Titos' Adventures: Trohan's Inn

Titos' Adventures: Trohan's Inn

Warning. Graphic Male/Male sex ahead. Leave now if this offends you. I mean it Kids!!

Titos and Hal rode up to the establishment, both in awe. The place had grown considerably. What was once a small wooden inn was now a large manor. There were three stories now, and the place's old rotten wooden walls were replaced by newly painted oaken boards. A stables was located nearby, and it looked even full. The front even sported a small but well kept garden of deep green bushes and small violet flowers. A young boy ran up and offered to take their horses. Titos gave him a few coins. He looked over at his companion who seemed very reluctant to relinquish his new white filly. The horse and a few bags of gold were all he had left. Titos gave him a reassuring smile which was enough. The young priest looked the place up and down with wide eyes. He most likely hadn't seen that much wood on anything but a live tree.

"I thought you said you friend owned a small inn." Hal questioned lightly.

Titos frowned. He didn't like the indications of this. "He did. Come." Hal accepted the hand, and they walked in together.

The night was late but the place was packed. A bard sat in the middle drunkenly singing and laughing with his audience. Several serving wenches, all dressed in short but fine garments, walked around briskly, their trays filled with drinks. There were a few fights here and there but mostly the tables were filled with travelers eagerly speaking of their journeys. Titos looked around for a moment and then sighed. He turned to Hal. "Stay right here. I'll be back." Hal nodded still in awe of all the sights, and Titos found himself wading through the bodies trying to find the dwarf he was about to pummel. Trohan wasn't that hard to find. He was in the back laughing loudly and fondling a bunch of young woman. Titos had no problem persuading the girls to go else where. "Speak up dwarf and make it fast."

"Titos! Lad, good to see you." He sputtered, nearly dead drunk all ready.

"I bet. Explain and quickly."

The dwarf lead them to the kitchen where it was marginally quieter. "Now just let me get it all out before you start shouting."


"All right. Yes, your prince made us rich. No he didn't get passed around. I did exactly what you requested... almost."

Titos felt himself becoming angry all ready. The damn dwarf was not getting to the point.

Perhaps Trohan saw the darkness in his eyes for he suddenly became very sober. "He only had two. The first one went well enough, I won't give you the details. And then he... well, he sort of."

"Out with it."

"He escaped."


"Now I told you you need to let me explain."

"Do so quickly and now."

"He escaped. I got him back but not before..."

Titos felt himself becoming very uneasy.

"Lord Rath got to him before I could find him again. It was really bad Titos. Brutal, one of the ugliest things I've ever seen. But he is back now and fine."

Titos felt black fury race through his veins. "I'll kill him."

"There's more. I think the man must have been in one of his dark rages or something. He showed up a few days later and dumped loads of gems and gold at my doorsteps. He had one of his healers tend Ryn. Titos. Lad. I am your friend, and as a friend I say let it drop. The dark army has moved on. Travelers are coming through the area again. There is no need to get killed over this. No blood need be shed."

Titos shook his head fiercely and did not say a word as he strode away to find Hal. His mind was in a whirl. Of course there was no need, but to hell with that. His old lover would pay one way or another. His eyes scanned the area thoroughly, and he realized Hal was not where he left him. He cursed the gods in several languages and started asking around. It took awhile but he finally found a waitress who had seen him leave with a couple of guys. Damn it. Titos did not need anymore problems. He stormed out of the inn, giving a dark look to anyone who dare stand in his path. They weren't hard to find, and what he saw was not a surprise at all. Hal was cornered in the stables. His robe was torn, and his eyes blazed. The two men had several bruises and cuts on them, one of them looked as if he had even been scalded somehow. Hal was breathing hard and struggling with the larger of the two. Titos cleared his throat.

The one turned on him, knife in hand. "Mind you own business stranger." He was nearly as large as Titos and had deep red hair, most likely of a sea folk. The other one glanced at him as well, they looked very similar perhaps even kin.

"Titos," Hal rasped.

The two men looked at each other, suddenly uncertain. "Titos. As in the warlord?"

Titos moved forward, his eyes as sharp as daggers. "Was and this is definitely my business."

The men backed away. "It's not like it looks. Is he yours or something?"

Titos held out his hand and motioned Hal forward. The priest complied quickly. His eyes still blazing with anger, but his body was trembling slightly, so slightly that Titos would have missed it if he hadn't known him so well. "Don't insult my intelligence. Pack your things and leave. Don't come back and pray our paths never cross again." With that he turned and strode out quickly, holding Hal's hand tightly.

"Titos. I am sorry. They said they had an injured friend. I..."

Titos whirled on him. Hold your anger. Titos tried to reason with himself. He didn't know better. "How the hell have you survived this long? You'd think as a priest you'd have more sense than this. Don't you know not to go into stables at night alone like that in a place like this?"

Hal stared at the ground. "No. I'd never seen a stable before. They seemed so honest. Things... Things are so different here."

Titos cursed himself again. The land they had traveled through near the wizard's tower had been mainly wilderness. Hal maybe spent but a few months outside the desert. The tribes probably didn't have that many travelers either. He looked him over carefully. "Its not your fault. Are you hurt?"

"No. They didn't get far. I am not helpless."

Titos chuckled. "So I've noticed, and they'll remember for sure."

Hal smiled, but still shook a bit. They both knew it had been close.

He led them back in and up the stairs. It took him awhile to find a suitable room. It happened to be the very last room on the third story. It was rather quiet up here. He imagined this story contained most of the higher classed rooms. He opened one up and decided it would do for the night. "Now let's see how Ryn is doing." He had mentioned Ryn to Hal a couple of times on their way here. For the most part, the priest didn't say much on the subject, and even now he remained silent. He looked for the gray door as instructed, and then opened it with the small key he demanded from Trohan.

The elf's room was filled with fine authentic elven furnishings. It must have cost Trohan a fortune to bring in such fine draperies and bedding. The rugs were handmade and of earthen tones. In fact, the whole room consisted of mainly different shades of green, brown, and tame

yellows and red. The elf himself sat upon a small golden bench at a neatly polished oak desk. He was brushing his honey-wheat hair and saying something in his musical language. From here, Titos could tell he was wearing perhaps a heavy satin embroidered robe. Titos cleared his throat. The elf turned to him quickly, his mane of hair turning with him. His deep purple eyes scanned him slowly, and a smile formed on his lips.

"Titos..." He whispered softly.

Titos eyed him carefully. "You remembered. Prince Ryn, I'd like you to meet..." His voice trailed off as the elf was upon him.

Ryn's light hands roamed over his muscular chest quickly. He kissed at his neck and gently, his fingers tangled themselves in his dark hair. Titos felt himself succumb to desire quickly. He tried to hold onto coherent thought, but when the elf grasped his crotch, there was none. He pushed the elf back until they found a wall. He found himself naked in moments as strong fingers pinched at his nipples and then caressed his back. Ryn grasped his tight buttocks and drew him forward. He ground his hips against the hard flesh straining before him. Ryn groaned loudly humping against him urgently, creating much needed friction. Titos lost what little control he had. He tore the clothing from the elf's limber body. Their organs brushed each other lightly before he lifted the body into the air as Ryn dived into his mouth. They fought each other for control, and Titos found himself giving into the elf's desire. Ryn wrapped his legs around him tightly and impaled himself on Titos' raging cock. The elf convulsed in pain. Ryn threw his arms around Titos' neck and continued the passionate kiss as he fiercely pushed his hip forward. Titos thrust forth with impossible ferocity. His hands palmed the firm muscles under him, and he watched in awe as they jumped and rippled instantly. The warrior roamed the offered body carelessly, feeling the flesh succumb to his will, yearn for his touch. He grasped the elf's neck and felt the vigilance of life. The elf gasped for breath, but his passion seemed heightened by this addition of panic. Ryn groaned loudly, his body shuddering as he came. Titos followed the suit shortly there after. They gazed at each other for several moments before the elf's broke the silence. "Just Ryn. It's just Ryn."

Titos grinned and led him over to the bed.

"I knew you'd come back," Ryn said huskily.

The elf pulled him down into another kiss. The lithe body pushed up against him eagerly. The purple eyes danced with passion. Titos ran his hands over the rising flesh beneath him, fascinated by the elf's animalistic groan. Ryn moved against his open palm like poetry in motion. He hissed loudly as Titos closed his hand tightly. It suited the warrior for now just to watch this need come alive. His other hand familiarizing itself again, touching and caressing every shape and curve of the eager body below him. The smooth skin sent off a heat that could only be described as hot.

"So long." Ryn gasped.

Titos groaned himself and tried to still the moving body beneath him just to grasp the moment into memory. He had replayed their reunion over and over again in his mind, but this was beyond comprehension.

Ryn sighed in frustration. "Titos. Touch me."

The words broke Titos' musings and control. He met the fiery gaze below him and felt nothing else but desire. To hell with everything else. He was damn well going to enjoy this situation and all it had to offer. He flipped the elf over onto his stomach. His large hands stroked the smooth pale back and chuckled to himself as Ryn moved into the touch like that of a large cat. He grabbed silky light hair and pulled back hard. Ryn gasped but provided no resistance. Titos shifted slowly and lowered himself on his once captive. The elf's legs stiffened to accommodate the new weight. Titos rammed into him almost brutally, covering the Ryn's mouth to prevent the scream that would follow. He rode him steadily using long strokes. The elf's body was tight and hot, even more so than he remembered. He saw the elf's hard cock, dark red against the rest of his pale skin and yearning for release. "Use your hands." Ryn obeyed and grasped his own delicate organ. He began to stroke himself quickly to an orgasm, but Titos stopped him. The warrior yanked the head back harshly enough to bring tears to the purple eyes. "Slowly." Ryn groaned but complied as he felt Titos begin to pull again. The small body trembled with need beneath him. The control and power was beyond stimulating.

"Please..." Ryn's sweet voice begged for release.

"You want to come... for me?"

Ryn nodded quickly. "Anything for you, Titos..."

His little elf had been here waiting, one could say in heat for him. His little animal had been caged and now was released for his enjoyment. Deep down he knew this was what he had hoped to happened. He had hoped to unleash the nature of the creature he had found so enticing that victorious night. He'd seen it then, recognized the pleasantries beneath the haughty outlook. The fire that burned when given the opportunity. Rath was a fool to try to conquer what could not be conquered. No, it need only be nurtured and then controlled. His hands closed over the Ryn's helping the elf to orgasm. He laughed out loud and plundered the mouth open in ecstasy. He claimed the prince once more as his own, in more ways then one. This was the kind of love that brought kingdoms to their knees with its intensity. It was earthshaking and unbridled. Deep down, it was totally mutual...

He awoke with a start sometime in the middle of the night. He blinked a couple of times trying to recall where he was. Trohan's and Ryn was here. He looked down at the elf and pushed a couple of the sweaty strands out of his face. His Ryn was here, and had been hurt, but he was strong and sure. So like Hal in so many ways but in other ways so different. Hal! He sat up with a bolt that aroused Ryn. "Titos?'

Titos bent down and kissed him lightly. "It's all right. I'll see you in the morning."

Ryn merely nodded and drifted back to sleep.

Titos approached the door slowly. He stopped briefly before entering to gather his wits. Hal lay on his side asleep in the large bed. Titos sat near the priest and watched him for several moments. He looked so peaceful now, it would be a shame to awaken him. He reached out and slowly caressed the exposed cheek. "Hal." He spoke softly.

Hal stirred slowly. He opened his eyes, took one look at Titos and then looked away. The priest sat up and pulled the blankets close to him. "Titos." The voice was calm.

What could he say? It was bad enough that there where two, or so he thought. Ryn had jumped him, and he had responded to the primal force with his own right in front of this young man. He'd taken Hal's virtue, became his first and only man, love, and rewarded him with a sight that probably shocked him.

"Hal. Love."

The sky-blue eyes glistened slightly. "It's all right. You don't have to explain. I understand. I'll leave in the morning. Unless." He hesitated. "Unless you wish it now."

"That's not what I want." Titos almost flinched at the quiet question. How could Hal think he was so easily dismissed? Easily you idiot, his mind cursed at him. This kind of acceptance is exactly what one needed to survive in his tribe.

Hal drew in a quivering breath. "I can't compete with that. An elf, a prince at that. The way he responded. You... I could never..." His knuckles turned white as he clasped the blankets tightly to him. The control seemed to idle for a brief moment.

Titos reached over and slowly caressed the tense fingers until they finally let go. He grasped them in his own. "You don't have to. I love you both. What I have with Ryn is different than what I have with you. They are equally strong."

Hal maintained eye contact. "What now? You have Ryn..."

"And you." Titos smiled as Hal flushed slightly. "Much of this wealth belongs to me. With it I will restore my father's former estate, our new home."

Hal looked away mouthing the word home. It was clear that his exile would not be easy on him. Perhaps his little surprise would lighten his spirits, but now was not the time for it. He drew the small body to his. "Do not despair. I will show you what love can bring about." Titos kissed the priest gently, as if seeking permission to go on. Hal closed his eyes and returned the gesture. Titos eased the covers away from the naked body and let his hands feel the smooth bare skin. The priest quivered and arched into the touch. Titos moved forward slowly, pushing his lover onto his back. There lips remained locked as his large hand glided down the shivering muscles of the abdomen and to the spread thighs below. Hal's hips urged his hand to seek a more desirable destination. His hand closed over the throbbing organ, slowly bringing it to life. He pressed the delightful braids aside and licked at a small spot behind Hal's ear. The exotic taste of arid deserts and the sweet waters of an oasis still clung to the lightly tanned skin. Hal groaned, his head pressing back and into the white pillows. Titos nipped his way down the sides of the bent neck and to the small delicious looking nipples below. His tongue swirled around one slowly, feeling it harden in his mouth moist warmth. He waited until the exact moment he felt Hal's chest thrust forward to bite down hard on the sensitive flesh. Hal gasped loudly, his hips shoving into the strong rough hands. Titos performed the same feat on the other nipple except this time he bit hard enough to draw blood. He then soothed the area with a tongue bath. Hal groaned loudly, bringing his knees up. Titos smiled as he removed his pants and positioned himself for the entry. He devoured Hal's open mouth and plunged into the offered warmth slowly. Hal exclaimed and pressed onward. Titos humped slowly and deeply. Each time he pressed a little and just a little bit further. The body under him trembled wonderfully. He began increasing his speed as Hal gripped his broad back tightly. He felt the tiny bites of the nails scrape across his bared skin. "Ready?" Titos breathed. Hal nodded quickly. Titos rammed his massive cock into the needing body below him. He captured the priests mouth and his intense scream as he spilled his seed into the hot tightness. Hal grabbed his head and drew them into a more profound kiss. The priest thrust once more and came. Titos continued to plunder the sweet mouth as their bodies settled. Hal took a couple of deep breaths and sighed. Titos shifted next to him, bringing into a great bear hug. He waited till the priest drifted into sleep before sighing himself. He just hoped the morning would go by smoothly.

Titos was up and about early. He spoke to Trohan briefly about their new found wealth. For the most part, he would leave it here until he had his own estate ready. The dwarf informed him that the dark army was not in the area, but their scouting parties frequently patrolled around. That meant that the prince's only safety would be brought about as a slave. The army would not bother with someone all ready imprisoned, but would certainly pursue a free one. Hal came down after a bit. He nodded to Trohan and departed for his morning prayer. Titos worried about him briefly, but it was broad daylight. Only a fool would try an attack around here at this hour. He sent Trohan to fetch Ryn and any belongings the elf needed right away. The elf strolled down after several minutes dressed in loose green and brown garments. There was nothing fine about the choice, but it did display a somewhat practical nature. Trohan served them some of his favorite corn stew. The elf played with it a bit but made it clear it was not to his liking.

After a couple of drinks, Ryn decided it was time to talk. "So, Titos, are you here to stay?"

Titos shook his head, noting the instant scowl that formed on the elf's face. "No. I am only stopping by?"

Ryn swirled his wine. "I see." The words were tight and tainted with anger.

"How has your stay been?" Titos decided he would see just where he stood before pursuing the real matters.

"You're a wealthy man." Ryn nearly snarled at him.

"Yes, it seems I am. Its probably enough to reclaim my estate and lands."

Ryn swallowed his wine and asked for another.

Titos shrugged and waited, trying to hide the smile from his lips. If he was viewed as a monster, he figured it would have come out by now. There would have been a demand or some evidence of hatred. Instead the elf looked put out and pouted even.

"What about me?"

"What about you?"

Ryn turned his head and gazed. His deep purple eyes were churning with emotion. "Am I to be your slave forever? Just some trophy you keep locked up in your friend's house until you decide to drop by. You said you'd come back. I haven't forgotten. I deserve more than this you... you barbarian!"

Titos laughed. Oh this was too much. He then let himself fall into his more serious mode. "Yes, you will remain my slave but not forever. I think the dark army will eventually fall. I meant what I said in stopping by. You must really think I am a monster to have you all dressed up for travel just to leave you here. I'll be taking you with me of course."

Ryn's eyes light up. "Really? I mean you are going to take me to your home, you and I?"

Titos frowned. He could have sworn the elf had a different manner of speech when he left him, but now he had a more treacherous task to attend to. Hal. "I came back for you as you knew I would. But..."

As if on cue, Hal walked through the door. He glanced casually at the three sitting at the bar and went for the stairs. Titos stood quickly and grabbed his wrist. Hal looked at him calmly but did not pull away. Their eyes locked for a moment and then Titos turned to Ryn. The elf watched them with a frown and instant understanding lighting his eyes.

Titos cleared his throat. "This is Hal. He's..."

"A priest and coming with us." Ryn tilted his head slightly. The gesture seemed odd but even worse, a bit troubling. "Welcome aboard. Its one hell of a ride."

Hal's eyes widened slightly. Other than that, his composure remained the same. "Hello Prince Ryn."

"Ryn." The elf replied shortly. "Well let's go. If I stay here another moment, I am going to be sick."

Trohan bubbled up with laughter. "I'll try not to take that personally lad."

Ryn grabbed his sack and departed out the door quickly.

Titos turned to Hal hoping to get some reaction out of him. Of course, he got none. Damn he hated that. "We'll wait for you outside."

Hal nodded slowly and returned to his room.

Trohan kept that silly grin on his face. "I am sure I will be hearing some interesting tid bits from you soon lad."

Titos smiled slightly. "Till I return old friend."

He found Ryn waiting on his black steed. Titos eased himself into the saddle and held the elf tight against him. Ryn moaned lowly. "Be good," Titos hissed.

Ryn laughed lightly. "Of course."

Hal mounted up mutely and they said departed from Trohan's large inn.


Ryn wiggled beneath him. His strong hands groped his balls tirelessly, pulling and squeezing causing Titos to groan lowly. "I told you to be good." This elf seemed to have a sex drive that wouldn't quit.

The deep purple eyes danced with mischief. "I am. Whatever do you mean?"

Titos couldn't hold back a smile. "I told you we need to be quiet. Hal is nearby."

Ryn pulled him into a deep kiss. They broke away panting. "I am being quiet." Ryn whispered teasingly. "You are the one groaning and moaning." He gasped loudly as Titos attacked one of his delicious looking nipples.

"Really what was that?" Titos took the tiny nub between his teeth.

"You do that and everything in the forest will know we are here," Ryn warned quietly.

Titos swirled his tongue around slowly until Ryn arched against him. He found the elf's straining organ and pumped it a couple of times, watching Ryn through his head back and groan.
"This isn't working. Why don't you just ask him to join us?"

Titos rolled to the side and entertained himself by stroking the taught abdomen in front of him, watching and feeling the muscles ripple under his palm. "I told you why not."

Ryn went to his side and moved in closer. He let his head be cupped by Titos' chin. Titos wrapped his arms around him tightly. "How did you ever get involved with someone who is so shy. I asked him how you were in bed and he practically choked to death."

Titos swatted him hard on the bum, covering the elf's mouth with his large hand quickly to conceal the squeal. "Damn it Ryn. I meant it when I told you to be nice."

"Oww." Ryn exclaimed lightly when the hand was removed. "Titos. Come on. You didn't say that I couldn't mention anything. We are both your lovers. It only made sense to talk about you. He just won't."

Titos sighed. "I care about you both. He just needs sometime to adjust. I must admit I am shocked you are taking it so lightly yourself."

Ryn laughed. "What did you want me to do? Play the jealous I was first role? Its fine with me but don't take that as a invitation to gather some more. Besides if there is going to be leader in your harem, it will always be me." Ryn teased lightly. "Okay, I've an idea. Let's go over there. We'll sandwich him right up..."

"Ryn..." Titos growled as the elf jumped up.

"Just to sleep." Ryn winked and moved to Hal as planned.

Titos sighed heavily and grabbed their blankets. It was apparent the elf was going on with it with our without his help. It would be better with. He grabbed Ryn's shoulder quickly when he realized he was just going to hop down and snuggle right up. He threw the elf his pants. "Put it on and let me do it first." He began to wonder if he should tie the little monster up just to keep him out of trouble. No, there was no denying he liked this playfulness very much. He laid down and gently pulled the blankets up from the sleeping priest. "Hal..."

Hal stirred slowly. He open his sky-blue eyes slowly. "Titos..." He seemed puzzled to see the warrior.

So he hadn't been sleeping, and had probably heard them together for the past couple of hours. Titos smiled and pulled his lover closer. Hal did not resist and seemed to welcome the new source of warmth. Titos imagined he was still adjusting to this temperature. Hal tensed up as Ryn moved in behind him. Titos cupped Hal's chin and forced the young man to look at him. "Relax," he whispered. "We're not going to do anything but sleep, and we'll never do anything you don't want to."

Hal didn't look convinced but settled down. After several minutes of adjusting, they all found comfortable positions and their fair share of blankets. Titos snaked his hand over and grasped Ryn's hand tightly. The elf looked over Hal and smiled. Be good, Titos mouthed. Ryn nodded. Titos sighed it might be a long night. Praise the gods for having the journey come near its end. He slept after what seemed like hours.

He awoke late in the morning. His partners had camp cleaned and the horses ready. If anything had happened, neither one let on. They spent the rest of the day riding in blessed silence. Both seemed charmed by the old forest and its animal inhabitants. He led them to the old worn castle that once belonged to his father. Titos never considered it home, but he could hardly expect his lovers to go chasing after him every time he had the urge for travel. Most of the walls to the place were still intact though cracked. The main gate was broken down and so was the bridge, but the back door to the kitchen remained sturdy. At least a good half of the stone castle was still livable. The roof had holes all over the place, but he could think of at least four bedrooms that were still sheltered. The tapestries and books and furniture were most likely beyond repair. The many gardens were either withered or overgrown with weeds, not exactly a fairy tale setting to start a new family. Titos chuckled,a family indeed. Even if the family was a bit different.

"Castle. Titos this looks like a ruin." Ryn stated openly.

Hal glanced at the elf. "I am sure its more than the appearance let's on. It might even have a history."

Ryn scowled slightly. Titos and the elf both knew there was a scolding somewhere in what had been said.

Titos shrugged. "It's what we make it." He began to wonder just what he was going to do from here. His plans had almost run their course. The last thing needed to be done was get at least some of his wealth from the dwarf. He figured Hal and Ryn would be able to take care of themselves for a couple of weeks, even if they wound up hating each other, while he took care of business. He hoped.

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