Titos' Adventures: Ryn in Captivity

Titos' Adventures: Ryn in Captivity.

by Paladin

Warning. This story contain adult material and m/m sex. If you don't like it, Don't read it.

Ryn brushed his long honey-wheat hair silently, gazing at himself in the mirror of the desk he sat at. His deep purple eyes were slightly dull from being locked up for the past couple of weeks. It was true the room was big and filled with the finest luxury furnishings the dwarf could get a hold of... but it wasn't the forest. He heard the door creak open slightly and the sound of another entering. Trohan was usually too drunk and merry at this time of night to bother to walk up the stairs.

"Trohan, what is it?" he asked softly.

He heard the turn of the key and began to realize what was happening. No... was he to receive no warning... ever. The brush was grabbed from him quickly. He gripped the end of the desk tightly, not knowing what else to do with his hands. He was too afraid to look at his first customer. He laughed at himself bitterly. Customer, the word was so inaccurate to the whole situation. Ryn then felt the brush return to his head, and the man began to brush his hair... firmly.

"Who are you?" he found the voice to speak.

"Quiet elf. I did not come here to talk."

Ryn froze. The voice was deep and guttural, heavy. It spoke the human tongue but it was not the voice of a human at all but that of an orc. He closed his eyes trying to control himself. Had the dwarf no idea what mortal enemies elves and orcs were? He stood slowly and turned to gaze upon the orc itself.

The orc backed away slightly, perhaps to give him a better look. It was defiantly an orc in every way. He had tight, hard green skin and small deep red eyes. His pointed teeth gleamed in the light of the single candle as he smiled at Ryn. He wore several pieces of different kinds of armor and a cloak that looked oddly clean. In fact the orc seemed clean himself.

"Your price was pretty high... even for you. But I think it will be well worth it. Don't you?" The orc was now speaking fluently in the elven tongue and it surprised Ryn. The orc continued to watch him as he removed the upper portion of his clothing. The creature was muscular as well. He pointed to a scar just above his heart, "Remember this elven prince?"

Ryn looked at him in wonder. What could he mean by remembering that. He had been in many battles with orcs, even seen some in the palace's prisons. His skill as an archer had him towards the front of the lines on many occasions looking at hundreds of orcs at a time. How could this one possibly... He blinked for a moment recalling something briefly. He had taken down many with his skillfully aimed arrows, in fact all but one had fallen instantly...

The orc grin broaden, "Do you remember that day elf as I do. You saw my eyes, and I saw yours. It shocked you didn't it. To see, to actually see the victim of one of your attacks."

Ryn gazed at him, even more afraid now than he had been. "Yes... it was most disturbing. I never missed before... It was a heart shot. I see you lived."

The orc laughed, "Aye elf I did. Most of us little green fellows did not." He finished with a sneer.

Ryn stiffened, "Is that why you are here? To revenge such a grave loss?"

The orc laughed again this time lightly, "No, your price was too high for mere revenge. Aren't you going to fight me? Perhaps yell at me and declare my guilt for such a distasteful event we have before us?"

Ryn looked to the floor realizing he hadn't even so much as demanded the orc leave as he should have right away. He was still a prince after all. Slowly he sat back down on the chair and looked at the orc. "Is that what you want me to do?"

The orc looked at him somewhat puzzled, "Well this isn't exactly what I expected that is for sure."

Ryn smiled sadly, "If you came to conquer me, I am afraid you are a little late."

The orc smiled, "As much fun as that may be. I am afraid I didn't come for that either."

Ryn felt his heart sink. This was too calm for him. Too unfamiliar. "Why did you come?"

The orc merely continue to watch him. "You've taken a human lover. How about an orc... or even elven for that matter."

Ryn stiffened. He didn't like this line of questioning.

The orc grinned, "I see. Well let me tell you a few things about orcs. Some information you haven't had the chance to learn."

He approached Ryn slowly and grabbed his chin. "First of all we don't like spirit in our partners. There is always a complete submissive."

Ryn felt a since of dread overcome him but his eyes blazed with defiance. "I'll not submit to you."

The orc laughed, "Of course not your highness. No one said you had to be willing." The orc gripped him tightly and turned him with great effort to face the mirror again.

Ryn watched his tormentor through the mirror. He would strike but for now he would simply have to wait.

The orc picked up the brush again and began brushing his light hair once again. It was unnerving to say the least but Ryn would not give him the satisfaction of letting the orc know that. One of the creatures stubby fat fingers traced his jaw line slowly sending a shiver throughout Ryn's body. He breathed slowly to keep calm. The other green hand held his head in place so that he had to gaze into the mirror and nowhere else. The hand glided from his jaw line and down his throat then into his light shirt. The fingers found and fondled his nipples till they became hard little peaks. Ryn closed his eyes unwilling to watch the leer on the orcs face any longer. His body began to tremble as he began to become excited himself. Cursing the gods in ever tongue he knew, Ryn slammed his elbow into the orcs gut. He heard the bones crack and stood the moment he was released. His mind raced. There was no way out except the wooden door. He ran to the door quickly rationalizing that with time he could force it open. The minute his hand reached the handle he felt a heavy force knock him into the heavy wood. The orc's body crushed him against the course texture. He felt the hands rip away his clothing but he was not yet defeated. He stomped the foul creature foot with all his might as brought his elbow back again. The orc avoided the elbow but howled as the bones in his right foot cracked. The orc, however; was not slowed at all. Ryn's hands were caught behind him and the other hand gripped his throat.

"Enough games, " the orc hissed angrily.

Then the door opened slowly and the short dwarf walked in. Trohan eyed the two warily. "Release him."

The orc stiffened, "But..."

The dwarf pulled out a large club, "I said release him."

The orc let Ryn go after a bit of grumbling.

Ryn stepped away instantly still breathing hard.

Trohan motioned for the orc to step out the door but stayed himself. He glared at Ryn for a moment. "Sit down!"

Ryn complied slowly, seating himself on the bed.

Trohan leaned against the wall stroking his beard slowly and looking Ryn up and down. "You look fine. Are you hurt?"

Ryn winced at the tone the dwarf used. "I am not harmed."

Trohan's small beady eyes narrowed, "Then what's the problem here?"

Ryn gawked at him. Was the dwarf mad? The problem was obvious. The whole ideal was outrageous. "I can't do this." He tried to speak strongly but his voice broke in the end.

Trohan sighed and seated himself next to Ryn. The dwarf merely gazed at him until Ryn was forced to look away.

The dwarf spoke after a few moment of silence, "I am afraid you have no choice. "

Ryn stiffened, "Not with him."

Trohan laughed lightly. "Is this what it is really about. Are you afraid to let yourself be pleasured by an orc?"

Ryn scowled. He moved to stand but a strong hand grabbed his arm. "That's it isn't it?"

Ryn found his voice again, "I am not a whore."

Trohan nodded slowly. "Ay. But you will be. The question is what is it going to take to bring that about?"

Ryn closed his eyes slowly. This was not what he wanted to hear.

Trohan continued, "I've picked from a lot of people. This orc here did not offer the highest price, or even the most promising reoccurrence of any kind of business. His character is why he is here." The dwarf paused. "I can send him away and try someone else next week and then again the week after that. Or I might need to take care of this problem myself. Titos wants you alive and well. And that is how he will get you... but I've a business to run here and a dark army to be swayed away."

Ryn envisioned Titos for a moment. He felt his caress again, his massive body against him. By the gods what was happening to him? He opened his eyes again and noticed the dwarf peering at him. Ryn blushed and turned away realizing he had actually groaned aloud.

Trohan stood slowly gripping his hand slightly. "I'll be down stairs. And use that elven knowledge of yours to recall the story about the human boy who cried wolf." With that, the dwarf departed.

Ryn shivered silently. He was afraid of everything it seemed. Of his feelings, of his desires, of his reactions... everything.

He heard the door open again but did not look up. He knew who it was. The orc sat next to him quietly. Ryn wondered if he would have to pay for the damage done... if the creature now had malice towards him? He feared that maybe he had just ruined everything with Trohan. That the disappointment had been too much...

He groaned slightly as he felt the orc's hand reach his groin.

The orc was watching him closely, its red eyes blazing, "Stop thinking so much."

Ryn gasped as the other hand went for his nipples again. This time they were rubbed harshly with the coarse fingers. Ryn leaned into the caress realizing that he really liked being treated this way. He had always been treated with the greatest care and finesse in the elven courts, by his family and those he met on diplomatic missions. Now here he was in a position that offered nothing but the rawest emotions and wildest feelings. There was a war going on inside of him. He could feel it. A war between his royal up bringing and these dark desires brought on by a single warrior's touch not long ago.

The orc must have sensed a change in him for he moved closer and took Ryn's nipples into his mouth. He sucked hard and nipped them not so gently with his pointed teeth. Ryn groaned loudly abandoning himself to the warm mouth and shuddering the nick of each tooth. His head began to swim as the orc's hands stroked his organ slowly. Ryn pulled him closer groaning as he realized that the orc too was naked. He felt the large wrinkled organ against his thigh... gasping when he realized it was actually pointed.

He opened his eyes slowly as he felt a warm tongue travel up his throat and down his jaw line to his ear. His body shuddered as the small also pointed tongue explored his ear. His breathing came in gasps as the orcs hands quickened their pace down below. His body jumped when the fist tightened and he could feel himself pulsing in his enemy's hands.

"A change in heart?" the orc questioned lowly as he moved below. Taking Ryn in his mouth.

Ryn's grasped the creatures bald head as he felt the sharp teeth graze in enlarged flesh. His hips involuntarily thrusted upwards into the orcs large throat... heedless of the sharp barriers. He gasped loudly when he felt the teeth begin to enclose. His eyes shot open and stared down at his assaulted.

The red eyes gazed back at him demanding an answer.

Ryn leaned back shaking his head frantically. "No. A change in.." Oh the gods he felt the sharp little tongue push into his slit. His whole body shuddered uncontrollably. "Realization."

He exploded in the orcs mouth as he thrusts his hips forward. With one quick motion, the orc turned him over and had him on his knees. The small little tongue entered him before he even realized what had happened. The small intruder explored with no restraints. All but ignoring his bucking movements. The orc's chest then moved to his back and he felt the orc's dick plunge into him quickly. The creature short but powerful arms wrapped around him and he began fucking him with quick powerful thrust. Ryn groan in pain and pleasure, feeling himself stretch for the intruder and then welcome it. The orc rode him tirelessly. Just when it seemed it couldn't go further... the creature redoubled its efforts and continued. Sweat covered them both as he felt the orc finally begin to come. With ever ounce of energy left in him, he bucked to meet the thrusts until he finally felt the seed fill him. The orcs heavy body stayed on him for several minutes before the green body rolled of him. He stroked Ryn's cheek and moved to kiss him but Ryn turned away. No kissing. Not this time and not with anyone else. That he would save.

The orc shrugged and dressed. "Its been a pleasure elf." The creature winced slightly and grabbed his side. "For the most the part." And then he was gone.

Ryn felt too weary to move. It was then he realized he never got the orcs name. He also realized that he probably would not "meet" many of his visitors at all. For now it was OK. He had Trohan and somewhere there was Titos too.

-Please let me Know what you think-  Paladin

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