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By Paladin

Titosí Adventures: On the Way

Titos threw the open the door to his old home. He felt tired and weary, but worst of all, grumpy. His mood softened when he was welcomed with warm air and noticed the roof had been nearly completed. He threw his gear on the wooden table of the kitchen and strolled into the main room where the fireplace blazed happily. The warrior dropped into the black leather of his chair heavily, not even looking at his two lovers in the corner, playing chess of all things. His dark eyes went to them after a few moments. They both sat on the small stools seemingly uninterested in his return. However, Titos could feel and even see the apprehension from Ryn as the elf twitched in his seat. Hal closed his eyes briefly in a sign of relief. Titos pulled out his sword slowly and flipped the switch to withdraw the dragon-blood. The red liquid bubbled in the glass vial majestically.

Ryn stood up quickly with inborn grace. "You did it..." He saw a mixture of awe and disbelief in the deep purple eyes.

Titos nodded slowly. He let his eyes smile for him. "Did you happen to tell Hal that the game was taught to you when you were still learning how to spell your name?"

Hal stood slowly, his sky-blue eyes glistening with unshed tears. "I have yet to win. You are wounded." He kneeled before Titos and murmured lowly, applying his healing hands to the ugly, infected wound on the warriorís thigh.

Titos let his head rest against the soft chair, taking a moment to feel safe. His eyes took in the licking flames of the fire, letting it lift the chill from his bones. As he watched the orange and red dance together, he noted they began to take form. At first, he thought he had become delirious and blinked rapidly. He then stood quickly drawing his sword. Ryn and Hal backed away and scanned the area for the threat.

"Calm down." The witch stated coolly. Her yellow eyes blazed with hidden power. "I have come as promised." She moved forward, using an oak cane to support her aging body draped with dark garments. The woman snatched the bottle from Titosí hand with one fluid motion and flung it at Ryn. The elf shielded his face as the bottle crashed against him. The woman screeched as Ryn screamed. A deep black shadow, in the form of a dragon, seemed to be ripped from Rynís chest and dissipated in the air. The witch disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Titos moved as soon as his body would obey the simple command. He drew Rynís trembling form into a powerful embrace and held him dear. Ryn was breathing hard and then he withdrew a bit and looked up at his lover with shocked purple eyes. "Wow," he whispered.

Titos laughed lowly, kissing the light hair. "How do you feel?"

A smile formed on his lips. "Normal... in control again... But not the same." Titos frowned instantly, but Ryn quickly reassured him. "I mean I am not the same as when you met me first." He whispered silkily and moved in closer. "Before I was drugged, I longed for you to touch me again." Titos growled lowly pulling Ryn into a passionate kiss. He plunged his tongue into the warm, sweet mouth, forcing the elf to comply to his demands this time. His hands ripped the cloth from the pale body in a few swift motions while Ryn pulled at his cumbersome armor. The elf groaned in frustration and need as he struggled with the heavy garments. Titos growled loudly and flung away the burden himself, nearly knocking his lover over in the process. Their hot groins met in a frenzy, as they moved against each other in earnest. Out of the corner of his eye, he noted Hal quietly leaving the room. He grabbed a hold of the honey-wheat hair and yanked back hard, causing Ryn to hiss lowly. He bowed his head and nipped at the exposed throat but then spoke. "Hal!"

Hal stiffened and turned, his sky-blue eyes masked. "Yes?" He implored quietly

Titos let his tongue roll over the sweet flesh. "Come."

Hal opened his mouth to speak but said nothing. Titos stilled, waiting.

"Damn it priest. Get your cute little ass over here." Ryn exclaimed lowly, drawing in deep breaths.

The priest took a couple of steps but then hesitated. "Titos. I canít...."

"Trust me. Come here." Titos spoke gently this time.

Hal hugged himself and walked over slowly. His head was bowed moderately and his dark braids, tinted with sliver, swayed in the air gently. Gods, Titos mused, you would think he was getting punished. When the priest was close enough, he let loose the elfís hair, and cupped the tanned cheek. He forced his gentler lover to look at him. "Whatís wrong?"

"I... I..." Hal looked away, tears forming in his sky-blue eyes.

Titos glanced at Ryn who sighed lightly, but his deep purple eyes sparkled beautifully as he backed away.

"I shall behave... this time," he whispered lowly.

Titos smiled fondly. He drew Hal into a snug embrace and kissed the braided head lightly. "Are you frightened?" Meanwhile Ryn moved behind Hal and began easing the robes down.

"No..." Hal murmured. "Itís just..." He moaned lowly as Ryn began to kiss along his exposed shoulders.

Titos removed the rest of the blue robe and kissed the other shoulder. Ryn and Titos met as they reached the neck. The warrior pulled the elf forward with a furious kiss that had Hal squeezed tightly between them. His tongue explored the sweet mouth as his hips pressed against Hal. Ryn kissed back fiercely breaking only when Titos gripped his hair and pulled back again. "Gentle, slow at first," Titos whispered. Ryn groaned and nodded. Hal unfolded his arms slowly and pressed them against Titosí large chest. His sky-blue eyes closed briefly while Titosí mouth descended on his. Hal yielded to his exploration, tipping his head back slightly. Titosí hand roamed the sides of his smooth thighs and then ventured to the straining groin. Hal gasped loudly, spreading his legs in response. Titos stroked the smooth, hard flesh lightly and tapped the heavy sacs as well. Ryn suddenly ducked down and shortly after, Hal gasped loudly, his heavy lids flying open in shock. After a few moments, the priestís body jerked forward as he spilt his seed on Titosí tight ab. Titos chuckled lightly as Ryn moved up and nipped a tanned shoulder. He met the elfís lips again, this time demanding a surrender. Ryn complied with a low groan. "I said slow," Titos scolded lightly.

The elf pulled away and grabbed a bottle of oil that somehow had made it next to the chess game. "It 'twas slow, then it became faster." He grinned mischievously as he handed the bottle to Titos.

Titos shook his head slowly. "I want to see you on top of him."

Rynís eyebrows raised in surprise while Hal gasped lowly. Titos leaned down and kissed Hal lightly at first, letting his tongue play with the full lips. "Is that okay with you?"

Hal trembled lightly. "I havenít..."

Titos smiled warmly. "I know you two were together."

"Yeah but Titos..." Even Ryn seemed unsure as well

Titos chuckled warmly. "Come on you two. Explore a little."

Hal felt the world come to a screeching halt as Titos continued voicing his desire. His breathing became deep as the warrior leaned over and claimed his mouth passionately, his tongue asking for and then demanding a response. His hands returned the broad chest where he played with the darkening nipples without any real thought. Would he push him away and flee the very idea or let it happen? Was the goddess right? Were there no bounds to his love? A cool and light, oily hand traced his spine slowly, and moved down to his crack. The hands kneaded his smooth skin slowly, a single one slipping near the opening on occasion as if by accident. He pressed his cheek against the tall warrior and let his hands move to the massive shoulders to embrace him tightly. Their groins glided together briefly, the connecting heat almost unbearable. The single, slender finger slipped into his warmth and wiggled lightly. Hal closed his eyes and gasped, as that finger found the sensitive gland. He pressed against the intruder and felt a moment of fear afterwards. Ryn might jump him since his reaction had become strong. Ryn pressed his hard chest against his back and purred lowly, another finger slipping in as he did. Titos stroked his growing flesh gently at first and then harshly. Hal felt himself beginning to succumb to his desire. He lightly kissed the glistening chest in front of him as Rynís delightful tongue played with the curves of his back. He cared for Ryn very much, even if he did feel a bit resentful, but could he give himself freely to another other than Titos? Titosí hand grabbed and pulled his heavy sac lightly, causing Hal to groan deeply. The moment of truth came; he did not pull away. He spread his legs, wanting to feel the strong caress again. The large hands grasped his hardening cock and stroked it firmly as the other grabbed his neck and his hot mouth captured his again. He felt the tip of a pulsing cock push into him slowly. Rynís hands grasped his waist and pulled him back roughly, impaling him completely in that one motion. Hal gasped into Titosí exploring mouth, his body arching against the sudden pain. Tears leaked from the corner of his eyes, but it was nothing compared to the pleasure that began to build up inside him. Ryn moved within him slowly, quickening his pace gradually. Titos brushed the tears away from Halís check and kissed his eyes lightly. "Are you all right?" Titos asked lowly. Hal nodded quickly, one of his hands dropping to Rynís and squeezing slightly in assurance. The elf quickened his pace, and plunged into Halís core rapidly, his balls slapping against Halís thighs. Titosí hand stroked and squeezed him hard. His whole body tensed and he came in the large hand with a sudden gasp. Then his own body was filled with the welcoming warmth of seed as Ryn came while nipping at his neck. Titos groaned lowly and came when Hal stroked him three times hard. Then everything stilled and the elf rested his chin on Halís shoulder, playing with his hair. The three of them remained silent, two of them looking to Titos and waiting

Titos smiled slowly, this had to be a sign that the two were getting closer as time went on. "You have each other as well."

Ryn tilted his head slightly as he ran his fingers over another dark braid. "You came close to death."

Halís eyes widened as Titos remained silent. "It is true?"

Titos frowned. "None of us are invincible. Not even me."

Hal suddenly shoved away from them, his eyes blazing. "What right did you have to take off like that? Not even a word, or even a mention of when you might return." He kept his voice steady.

"Hal..." Titos spoke softly, but did not move forward.

"Donít Hal me. I did not like it the first time you tried to leave me behind so you go off and do it behind my back!"

Titos felt himself losing a battle he had yet to fight in. "I didnít want..."

"Do you ever consider what we want?" Hal asked quietly.

Titos sighed heavily. Damn, he wanted to avoid this. "Yes, of course I do. If someone dies, thatís it, end of story. There are no choices left. NONE."

Hal closed his eyes briefly and gathered his robes, dressing quietly. "I love you a great deal Titos, but I do not feel that loved returned if you will not trust me."

Titos gripped his shoulders tightly. "I trust you with my life, and with others... just not yours." He spoke the truth, but didnít feel any better.

Hal took a deep breath. "What do you mean?"

Titos glanced at Ryn, who watched them curiously. Rath was right, Ryn seemed younger than Hal even. "Have you ever killed anyone? Ever watched anyone die? Could you kill if your life depended on it?"

Hal tried to blink away the tears but failed. "You donít think I can fight."

Titos shook his head. "I know you can fight. But killing animated bones and drawing blood are very different. You hate that witch donít you... the one that..."

Hal closed his sky-blue eyes briefly. "Yes, but I would not kill her." The admittance was quietly done.

"You were willing to throw your life away for a gem?"

"I can still help..."

Titos nodded. "I know that. You saved Rynís life." He sat down in his leather chair heavily, watching the fire again. Hal followed him and sat on his lap. Shrugging Ryn did the same. He sighed again. "I trust you both very much, but your abilities are still unknown to me. I know what I can do. Iíve ideas on what you can do."

Ryn laid his head wearily on Titosí shoulder, his light hair tickling his shoulder. "I would like to go home, see my family."

Titos nodded. "Would you like all your new things..." He trailed off, just now realizing the elf was a noble and had no need of anything he had bought. A slow war began to wage within his core, he loved Ryn and did not want to loose him. Part of him would not let him go, another part reasoned to do otherwise was not love at all.

"I want you both to come with me. See my homeland, my family, before *we* return and settle." Ryn sighed wearily. "It is not our lives that we do not trust each other with. It is our hearts.."

Titos hugged them both tightly. By the gods he was right. The only problem was, he did not know what to do about it. They feel asleep to the warmth of the crackling fire.


Ryn bound ahead of the other two, navigating his horse smoothly through the thick trees. His tanned mount soon disappeared out off sight.

Hal sighed. "Must you always let him move ahead like that? He is bound to run into trouble alone..."

Titos smiled. "Heís been in the forest longer than you, or I have."

"Or ever will," Hal added lowly.

Titos glanced at his lover, sitting upon his white filly and wearing his blue robes. With the silver glittering in his dark braids and the light in his sky-blue eyes, he looked very much like a bride. Not exactly feminine but gentle and youthful. The comment that came, however; was very dark. He wondered if it was his life Hal felt was too short compared to the elfís centuries to come. Titos did not have the heart to tell him he too would live for quite sometime, if he didnít get killed of course. "I am sure he will be fine, it is not like I could actually hold him down anyway."

Hal smiled slightly. "He is rather frisky isnít he?"

Just then, Ryn jumped the bushes to their side, causing Halís horse to panic and who nearly threw her rider to the ground. Titosí husky black steed remained sturdy and unnerved. The animal had seen too many battles to let that minor event spook him. Never the less, Titos was angry. "Damn it Ryn, you could have..."

Ryn raised a hand as his dark purple eyes darted about the surrounding trees. "Gnolls, six and six dogs." He voiced lowly.

Hal rode up beside them once he regained control. "Gnolls?"

Titos rolled his eyes as he drew his sword, just in case they could not avoid the threatening group. "Men with the heads and furs of hyenas. Where are they."

"Up ahead about 200 yards. Their dogs are going to smell us for sure as soon when they finish with the bear carcass." Ryn cautioned lowly.

As if on cue, the forest suddenly filled with the baying of dogs on the hunt, seemingly coming this way, and fast. Titos weighed the situation quickly. The dogs could be the real problem, especially if they were the kind trained for wars. "Loose the mounts and up the tree."

"Why canít we out ride them?" Hal questioned hesitantly.

"Because we are in a heavily forested area and the dogs will be able to move faster than our mounts. Loose the precious horse and get up the damn tree! Theyíll follow Nightmare instinctively." Titos snapped impatiently as he sent his horse away. Ryn did the same and so too did Hal. Titos glanced at the priest and muttered when he noticed the shields up in his eyes. Ryn moved up the tree quickly, doing a squirrel proud. Titos smiled and began his own ascent, then hesitated as he got an odd feeling of dread and then fear. He turned back to see Hal watching him carefully, like a student would a teacher. There was a look of determination on his calm face, but uncertainty colored his eyes deeper. "You can not climb can you."

Hal eyed him levelly. "We do not have many trees in the desert."

Damn. Titos continuously underestimated the disadvantages of a culture from one terrain type presented. He dropped back to the ground and gave Hal a boost to the nearest branch. "Use them to pull yourself up. Yes thatís it." Hal struggled only momentarily and then seemed to get the basic idea. Titos followed behind him, his eyes never wavering from the motions of the priestís hands and feet. One slip and Titos would be there. Hal did slip at one point but luckily it was near Ryn who caught his arm and pulled him up. Titos contemplated joining them on the branch but quickly dismissed the idea. He was not light and the thing was not as thick as he would like. He moved to another one instead, and then drew his dagger, putting it in his mouth in case there was a need to drop and take the opponents out. The dogs may try for the horses, or they could remain here...

The furry gnolls, with there tanned bodies and spots, came into view shortly after their dogs did. As Titos expected, the four legged animals were huge. Heíd seen the grey hounds before; some of them were given to the scouts of the Dark Army to help insure a return report. Rath had one in particular he kept around occasionally just to intimidate people when he did not feel like doing so himself. Titos sighed inwardly as the things began sniff around the tree instead of investigating the trail the horses left behind. Ryn glanced at Titos as he pulled out his own light blade. Just as the largest hairy gnoll turned its head up to have a look, Titos dropped like a rock and slammed his blade into the hard skull. Ryn too glided down the tree and sliced through the bellies of three more of the dirty humanoids with one graceful swipe. Two more to go, but the dogs began to create the foreseen problem. Two the large things jumped Titos quickly, biting into his leather covered back. The armor did its job for the most part, but the wound would still be there. Ryn moved forward, using a low branch to bring himself out of reach of the biting jaws. Titos cursed for he could not catch sight of Hal; he knew better than to hope the priest remained in he safety of the tree. He loosed his danger into the open mouth and teeth of the one hound coming for his head and drew his sword as he threw his assailants off his back and onto the ground. The animals growled furiously and jumped forward, only to meet the deadly taste of cold steel. A high pitched screech caught his attention and he whirled around in time to see the heavy spear being aim straight at his heart. Damn, his luck was bound to run out sometime, his endurance perhaps could... Suddenly a bright green light burst forth and struck the leering gnoll in the chest. The humanoid disintegrated before his eyes, its flesh melting away and bones crumbling in a heap. Titos looked to Hal, who seemed a bit shocked by his own spell. So shocked that he missed the dog coming at him from the side. The animal sank its large white teeth into the priestís thigh as it trampled him to the ground. Titos moved forward instantly, slaying the last gnoll that dare stand in his way. He faced the large animal, most likely the lead dog, with a cold dark gaze. The creature snarled and leapt at him, leaving its downed prey. The animal was fast, but not fast enough. Titos pivoted on his right foot and slashed the eyes as it tried for his arm. The dog howled angrily as blood blocked its vision. Without a second thought, Titos sliced through its neck and then kicked the carcass out of the way as he went to his down lover. Hal tried to sit up but grimaced, clutching at his leg. Titos investigated the ugly flesh wound and frowned.

"Where is Ryn?" Hal asked lowly. His eyes scanned the forest.

Titos too looked around. Shit. The stupid little flirt must have taken off with the dogs on his heels. There was no way the prince could out run those four-legged monsters. Titos stood and drew his blade to make chase in the direction he had seen him last when Ryn stepped through the bushes.

The deep purple eyes dropped to Titosí drawn sword. "Seeing how the enemies are all gone, I hope that is not meant for me," the elf remarked lightly.

Hal sat up again without a sound and murmured lowly to close his wound. His robe was soaked with blood, but all else was well. He did not so much as utter a complaint.

Titos looked around warily to make sure the danger was gone before he started his lecture. "What the hell do you think you were doing?!" He questioned Hal angrily.

Hal frowned and stood. "Saving your life." He hesitated. "Again."

The warrior clenched his fist. "If you were mortally wounded, there would be none to save you. It is your place to stay in the back and heal the wounded."

"Titos..." Ryn sighed. "This is not war. We do not have our pla..."

"And you!" Titos turned on him quickly. "Where the hell did you think you were going? If you had been hurt, we would not have been able to find you!"

His lovers moved closer to each other and looked at him. One glared, and then other studied. Titos felt himself becoming extremely frustrated. He wanted to protect them both, but they were not cooperating. "I never said to follow my lead."

"Lay it to rest." Ryn wiped his blade clean. "Titos, this is a dark world and you can not hope to fight such a force alone." The elf shot him a smile.

Hal nodded. "I am not about to sit back and watch either."

Titos sighed. "Fine, but next time weíll have a plan." He whistled for his horse and began gathering the dropped weapons and coins.

"What...?" Halís hand touched his shoulder. "What are you doing?" He looked at Ryn, who too picked through the bloody mess with a disgusted face. "Both of you?"

Ryn looked up a bit confused and gave Titos the you answer look.

Titos shrugged. "They will not be needing it anymore."

Hal looked blatantly offended by that remark. "You would rob from the dead. We do not need their supplies. Have you no respect? If you were to die..."

Titos rolled his eyes. "If I were to die, I would hope you would get my gear and take it to Trohan. If the enemies triumphed us all, the gear would matter very little to me. Donít tell me you are objecting to us taking their supplies. Are we suppose to bury them too?" The remark was meant to be a jest but it turned out otherwise.

"Yes." Titos and Ryn looked at each other. Both were surprised when they caught the shovels thrown at them. Hal eyed them sternly. "You should do so quickly if we are to make more time today."

"He is not serious is he Titos?" Ryn looked at the shovel angrily.

Titos pondered the bright light in the sky-blue eyes and frowned. Damn. The priest was very serious. Just great, he had his own little conscience now. "Get to work elf."

"Digging!" Ryn looked as if he had to bury an entire fallen army. "I have not dug a hole in my life."

Hal smiled slightly. "It is time you had a change in pace, I think. I must pray. We shall leave when I return."

"Why does he not have to dig?" Ryn nearly whined as he slammed his tool into the ground.

Titos laughed. "I think he might be a little mad about us bullying him into sex early."

Ryn snorted lightly. "If he wants to get his revenge of bed then let him do it in bed." A lusty light filled the deep purple eyes momentarily.

"Me thinks," Titos remarked. "He knows you would like that too much."

They continued to dig for several hours, burying the bodies one at time until Hal arrived and quietly inspected their work. The priestís blue eyes glittered as he smiled slowly. Ryn glared at him angrily. "Do you want us to send their families flowers as well?"

Hal laughed lowly. "Of course not."

Titos stepped behind Hal, gripping his shoulders gently. "You do realize that they would have gone so far as to eat our bodies, most likely when we were still alive.?"

Hal stiffened. "No, I was not aware of that. I was also not aware that we were in a hurry. I perceived we had time to do the decent thing. My naivetÈ does not go so far as to have me believe we would need to come back to a battle site to bury the dead..."

Titos stroked the hair lightly in front of him to comfort the priest. Halís voice was level and his body indicated no stress, but Titos could feel he was at least a tad bit upset. "Just a word of caution, nothing more."

Nightmare and the other horses finally came into view. Halís mount looked a bit scratched up; all were generally fine. He had them mount and head towards the darker, ancient forest of the elves once again. As night came, they found a friendly glade in which to camp. All though they were getting close to the heart of the friendlier racesí territory, Titos knew that more creature like the gnolls lurked by so he dismissed any notions of a fire. Ryn kissed Titos goodnight, a kiss that lasted a bit longer than necessary which had them both flushed, and found comfort near some soft grasses. Hal simply lay down not far from Ryn silently. Titos sighed, that one was too damn hard to read. He leaned against a tree and decided to take watch for now, though he truly did not need to. Titosí other sense were more than adequate enough, when not tainted with alcohol, to keep an eye on things for them. For some reason and this night, he felt visual watch would be nice. After a few restless hours, he drifted off to sleep.

He woke up feeling a bit confused during the middle of the night. There seemed to be no real sign of danger, nor indication of any other kind of warning. He frowned, looking at Ryn who slept peacefully, a smile twitching at his lips. The warrior could only see the back of Hal, he seemed to be resting... wait. There it was. The priestís body shivered and then Hal shifted. Still not a sound was uttered, but Titos had a feeling he was awake. He took his blanket and lumbered over to his lover, letting a hand drop to the quivering shoulder. Hal did not say a thing. Shrugging, Titos lay down beside him and drew him into his warm embrace as he draped the hefty blanket over them both. They remained silent for several minutes before Hal finally spoke. "It is cold."

"You should have come to me if your blanket did not suffice." Titos stroked him lightly, his hands lingering at the curves of Halís neck.

"I will adjust." The priest stated simply.

Titos sighed. "Must you do everything the hard way? There is no need for you to any of this alone. I wish you would let me help." He had an urge to turn the priest around so that he may gaze into the sky-blue eyes, yet he knew they would reveal nothing at this point.

Hal pressed against him slightly as his small hands guided Titosí larger ones to his hard groin. Titos growled lowly, his hands stroking the enticing flesh, feeling his loverís body ignite with wanton desires. The priest sighed lowly as Titosí stroked him firmly.

"Is this your efforts to change the subject?" Titos implored as his mouth sought out the sweet shoulder he began to expose?

Hal moaned softly, his neck tilting in an offer. Titos licked his way to the delicious throat and sucked him gently while his other hand gripped the firm ass pressed against him. Titos maneuvered them so that he had his lover squirming under him. He kissed the full lips lightly at first and then plunged into the offered, sweet mouth. Hal arched against him, groaning loudly as Titosí kneed pressed against the straining cock. He shoved the robes open and explored the tempting, rosy pink nubs with his strong finger. The priest drew spread his legs and brought his knees up, gasping loudly as their steamy groins met. Titos groaned at the heat and then pressed at the heavenly opening. He sheathed himself in the growing warmth, moving after a momentís pause. Hal gripped his neck tightly and wrapped his legs around his waist as Titos plunged in again and again, supporting them both with one arm as the other stroked the delightful organ pulsing at his belly. Halís breathing became labored and loud as Titos thrust deeper in quick rhythms. The sky-blue eyes were half-closed with desire as his body arched into Titosí every intimate touch. Their lips locked when Titos heaved forward, touching the priest core and carrying them both over the edge into a hazy, warm bliss. After a moment, they moved to lie side-by-side. Titosí hand absently stroking the smooth thigh next to him. Hal leaned into the new warmth and cradled it for comfort. Titos chuckled lowly. "If you wanted sex, why did you just not ask?"

Hal sighed in contentment, his eyes forming the smile the warrior could not see. "I believe I just did." Then he hesitated and spoke again. "I am sorry about the gnolls. I had no idea that you bore that race a hatred."

Titos frowned at that as his arms surrounded his lover. "You make it sound very ugly when you put it that way. Gnolls are nasty, cruel creatures. That is how they are. I would like to think that I hold no ill will towards the race, just its doing."

Hal nodded as if considering something but did not elaborate. After a few moments, Titosí gaze fell on Ryn, who had barely shifted in his sleep. One pale hand had snuck out from under the honey-wheat hair and rested on the green grass nearby. There were small blisters there that the elf had not mentioned. Titos frowned. They werenít any real damage but still...

"You worry about him." Hal commented sleepily.


"He seems excited to see his family again... to go home yet you worry about that as well."

"Nobility is a race on itself. They can be cruel and vindictive even on their own kind, especially any who would allow themselves to be signaled out."

Hal turned to him, his sky-blue yes pondering him even as he spoke. "You speak from experience?"

Titos smiled slightly. "I am not noble if that is what you ask. Our prince is the only royalty I have actually known. As one of the leaders of the Army you hate, I have had to sit down with those on both sides. I have known friendlier snakes at meal time."

Halís smooth check rested on his cheek. "Do you always categories people so much? I do not hate that army, I hate what they have done and what they seek to do."

Titos sighed. "It is easy to group others until you meet an exception. Avoiding complications and going with the wise words of others have kept me alive all these violent years. I see no reason to change just yet. My life is not a rich one, but I am happy. I have little desire to change it. Only time can tell what will come of these upcoming events, but I fear I am right. My only hope is that Ryn will recover as quickly and miraculously has he has done in the past. Change always comes with a price of some sort."

Hal snuggled into his embrace, but said nothing. For some reason, Titos picked up that odd yet familiar sense of doubt from him again. One of these days, he was going to figure out what exactly went on in that complex mind of his, even if he had to resort to magic to do it.

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