Titos' Adventures 22

Out to Sea with Amaiat

By Paladin

Warning: This story contains graphic images of female/male sex. It also contains elements of nonconsensual though not brutal sex of the same kind. If you are 18 or younger, or below your state or countries legal age of consent, leave now. If you are offended by this material, leave now. These are my original characters and ideas, they are not for sale or for use by others. Copyright protection does apply. If you are still here and should be, please enjoy.

INFO NOTE: This story is not necessary to follow the basic plot-line of the Titos Universe. It is a general PWP that can be avoided if you really really don't want to read an M/F pairing. Still, you might find it entertaining.

The captain watched his female first mate from afar as he sat near the fireplace with a full cup of frothing beer. His eyes were clear despite the large consumption of fizzling beer and hearty stew. His right foot, bound nicely in a fine leathers of plains buffalo and strung together in silvery strands tapped lightly to the harp and drum of the nights entertainment. Peasant folk, from the look of it, and quiet lucky to have the entire ships crew at play and drunk with their gold at hand. Still his mind would not tarry this evening and for what reason, he was not sure. The elven wench had served with him for nearly two years now, one of the few who did not complain of long journeys at sea or her wages. Her slanted eyes proved priceless in storms and unfortunate conditions of weather. She sat in the back corner now, her fingers lightly twirling with one of the many silk scarves she purchased and claimed for loot with her foot propped up on the table and crossed, the ivory knife loose from the sheath and embedded in the wood. Her eyes were watching the scene, grey eyes if he remember right, and her lips almost seemed to form a pout. She was bored, he realized, bored with all the music, food and drink. It was this trait that had been bring his eyes to her now and in the recent past. Their usual bouts with the pirates had increased at her request to the point where his ship seemed to do little else but chase down the vermin these days. Amaiat had mad it clear from the beginning that she had no interest in stealing or working under the flags of greedy human kings and lords. Fortunately, for her and them, his cause was one of exploration and the acquisition of riches and fame, not spilt blood or vengeance.

He placed his mug down and stood, approaching the elven beauty, his dark black hair loose and in need of a good cut. The captain knew he was a most foreboding individual with his dark Arabian skin and hair, both made tough and rugged from time in the deserts of foreign lands to those he found himself amongst now. He wore a large scimitar at his side, accompanied by a long dagger who's hilt shown with dragon hide and scales.

She awoke from her unpleasant daze after a moment, the elf's grey eyes slowly focusing on him as she put her feet down and rubbed her hands restlessly on her brown pants and rainbow blouse. "Captain?"

He merely looked at her as he usually did, in silence and study. Her past was a mystery to him as were most his crew, yet she was different. There was not only an intelligence in her eyes, but one that had certainly been honed by some form of schooling. "Come with me."

She stood smoothly and eagerly, guessing that something interesting would soon follow. "Where to."

He said nothing as he walked out the tavern door, knowing she would follow him. The middle-aged human male walked through the streets, noting that the street urchins he had seen earlier were no longer there, mostly likely to Amaiat's doing. She often gave away here gold as if it was not earned by long dangerous treks through the sea and battles. He spoke lowly as they made their way to the docks where his ship, the Red Scale, and two others were being repaired and restocked. "There is rumor of a small cove where at least band of pirates stash their bounty and slaves. I am to find it and end their endeavors. Marvin is recruiting in the taverns as we speak. The journey has the promise to be quick but violent. We'll need the extra hands."

"The men will like that. It seems gold is hardly worth fighting for these days. Jewels and silks and wives are a much finer reward," she voiced lightly, clearly pleased with the prospect of another adventure.

"Wives..." He paused as they stepped onto the deck. "Funny you should mention that." He then led them down into the cargo hold where several nets, barrels and crates remained that would fetch higher prices in other markets.

"Why does that humor you captain?"

He turned to her, his pale green eyes producing a dark gaze that left many unsettled, but never her. Amaiat's confidence had never been conquered, not even in battles that nearly left her a corpse. "Elves in these waters are few and far between. Perhaps a visit towards..."

Amaiat waived her hand in annoyance. "I've no desire to travel to elven lands. My culture will be mine again when and if I seek it."

"You have been apart of several difference crews in the last few years. Only those with the greatest love of the sea or plain greed need stay on this ship over a year. You... you have neither."

Her grey eyes watched him as she yawned a bit, leaning against one of the huge ropes that held the spare anchor. "What makes you think that..."

"I know," he almost hissed the words for he felt anger, anger at her for being bored even in his presence. When the elf had first come to his ship, she was fascinated with everything he taught her, the knowledge he gave and the places shown. Hardly a blink to a creature as long lived as she would be, he thought bitter, a twang of jealousy eating at his spirit.

The tone of his voice was not lost on her and he saw her fingers lightly grace the sheath hiding her deadly weapon. Even on ships that had mostly good intentions, all sailors had to prove themselves occasionally, especially the few females that dared join a ship's crew. Amaiat, had done so on many occasions, a few times with each new large recruitment. Fortunately, she had a knack for proving her point without causing deaths. "Perhaps there is truth to your words. I enjoy the adventures that travel often leads us too. It makes me very glad to see the young-men and women settle down in certain ports with individuals we have saved. There is a portion of freedom I feel when we are able to choose a task to undertake regardless of which king wishes it or who's kingdom is at war. We do what is deemed right to do, and possible, while at the same time profiting from it. Where I come from, my people do not believe such a life is possible. Here I am, living that life and with a clear conscious about it."

He watched a nearby lantern's light dance of the tiny scar on her right cheek, a mark awarded to her for taking a duel that should have been his match. The matter was closed and hardly mattered since she won. He would have killed the rogue captain if he had been a party to the duel, for now, they knew he was in jail. His large fingers rubbed his chin as he listened to her words. His memory failed to summon another time where she had volunteered her thoughts and past as she just did. There was defiance in her tone which finally gave him what he wanted to know. Amaiat, this strange elven beauty with vast knowledge and skills, and now one of the best seamen he had ever had on his ship, was away from her people and home because she was angry with someone, perhaps even getting back at them.

His eyes watched her intently as he spoke. "You really are just a little girl aren't you Amaiat? Out here playing war games in the human world while someone waits at home for you, trying to control you. Who is it, a husband, king, maybe even a master. I do hear some elven lands have slaves despite claims otherwise."

Amaiat was puzzled by his words and calm voice, he could feel it. Still, it prompted the response he was looking for, amusement. She truly was on some great gaming experience. "Hardly a little girl anymore," she teased softly, the challenge clear and perhaps unavoidable.

He took the bait quickly and rushed her. They struggled a bit before she was able to slip out of his grasp. Weapons were not grabbed.

"Why captain, testing me after all this time. Human males really can't control themselves can they? Now come off it. This little game ends. If we are to prepare for this venture, we ought to do it right."

Her guard was down again, having believed she proved her point. The seasoned captain took advantage of the situation and pulled her against his body, his grasps on her wrists tight and unyielding. Their eyes locked, confusion and curiosity dancing in her globes, lust and ambition in his. It was at that moment that he realized she did not consider him sexually, or any human for that matter. The bumbling idiots that drunkenly challenged her before had likely led her to believe that the human male was not as hormonally driven as they were. Could it be that she did not notice that very few men did not turn in her direction in want and desire? Without a second thought, the human grabbed her blonde mane firmly and held her as he bent down and captured her surprised lips. She gasped softly into his mouth as he continued the passionate, heated kiss that left her squirming beautifully against his body. Their lips parted, and he stood back, watching the blush climb to her cheeks while he himself breathed heavily, fully aroused.

Her grey eyes examined his face in bewilderment. Then her gaze went south. At that moment, she saw he was serious through the bulge of his pants. Her reaction was quick, but his was faster. Amaiat made a move for the exit, to get to the deck where her agility would be more useful, and where witnesses would see his defeat and know he had no rights to try again. His arms grabbed her legs, causing them both to fall with light grunts. Again there was scramble but this time it was a more desperate attempt from her end. It took a great deal of patience and strength to ignore the jabs to his face and chest as he finally managed to pull her upright with him and pin her against the boat. They must have stood that way for a few minutes, he gazing down at her, both of them panting from their struggles.

He lowered his head and captured her beautiful lips, his tongue exploring her mouth while he used one hand to hold both her wrists above her head and the other to feel the young firm breasts hidden from him. The elven female moaned beneath him, her face flushed and her body squirming against him. She remained bold even during this, her grey eyes returning his gaze with only a hint of fear yet drowning with desire and curiosity. He smiled arrogantly and loosed her wrists, both his hands dropping to the blouse below which he ripped open, watching in morbid delight to see those pale globes burst forth from their prison, the tender pink nipples already began to harden in the cold air. The captain wasted no time as both weighed the temptations in both his palms, his forefinger and thumb rolling the rosebuds tightly. Amaiat gasped beneath him, her eyes closing as she relaxed in his hungry embrace. Her chest rose and fell with each breath she took, the elven figure trembling from want. With another triumphant smile, the human lower his head further and took one of the nipples in his mouth, rolling it with his tongue and relishing in the soft gasp he got from that small motion. He bit the little nub, feeling her jump beneath him but paying it no heed for he simply moved to the next one and did the same.

"Captain..." she gasped softly.

"Yes I am your captain, and you will never forget it," he promised darkly. With a smooth motion, he lifted her light form and placed it on top of a couple of crates. He took a moment to view his handy work. Seeing the elven woman on top of his precious cargo, topless and pale, panting, her eyes shut tight and her nipples glistening with his attentions awoke his entrapped organ like he had not felt in years. He dropped his cloak and his own shirt, flexing his muscles a moment before he pulled out his dagger, sheath and all, and pressed the hilt roughly against her covered middle. She gasped again, her hips lifting in shock and want. Her elven perfume and wetness filled the cargo space, the moisture seeping through the thin lining of her pants. He laughed softly and withdrew the dagger, the blade sharp and glistening from the tiny source of lights. Her eyes were open again and she beheld him, the breath caught in her throat. Whether she was frightened from the glint of the steel or in his eyes, he could not say but proceeded without care. With the tip of his blade, he pressed against her pants, slicing the cloth at her crotch and lifting upwards, watching her jolt as the blade gently scrapped her tender, hidden flesh. With the twist of the wrist, he could mutilate this beauty for eternity, though both know he would not, could not ever do such a thing. Still, the fact that he could was what drove them both on, her with panting and him with the masterful cutting. Before long, he could see the pink desire peeking out of the newly made hoe. Placing the dagger to the side, he knelt between her opened thighs, his tongue tentatively reaching out and playing with the warm treat, glistening with delicious moisture. She gasped then, her hands dropping to his head and grasping him tightly as he pressed his face against her partially covered treasure. He sucked and licked at her greedily, using his teeth to carefully pull the female lips completely through, his own hands holding the bucking beauty down. The human captain became deaf to her constant cries and focused only on his treasure which he finally freed with one loud rip of her leggings.

"Now, you are mine," he whispered and plunged into her hot moisture, draining her of the female nectar that haunted his dreams and playing with the clit of her sex as if it truly were his to plunder. She denied him nothing, her hips open, her cries filling his ship in song. Only after she twitched in the throws of an orgasm did he stand and relinquish the rest of his clothes. The grey eyes that dropped to his pulsing manhood were priceless and it was at that moment he knew she had beheld no other as she now beheld him. There was fear there, wonderment, and an innocents that would be claimed, that wanted to be claimed. He moved forward, grasping her neck as he pulled her into a passionate, unbridled kiss, his strong thick fingers pushing into her virgin entrance, hot, tight and ready. Her eagerness was undeniable for with each thrust, she lifted to meet him, her tongue moved as quickly as his own and she crushed her breasts against his chest as if they could be devoured. Their lips parted and smiled down at her, his gazing locking onto hers as he used one hand and guided his hard member up against her weeping flower. Her lips were partially open, her breathing quick and the flush to her cheeks shameful, but the elven female, his first mate, did not pull away nor look down. To his surprise, and delight, her fingers clasped his hand below. As if testing, he let go of himself to see if she guide him into her own untried warmth. Her small fingers clasped him tightly and as he pressed forward, she lowered him just right until his head was pressed against her opening. With a grunt, he thrust forward quickly impaling her partially while his loose hand grasped her hair and pulled her head back. She let go of him with a light cry, her hands pressing against his chest while his lips explored her beautiful neck. When he felt the hidden barrier within her untouched body he paused and whispered. "Long after I have left this world, my little beauty, you will remember that here, in the bowels of his ship, a human captain took your body and claimed it."

She gasped softly and spoke quietly in turn. "And I aiding him in doing so."

With a low feral growl, he jabbed forward like his member was a spear, breaking the hymen of an immortal beauty, relishing in the sharp cry that sprang forth from her. He allowed only a moments breath to let her become accustomed to him before he began riding her with long, deep thrust. Her inner walls enclosed his member tightly, resisting his insistent demands to go deeper and deeper. He clenched his teeth tightly, still holding her long light hair in his grasp as his muscles flexed and forced his way in deeper. He could fill her inner walls unwillingly give into his rock hard organ plowing their fields. She shifted beneath him, moaning, gasping, shaking her head back and forth as much as he would allow. With a loud growl he pulled completely out and then slammed into her again, not pausing until his sacs were tickled by the blonde forest below. Her fingers grabbed his shoulders tightly as she cried out in words he could not understand. Their bodies glistened in sweat, the sweet odors intoxicated both their minds as they began to move together, focusing more on strength and urgency than speed. His strong fingers loosed her mane in favor of grasping and squeezing her teasing breasts while her fingers grasped his wrists tightly, pushing then pulling as if her mind could not determine what she wanted. Her body told him all he wished to know, the moisture, the heat, the lifting of her hips with each thrust. Amaiat was a female in the depths of desire and passion, subject to the mating ritual of this human. They moved together for several drawn out minutes before they parted for the first time. He gave her no chance to regain her thoughts just drink a little before he took her to his private cabin to continued for the rest of the evening.

It was later that night that he stood, looking over the waters and drinking ale, did he realize that there was something special about his lover, and though he would relish her over the next long trip out to sea, she was not his to have for long.

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