease. The young man's strong legs encircled him completely. As he positioned his raging dick just between the strong buttock, he watch the emotions play on the young man's face. Hal closed his eyes breathing deeply. He flinched as the dick began to enter but his body surged forward. Titos grinned. He needed it and needed it badly.

"Look at me, " Titos commanded softly.

Those beautiful sky-blue eyes looked into his dark ones as he began to enter. Hal was tight but Titos moved onward loving the look of passion and lust and pain that danced in the depth of his eyes. Titos surged forward with a hefty thrust sending a startled gasp from his lover. Hal blushed. Titos could tell Hal wanted to look away but he didn't. Perhaps simply because Titos willed him not to. He began thrusting slowly, willing himself to take enjoyment from every moment he was in the hot tight body. Hal breathed in small gasps as Titos pushed into his depths. Hal arched his back and threw his head exposing his neck. Titos took the opportunity and descended on the soft flesh... sucking at that vital spot feverishly. Titos continued to use both his hands on Hal's waist to thrust in deeper and faster. Hal groaned loudly. Titos felt himself losing control again. A deep desire from his very depths exploded and he began thrusting forward with an incredible urgency. Hal trembled and gasped loudly. The young man made a small futile attempt to push Titos away but of course it did not succeed. Titos merely gripped him tighter and thrust with more energy. He felt himself lift to complete ecstasy, heedless of anything but his need and the young body in front of him.

"Titos..." Hal groaned softly.

Titos freed one hand to grab Hal's head tightly and bring him closer for a passionate kiss. Hal submitted to the assault... allowing the larger man to explore his mouth without restraint. The young man's mouth tasted of sweet wines and the exotic desert winds.

Titos thrust forward quickly reaching a new depths.

"Oh gods!" Hal gasped as he came quickly. Spilling the warm liquid over Titos' tight abdomen.

Titos gripped Hal tightly and howled as he too came.

Hal rested his head wearily against Titos' broad chest. Titos held him for several moments, liking the feel of the smooth check against his rough skin. He withdrew from Hal slowly, drawing a low moan from the young man. He ran his large hands through the silky smooth black hair.

"I don't know what to say..." Hal spoke softly.

"Don't say anything." Titos smiled. Apparently he had caught the priest of guard. He lowered them both to the ground. He fingered the holy symbol slowly which sent a shiver throughout Hal's body. Titos gently kissed away the tears around Hal's eyes. "Are you all right?"

Hal nodded slowly, "I was not prepared." His body relaxed against Titos sending away any concern he had had.

Titos smiled slightly, "We'll see what we can do about that tower tomorrow."

He felt a change in Hal's body as the young man spoke, "I didn't..."

Titos nodded, "I know. But I will any ways."

Hal sighed in contentment slipping of into sleep. Titos held him close and followed the suit.

***the next day***

Titos awoke to the sound of his horse's neighing. He slowly opened his eyes and groaned. Oh how he hated the morning's unending sun. He stood slowly stretching as his eyes locked with Hal's. The priest was mounted and ready.

"Hell of a wake up." Titos mumbled.

Hal smiled at him innocently, "I considered letting you sleep but then again the day chose for you."

Titos growled lowly, abandoning the notion of breakfast and the urge to wipe the smile of his face. He jumped up behind Hal grabbing the reins from him with one hand and gripping his throat with the other. He turned the priest's face towards him and glared at him momentarily. "Not a good idea to mock a man in the morning."

Hal's eyes widened and he nodded quickly.

Titos smiled and let go, "Now what is your plan?"

Hal rubbed his tender throat briefly, "Well uh. The Eye is not in the treasury but in the main room..."

"The Eye?" Titos frowned sounded a bit bizarre for a people treasure.

"The Eye of Kelpsi... it is a..." Hal hesitated. "It's a large diamond. Pink in color."

Titos laughed, "Of course. What better treasure for a people than an expensive rock."

Hal stiffened. "It is more than the gold I assure you."

Titos shrugged, "The plan?"

Hal sighed, "I will approach the gates and issue a challenge. You need to merely scale the walls again and get the Eye."

Titos frowned. If he was going to challenge the wizard then why did he need him unless... realization hit him. "You aren't going to win are you?"

Hal remained silent.

Titos felt anger rising in him quickly. "I asked you a question." He grabbed Hal's wrist and squeezed tightly.

Hal nodded, "My chances of survival are small..." He flinched as Titos' grip tightened.

"Then we'll come up with something else."

"No. Time is running off. It must be returned in time for the princess's wedding." Hal gasped allowed as Titos twisted his wrist. Hal blinked the tears away quickly. "You broke it...?'

Titos nodded and clubbed him in the head with the hilt of his sword. "Aye I did. Just in case you wake up before I am back." He then lowered the unconscious man to the ground.

He kicked his horse hard and took off into the forest and back to the tower. He had one shot and one plan.

He approached the front gates slowly. Shouting, "Come out Wizard! Let's chat!"

The old man peered over the side of his castle's wall. He was a rather small and scrawny looking fellow dressed in dark velvet robes. His long beard was grey as well as his hair and mustache. He eyed Titos carefully. "What is it stranger?"

Titos grinned. Good the wizard did not recognize him. "I've come here for the Eye!"

The wizard laughed, "Aye. Well then come and take it if you dare."

Titos shrugged, "Well wizard we can certainly see how long it will take for me to get to you. Gregor always said I had a determined mind."

"Gregor? Who is he to me?"

"Greggorous is perhaps more familiar to you then...?"

The wizard was clearly startled, "The dragon? You ride with the dragon?"

Titos felt joy surge in his heart. It worked. "Aye I do. And I've an eye for the pretty little rock you have there."

The wizard considered him again, "What do you want?"

"I've a game we can play... I assure you it is fair."

"A game. You would win the Eye. And I?"

"You've a priest problem do you not?"

The wizard suddenly appeared before him. "What of him?"

"Well I can deliver him to you."

The wizard grinned slowly, "That pest has besieged me long enough... but how do I know you are legitimate in your offer."

Titos tensed. All right here we go. His gamble could end now. "Search my mind. You will find that I have sold a lover out before."

The wizard nodded. Titos felt the probe enter his mind. The sensation sent a single tingle throughout his brain. After a few moments is was gone.

"So the prince aye. Not bad. And a relationship with the beast's rider. Titos you are remarkable." The wizard laughed at him lightly.

Titos bit back any sort of reply. The wizard had probed further than permitted yet not enough to cause any real damage.

Something came up behind him. Titos risked a glance and was not surprised to see Hal escorted by one of the wizard's fiends. The skeleton shoved the priest forward to Titos. Titos grabbed him gently.

"Titos?" Hal searched him with unspoken question in his blue eyes. Questions and fear.

Titos looked at the broken wrist. It had turned an ugly blue and red color in this short time. He brought it to his lips. Hal grimaced, his mouth wide open. "Titos. No. No Titos."

Titos grinned leaning forward and tasting the young man's lips lightly. He then turned to the wizard. "I've my prize. Now yours."

The wizard laughed hysterically. "Ah yes." He snapped his fingers and the pink gem appeared before them. "Now the game."

Titos nodded. "Cards. Simply cards."

The wizard smiled. "So be it."

A table and two chairs appeared before them. Each of them took a seat.

Hal looked at him shocked. "Are you crazy. Cards!??"

Titos sighed and struck him across the face. His hand left a red mark but Hal did not turn. The warrior noted hate in those lovely eyes but it was for the best. After all if his plan went awire it was best he learned now any ways. He found himself thinking of Ryn as he grabbed Hal's good wrist. Hal had spirit now because he had hope. What if Ryn had given up or worst. He had heard elves had little love for slavery... even more so than humans. His train of thought was interrupted by the questioning wizard.

"What game?" The wizard pulled out the cards and shuffled.

Titos frowned, "No game just guessing. The first man to guess the correct card wins."

He felt Hal try to pull away. The fool would get himself killed very quickly if he thought he could escape here and now.

The wizard nodded, "All right. Pick a card and I shall guess."

"No. The card stays put on the table. Guess then Hal shall take the card."

The wizard glared at the warrior. Titos merely smiled. The man would not be reading his mind today.

"Very well"

The wizard stared at the card. "Crescent Moon."

Titos gave Hal a warning glance who in turn lifted the card. It was not the Crescent Moon.

Titos grinned as the wizard's eyes narrowed. "My turn. The Fool."

Hal grabbed the card. It was indeed the Fool card.

The wizard stood quickly with obvious anger but Titos was not suaded to move. He merely smiled. "Fair is fair but I'll tell you what. The dragon's army is to the south of here. Go there and tell them you and I had a game. If your interested they will offer you a position well worth your while."

The wizard's blazing eyes softened. "Very well warrior. I am not sure how you did it but a deal is a deal. Take the tiny jewel and your priest. We'll meet again."

Titos grinned grabbing the jewel and yanking Hal his way. When he reached his mount he eased the priest up heedless of any protest. Then when they were a good distance. He handed the priest his precious rock.

Hal sat there silently. "I am in need of your service no longer."

Titos laughed lightly. "Which part are you actually angry about? The broken wrist or maybe it was the knock to the head."

"How about the deal with darkness. You just sent the dark creature another recruit."

Titos raised an eyebrow and broke into laughter. "And here I thought is was something personal." His voice softened, "You were going to throw your life away for a gem. I merely prevented that and yes sent my old comrades a new friend. So what. One more wizard in a hundred won't make much of a difference."

Hal tensed, "So you are with the dark army."

Titos rolled his eyes. "No. I was with them. I got tired of the politics and left." Titos smiled slightly as he realized his breath was causing the priest to shiver. He leaned closer, "Are you sure my services are no longer wanted."

"No." Hal breathed shallowly.

Titos let one hand loose the reins and caress Hal's chest through the light robes. Hal breathed in deeply. Titos took the gem slowly as he kissed the young man's neck lightly. He put it in the saddle bag and then held the priest's throat... pushing him back against him until he found a clear path to the quivering lips. He kissed him slowly until the priest trembled with need. Titos growled lowly feeling his own need rise. He slipped the loose robes of the priest shoulder and kissed the bare shoulder slowly, rolling his tongue on the sweet exposed skin.

Titos dismounted quickly and then grabbed Hal to join him. Hal worked Titos' clothes off. Titos moved to do the same but Hal's firm hand stopped him.

His blue eyes gazed at him, "Let me." Hal whispered.

Titos nodded and surrendered himself to Hal's caresses. Hal hands massaged his tight shoulders sending his body into relaxation mode. The young man's mouth descended upon his broad chest. The warmth sent tiny shivers up Titos' spine. He moaned allow as the small tongue surrounded his swelling nipples. Titos groaned loosing patience quickly, he gripped the dark head and pulled him up to meet his lips. He crushed the young man's mouth with his need and stripped him where he stood. Titos turned him around and pushed into him quickly. He grabbed his mouth as Hal tensed in pain and cried out. He began thrusting in him deeply. Hal trembled and groaned but provided no protest. Hal reached for his raging dick but Titos batted his hand away and grabbed it instead. He provided steady, harsh pressure until Hal came in moments. He then continued to thrust inside the warm body. He felt a tremble begin to travel his body and thrust once deeply spilling his seed into his new lover. Hal groaned loudly as Titos pulled him close and held him still.

After a few moments, Hal spoke. "I've a long ways to travel to my desert home."

Titos smiled slightly, "I'll join you." He thought briefly of Ryn waiting for him back at the inn. The mere thought caused his excitement to rise but he pushed it aside not yet. The time would come later.

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