Titos' Adventures: A Man's Tribe

Titos' Adventures: A Man's Tribe

Warning: This story has explicate m/m sex scenes and contains violence and rape. If you are under age or you do not like this sort of thing... DO NOT READ IT.

Ryn moved through the forest quickly. His notion was that no one had seen him escape, but the faster he went, the better. Freedom. By the gods he had done it. He had seen his window of opportunity and grasped it tightly. He paused momentarily to remove the bottom portion of his robe. The garments were far from traveler's garbs and were catching on every bush and branch he came upon. His dark purple eyes scanned the speckled night locating the stars for guidance. He was indeed heading north. He had no weapon nor shield of any kind, but he knew the forest like he felt his blood. The trees would shelter his presence as the grasses would soften his foots steps. Then the river was before him. The waters lapped at the sides lazily, but he was not fooled. The currents would be swift and the water cold. But this was his crossroad. He could continue north and follow the river towards the ancient forest of his elven homelands or cross and meet his allies. He paused momentarily, wishing he had some vague idea of where the dark army lie hidden at this time.

"Nice night isn't it?" A cold hard voice spoke lowly, a human voice but feet behind him. How had the man approach giving no warning? Not a snap of a twig or anything.

"It is indeed." Ryn spoke cautiously.

"Much like the night we meet not so long ago..."

Ryn froze. He knew the man. Could it be Titos...? No he shook the thought away immediately. He would not allow himself to embrace such hope. The voice was vaguely familiar. He turned to face the human but was warned first.

"Do not move. You are unarmed, but I am not."

Ryn breathed in deeply. Stay calm. He watched the waters in front of him. Perhaps with enough luck and speed he could enter the river and let it carry him away. Only far enough for safety of course.

"Not a good idea."

A feeling of dread began to overcome him quickly. Who or what was he dealing with?

"I am very surprised to see you..." The man's hot breath reached his neck. He was close, so close. A hand snaked out and lightly touched the nape of his neck. Ryn shivered uncontrollably. The touch was so cold and hard. "Did you ever speak to your father young prince?"

Ryn's breath caught in his throat and lay there frozen. No... The denial came first but was quickly overcome by panic. Panic became his sole feeling. "Lord Rath..."

A large hand covered his mouth as the other drew him closer. "Why so respectful now, elf?"

Ryn closed his eyes briefly. Oh Trohan... anyone... help. He felt the tears beginning to swell in his eyes. Oh Trohan what have I done? The hand from his mouth was removed and replaced by the blade of a dagger. The steel traced his jaw line slowly.

"Cry for me."

"Please... what do you want?" Ryn felt pure terror rising in his chest.

Rath moved closer, whispering venomous words into his ears. "I want you to cry for me."

Ryn sobbed, not due to the order but the fear. He had no escape from this situation. This man did not want him for any reason other than to hurt him, perhaps even kill him.

Rath ran the dagger down Ryn's neck and then his chest, slowly cutting away at the seams of his robe. His body jumped as the he felt the blade barely bite at his flesh. His garments slipped away leaving him uncovered in the night. The hand around his midsection moved up to his throat quickly and squeezed as the dagger was shoved into his left side. Ryn felt his warm blood pour out of him and down his thigh. He bit back the scream and whimpered instead.

Rath laughed cruelly. "Just a warning elf. Do not defy me, or you will face death." The dagger moved to his chest. "What is your choice?"

Was there really a choice? he wondered. Ryn closed his eyes tightly. It was going to happen either way. If he could hold off a little longer, someone might come along. Maybe the dark warrior would slip and give him the opportunity of escape. Must stay calm. He breathed in deeply. "I won't defy you."

The dagger was removed. "Good."

There was no preparation, no gentleness, only soul piercing pain. Relief came in the form of blackness...


The Rolling Deserts of Shafar.

Titos was jolted from his sleep. An uneasy feeling of dread crept over him, but he didn't know why. He stroked Hal's dark hair lightly to stir the young priest from sleep. The young man moaned softly and then lifted his head, gazing at him with sleepy blue eyes. They had bedded together many times during the journey, and he felt desire stir in him now, desire and a bit of mischief.


Titos bent down and brushed the full lips with his own, nipping lightly. Hal gripped his nape and pulled the warrior down for a stronger kiss. He laughed lightly, the priest was almost as responsive to his touch as the elf. Titos pulled away and stood, stretching lazily. The feeling of dread was still there, but he would ignore it for now. Hopefully the sun's warmth would remove the chill from his bones quickly. The desert looked the same all around.

Hal frowned and arose as well. His eyes quickly scanned the clear skies and then the horizon. "We are almost there. Just over those hills is the camp."

Titos shrugged.

"Why do you awaken me like that and then turn away?"

His dark eyes scanned over the priest and then meet the blue gaze. They held eye contact for several moments before Hal blushed and turned away, his lust becoming visibly evident. Titos grinned. "That's why." He moved closer to his lover and lifted his chin so that he could bore into the sparkling blue eyes. The priest's breath was shallow with anticipation. He waited for the warrior's next move with a patience that Titos could not help but be envious and resentful of. "Is not the anticipation, the wait, more precious than the seduction?" Something stirred in the deep eyes as Titos stroked the coloring cheek with his other hand. "A vision of you that can not be obtained by any other means." Hal closed his eyes leaning into the caress. "It's a thing of beauty and strength, something I like to watch."

"Need I offer myself when you all ready know...?" Hal's voice was low and still calm despite his rising need.

Titos laughed deeply. "Of course not." He bent over and plundered the slightly parted mouth. His tongue exploring the welcoming warmth with little restraint. He moved forward letting his naked chest brush against the priest's soft robes, his hands quickly freeing the youthful body from such needless restraints. Their lips parted only when the need for air demanded it be so. Hal's breath came in low gasps, and his face flushed, his head slightly tilted back . Titos moved to nip at exposed neck. His teeth grazed the tender flesh until Hal's hands grabbed his heavy mane and demanded more; Titos complied and marked the area with a not so gentle bite. Hal gasped allowed but did not pull away. He grabbed at Titos breeches and fumbled with the ties, his hands shaking a bit. Titos stilled the hands with his own waiting till the priest looked into his dark eyes. The twin oceans were thrashing with need but still the control remained. They stayed that way for several moments. Neither one dared to move. There seemed to be some kind of battle waging, two forces equally strong and focused. Titos thrust the hands from his crotch and kneeled instead taking the straining flesh before him into his mouth. Hal gasped in part surprise and then pleasure. His tongue swirled about the enlarged organ without mercy, capturing and then tasting the salty meat. Hal gripped his hair with tight fingers and began thrusting into the warm mouth. Hal tensed and then exploded. The priest's sweet nectar filled Titos' welcoming mouth. The warrior then stood and ravaged the full lips that were still parted in the depth of an orgasm. Hal slid his hands down the warrior's thighs so that he too might find release, but Titos pulled away leaving Hal breathless and more than a little confused. The priest watched his companion silently as he rerobed. The warrior gathered their gear and had it readied on his mount in minutes, but still he said nothing.

"Titos. I don't understand."

"Your camp awaits. Let's go." Titos ignored the question completely. For now.

Hal sighed heavily and complied. Titos grasped his hand hard as he helped him up into the saddle. The priest refrained from expressing the pain that must have come from the grip which fumed Titos even more. The responses were all controlled, in bed and out. How had he missed it before? He thought back to their previous encounters as he instructed his black steed onward. There was no denying that the priest felt the pain and pleasure, but he did hold back. Even when his wrist had been broken by Titos himself, the priest did not so much as pull back. The evidence was rather subtle. But it was there and it angered him more than any wound. He had complied to there first coupling knowing that Titos would not be dissuaded. Did he do so even now? He was responsive enough but had not as yet initiated any contact. His body tensed as he contained his fuming. Damn him! Any passion that remained, quickly died away.

Finding the campsite proved easy. The bright oranges, reds, and yellows stood out from the rather bland sands of the desert. The site was located next to a glistening oasis complete with palm trees and even fruitful cactuses. Their approach caught the attention of the scouts quickly. They rode on lily white mares, no doubt the pride of the tribe, and spoke with Hal in a language foreign to him. They pointed at him once or twice but said nothing directly to him. This made his all ready foul mood even worse. He had half a mind to dump the priest and his gem right here and depart. Defeat, however, was not an option. Hal's voice brought him out of his musings.

"They say the chief will speak with us now. Titos, I do appreciate your accompanying me. I am sure the chief will reward your aid." Hal's voice seemed a bit hopeful and still puzzled. He was rewarded with a sneer.

"How nice."

Hal stiffened and dismounted. He did not ask for the gem and didn't have to. Titos dismounted and tossed the precious stone at him furiously. Hal caught it, clearly shocked by his anger.

Titos pretended to ignore the look. "Let's go meet this chief of yours."

Hal nodded hesitantly and led them through the camp. They gained an audience quickly. Men, woman, and children, all dressed in the bright colors of a desert people, left their tents and chores and stood to watch them approach the chief's tent. This tent exceeded the rest by not only size but the mere sight. It stood proud where the rest mainly stood. The color was that of a deep green of the finest of cloth and dye combined. Fine white horses, and calm camels were staked on either side. Four guards bearing shining scimitars stood at the entrance, their black garments alone labeling them as deadly. Titos was reluctant to leave his hefty steed out amongst these strangers. Their light steeds were prizes worth mentioning, but not nearly as valuable as his war stallion who had carried him through the thick of battle unerringly many times.

Hal noticed his hesitation and spoke softly. "No harm will come to you or what is yours here."

Titos feigned a smile. "That would depend on what is mine wouldn't it?"

Hal eyed him silently. Titos couldn't tell if he understood the implication or not. The priest kept his gaze steady and shielded. "This way."

Titos constrained from cursing aloud and instead, decided to fume once again. Hal spoke briefly with the guards who cleared a path for them shortly after. Inside, Titos found himself gazing upon one of the largest men he had ever seen. The man was way beyond pudgy and his bald head shined like damp glass. He sat upon over stuffed pillows, his dark mustache shiny, long and braided. He wore black pants and a deep brown vest accompanied by a similarly dark sheath that held a valued scimitar. Titos tore his gaze from the disgusting site and looked instead to the man's youthful harem of desert woman. Their gazes would not meet his, and he found himself a little more than troubled by that. The woman had dark features as well. The tanned skin and dark hair seemed to be bred in these people. He had known that in advance, but he still found himself doubting that Hal was off these people. The blue eyes suggested otherwise.

Hal kneeled before the chief and presented the Eye. The man's eyes light up as he snatched the gem. He spoke hurriedly and Hal answered. The conversation maintained a boring length until they both looked to Titos. Titos raised an eyebrow in Hal's direction.

"The chief speaks your language. He would talk with you. He wishes to know the friend that I have brought, and the one who aided our people."

Friend! Titos nearly exploded at that. The implications of what had been said and more importantly, what had not been said were clear. He nodded to the chief and spoke with a level voice. "I of course would gladly help a *friend* in need. My name is Titos, and I am please to meet the chief of the people of my *friend* the priest."

Hal visibly stiffened at the open hostility, but the chief seemed unaffected. His low voice boomed even in the large tent. "Welcome Titos. Our priest tells me your aid was invaluable to our cause and for that, I thank you. Thanks to you two, an alliance between two tribes through the marriage of my daughter will be fulfilled. This wedding gift is priceless beyond words."

Titos grinned. "It was of course my *pleasure* to help a *friend's* people." He did not care to see Hal's reaction to that.

The chief nodded. "Your efforts can and will be rewarded. Name your request when the time comes. For now, stay with us and enjoy the pleasantries the desert has to offer." He motioned to his harem and then to the bowl of grapes that somehow escaped Titos' notice before.

Titos smiled. "I will of course stay as your guest."

The chief laughed. "Par'stak. Show him to our guest's tent. And be sure to remind him of the festivities that will take place this night."

Hal stood and bowed. "Of course my lord. This way."

Titos followed his *friend* to a small tent at the end of camp. It was as eloquent as the large one and all ready had food and wine awaiting. Titos staked his horse near the tent and then plopped himself on a silk pillow. It proved more comfortable than it looked. He amused himself with some wine and grapes for a few moments before looking to Hal. The priest's face was masked, and he seemed to be waiting for something. "Join me?"

Hal shook his head slowly. "Will you require anything?"

Titos stood up fluidly and was near Hal in seconds. He gripped the man's forearm tightly. "The festivities?"

Hal looked at the restraining hand coolly and then looked to Titos. "There will be a bomb fire in your honor. Fine drinks and food will be offered and dancing for your pleasure."

Titos found himself losing patience. "And you?"

"I am with my people now."

It was apparent that that would be the only answer he would receive. Titos let go and watched his lover leave, for now.

The night's chilling wind was welcomed by Titos without hesitation. His blood ran hot for the northern terrain and not the blistering heat of this place. Luckily his skin was bronze enough to resist any real damage. He dressed in the silken robes and light pants left for him and then left his tent in search of the fire mentioned and found it easily. The great fire lit up the surrounding sands for miles. Even the bright stars in the clear sky paled in comparison to the exotic beauty of an untamed flame. The others of the tribe were seated in a circle around the great blaze. His place, it seemed, was next to the chief himself. He seated himself at the foot of the man who was elevated by a makeshift bed. The dancing had begun without him, but somehow he knew the main event had awaited his arrival. The food consisting of sweet melons, juicy meats, and hearty nuts was accompanied by the finest of wines and hard drinks. He indulged himself freely, watching the fire play off the glistening figures of youthful men and woman. He smiled at the site as his groin stirred, but his eyes searched for Hal. The priest was not there. The evening continued on with displays of expert horsemanship, wrestling, and even tricks of the eye. Then a slow exotic music of flutes and drums filled the air. A bottle of smoldering liquid was brought to him. His prior experience with strange customs made him realize that the drink was not for him to drink. He awaited somewhat impatiently for what would follow.

Most of the young men and woman returned to their dance, accompanied by a few more, which consisted of a couple thrusts of the hips and the lithe movements of their limbs. It was organized but driven by obvious passion. Their attire had changed at some point and they were now dressed in loose silks of a variety of colors. The see-through cloths, their only attire. One by one they approached him holding out an empty cup. It was an offer that any would find hard to refuse. So many of them were appealing and more than one of them gazed upon him in open want. He appraised each one in turn and giving them a reassuring smile that indicated that they were not being rejected, he was merely waiting for someone in specific. Tens upon tens of them approached him yet not one would he accept for he hoped that in the end, his real desire would appear. Then it became apparent that there were none left. A look of dismay filled the audience. Perhaps they feared that they, as a people had been rejected and even refused by their honored guest. An uneasy chill filled the air. The chief frowned down at him slightly, Titos only smiled. He reached over and withdrew an unused golden goblet nestled in the fresh breads near him. He poured the smoldering liquid into the cup slowly, relishing the idea that all eyes were on him. Titos stood and held up the goblet and spoke loud and clearly. "I all ready know!" The message would be clear to the one he spoke.

Most of the audience gave him a blank look, not able to understand a word he said. A deep voice sounded from behind him and two of the guards departed quickly. After a several minutes, the crowd parted a path to him. The two guards bowed to their chief and then to him before returning to their seats. Then Hal came into view. He strode down the cleared path and past the fire to where Titos awaited. He was dressed in a light blue silk robe that nearly matched his eye color and wore nothing else save his holy symbol. His long hair had been braided and was now held tightly together by long silver chains. He did not look up from the ground he stared at. Titos held out the cup to him, knowing that the priest did not have one of is own to offer. A low murmur sounded from those who watched nearby. Hal took the cup slowly and gazed into it. It seemed as if time would stand still forever. Silence became the dominant. It was a moment that Titos wished would almost never depart. His lover stood there glistening in the night, a thing of beauty that could only be improved by the sight of the eyes that must look upon him soon. A loud voice sounded from behind him and the two guards returned to Hal's side. They yanked the robe away and spoke harshly in their native tongue, totally ignoring the fact that the priest had visibly flinched from their motion. Hal nodded slowly and brought the cup to his lips, but he did not drink. Instead his eyes lifted to meet those of Titos'. What Titos saw there shocked him. Fear. It was plain and simple yet not understood. In reality, it didn't matter. It was too late to turn back now. Hal drank slowly, his gaze never wavering from Titos' face. He suddenly dropped the goblet and gasped aloud, his pupils dilating. The goblet hit the sand loudly; its contents glistened for a moment before being sponged up by the dry little rocks. Hal's breathing came in loud gasps as his fist clenched at his sides. Everyone seemed to hold their breath as if waiting for some unseen signal. The priest sank to his knees, trembling slightly, his head bowing. He remained that way for what seemed like an eternity. Then his head slowly came up, and what Titos saw this time sent his body on fire. The sky-blue eyes glistened with raw passion and desire. It was not induced as he had first suspected. He would have seen through that. It was merely unleashed. He moved towards Titos on his hands and knees, his body swaying with the music that somehow had restarted unnoticed. The erotic movement excited Titos instantly. The fact that an entire tribe bear witness to this display mattered very little. Hal breathed heavily before he began to lightly kiss his way up Titos' large muscular leg, the heat easily finding its way through the thin cloth. He paused briefly to lightly suck at the back of his knee. Titos groaned loudly but dared not to move a muscle else this scene disappear like the mirage he thought it was. The sweet mouth continue to his inner thigh, nipping lightly here and there until he reached the straining crotch. He blew hot breath on the area and then moved to kiss the naked abdomen further up. Titos' muscles rippled under the assault. He knew he was rock hard now, but it did not matter. He was too enthralled by this, this scene to let his gaze or attentions wander. Hal's lips and tongue traced delicate patterns all the way up to the all ready pointed nipples. His hot mouth latched onto first one and then the other, the moist tongue circling each in a rapid pace. The delight was nearly overwhelming. Titos found himself lost in the hypnotic pattern of watching Hal's braided head bob for his pleasure. Having his nipples sucked in such a matter was not new, but this situation was beyond anything he could have ever imagined. He found the strength to hold back the urge to come and continued to watch. The priest licked his way up his neck and then paused when their lips were but heartbeats away. Titos could not refrain from moving any longer and he grabbed the silky head, bringing forth a powerful kiss. He found himself lost as he explored the warm mouth again, tasting the smoky sweet taste of the strange drink and falling into the depths of unbound passion. He pulled away finding it hard to breath despite the release.

"Take me." Hal breathed quietly.

"Here?" Titos had not forgotten the fear he had seen.

Hal hesitated for the first time since the drinking of the potion. "It is what they want," he whispered.

"And what do you want?" Titos asked lowly.

Hal closed his eyes and looked away, blushing. "The tent. I... I would... I would like the tent."

It was a request. One he knew the priest could not enforce and maybe didn't even have the right to ask, but Titos granted it. He suddenly became aware of the several pairs of eyes on them and moved to shield Hal from their view. He embraced the cool body before him and escorted him to his temporary home. The crowd parted for them. Their murmurs could be heard nearly all the way to the sanctuary of their honored guests' tent.

Once inside, Hal quickly removed Titos' loose garments. He moved to kiss the warrior but was stopped by a large gentle hand. Titos cupped his cheek and ran his thumb over the swollen lips slowly.

"Please..." Hal whisper silkily. Opening his mouth and lightly licking the thumb. The man was nearly shaking with need.

Titos moved to sit upon the overripe pillows, bringing Hal down with him. He put the priest on his lap, stroking his hair lightly, letting his fingers play with the silver chains that glistened where the light struck them. He was amazed at his own control, his own calmness where his lover had fire all but scorching them both. "Are you sure?" He asked lowly.

"From the moment we met." Hal groaned and straddled Titos with muscular thighs.

Titos found a bottle of scented olive-oil and prepared them both carefully. He did not want to hurt the young man, even if in his desire he did not care. His hands glided over the silky hard flesh of his lovers cock. He stroked it fiercely a couple of times till the smaller body arched into his hands.

"Titos..." It was a plea.

Titos lifted the firm body easily and impaled him on his raging cock. Hal arched his back and moaned loudly, perhaps all ready lost in pleasure. He rode Titos slowly with a grace not unlike dancing. Titos held his hips firmly as the pace quickened. He watched enchanted by the way Hal began to pinch his own nipples firm. His thrust became more and more urgent as his lover closing thighs demanded more.


Titos complied losing himself in this hazy dream, everything blurring before his very eyes. He watched the candles dance of the naked skin in front of him. A thousand little lights caressing the body everywhere the eyes searched. Titos surged forward with a powerful thrust that sent a hiss from his lover's moist lips. Hal's legs tightened around him, forcing his raging organ into impossible depths. Titos bent over and began kissing the tender flesh of Hal's exposed abdomen and chest. The muscles fluttered slightly with each touch. Hal bent over and sought and found Titos ready mouth. The kiss was fierce and urgent. Titos teeth nipped the tender flesh until he felt the sweet and salty tastes of blood. Hal shuddered and tensed as his body began its release. Feeling took place of the other senses and then they both came, loudly and equally fierce. Hal leaned forward, embracing the warrior as he nearly sobbed from the ecstasy of it all. His clutched at Titos as he was filled, his damp check resting tiredly on the large shoulder. Their breathing matched each other for several moments before Titos finally withdrew his spent member from this still hot body. He laid them both down and wrapped his arms around his lover. Hal nuzzled tightly against him, and then sighed quietly as sleep took him. Titos watched him sleep for several moments before he moved the beautifully braided hair to the side and kissed the eye whose lashes were thick and moist. Their foreheads touched, and both slept.

Titos awoke slowly, his arms reaching out for the warm body he remembered last night. There was none. He stood up quickly, his eye scanning the area. He cursed loudly in all the languages he could recall at the time. His head swam slightly from the heavy drinking during the festivities, but he recalled everything vividly. There was no mistaking last night. Hal had indeed been there, and it had been incredible. He dressed in the dark clothes and armor of his former war position hastily, just now realizing he had been washed in his slumber. Titos must have drunk more than he recalled. He strode out of the tent as a man with a purpose. The camp was busy with everyday morning chores. He received several smiles from the young ladies at the watering hole and nods from the guards. The elders, however, seemed troubled at his presence, and not one of them understood a word he spoke. The frustration began to stir into anger. Where was Hal and why was everyone looking at him so intently? It was their custom, not his. Then again, he had requested what was not offered... maybe.

He spent most the morning in search of his lover. His anger was quickly subsiding into what could be called fear. What if the priest had left, permanently? He refused that possibility as he refused the many offers of food and drink. He returned to his tent deeply troubled, nearly ignoring his horse neigh of concern. Hal awaited him inside. The priest kneeled in wait, dressed in the warmer linen robes, his armor once again concealed under the blue. Titos' first impulse was to demand his whereabouts of this morning, but he resisted the urge completely.

Hal offered him a cup of water quietly, his eyes averted.

Titos accepted, wishing to moisten his parched lips before speaking.

"I am told you have not eaten." The voice was calm and cautious. "Here. I have brought some breads and..."

"Where did you go?" Titos began.

"I've priestly duties to attend to..."

"You left without a word. After last night, I'd expected more than that."

Hal remained silent.

"What is going on? I am not asking for an answer here; I am demanding it." Titos kept his voice fairly gentle.

"I am sorry. I did not know what was expected of me..." His voice broke off in sob.

Titos moved forward quickly, pulling the priest into his embrace. "What is wrong? Hal, talk to me."

Hal gripped him tightly, leaning into the offered support.

"What's wrong?" Titos repeated.

"Last night..."

"Last night was beautiful and special." Titos gripped Hal's chin lightly and forcing the young man to look at him. "Was it for you? Were you drugged... forced?"

Hal closed his glistening eyes briefly. "No. I mean yes." He pulled away receiving little resistance. He turned his back to Titos but spoke quietly. "I do not regret last night. Yes, I was forced to participate and that scared me. I never had to before... But when you said what you did, the chief saw my reaction. He knew then, and I knew what would happen next."

"Are you embarrassed to be with me? As a man or is it my occupation?"

Hal shook his head slowly. "Neither. You were my first. I was untouched and thus untouchable... till now."

Titos could not conceal his shock. That the priest was turned, he was grateful. * "I was not prepared."* The words had a total different meaning now. "Why didn't you tell me? Before..."

Hal laughed lightly. "Tell you what? Don't take me, I am still pure. That I didn't know what I was doing?. I'd rather tell you that you were the first to arouse me."

"Look at me."

Hal turned to him, his eyes still glistening and the fear present once more. Titos moved forward and clasped his hands with his own. "There is something more."

Hal brought the hands to his lips and kissed them softly. "A priest belongs to his tribe. He is theirs in spirit and in body. It is our privilege to give of our self to our kin, our own."

"I have devalued you before your tribe..."

Hal shook his head slowly, his braids making slight clinking sounds, almost musical in quality. "No. It is not that simple."

"Why me?"

"I saw you and felt desire for the first time. It was subtle at first, but it grew so quickly. I wanted you to have me more than anything. And I had thought that death was coming, so I held back very little."

Titos took a deep breath. That death was a push towards their first time, Hal's first ever, it was disturbing. "What now?"

"Rudeness is not our way. We will gladly accept your presence as long as you wish. There will be food and water and shelter here as you desire. You do not understand the importance of your aid, of the Eye, but it is there." He moved to back away, but Titos held firm this time.

"And?" He knew he had not yet touched the real problem. The uneasiness still remained.

"Will you..." Hal's voice softened. "Will you still want me when another..."

"Who?" The word made the priest openly flinch.

"The chief has always had an eye for me. It will be my honor to receive his advances. His eyes were on me though you could not see them from your position. I am no longer an enigma to them. What they saw tonight was very mortal and will encourage more advances."

"That is rape."

Hal eyed him carefully. "Have you not?" The rest of the words were not necessary for either of them. Hal continued carefully. "I know your reputation... Titos, an almost a legend."

Titos frowned. He felt somewhat caught. The idea of the fat man pawing at Hal made his blood burn black. Yes, he had taken what he wanted before. But would never take someone who would wither away in disgust as Hal clearly view his chief. Somehow it was different, but in actuality how different. Was not no NO? And then there was the more primal side of the situation. Hal was more than just a fling. There was more here than simple physical desire. "I desire more than your body. Your purity was something I missed but not completely. I want to possess you. Your body, your heart, your soul belongs to someone else." Hal close his eyes slowly as Titos moved in closer, allowing his body heat to soothe the worry. His breath grazed Hal's ear lightly. "Will he hurt you?"

Hal swallowed nervously. "He will be angered when I do not react to his touch. He might become rough, but that is OK. I like it..."

"Hard. Harsh."

Hal groaned lowly, shivering as Titos traced the gentle slope of his back lightly.

"I won't let him have you. I will stay till there is another way."

Hal's breathing became shallow. "It only prolongs the inevitable. What right do I have to refuse? They trust me with their souls. My voice they take as the word of the gods. That I can not give myself to their leader, it is truly blasphemy."

"What is it that your truly fear? It can't be the physical aspect. You did not even blink at the possibility of death before or..." He allowed his thumb to lightly rub Hal's wrist. "the pain of a broken wrist. But you were embarrassed last night."

Hal sighed, evidently realizing that the matter would not drop. "I do not like being displayed. I do not know how to explain this to you Titos. There are old customs here. Some ignored other embraced. I am not held responsible for famine or the lack of water or food. I am present at most births and if the child dies, it is not deemed my fault. The powers I bear of my god are greatly respected and appreciated. My wisdom is listened to here. But the true powers of the desert people are held by the chiefs. If he wants me, he will have me. I know he does. It was not right for him to take me before. Nor is it our custom to offer virgins in any ritual to anyone. That is over now. Now I am like the rest. My skills are priceless here but that means nothing when it comes down to bodily pleasures. Here, the chiefs are almost as high as the gods themselves. They hold people together to guard the water supplies, keep the most fertile ground..."

Titos' eyes narrowed. Hal was not getting to the point. It seemed so odd that he would be clearly broken up about what will happen and then turn around and justify it. Titos had done many things in his life that he knew was not the "right" thing to do. Throwing Ryn into slavery seemed like the only thing to do at the time. Of course there were other options, but he chose the easiest. The dark army had the surrounding lands under an iron fist. One glimpse at the elven prince would mean death. He reasoned that if Ryn had not been given to Trohan, then the prince would have been killed. Listening to Hal troubled him of not only this matter but the other. Perhaps the two were not clearly linked but at least similar. "Speak plain."
His voice came out colder and harsher than he intended.

Hal held his breath in surprise at the command. He narrowed his eyes slightly. "The chief will take me when he wishes with no qualms. He may even pass me around as he would some valued horse, in the name of his honor and any ancient ritual he can find."

"So there is slavery here. A few well placed words and one would think differently."

Hal tried to pull away. This time with force, but Titos was stronger. "It is different and you know it. I am not a slave."

Titos tightened his grip. "Oh no. Why because you have your own tent? Because when people are scared you can calm them? Because when a dark omen comes around your voice is stronger than the fat lards that sit on their pillows drinking from other people's labor? If you can not choice who you lie with or disdain the unwanted looks of others, then you are as much a slave as the one placed in chains."

"No! You are wrong!" Hal's body tensed with the refusal.

"Am I? What if we had met here? Would you have come to me then? Or would you have looked at me with deep longing, too afraid to expose your desire else you'll become the object of everyone else's lust in but a day?"

"And what do you know about justice. How many people have you killed for the armor you wear? How many have said no to your face and you just laughed. What is the difference? I doubt you even know..." Hal's voice became low and dark.

Titos gazed at him sadly. "I know the difference. It is very clear. I have never tried to justify my wrongs. I am a warrior for hire. I kill for money, I helped bring armies to there knees to increase my fame. There are no excuses on my lips. I do not hold onto a false truth and shy when it is taken away."

Hal opened his mouth to speak but no words came out. He stood there allowing his emotions to wage wars in his eyes and body. The priest was on the edge.

Titos continued softly. All he needed was one more thing to push him over that edge. "Had I known that you were being displayed as a potential whore last night, it would not have happened."

The sky-blue eyes could no longer hold the tears welling up behind them. "They are my people."

"And they always will be, but that doesn't make them right. I wanted to prevent you from holding back on me, but never thought it would come to this. Come with me. You don't have to stay here. You are not in status a slave."

Hal held him once again tightly. Relaxing as Titos' strong hands eased the tension of his shoulders and back with a firm but gentle massage. "It will be exile."

"You have to ask yourself what you are being exiled from."

Hal nodded slowly. "I could have gone years with this never happening..."

Titos' hands trailed down the quivering sides and rested on the priest's firm crotch. "Yes, but in doing so denying yourself one of life's greatest pleasures."

Hal inhaled slowly. "I do not know you. I can not help but trust you. I will go with you."

Titos grinned. He felt a weight lifted that he didn't even know was there. "Good. We'll leave this dreaded place tomorrow. And then I have some obligations and loose ends to tie up... You won't regret it."

Titos stroked his hair hoping to offer reassurance. He chuckled when he heard Hal reply in a light tone, "I all ready do."

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