Titos' Adventures: Trouble at Home

Titos' Adventures: Trouble at Home

Warning: This story contain m/m sexual scenes. In plain english, guys no gals. Leave now if you shouldn't be here and have somehow escaped my other warnings. Consider yourselves warned.

Hal had had enough. The elf had been healed by his hands without question for weeks, and today he was determined to find out what was going on. He found Ryn not far from the castle. He was in a thicket near the small stream, and he was not alone. Three young men from the town were also naked and taking enjoyments from the offered body. The moon glistened on the naked pale elfin form as if it was its sole purpose. The tall bald dark guardsmen was pounding into body violently, so violently that Ryn's arm muscles were tense from strain to keep from falling forward. Hal knew Ryn would have cried out if the captain of the guards did not have his massive cock crammed into the luscious mouth. The muscular man seemed to be saying something, but Hal was too far to hear. The last one, a dark blonde, was sucking the elf off while pulling cruelly at the his sensitive balls. Hal moved in closer; he felt almost drawn to do so.


Ryn met the men as requested earlier. He was not surprised to see a new addition to their numbers. It seemed that Kyle and Harper wanted their captain to partake in their nightly pleasures. He didn't care at the moment for his body felt like it was on fire from need. His erection had gotten painfully hard in just the short walk it took to get here. His breathing was all ready becoming labored as he saw the large bearded man pull out his mammoth cock and begin stroking himself roughly. His mouth watered at the prospect of taking in such a meaty morsel, but he said nothing. That was the rules after all. He waited as the three naked men stroked themselves to hardness. It was almost a ritual to tease him in such a matter. They made him wait to find out which one would take him and which one he sucked. The Fever began to overtake him again, and he groaned in spite of himself. That drew the dark one towards him quickly. The strike to his face sent him sprawling to the ground. The pain brought tears to his eyes, but he made not another sound. Three pairs off rough hands tore away at his clothing and began fingering his naked flesh. They were light touches, the maddening kinds of touches that sent his body withering with want. He cursed mentally at the loss of his clothes, but the savagery excited him. It held such promise. He felt his body manipulated into a kneeling position. He felt thick familiar fingers pry him open brutishly, first one and then another. With no more preparation, the thick cock forced its way in. Ryn felt a yell course through his body and then explode from his throat. The pain was excruciating. His limbs trembled as the man continued his assault undaunted by the sound at all. Ryn took deep breaths in an attempt to control the pain. It worked, and he allowed the pleasure to override anything else. One of the large hands gripped his waist for leverage. Harper plunged into him again and again and again until Ryn could no longer hold back his groans. The other hand grabbed his hair and pulled his head back roughly. Ryn gasped as the sensation of force embedded itself in his gut. He briefly wondered why everyone seemed so enthralled by his honey-wheat hair. He felt something hard yet flexible clamp around his exposed neck. Then the air was cut off, and he felt moments of pure terror. Despite his fear, he felt his excitement grow to new heights. The choke-collar was relaxed only enough for a large cock to be shoved into his gasping mouth. He sucked at the large meat greedily, smelling the man through the hairs of his sex. The cock was thrust down his throat. "Take it all," came the harsh command. It became painful to breathe, but this new sensation satisfied some of his raging hunger. Small coarse hands explored his chest seeking and finding his exposed nipples. The small little nubs where handled lightly at first but then were jerked and wrenched until his tried to pull away. The movement only brought the cock behind him deeper still. The sensations sent his mind into chaos. The cock in his mouth exploded nearly at the same time as the one in his ass. He sucked down the seed, relishing the salty liquid, the nectar of life. The hands on his chest traveled away from his aching nipples and down to his enlarged organ. They gripped the straining flesh and pumped it a couple of times. Ryn spread his legs to encourage the exploration. He heard light laughter and the hands stroked him a couple more times then a hot mouth replaced the hands. He came quickly, crying out loud as the limp cock retreated from his mouth. Ryn gasped a couple of times before his eyes focused on his surroundings again. The men were dressing. Ryn closed his eyes in dismay. The night was so early, and his need had not entirely been fulfilled. Kyle stroked his hair lightly. "Tomorrow. Be ready for us and another friend. Pet." The kid kissed his brow gently and then departed with the other two. Ryn sighed heavily, but he wanted to sob. The physical pains were beginning to become apparent. It was time to see Hal. He tried to cover himself with what was left of his clothing and returned to the castle slowly.


Hal leaned against a tree and closed his eyes trying to control his breathing. What he had just seen was unbelievable. Ryn's beauty was unveiled during the act of sex, but that was what it was, sex. Ryn deserved more than that. He'd seen Titos take him once and that was an act of love, he thought. It was clear that Ryn wanted to be controlled, and he knew Titos liked that. But Titos too had control and these people did not seem to. There was no caring, not even the least bit of concern. Ryn seemed to be nothing but an object to be used and even abused to at least two of them. The third treated him little better than a dog even going so far as to pet him for a job well done. Hal felt his anger rise. What the hell was going on? Why was Ryn using him to cover up his nightly activities. Titos would be angry for sure but would it be for the same reason Ryn or even he thought. Hal stood and returned to the castle troubled. This would be confronted tonight, one way or the other.

The priest waited in his room patiently. He had his paper and pen laid out on his small desk as he always did though this time he only pretended to be writing when the elf walked in. Hal turned slowly, his sky-blue eyes taking in the elf's appearance more thoroughly than he had before. The elf wore new green garments of heavy cloth. His hair was neatly combed to the side, not a twig could be found by sight alone. He walked with inborn grace over to Hal's bed without a word. The candle light played on his lithe body as he simply waited for his healer to come and ease his pains as he always did. The only difference now was that Ryn hung his head slightly. Hal approached him and murmured quietly to invoke his spells. He did so with the impersonal fashion that comes from a professional and not the close friend he felt he was, another mysterious yet unspoken request on the elf's part. "Stand," Hal commanded quietly. He worked the elf's clothes off and received no refusal. He bit his lip when he saw the dark bruises along the waistline. He attended the wounds with his healing touches silently. He need not actually see the wounds, but Ryn need not know that either. It was the dark ugly bruise on the elf's face that finally caused him to break his silence. "How did this happen?"

Ryn laughed lightly. "The woods are dangerous at night especially in these uncivilized lands."

The lie had been told so easily and without hesitation. Had Hal not known the truth, he would have believed him. He wondered briefly if Titos would have seen through it. He wished the warrior home now more than ever. His trip to the inn seemed so minimal to what he was missing here. "Every night for the last two weeks?"

Ryn suddenly looked irritated. "Are you going to heal the wounds or not?"

Hal kept his cool despite his rising worry. "I will heal your wounds of course. Does that bruise hurt?"

"No." Ryn snapped.

"Then I will leave it, for now." Hal spoke calmly.

Ryn's mouth dropped open. "But Titos will return in two days time..."

It was odd to see the elf look so desperate. "True. I am sure he will take care of these bandits for you." Hal waited for a retort, but the elf seemed lost for words. He could almost see the wheels turning in that mind of his.


Damn. Hal felt more frustration than he ever had. Ryn might even know of another healer he could turn to. Someone he would have to pay and he shivered at the idea of it being one of those monsters he saw in the forest. He sat down next to Ryn, pondering his next course of action. He had always admired the elf from a far. Titos didn't see it, how could he? Hal was careful at concealing such emotions. Titos had succeeded in getting him to reveal so much when there had been nothing before. It was scary even, but the warrior would never get everything out of him. He brushed the silky hair aside so he could get a better look at the elf's face. "I will heal you." It wasn't the nod that attracted Hal's attention, but the way he seemed to lean into his caress. Hal caught his breath. This was new. He'd seen him do it for Titos but had thought it was somehow connected to the man. He murmured a few syllables and watched as the red sparkling lights lifted the bruise away from the youthful face. Ryn stood to clothe and leave, but Hal caught his wrist. The deep purple eyes turned towards him slowly. Hal almost lost himself in that emotional gaze, so many feeling locked behind that gaze, all of them swirling in unabashed control. He pulled the elf back down with little force needed. The wrist trembled under his hold as the elf's desire become evident. Hal found himself looking away and blushing. He found it hard to swallow.

"Do you want me?" The sweet voice taunted lightly.

Hal did not realize he had stopped breathing as soon as the words left the full lips. It seemed a siren's call that he would have to resist. Ryn took his hand and placed it over his straining flesh. The elf hissed slightly as Hal's fingers closed gently. He felt the hips rise involuntarily. Hal shook his head slowly. "No it is not right." He stood and turned to look out the window. The moon still shown in its silvery glory.

"He will not mind." Ryn whispered lightly against his ear.

Hal closed his eyes and shivered as the hot breath grazed the little hairs on the back of his neck. He wanted to say I know, but there was something about this he didn't like. Ryn slipped the robes off his shoulders. He did not resist and had not worn his armor today. He took in a deep breath. His mind flashed to the scene he witnessed earlier and tensed. Would Ryn desire to take him such a manner or have him do the ghastly deed?

"I won't hurt you." Ryn whispered silkily. The elf ran his smooth hands over his shoulders and seemed to massage the tension and fear right out of them with one squeeze.

Maybe, Hal thought, but you might want me to hurt you. He turned and grasped Ryn's wrist tightly. He saw the apprehension in the elf's eyes and made a decision. "Go, and lie down." His command was light but eagerly obeyed.

Ryn lay there before him on the light blankets as perfect as an avatar of any god. His honey-wheat hair spiraled around his head in aesthetic appeal. His body, now cleared of any markings, was smooth and flawless, even the straining flesh between his legs seemed unmarred by its true feral life. The century old eyes gazed at him mutely though the elf's breathing was deep and loud with need. Hal sat beside him and graced the pale thigh with a light touch. Ryn jerked as the cool hand touched the fevered skin. The heat radiated from this body as scorching as any true fire. Ryn's lips were parted, and his hips lifted slightly off the bed.


Hal hushed him with a light kiss, and then continued to press his cool lips all the way down the exposed neck and to the still swollen nipples below. He kissed each one in turn and then traced them lightly with his fingers. Ryn groaned from the contact. Hal continued to explore the body below him with a gentleness the elf would most likely find maddening. He stirred desire wherever his fingers lingered. The elf's breathing was coming in gasps now.

"Priest." Ryn hissed.

"Easy. Easy Love." Hal whispered.

"Damn You..." He was cut off by another kiss. This time is was a bit harsher, and Hal allowed himself to explore the sweet mouth. He reached over and retrieved a moist cloth from his wash basin. He brought the cool moisture over the elf's chest. "Shhh..." He tried to calm him.

Ryn moaned and finally closed his eyes. It was a relief, the constant gaze was beginning to color Hal's cheek. The elf's body stopped shuddering after a few moments of Hal's cooler attentions. He returned the cloth. The minute the cloth subsided to the bottom, Ryn was turned over and kneeling before him. It seemed the patience would not last long. The back was smooth and arched, covered with pronounced muscles. Ryn must have been into warfare at some point for a few small white scars marked the area, but this seemed to add to the visage and not detract. Hal found himself stroking the elf without conscious thought. Only now did he also become aware of his own rousing state. Ryn's body seemed to move with and encourage every caress. Hal frowned slightly. The idea of the elf presenting himself like this to others, other than Titos, was disturbing. One would only need a single knife to end the existence of this beautiful long-lived creature before him. He moved forward and pressed his chest to the back, giving Ryn time to accommodate his weight. The elf was panting and pushing back against him, providing friction for Hal's own hard cock. He backed away briefly, partly to catch his breath and partly to obtain the lubrication he desired.

"Damn it. I need..."

"Relax." Hal demanded somewhat harshly. He saw the shoulders tense in defiance and then the rest of the body followed the same suit. He wondered if Ryn expected a punishment of some sort. He waited a few moments before returning with the oil he had sought and found. He lubricated himself quietly, amazed at how calmly he was taking this situation when deep down he was trembling beyond control. He then moved into position and eased in. Ryn's buck nearly threw him off. He grasped the hips tightly, wincing when he recalled the bruises he had removed earlier. The elf thrust against him headless of the hands at his sides. Hal tried to find the control again but there was none to be taken. Ryn's hot tight body engulfed him in a maddening heat. He found himself plunging into the warmth losing a margin of his own control. He lost track of time as a cloud of pleasure began to engulf him. Then somehow Ryn relinquished one hand to stroke himself and brought them both to orgasms on his own. Hal backed away a bit clumsy on his feet as the heat finally reached him. He felt hands grasp him and keep him from falling. He was drawn into an embrace on his own bed. He leaned against the offered shoulder and found himself falling asleep to a soothing song of a language he could not decipher.

Hal awoke to the cool wind of the outdoors. He was being carried and the sensation felt a bit alarming. His sleepy blue eyes blinked a few times before opening to full attention, by then he was immersed in warm water. He looked up to see Ryn smiling down at him, sponge in hand. The elf went about releasing his braids as Hal straightened himself into a sitting position. He still found the idea of a bath a bit unrealistic. That such precious water would be wasted, it was almost inconceivable and had been the first time he had experienced the wonders of a bath. He gasped as water poured over his head. Strong fingers soaped his hair down and then another wave of water came down. He managed to swipe the sponge to get to the rest of his body before the elf had a chance to do it himself. He shivered as he left the tub, grateful that Ryn had a blanket ready. He then found himself led back to his room where Ryn had him sit at the desk. All of this was done in silence.

"I will braid your hair again if you would like." The elf broke the silence as he worked the brush through Hal's dark hair.

Hal looked at himself in the mirror. He felt he paled in comparison to his companion. "Do you think..."

Ryn laughed lightly, a pleasing sound indeed. "I am sure he would like it anyway you do it, but the braids do please him."

Hal blushed wondering how he could be so obvious. He nodded quickly. Ryn finished the job with speed and accuracy. These new braids, smaller than the others, were even better than the former ones, and the chains were much lighter this time around.

Hal spent the rest of the morning in prayer and then the afternoon trying to restore the old tapestries and paintings of the old castle. He crossed Ryn a couple of times but did not find the words to speak to him. He knew the elf tended the surrounding gardens. Several times, he found himself looking out the windows to see if he was still there. He was relieved each time to see the elf working his magic on the various gardens. Night time came all too quickly, and he found himself eating alone. It was yesterday's bread that Ryn had prepared. He sighed heavily, the elf seemed to be endowed with endless skills. The door opened slowly as the elf came in and he sat on the opposite side of the weathered square table. Hal raised his eyes slowly to return the gaze he knew was there.

"Are you going out tonight?" Hal asked smoothly.

Ryn cocked his head to the side. It gave him an almost predator appearance. "I just might. It is not unusual."

Hal frowned but took the heart to press the subject. "All of them? Or will there be more?"

Ryn's body went tense with shock, but his face remained impassive, thus was the royal upbringing at its greatest. Never reveal to any enemy your state of mind. Hal wondered just how much of an enemy he would become if he continued his current course. He decided he didn't care. He stood slowly and walked behind the elf. He let his hands drop to the tense shoulders. "Stay with me."

"Why?" Came the short reply.

His confidence waned as he realized he might not be able to get Ryn to admit to anything. "You deserve better."

Ryn stood quickly and whirled to face him. His eyes blazed but everything else was stone smooth. "What would you know about it?" The voice was hard and ice cold.

Hal looked away slightly. "Very little actually," he admitted.

When no reply came, he returned to take the brunt of the gaze. Ryn seemed to be considering something as he continued to watch him. Hal kept his posture even though the rest of him felt like fleeing as he watched those beautiful deep purple eyes turn dark and ugly.

"He was your first."

"Yes," he answered although it wasn't really a question.

"Me too." Ryn laughed though it was not the usual pleasing sound at all. "First man any ways. I wonder if he has a *thing* for the untouched."

Hal felt his body go cold. He wondered if he stopped breathing or if he should. He fled the room the minute he found his limbs would obey the simple command. He went straight for the fireplace hoping to gather warmth though he knew no flame could cure the chill the stabbed his heart. Oh gods. Tears flowed from his eyes, but he made not a sound. What Ryn had said was ugly, horrific. He closed his eyes and then covered his mouth as if that would truly erase what had been said.

"Hal." A soft voice spoke to him.

He didn't want to face him right now. He felt like a fool. That he could ever help anyone. That he had worth at all to anyone but his tribe, and now not even them. He tried to gain control but it wasn't working. "Leave me be."

He felt Ryn grasp his shoulders and tried to pull away, but the elf was stronger. Damn it. He hated everyone being physically the better.

"I didn't mean it."

Hal felt rare anger rise in him. It seemed where ever Titos was concerned, everything became too intense to resist. "You sounded pretty damn sure to me!" The venom in his words surprised even him.

Ryn pulled him closer. "I know. They were very cruel. I am sure Titos loves you very much."

Hal stilled. His blessed control returned. He found the strength to push back his new uncertain feelings and address the more immediate danger "And what about you?"


"Yes, you. I saw you with him... at the inn..."

He heard Ryn inhale sharply. Ryn turned him around face to face. The elf was not embarrassed from the look of it. In fact, he seemed a little angry and somehow a lot less threatening. "How many?"

"How many what?" Hal puzzled.

"Titos and...?"

Hal looked away. "You."

Ryn frowned in disbelief.

"There are and were no others... none."

Ryn cupped his chin and forced him to face the elf once again. "Titos cares for you, this I know for sure. He cares for me too. Don not mistake what I have with those other men as the same thing I have with Titos. It is different. Titos holds me as a slave because such a status protects me here. It is not in fact a truth at all. I do not fear him nor should you."

Hal shook his head slowly. "Then why."

"Touch me."

For some reason Hal obeyed the odd command and ran his hand up the elf's shirt. Instantly the elf pressed forward. Ryn's face became flushed and his breathing uneven.

Ryn swallowed. "I need..."

Before he could finish, a chill from the night's air hit them both. Hal backed away as he saw three men looking at them from the open doorway. The same three men who had had Ryn last night.

"Well, well. Isn't this a surprise and a pleasure. You are late elf."

Ryn eyes scanned the room for a weapon; there weren't any. They both remained at the table. "This isn't our meeting area." His voice was flat but tight as if trying to control something.

"No. But this one has an interesting prospect. Don't you agree?" Harper looked Hal up and down. Lust open in the twist of his mouth.

Hal murmured a couple of words and pointed at the men quickly. Small bolts of fire sprang towards them and struck them squarely in the chest. He was surprised to see Ryn perform

a similar feat. The men cried out in anger and then came at them quickly. Hal faced the kid, Kyle, who had pulled out an ugly looking knife. He noticed Ryn perform a number of kicking moves on the other two, sending them flying into the all ready broken furniture. Another time and place, Hal would have been enthralled by these two new skills the elf displayed, but Kyle swished the blade out side to side and then lunged forward. The attack missed and only sliced robe. He moved around the room waiting for the kid to stumble or fall prey to another such folly. It never came.

"Surrender my blue eyed pretty, or I'll slit his throat."

Hal froze and turned to see the captain of the guards holding a sword to Ryn's exposed throat. Harper held the groaning elf's arms with one hand and stroked Ryn's groin with the other. Ryn seemed oblivious to their dire state. Hal let his hands drop to his side. Kyle was on him in a heartbeat and waved him to sit with his knife. Hal complied slowly. He felt the small hands tug his robe loose. He heard Ryn's gasps but dared not look. A horrid fear crept up his spine as the felt Kyle's lip's on his chest. The warmth of the coarse tongue would have been welcomed at another time and by someone else, but Hal's mind was not fooled and neither was his body. He did not want this. The kid seemed frustrated and tried another tactic. He went for his nipples, pinching and prodding them till they hardened under his touch, but the priest's organ remained limp. The kid bit down on his hard nipple hard. He gasped in pain but nothing else. He blocked out the scene, the sounds, and even the feelings. Hal let himself fall into a meditative state. He could almost feel the hot desert winds kissing his fear sweatened skin. The welcome smell of the sands filled the air. His dream was interrupted by Ryn's broken voice. "No."

He blinked and found himself gazing into Harper's dark eyes. "You don't learn very fast. I'll teach you." Hal was forced onto his knees and held down by the captain of the guards while Kyle moved to the elf and continued to stroke Ryn's pulsing cock. He saw Ryn visibly try to shake away the pleasure.

"Take me. Damn you. Leave him be." The elf gasped loudly as he came in Kyle's tight little hand.

Harper merely laughed. "Don't worry. Your next."

Hal flinched as he felt a large finger thrust in him. He trembled but somehow managed to keep from sobbing. Odd how he would sob from the gentle pains and remain solid against this awful assault. He felt the cock position itself. He had never been taken this way before. He prayed he would be strong enough to go on after this as Ryn did, yet he was so unlike Ryn. This event was not foreseen by the priest, even his chief would not have been so cruel. He closed his eyes tightly as if not seeing would block out the event itself.

The penetration never came. Instead he heard the sound of a sword being drawn. There was a loud scuffle and a couple of shouts. He kept his eyes closed even as he heard metal hit bone. He didn't move until he felt arms surround him. Ryn pulled him close, and he wondered if he hand been trembling the whole time or just now. Ryn gripped him tightly as if he would loose him. He heard heavy footsteps and looked up to see one really pissed Titos. The warrior's dark hairs shuffled a bit in the wind, and his eyes scanned over them quickly before he turned and ran out the door in pursuit.

Ryn helped him stand and dress. He continued to tremble and remembered how angry Titos had gotten at the inn. "He is going to be very angry with me," he whispered through clenched teeth as the night's air from the open door surrounded him. He felt slightly dazed, and didn't see the worried look on the elf's face.

Ryn said nothing and led him over to the table. Titos returned after several minutes. Hal gazed at the bloodied sword feeling numb. He had killed them and for what? Life's blood drained for unwanted pleasures. The two were hardly equal in his mind. He wondered if this was what it was like to despair.

"Who were they?" The warrior demanded evenly. The tense neck reminded them all he was still angry.

"I met them at town..."

"And invited them here!!!" Titos grabbed Ryn's wrist and raised his hand. "What the hell were you thinking? You little whore!"

Ryn broke down sobbing, his eyes wide as he tried to shield himself from the blows that may never stop. "Isn't that what you wanted me to be. For you..."

Hal watched the scene play out before him like a nightmare. He moved quickly between them. He drew Ryn into a hug, surprised that elf did not resist. "Am I next?" he asked quietly.

Titos lowered his hand slowly. Something flickered in the warrior's eyes as if he was just realizing what he had almost done.

"For you..." Ryn continued to sob.

Hal tried to comfort their broken elf as he continued to look at his first lover. He wondered what Titos was thinking. He stroked the honey-wheat hair, so admired, gently. Ryn doesn't fear you, he wanted to say, don't make him now.

Titos moved forward and touched them both lightly in assurance before he left to clean up.

Hal helped Ryn back to the fireplace where they waited. What was he waiting for? he wondered. By the time Titos came back, Ryn was fast asleep. Hal sighed in relief and then looked at Titos. "He needs help."

Titos nodded. "I know. I'll speak to Trohan when he arrives soon. Are you all right?"

Hal nodded. He smiled slightly. "Of course." He looked away. "You did not have to kill them."

Titos nodded. "I know that too. Its who I am." The voice sounded like a partial apology and statement.

Hal felt a tear fall from his right eye. No you did not need to kill but for some reason it doesn't matter. "And we love so much of you."

Titos sat behind him and drew them both into his embrace. He kissed his teary eyes closed. "I love your hair by-the-way." Hal smiled somehow feeling content after all these events.


Titos let those words burn in his heart. For you. Yes, he thought, he was there for me because I wanted him to be here. He felt guilty, but what he felt most was rage, rage for the man he vowed to kill. The one who had nearly broken the fiery spirit of the elf he loved. Lord Rath, once ally, then lover, now enemy.

***Approx one week later ***

Titos sat at the edge of the lake watching Ryn sulk in the chilly water. It was nearly winter and the temperature had to be almost unbearable, but the colder the better. Hal had mentioned a cool cloth seemed to take the edge of the elf's urges and this seemed to still them completely. He waited for Trohan to join him, and the dwarf came with bottle in hand. Trohan had started his drinking early it would seem.

"All right lad,. The message you left this morning said we had some serious business to discuss. Here I am. Is your house a bloody trap? I've kin that can fix the human follies right up. Need some furniture, the best merchants on the roads will be at your service. I've room if you've tired of your..."

Titos raised a hand to cut off the string of words that would come from the dwarf's mouth and never end. "They are not things to be tired off. Now I want to know what happened to the prince when I was gone, and I want to know now." His demanding words caught Ryn's attention too. It was night and the moon barely light the sky, yet still Titos could see the warning directed at Trohan though the blaze in two very stern purple eyes.

Trohan sobered up too quickly for Titos' taste. "I told you. He was used by that devil. I got him back end of story."

Titos nodded. "So you've said. How's the water Ryn?" It was too bad that there wasn't any daylight. He would have liked to see the elf's bodily reaction to that. "I've come to a decision here. You two are keeping something from me. It's very clear. So what I am going to do is keep things from you. I can't have Ryn loose in his condition, so when I am here its a cold bath for you every time you can't be handled, and lock and key when I am gone."

"Titos! No!" Ryn's voice sounded a bit desperate. "Not again. That's just cruel. It's not fair. You can't!"

Titos raised his eyebrows and turned to the dwarf. "Again?"

Trohan rolled his eyes. "You have a big mouth elf! Hell." He grumbled.

Titos bit his lip to keep from beating the crap out of his old "friend."

"Well when he came back, he kind of... well it was like..."

"Spit it out!" Titos was all ready on the edge. To hell with patience. If he had insisted on knowing the details earlier, none of this would have happened. He shuddered to think what would have happened had he not returned earlier.

"He was fine for awhile. A little loud in his room at night, but fine. Then he started asking about his customers... more like asking for them, and I told him you would have a royal fit if I continued after what happened. Then it got so out of hand with the help that I had to lock him up. I had to. I swear to every blasted god out there that I thought it was simply from being held. I figured he'd straighten out here."

"You lying back stabbing bastard." Ryn strode out the water ignoring the chilling air. "You swore you wouldn't say anything. Anything!" His voice ended in a gasp as Titos stood and grasped his cold shoulder. Ryn moved forward to the warmth, and Titos let him. He felt the smaller body tremble from the need almost instantly. The cold water had lost its affect in an instant. Titos sighed heavily, Ryn had been responsive before but this was beyond reasonable. He felt the hard sex pressed against. He had been too captivated by the elf the previous days to notice the strength of this need. Not to mention the pride he had in bringing such a reaction out.

"Do you want to be a slave to your sexual desires forever?" He asked quietly.

Ryn closed his eyes and ran his hands up the warriors broad chest, feeling him through the leather. The caress was strong and sure. "Why not? I was a slave to others' desires."

Titos leaned over and brushed the honey-wheat hair aside to leave a trail of kisses down the pale neck. "Do you like being in this state?"

Ryn groaned. "Its pleasurable. Oh gods Titos, not this slow stuff again. Save it for the priest."

"And if I pull away now?" Titos mused lowly.

"You wouldn't. You wouldn't do that to me." Ryn whispered thrusting his hips forward. He began to relieve Titos of his looser garments. His cloak made it to the ground silently.

"No." Titos stilled the hands. "No, I wouldn't but others might. And if you try enough, someone will."

Ryn kissed the hands covering his. Titos found it hard to maintain his control, but was determined to make his point.

"I suffer then shall move on. Everyone suffers Titos." Ryn spoke seductively and with clear purpose. His name rolled of the elf's tongue like sweet candy. Ryn's tongue flickered out and traced his large knuckles.

"They might imprison you."

Ryn smiled slightly. "There would be no reason to. I can pleasure anyone."


Ryn shuddered and pressed against him harder.

Not exactly the result he strived for. His hands dropped to the naked hips, bring the elf's body closer. "And when it winds up hurting someone else." He kept his eyes locked with the elf's deep purple gaze.

"I won't."

"It almost did." Titos informed in a voice so low it had Trohan leaning towards them to catch all the words.

The elf's eyes blinked slowly. Titos grinned inside as the elf had found control enough to remember Hal and what could have been. "Do you think Hal would have survived that? That the priest we know would live to desire again? He thinks he can. He would have had to learn to in order to stay in his tribe. How old do you think he is? Twenty, twenty-two. When did you loose your virginity to anyone? I wonder why he would go that long without ever letting anyone touch him if he could give himself to anyone for the harmony of some small tribe off in the middle of the blasted desert."

Ryn stiffened. "You came..."

"I was early, and you know it."

Ryn shoved him away in frustration, both physical and mental and then spoke. "They drugged me."


"Lord Rath. I was with them for at least a month. He didn't want to fight me anymore. He made some kind of deal with his dragon and forced me to drink this potion." Ryn tried in vain to keep the tears away. "I was so thirsty. It was only a few feet away. I haven't had the hardships you have. Everything was so confusing... I couldn't resist."

"You drank it." Titos interrupted hoping to ease the confession.

"And wound up wanting advances from anyone I could find. Its controllable during the day, but unbearable at night. I need it so bad at night. I don't care or mind anything if just someone, anyone would take me... any..." He stilled his shivering body. "Anything."

Titos pulled him in closer, not caring if the contact would have to lead to sex or not. He couldn't stand to watch his beloved prince shiver in the cold as if he were alone.

"Their wolves... Titos there is no cure. I've tried all my magics on it. I asked anyone I didn't jump at the inn. Rath told me so himself. I'd thought you would be able to satisfy me, and when you are here you do. But when you're away..."

Titos kissed the sweet hair lightly. "I've been told that I am almost a legend. Let's see if I can become one by ridding you of this demonic curse and destroying the dark lord and his overgrown lizard."

Ryn responded by slipping down and sucking at his leather bound crotch. Titos chuckled as the warmth reached his aroused member. "Trohan, tell Hal we'll see him in the morning. Oh and one more thing. Make sure things are prepared for our departure in the morning... you to."

He didn't bother to listen for a reply. He gripped the beautiful mane below him and pulled him up. Ryn's tongue lapped at any exposed skin he could reach until he found Titos' mouth. Titos claimed the open mouth savagely knowing he didn't have to hold back with this lover. Ryn groaned into his mouth as the elf's strong fingers loosened his raging cock. Ryn broke the kiss. "You've been drinking." The elf smiled and then dipped his head back down. His tongue worked the head lightly. One stroke and then two, then nothing but his hot breath. Titos groaned and held his ground. He felt teeth scrape the bottom of his shaft.

"You best be careful." He growled lowly.

"Or what?" Ryn moaned.

Titos grabbed Ryn's shoulder and pulled him into another harsh kiss. He sought and found the elf's pulsing organ. He stroked it slowly a couple of times.

"Harder." Ryn whispered.

Titos complied briefly. "Let's go for a swim." Before Ryn could react, he was thrown into the water. Titos stripped and dived in after him.

Ryn broke the waters surface gasping for breath. "Damn it Titos. The water's cold!"

Titos grinned as the water lapped around his aching body. "Aye I guess you had better come closer."

The elf's eyes sparkled delightfully at the notion. He wrapped his arms around Titos' neck and kissed him slowly, and with rare patience. "You did that on purpose."

Titos nodded as his hands stroked the smooth back and grasped the tempting firm buttocks. "You were getting impatient."

Ryn laughed lightly. "So." He took a deep breath and slide back into the water, making sure his body never forego contact with Titos'.

Titos closed his eyes slowly as he felt the warm mouth enclose over his still hard cock. The tongue returned to its previous sweet caress. He breathed deeply as Ryn's free hand kneaded his aching sacs. He relaxed and let himself be completely drawn into the rhythm his hips slowly began to create. His body tensed as he felt the edge of the orgasm begin. His eyes flew open as he wondered how long Ryn had been down there. Concerned he reached down and pulled the elf up, whirling him around. He tasted the sweet quivering skin of Ryn exposed neck causing the prince to rock his head side to side. Ryn pushed his hips against his hard member and opened his mouth to form a plea, but Titos captured them with his own. His tongue caressed the sweet flesh as he grasped the small hips and plunged into the waiting body. Ryn gasped into his mouth and then moved as the powerful cock rammed into him tirelessly. The warmth traveled from his hefty meat all the way up his back, creating an intoxicating heat. He released the swollen lips and traveled down the sweet neck to the exposed shoulder. Titos placed a few small bites there and watched the skin turn slightly pink. Ryn gasped loudly, tensed beneath him and came with a cry. Titos growled slightly as he thrust into the warmth with nearly all his strength. He filled the withering body with his warm seed, and felt pure ecstasy. He held his quivering lover there for several minutes before gathering him completely in his powerful arms...

They returned to the house quietly. He peeked in on Hal, sighing at the sight of seeing his gentle lover resting on his back, his deep black braided hair glistening with silver. He closed the door again and took Ryn to his room. The elf snuggled up against him and slept. Titos sighed, things were never simple it seemed.

The morning came early for everyone. Trohan had the horses prepared before Titos even walked out the door. The dwarf most likely wanted to appease the warrior's temper after leaving out such important information earlier. Everything else went uneventfully till Titos went to say good bye to Hal. The priest sat at his desk writing once again. Someday he would ask about those letters. "We are ready to go."

Hal nodded slowly.

"Aren't you going to say anything?" Titos had expected at least some small form of resistance.

"Will it do any good?" Hal asked quietly.

Titos frowned. "No."

"Then why would I say anything?"

The simple logic was not lost on the warrior, but it troubled him.


"Titos, if you feel I am no good to you on the trip then leave it be."

"I want you safe."

Hal turned to him slowly. He could see the anger brewing in the sky-blue eyes. The body however was relaxed and in complete control. "Right. I will stay here like the good little wife and await my warrior's return." The voice was too level for the type of conversation they were having.

"I will return." He turned to leave but hesitated for some reason.

The silence remained prominent for several moments.

"Before or after I need you. Ryn told me you said the exact same thing before you left."

"You are not a very good fighter Hal."

The priest tensed. "Who saved who when we met?"

Titos spun around and glared at his lover. "And who and what have I saved you from since. Take a few good moment to think about that."

Hal looked away. "You saved me from nothing."

"Then why are you here?" Titos' voice raised in level with anger.

"To be with you." The simple answer cut more than anything that could be screamed at him.

Titos tapped his fingers against his leather sheath. He felt frustration more than anything. "Are you ready to go?"

"Yes." Hal did not smile but closed his eyes slowly, a similar gesture of triumph.

"Come." He left without another word. Ryn was leaning against the wall down the hall. He wondered how long the elf had been there but was too pissed to find out. Ryn moved to the side to let him by, but Titos turned on him, shoving the elf against the wall. The elf gasped in shock and then evident lust. "Don't you start messing with me." Ryn nodded quickly, his deep purple eyes wide. Titos stormed away.

Trohan gave him the reins quietly outside. "You've got your hands full lad."

Titos shook his head. "Not now." He mounted his black stallion, helped the dwarf up and then waited for the others.

It took them awhile to come out. Hal came out and wouldn't look him in the eye. Ryn came out straightening his shirt. He smiled hesitantly at Titos before mounting his new horse.

They took the main road north, towards the twisted woods of the gnomes. He had heard rumor of an old hag there who may have the knowledge they sought. Not one of the other three asked him where they were going. He imagined one of them felt they had not right, the other two trusted him completely. It was a strange feeling, knowing that three beings would follow him so easily. How many goblins had he led to their deaths without a second thought? As their leader even. He grumbled to himself silently all the way to the first run-down inn they came to. Trohan jumped down off the unsteady animal, as he called it, and went straight to the bar. Titos escorted the animals to the stables himself, and let his body relax for a moment. All this thinking was starting to give him a blasted headache which would result in a bad mood.

"Titos." Hal's voice broke through his cloudy mood.

Titos turned around to blow the priest off and get drunk himself, but the priest's worried look settled the anger smoothly. "What is it?" He spat.

Hal tensed but did not back down. "Its Ryn."


Ryn found a seat in the back of the inn. He watched Hal go outdoors, most likely to do some more praying, and Trohan went straight to the bar to get drinks and rooms, in that order. He felt miserable and so hot. The room seemed graced with a constant fire, but he knew it was him. Control. He could do it. He had done so before, all those lonely nights he spent in his room, locked away from the world. He found himself drifting back in time to places he did not want to remember. Ryn shook the memories away and loosened the ties on his shirt hoping Trohan would at least remember the drink he requested. His motion attracted the attention of two men to his left. They were concealed in dark cloaks leaving much to the imagination. They stood slowly and approached him. Part of his mind screamed danger, but his more powerful desires caused his body to welcome the possibility of something else. They sat on either side of him with drinks in hand. One passed him a drink which rustled the black cloth slightly. Ryn shivered in anticipation and accepted. He gulped it down, closing his eyes as the burn traveled throughout his body. A long thin hand traveled up his leg hesitantly. He spread his leg yearning for any kind of sensation, a relief from this engulfing need he felt. The hand went instantly for his ready organ. It clasped him tightly drawing a moan from him. He was rubbed gently at first and then hard. "Please." He moaned when he felt himself being lifted and pushed against the wall. His clothing was removed hastily. His painful erection was pressed hard against the coarse wood. He gripped the wall as he felt and tasted the sweet wine being poured over his body. The coolness eased his need slightly while the act drove him onward. His whole body was crushed against the rough unpolished wall as parched lips lapped at the wine eagerly. Teeth nipped at the tender flesh of his thigh causing him to tremble. Bony fingers played and pulled at his balls until he hissed loudly. His hips involuntarily pushed forward, rubbing his rock hard organ against the harsh surface. He groaned as the stimulation almost sent him to the edge. His hair was yanked back and thin lips bit and pulled all the way up his throat and to his jaw line. He felt the hot breath against his face and turned away when he felt himself being pulled into a kiss.

"Bring that hand down, and it will have done its last task."

Ryn's eyes snapped open. Titos. The two men froze, and he heard one speak.

"I assure you that this is not rape. If you are unhappy with our presence, we will take this else where."

"I know what it is. You will stay right where you are and not raise a hand against him."

The man hesitated for a moment and then pulled away. Ryn felt a pulsing cock pressed against his back side and tensed with anticipation. It entered him slowly but never seemed to stop. He closed his eyes as the pain shot through his body, he heard himself whimper quietly. His own cock began to get pumped quickly bringing him over the edge, but he had little time to relish the moment for the man behind him began humping him hard. His arms strained to keep himself from being shoved into and through the thin wall before him.


Titos seated himself at the table and had food and drink brought to them. He found himself fuming again despite the ease strong drink brought him. He ate his food listening to the moaning and groaning of his lover. He found himself somewhat aroused by the sound, but the things that were providing the service calmed him easily. He had little love for that race of underground men. The word man didn't even fit them to well. They were humanoid all right but shun the sunlight and were physically frail. He had heard their mentalities were worth note and so was their savagery and love of forced labor. He hated to admit it, but in this state, Ryn would be wanted by just about anything, the exception being the creatures that did not desire physical pleasures. He

frowned trying to recall the race's name; he could not. The sound of a falling glass retrieved him from his musings. He looked up and saw Hal's trembling hand grabbing a cloth to wipe up his spilled drink. Titos stilled the hand and watched Hal's check turn a nice shade of red.

"I am sorry. I can not block it out. I don't understand why you..."

Titos sighed. "You're not alone. I don't like it either, but I can't go about pouncing everyone Ryn exposes himself to."

"He's your slave. Surely..."

Titos peered at Hal. He waited for the sky-blue eyes to lock with his. "You would have me enforce my will on him nightly? I've all ready gone that route... I don't think it is wise to go that path again. By telling me what was going on, you insured his safety. The rest we can not control without becoming monsters ourselves."

Hal nodded numbly. "I know what I suggest is wrong, but this can't be right. I mean what if Ryn will regret us letting him loose later?"

Titos sighed. That was a possibility he had all ready considered. This Ryn was very similar to the prince he met after that battle of what seemed like so long ago. He wondered if Ryn had not been drugged, would he be such a willing participant in this life he had now? Would the elf not only be ashamed of his current behavior but loathe those who allowed it to come to pass? Worst yet, would he have to truly enslave the elf to keep him? Titos was not beyond that course of action. He had had Ryn far too long to even consider the alternative. Titos drank his ale slowly. Hal was right though. Ryn was not exactly the same, his speech had even changed. That had to mean something, but just how much was the drug and not the elf? It was not known. Slowly he found himself looking at Hal who seemed even more troubled as the elf exclaimed in his orgasm. After a few moments, the cloaked figures departed.

Trohan cleared his throat. "The rooms are upstairs."

Hal stood slowly and went to Ryn. Ryn blinked a couple of times and then allowed himself to be brought to a standing position and pulled into an embrace. The elf trembled slightly and rested his head on the priest's shoulders. Hal glanced at Titos and then ascended the stairs to the room.

Titos frowned and then looked at Trohan. He wanted to ask the dwarf if he thought there was something he was missing, but he was dead drunk. Titos sighed and picked him up, cursing at the weight. He climbed the stairs shaking his head slowly. A hormonal elf, drunk dwarf, and naive priest, what the hell had he gotten himself into? He plopped Trohan down on the bed and smiled as he tucked the dwarf in. By the gods, how many times had he had that done to him as a lad by this very friend? He smiled and closed the door securely behind him. He then went to Hal's room and found them both there. He felt a stir in his loins but pushed the urge aside. Somehow he knew now was not the time. Ryn was all ready asleep, but Hal was kneeling in prayer. Titos walked over to the bed not wishing to disturb the priest, even though he found the idea of worship more humorous than anything else. Hal stood and looked at him as if unsure what to do or say. Odd Titos thought. He lifted Ryn, careful not to awaken him and put him under the covers where he soon joined him. The elf nestled himself against Titos, the smell of wine still very strong on his skin and hair. A smile pulled at the elf's lips. Hal climbed into bed before long; he used Titos' other shoulder as a pillow. Titos rubbed Hal's shoulders until he heard the faint sign of sleep from both. Once he was sure they would not be disturbed, he smiled and then willed the candle to diminish, with no one the wiser.

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