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"A Prisoner of Sorts"
By Paladin April 2004

Posted October 2004, Part 6:
To Part 6

It was a dark room he lay in, damp and reeking of aged soil, not so much as a root showing nor a sound other than the occasional growl or footstep. He was nearly delirious with hunger, barely able to hold onto the memory as to how he came to be here. While in flight, he thought, captured while in flight. Surrounded by enemies with one actually being able to stop him suddenly with a sharp blow to his temple, or maybe it was his brow. Either way, there had been darkness, the black sort where no dreams formed. And then he was here, lying upon a stone slab, chained to it by hefty irons that even he could not break. Starvation... what a way to go. He could barely move his tongue now, hardly swallow. Scarcely enough moisture for the single tear that slipped down his cheek.

The door creaked open and a light shown into the room followed by the sound of a curse and growl.

"Damn. Can no one follow simple orders around here?"

That voice... it sounded so familiar, but his mind could not place it.

Footsteps moved nearby. All he could think about was fresh blood yet not even his fingers could do more than twitch. His eyes were unable to focus on the moving individual so near him. If he could just...

A warm palm pressed against his brow, tilting his head back while another hand encouraged his mouth to open. "I...."

"Shhh," the other whispered placing a small glass against his lips. "Drink... but slowly, Kraven," came a soft command.

He couldn't, Kraven realized. There wasn't enough strength left to do so. The vampire sighed in despair.

Sharp nails grazed against the back of his neck, supporting him to keep from choking as the blood entered his mouth and trailed down his parched tongue and aching throat.

Kraven did not know how long he drank, but it was a gift he would not forget soon. Even now, he could feel the fluid in his veins revitalize his body and return strength to him. "Thank you... I..." As sight returned to him, the grey eyes widened in horror.  "It... it cannot be."

His companion smiled slowly, his dark eyes glistening with amusement and no small amount of caution. "Surprised to see me Kraven? I imagine you would be, considering you shot me in the back."

"But... the nitrate... the bullets. I..." Kraven tested his irons again, finding the chains just as unyielding as before. His heart pounded in renewed fear.

Lucian seemed amused. "Relax Kraven, if I wished to deal you a torturous death, I simply would not have returned. It is what you would have done," he emphasized with a low growl.

[Part 2]

Kraven barred his fangs. "You fool. You ruined everything and then dared block my escape. What the hell did you expect?"

The Lycan leader shook his head. "Kraven, Kraven, Kraven" He circled the stone slab shaking his head. "You are the most self-absorbed creature I have ever met. Well, aside from Viktor that is. It is no wonder his protégé is little different. Still, I am a man of reason. If it were not for you, so much victory would not have been obtained."

It took a great deal of effort not to sneer at Lucian just then. Victory? Is this what the Lycan called victory? Clearly he did not align himself with a partner who could tell the difference. And why, why was his skin grey like that? "This is what you call victory? Lucian, you are a fool. Viktor will hunt you down and slay your kind down to the last one.  Have you gone completely mad?"

Lucian smirked. "It amazes me that you were a bureaucrat at all Kraven. Your manners are not nearly as fine as your dress. Then again, I don't have anything you want do I? Except your life."
He towered over Kraven, a single finger trailing over the exposed chest of his shirt. "If you are referring to the darkened status of my veins, I have you to thank for that. Fortunately, the ache is something I can get used to. With Amelia's blood in my veins, it's bearable. As for victory. Kraven, do you not realize you have made all that has occurred possible? Without you, there would not be now, as we speak, a pack, a family if you will, of both vampires and lycans combating the others. Selene would not have bitten Michael; without you there would be no hybrid... without you Viktor would not be dead. "

He stared at Lucian in disbelief. Viktor... dead? By who? "And Selene?"

"Dear god Kraven!" Lucian shouted angrily, annoyed by his one-track mind. "For all your follies Kraven, you were the one that drove Selene to Michael. You were the one that led her to the truth about Viktor. All of your efforts led her away from you and fulfilled my plans in a way I never thought possible."

His blood boiled with fury. Kraven thrashed against the chains. "Then she is still with him, with this Michael!"

"Yes, and you'd best get her out of your mind. Michael could split you in two with a bit of training." Lucian warned.

Kraven glowered at the wall, not wanting to look upon the Lycan directly. "What do you want from me Lycan? Why didn't you just kill me?"

Lucian's lips twitched. "I apologize Kraven. That discussion will have to wait. I only came here to check on you and... extend your freedom a little." He pulled out a key and moved to Kraven's right hand area, leaning under the stone slab and dabbling with something that resulted in extending the chain. Then, one by one, his captor released his left wrist and both ankles giving Kraven partial freedom. "You'll have three bags of blood for a few days..."

Kraven rubbed his wrist and eyed Lucian in disbelief. "You are, you are leaving me here, again?"

"It cannot be helped. Much has happened since you have been here. And it is not safe for us to remain here. Our hunters..."

"Take me with you! You cannot leave me here Lucian. I will not allow it."

"Not allow it?" He laughed lowly. "You really cannot tell when you are not in control can you Kraven? Or is it you refuse to accept that truth of it? Your kind has severe limitation in the ability to travel... therefore you cannot go. I will return. I promise."

Kraven tensed, rushing forward but only managed a couple of feet before the chain stopped even his rising strength.

Lucian looked unmoved by the whole affair. "I will return," he repeated, showing Kraven where the bags of blood were stored in small cooler in range. With one more glance, Lucian was gone.

And Kraven, was furious.

[PART 3]

"Lucian are you listening?"

The lycan blinked a few times, rousing himself away from distant thoughts and the constant ache of his body.

Selene blinked at him expectantly but received only a blank gaze. He had not been listening.

She frowned a little tapping lightly on the table. "Lucian. What is it? That is the second time you have become distant during our conversation."

He sighed, unhappily. "One of my hideouts is being heavily watched, too much so to return to it with any chance of success."

"There are other locations..."

"Yes but there is... is something there of importance that will be at risk if forced to remain, there alone, much longer. Have you heard from Michael?"

"Not yet. These human hunters are very, very cautious and lethal. We don't believe they are aware of hybrids."

"Hybrid," Lucian corrected softly. "Amelia's blood did not change me, only provided a life-support of some kind. I've not found another scientist I trust fully just yet, but it is my belief that it would take very little silver to finish off the job."

Selene glowered at the table. "No one has found him yet. We are looking for him; Marcus is looking for him; the rogue lycans are looking for him. Perhaps we will be fortunate and the humans finished him unwittingly."

Lucian eyed her sternly. "Selene. There is nothing good that can come from humans knowing about us, hunting us. There are too many sides in this war, and only one that wants something more than the eradication of the others." He stood. "I must try to return to the location, regardless of the danger. Feran is the one who..."

"Feran is a moron Lucian. I don't care if he holds the loyalty of the other lycans. He is not nearly as good as you..."

"He is better Selene. He is strong, able and just as committed to our people's unity. His mannerism is... questionable but there is no other who will not back down if the entire world turns against us."

"The human hunters are not as adept at hunting during the day. They cannot find us as well and prefer to run across our people fighting. If you take Michael and the other lycans during the day, you will have a better chance."

"Not an option. The item is rather fragile during the daylight hours."

Her eyes narrowed. "We had a deal. If you captured a vampire, you would let us handle it. If we capture lycans, they will go to you and not Feran, remember?"

"Yes, of course I do." He returned, annoyed. "This is a special case. It is not a good idea to involve you and your pack."

"If we loose you Lucian, we will loose our only link to the past. The only one who knows as far back as my people have access to. And I am not willing to let you experiment on vampires."

Lucian's eyes sparkled a bit with thought. "There are other methods to discover the past but very well. I've an idea that requires a strike near dawn and a promise from you and Michael to give me time, to keep an open mind. My source tells me the human hunters are not yet aware there are some amongst our kind in allegiance. It will be to our advantage to keep it that way. The vampires will lead the assault and the lycans will perform the retrieval. Once we're inside, you can retreat. Getting out will be up to us. They'll never know we are working as one and not suspect vampires would dare hunt so close to sunlight hours."

Selene nodded, but her distrust was clear.

The meeting then ended...

Lucian took an off-hands approach to the conflict once he discovered the success of the pair he helped create. His new physical limitations went beyond what he let on, and he felt the passion of Michael and Selene, together, were better fitted to this new kind of war. Fortunately, with the rise of Feran as a leader over the lycans more interested in survival and unity than revenge and destruction, they essentially had three groups working for similar goals. It was through Feran, a lycan from another continent, that they also learned that a group of underground human hunters had slowly but steadily acquired the knowledge and the ability to strike at both immortal races.

It was very difficult to stand in the alley, watching the manhole to his underground lair knowing that each passing moment could be another moment of agony for Kraven. He was furious that a human sentinel remained near the entrance around the clock. Clearly, their enemies had discovered the lycans frequented the area but did not know exactly where and certainly not why.

His eyes glossed over with the want to tear him from limb to limb. Patience, he reminded himself. And he was rewarded shortly afterward for soon a series of gunshots were heard and the human abandoned his post to join the others in a lethal battle with the vampires.

Lucian was swift, going down into the damp darkness and sloshing quickly through the abandoned underground tunnels. He slowed a little, pulling out his gun fitted to kill a vampire but which also worked well on a mere mortal. You could never be too sure.

As they approached the familiar doorway, he motioned for his two guards to wait there and entered cautiously.

There was Kraven, still chained to the stone slab, turned away from the doorway and sitting, head resting on his arm.

"Kraven," Lucian hissed quietly, knowing the vampire's senses were keen enough to hear the whisper.

He received no response.

The lycan leader eyed his prisoner carefully and cautiously as he approached step-by-step. It would not be past this one to lure him in closer to launch an attack. "Kraven," he repeated, trying to quash the worry that began to rise from the pit of his stomach

The vampire's cool eyes turned to him, and a ready sneer formed. "What do you want Lucian? Come to admire your handy work?"

"Not now. I am going to release you and move you Kraven. You'd best not resist." He motioned with his gun for emphasis and then to the two guards nearby. Lucian's brow raised as he noted only two empty blood bags.

Kraven did not move, his voice quiet and eyes narrowed. "I rationed myself Lucian. Imagine, I did not trust you. Why shouldn't I fight you? How many times do you plan to do this? How many times do you plan to starve me for your fun?"

Lucian took a deep breath. "It was unavoidable. We do not have time for this Kraven. I will explain much more to you when we get to safety."

"If you come near me, I will kill you," Kraven replied, his eyes glowing a cool blue.

For a brief moment, Lucian actually considered leaving him there. This was his treacherous partner, a lethal vampire whom had stumbled upon him all those years ago in his own fortress and who gained a far nicer end of the bargain than he had. He was ungrateful, amazingly annoying at times and lacked any resemblance of patience. Every lycan and vampire, and now more than a few humans, were eager to slay Kraven the moment they set eyes on him. Everyone except Lucian, and the creature was still ridiculously hostile towards him. Fortunately, for Kraven, the feeling only lasted a couple of seconds.

"Well you will try at least," Lucian corrected, walking forward with a key. "But it is to be expected from the likes of you." He wasn't entirely sure what a vampire bite would do to his already chaotic system. It wasn't likely to be good, but that didn't stop him from freeing the light wrist.

To his surprise, Kraven did nothing. He merely remained where he was, the blue gaze fading to the calm dark globes that the vampire usually sported. Kraven sighed a little and closed his eyes, signaling the vampire was indeed too weak to put up much of a fight.

Lucian snatched up the third bag of blood. "Bring the blanket over. Kraven, I want you to drink this. We're going to cover you completely in this blanket and take you out of here. It is very, very important that you not fight me on this and don't struggle or thrash when we are moving? Do you understand?"

Kraven's eyes opened again, eyeing Lucian warily as he took the bag and hesitantly, with no small amount of grace and dignity, began to drain its contents. "Why?" he hissed.

The lycan's eyebrow raised. "Answers later, obedience now," came the firm response.

When no retort came, the lycans proceeded with care and wariness. Once Kraven was wrapped liberally with the dark garment, Lucian made sure the strongest of the two carried him. "Do not drop him under any circumstances. I do not care if you get shot at or attacked. I will take care of it but do not dare drop him. Understood?"

One nod was given and the four of them were on the move again. All around them, was silence.

[Part 4]

The gunfight had stopped even before they entered the tunnel, and leaving through the entrance they entered was not an option. It had been a considerable risk for the vampires to attack so near sunlight, and naturally, they would not chance an extra minute with such a lethal consequence at stake. This meant that if the human hunters had any amount of strength left, they might be watching the area again.

Lucian's eyes peered through the darkness, motioning for the others to follow as they crept onward. Hairs on the back of his neck stood tall. He could feel there were still enemies near and that they maybe down in the darkness with them.


He raised a hand to silence him. "Do you hear that...?"


A small round object dropped near their feet. Lucian moved on instinct, slamming open a side door and throwing the other two through it just in time to hear the thing go off right behind him. It sent him to the floor in a heap, the blast of flame burning through the tunnel they managed to just escape from. Gunshots could be heard and pierced the cold stone as the lycan leader rose to his feet.

Lucian grabbed their coats and lifted them both to their feet once the stones stopped falling around and behind them. "Move!"

His guards did, without question and still clutching the bundle he entrusted them with.

He drew his gun and turned around, firing behind them blindly as he followed. "Do not look back. Take the east exit to the car. If I am not there in five minutes, go." Lucian growled his orders lowly and turned into yet another side passage, grabbing a handful of gas grenades he kept there.

The best thing about  human enemies was that the little things still killed them with little harm done to either immortal. With a bit too much pleasure, he threw the things behind him and ran only a few feet before the smoke began to fill the room. Soon, coughing could be heard.

Had there been more time, he would have tried to grab a prisoner to interrogate. At the very least, get a chance to look at their weaponry and discover if they came prepared to hunt vampire or lycan. Unfortunately, Kraven's presence in a car during the day made the risk too great. If the battle was taken to the vehicle, there was a good chance any damage would lead to his destruction. With a snarl, he fled his now useless hideout.

The sunlight annoyed his eyes as he stepped out of the underground lair but he was glad to see it. There wouldn't be much time to enjoy the sunlight with the likes of Kraven around, and it seemed as more time passed by, the deeper in hiding he had to go. To his knowledge, their vampire enemies were still not aware he even lived.

As he approached the car, he overheard a conversation that infuriated him.

"I told you not to get to rough. Damn it. Are you sure you didn't kill him?"

"Of course not. He was squirming. I had no choice. What if Lucian doesn't make it? What are we supposed to do with him anyway."

"Lucian will make it. We'll stay as long as it takes and at least get the body. I'll be damned if he goes down on my watch."

"You didn't answer my question."

"Without Lucian... there is no reason to let it live."

Lucian opened the door, glowering at both the young Lycans. "I am not certain what angers me more. That you would ignore my orders or simply dispatch of your charge at whim without me around."


He cut them both off and raised his hand. "I wouldn't say anything to me right now. Go, take us out of here to site D." Lucian settled in the back of the car, placing a hand on Kraven's covered, still form. There was no need to check on the vampire just yet. His guards were young, impatient, and infuriating but still competent. There were days, however, he sure missed Raze.

It took a few hours to drive to their destination for it was outside any city limits and marked only by a small farmhouse and fields of wheat above ground; the true beauty was beneath it. No one new of this hideout except a select few lycans, not even Selene or Michael. He had no intention of telling them either. Despite the truce between a number of lycans and vampires, the distrust remained even amongst allies. He'd lived too long himself to ever trust a vampire again, at least not in the near future.

The field work was done by hired human help with one lycan who would appear once in awhile to distribute checks. Otherwise, the few locals knew little about the owner of the land and had no idea how many people had gathered there at one time or another. Most of whom were dead now, thanks to the vampires.

Kraven was locked in  Lucian's room, so the lycan to took a seat in a large chair in the sitting room where many bookcases filled with old tomes dwelled. He barely got past two pages before slumber claimed him.

[Part 5]

As he requested, Lucian was awakened shortly before sunset, giving him time to shower and take a few minutes to survey the area and make certain all was as it should be. His bodyguards were taxing but loyal which meant they actually took the extra precautions necessary with keeping a live vampire captive for a prolonged period of time. Lucian had planned for this long ago. He expected Kraven to break their deal, but not nearly at the moment he did. After all, why kill the only person in the place that wasn't out to kill you? That sort of logic... still didn't settle well. Just the same, he had the darts. It was a garlic solution he and Singe had worked on together. Its affects were not pleasant, for the vampire, but turned out to be merely a strong sedative. Not useful in  lethal combat... but when it came to trigger happy lycan guards... probably the only way to ensure Kraven's life. The vampire was destined to do something stupid. He could feel it.

Downing a large quantity of water, Lucian entered his chambers were Kraven had been placed. It was a large chamber with one window nearly 12 feet up that allowed light in. It had been barred up long ago, a minor obstacle for a changed lycan, and now sealed to prevent even a ray of sunlight in. His bed was king-sized and in the middle with a canopy. It seemed strange to some, that the male leader of the lycan's had a black bed with a matching canopy, but those who knew him well, like Raze had, knew that Sonja had liked them. That was reason enough for him.

He moved to the refrigerator, checking the supply of blood there. It was low, and would not be easy to obtain more. A concern to deal with later. His fresh meat was there also, and the freezer next to it held much more. If they squeezed it, he wondered, would it be enough for one vampire. A smile formed. Kraven would certainly have something to say about that sort of cuisine.

Speaking of Kraven... The vampire lay on the bed, eyes closed, still loosely wrapped in the blanket that saved his life while they fled the old hide-out. Unlike werewolves, the vampires looked dead during their day sleep. Not a motion, not breath, not so much as a stir when touched. The whole ordeal was still puzzling to him, but he knew that it was a lure of some kind. Like some internal clock that enacted instinct to rest when the sun rose. Some vampires, many, could avoid the call for many, many hours even if they could not avoid the danger. A weak one... or one not used to hardship, could not.

Lucian took a seat on the bed, running his fingers through the silky dark hair. Kraven was both, he thought. Softened by the world of luxury he built in Viktor's absents, weak from lack of nourishment of which, he had to admit, was regrettable. It would make this reunion far more difficult than it had to be. He looked young like this... vulnerable.

He withdrew his hand when Kraven stirred a little, breath returning to his unnecessary but functioning lungs and cold eyes revealing themselves warily.

"Lucian," Kraven's eyes narrowed as he pulled away, looking around the room, eyeing the many bookcases and small light coming from the back-corner bathing room. "Where the hell am I?"

"Safe, that should be good enough for you."

Kraven moved quickly but Lucian was faster, more experienced. He had the vampire's wrist and was spinning him around before he got one-inch from the bed, certainly not even close to the door. "Before you think about trying to bite me Kraven, and wondering if it would even work, I would like to remind you that a lycan's bite is not nearly as pleasant... and if you keep this up, I will be in a bad mood shortly."

The vampire swallowed nervously and did not pull away again. "What do you want from me Lucian?"

Lucian tilted his head and smiled a little. "I think you will be surprised Kraven."

Kraven lowered his eyes and looked away. Lucian loved it when he did that, a minute show of submission. Even if more temporary than he even thought... it was lovely. He maintained his grip. "You look pale, come, there is blood here for you."

There was no resistance as they walked to the refrigerator and the lycan leader pulled out a bag, handing it to the uncertain vampire.

Kraven took it, hunger in his eyes though he seemed still hesitant. "This is ours... Do you have something to restore the bags? They keep better that way."

"You need to drink it all Kraven, regain your strength, sate your hunger."

That damn near snarl formed on the vampire's face and Lucian had half a mind to slap it off for all the conceit that came with it.

"It is better to have half of what you need for two days than all of what you need for one day and none the next."

This made Lucian pause as he studied Kraven's expression. Now, he seemed... guarded again. "You've gone without before." It wasn't a question.

Kraven took a seat on the bed since the only chair had books stacked on it. "Not as a vampire. Thanks to you, I have that experience now too."

Thanks to him? Thanks to him Kraven was still alive! Patience... Lucian reminded himself, to keep from shouting. "And I already have others working to ensure that does not happen again," he assured.

"Forgive me if I do not believe..."

"Forgive you!" Lucian did shout this time. "Is it forgiveness you really seek? Is it Kraven. Forgiveness for what, your betrayal, sentencing me to death, failing to keep Viktor in check... just how far back do you want me to go with this forgiveness? I'll forgive you when I am good and ready to," he snarled a little. When he reached to grab something under the bed, Kraven actually shrank back. His now clouded eyes narrowed a little as he proceeded to grab a box and placed it on the bed. "Get dressed and drink. We've an important place to go tonight. And I swear to you vampire, if you misbehave, if you cross me even a little tonight, forget what Marcus wants to do with you because it will pale in comparison to me. Even Viktor would be proud."

Kraven's eyes widened but he said nothing and Lucian left.

He closed the door and smiled. That should have gotten his attention at least.


Posted October 2004

[Part 6]

It took awhile for Lucian to regain his temper enough to get dressed and check on his guards. They both glanced at him but were clearly more intent on eating then taking orders from him.

Lucian scowled a little. "Be cleaned up in ten minutes. We have a meeting to attend to."

His reward for his efforts were a couple of grunts and a nod. Not to be discouraged by the discourteous nature of the youth, Lucian merely went to his armory in preparation. He grabbed a second gun and loaded it with a few darts of garlic mixture . Somehow, it seemed important that he have this on his person as well as his two guards, just in case.

The former lycan leader walked down the hall and opened the door to his room, prepared for the worst.

To his surprise, Kraven still sat on the bed,  but dressed as ordered in a sleek royal purple shirt with a collar, and loose fitting black slacks. He didn't know why he picked it out but after the mess Kraven fell into during the battle, the vampire needed something clean until they could shop for him properly. Kraven did not look at him or indicate he was noticed.

Lucian smiled a bit. Was this progress? "You look nice Kraven."

"Is that important?" came a cautious almost snide reply.

"Only to me," he retorted. "Need I remind you that everyone else has more painful and permanent desires for you?"

Kraven's cool eyes regarded him sharply. "No you do not."

Lucian offered him a hand. "Good. Come with me. I am expected someplace."

Kraven hesitantly took his hand. "Where are we going?"

"That is none of your concern. All you need to know is we will be back well before sunrise." He didn't wait for a response and tugged the vampire along with him down the hall, pleased to see his bodyguards appropriately dressed and groomed in their casual suits for the event.

Before long, the small band was on the road and leaving the hidden lair behind...

Kraven sat beside him, uncomfortably and in silence, glancing at the three lycans near him as if they were sprung traps waiting to be setoff. It was amusing really. Lucian realized he should have had his guards sit up front with the driver to ease the vampire's wariness, but that would require an argument that was better left unspoken in front of a forced guest.

They drove for just about an hour, when they reached a large gate. There his driver entered the code, and they began their ten minute journey to the sizable house.

There was nothing particularly ancient about the dwelling here but it was old, designed in Victorian style and colored in smooth blues and dark greys, complete with a stable and barn on one side. You would never have guessed a Lycan lived there from the looks of it, and the vampires never did. Despite his gruff manners, violent tendencies and complete lack of general diplomacy, Feran had a rather delicate tastes.

Lucian waited for the other three to leave the car and grabbed Kraven's wrist securely when the vampire began to exit. "Kraven, remember what I warned you about. Hold your tongue and behave. Is that understood?"

Kraven nodded. "I don't understand why you had to bring me here..."

"It's not your place to understand." And it wasn't like he could tell his companion that there was no way Kraven would be allowed to stay at the farmstead, alone, with only a barred window and locked door to hold him during the night.

With a growl for emphasis on his warning, Lucian exited first and then pulled Kraven into the house by the wrist.

Since they were late, the rest of the guests were already seated and enjoying their wine and meat, looking at him expectantly as he took a seat. His eyes, instantly met Feran's.

Feran's eyes were like the color of shifting skies, changing from blue to gray depending on his mood. He was tall, powerfully built, had blonde hair and was oddly attractive despite the permanent scowl he bore.

Lucian took a drink and leaned back, relaxed. He placed a hand on Kraven's nervous shoulder and simply looked at the five pairs of eyes with an odd sort of satisfaction. The conversation to come would be tiresome. However, after Feran's rise to power, he received Lucian's blessing and then was promptly put in his place with teeth and claw. It demonstrated a clear lesson as to why it was important to let a man relax and recover from a journey before tearing into him in regard to a failed mission. Fortunately for him, Feran acted like a rampaging animal when angry, which meant that he was too sloppy and careless in fighting to realize that Lucian was weak enough to defeat if he used less brawn and more brain.

Lucian smiled a bit and nodded to the others. "I heard that there was victory on a boat not long ago. A supply of blood was taken?"

Feran grit his teeth and glowered at his plate, the strain on his willpower clear. "Selene told me on the phone you were acting a bit odd, mentioned she thought you might be holding a vampire rather than turn them over to her or me..." He drew a deep breath. "I don't think either of us could imagine why you would you would take this piece of filth anywhere but to the nearest, brightest field you could find and watch the winds carry his ashes to hell."

Impressive. No real foul language, level tone. Feran was learning. Lucian leaned forward. "It is my business not yours or hers. My choice, my prize for the years of bleeding and fighting and plotting to get to where we are now."

Feran slammed his fist on the table. "He's a traitor, a coward, not fit for the..."

"Watch yourself," Lucian warned.

"I'll not have him here, not in my house, not unless I can nail him to the wall with a stake right through his heart," the younger lycan growled, his eyes clouding over.

Kraven must have recognized that signal and stood swiftly, causing every other lycan to do the same, ready to tear him apart should he make a move. Even his guards reached for their guns.

Lucian remained calm, leadership, after all, was about appearances as much as anything else. He leaned over, his lips nearly touching Kraven's ear. "If you think that I am capable of fending off a pack of lycans from ripping you apart, you are mistaken. They'll not hurt me, but it wouldn't take much to get past me to get to you. Sit down and don't move again until I tell you to."

Kraven's hands balled into fist, and he glowered defiantly at the lycans looking at him with pure hatred. Lifting his chin with no small amount of pride and dignity, he took a seat as ordered.

Inwardly, Lucian let out a sigh of relief. "We're wasting time on my personal matters. There are more important things to be discussed. If you would be so kind to get some blood from storage for my vampire, we can get to them."

"I am not your..."

Kraven was cut off by Feran's powerful and meaningful growl of warning. His eyes, storming grey, did not leave Kraven's form though he spoke to Lucian. "Very well Lucian. For now, I'll let you keep your toy in peace. This had better not jeopardize the alliance we have with Michael and Selene and their followers."

"Do not worry about them. I will handle them as I have handled you," Lucian remarked with a bit of challenge in his tone. "His presence is irrelevant, especially considering my minute role in the plans you three have concocted. You'll forget in a few weeks he is even with me."

It took a few minutes, but the lycans settled back down, the blood was brought in a goblet for Kraven and they began discussing concerns, possible recruits and, the more unfortunate topic, lycans who had become enemies.

Lucian and Feran took two different approaches with those who rebelled against the idea of a peaceful coexistence with vampires. Both Feran and Selene were reluctant but skilled at destroying vampires and lycans who were bent on destroying them all, but when it came to those who were reluctant to destroy their own race but not the other, the opinions varied. They couldn't have members who refused to aid half the team or continued to sabotage the efforts of one race and expect the alliance to work. Lucian and Selene tried to isolate any currents members that were a concern and speak with them, sometimes even imprison them. Catching those not of the alliance who held this opinion, however, was costly and not often successful. Resources were as scarce as members and loosing two or three people, vampire or lycan, in the effort to track down and snag a rogue vampire out to kill only lycans but who was not loyal to Marcus simply cost too much, and vice versa.

The alternative was death of course, something Feran had no problem handing out when it came to defined enemies. He had a if  they shoot first, we shoot last policy. Selene and to a lesser extent, Michael, had sided with this policy so far though neither was entirely happy with it. Lucian, however, had found more than one target of theirs to be a misunderstanding. Someone who had no idea what the current politics were and who was simply following their centuries old war plan of destroying the other side. They'd not been given a chance to consider an alternative.

As they spoke about these things, Lucian's mind left the discussion when his gaze fell on Kraven. The vampire was stiff, his eyes focused on his empty plate and his goblet of blood untouched. Everything about his posture suggested the vampire was also not listening.

"Lucian, did you hear me?"

Lucian blinked at Feran. "What?"

He received a growl in reply. "This is important. We're all wondering... Not everyone here was given a choice about being turned. Do the vampires give the choice or do they pick at their leisure? Do they force others to become vampires? If they do, we can find these new recruits and have them join our side."

Lucian considered the question. "They have more full bloods left than we do. So you may run into some who were not turned but born as a vampire. As for the choice... I am not certain anymore. Kraven?"

Kraven's eyes focused slowly, and he glanced at Lucian. "You expect me to answer that? What exactly do I get for helping you?"

"To live," came a familiar menacing growl. Feran's nails dug into the hardwood table.

Lucian raised a hand to keep the others from becoming equally excited about the refusal. "It maybe that Kraven doesn't know how the others were turned in the past or what is most common practice now. He was a bit... distracted, while ruling." That was putting it lightly. "Perhaps if you start by explaining your own experience? Your turning and what happened afterward?"


He could feel his eyes turn into two daggers of sharp ice, his body tensing with the want to change and teach his vampire a well deserved lesson. "Do you remember what I told you, Kraven, before I came here?"

Kraven breathed in sharply. Perhaps there was a war going on in the vampire, a tug-of-war between putting on a front and realizing how futile it was to cross the only one in the room who was preventing a frenzied feeding on vampire. "Yes... I. Lucian, not here. Please. Don't have me say this hear."

Lucian leaned over, getting closer. "Are you refusing me Kraven?" he asked quietly. "Here, in front of my peers? Because I just want to be clear that that is what you are doing."

Kraven swallowed nervously, and whispered back. "I promise to tell you what you wish to know... but please not here. Not in front of all of them."

Lucian's doubt was clear, but there was more here he thought he could gain than more respect from other lycans so he played along, having every intention of beating the vampire to an inch of his life if he strayed even an step further in the wrong direction. "I want the answer here and now, and you will go into details in private... intimate details?"

Kraven looked at him directly this time, his voice a faint whisper. "Yes... I will tell you as you wish to know... and what I think you want to know in private. Just... don't force me to go into my private details in front of these monst... lycans who wish to destroy me."

Lucian grabbed Kraven's neck, drawing a light gasp from the vampire. "Did you choose to become a vampire?"

The brown eyes looked away. "No, I did not."

Lucian loosed him, looking at the several pairs of eyes on them, ignoring Feran's displeased gaze. "It would seem that in this case, it was not voluntary. I will look into the subject more at a later date. For now, this meeting is over. Feran, I will contact you again shortly."

He stood, grabbed Kraven's wrist and left the table with his two bodyguards and driver behind him. 

Once they were in the car again and leaving the property, he relaxed. This time he did have his guards sit up front and after the display in Feran's home, they knew better than to question him while he was... miffed.

After several minutes of silence, the lycan rested his hand on the back of the vampire's neck, massaging the area. "Now doesn't this bring back memories? Do you recall the  last time we were in a car together, speaking Kraven?"

His companion eyed Lucian warily, his fingers moving to the base of his throat. "Yes," he whispered.

"Good. Then you will remember in close quarters, there is no question who is alpha. Now, you said you would tell me if I took you some place private. The windows are up and the driver is on the other side and taking us home. It is time for you to finally deliver on a bargain  you have made."

Kraven looked away, trying to ignore the hand traveling lightly over the small hairs of his neck. "I remember the night of my turning, the fear of it, the uncertainty, the experience itself... my first taste of blood and the first hunt. All of it, the same night. Mostly, mostly I remember the night after, the night I was summoned his room. He was so gentle, so warm... Viktor stroked my hair, kissed my cheeks and eyes, every little touch was memorable, encouraging. For the first time, I knew what love should feel like. Not even the brief moment of pain when he entered me marred the memory."  A serene look softened his features.

The familiar scowl that had become a trademark of this vampire's persona formed quickly again. "I woke up alone and the night never repeated itself again. He would go to me often enough. Sometimes in my room, other times in the study... mostly he liked the hallway, a public place. The gentleness was gone. It was all about lust... it had been from the beginning really. I just didn't know it. He had been fascinated by my looks, my innocence, my body. Once he had taken one and sampled the others... the interest waned. I tried to regain it back. Becoming stronger, learning more and more about the ways of the body to please him." His shining blue eyes seemed to glow as he smiled, fangs showing. Lucian became cautious. "Cleaned up after his messes and thought I had a real chance after beating you. Then Selene entered the picture. He had no use for me in a personal manner any longer. I became a tool. She became the object of his devotion."

His tone was not bitter nor was it heightened with a great deal of emotion. Lucian knew better. The Lycan's first mistake was forgetting that raw emotion and desires were what drove this vampire the most. Many vampires considered his people the animals, the lower immortal but Kraven's behavior in the end showed him to be far more animalistic, like a cornered beast lashing out at all those who were near him regardless of circumstances. My though, those blue eyes were gorgeous on him. "And yet you became infatuated with her?"

"Selene?" Kraven snarled, a mixture of anger and hurt. "She should have been with me. By all rights there was no reason..."

"Kraven!" Lucian interrupted. Not wanting him to rant on about her, again. "Why, just tell me why?"

"All you need to know is that vampires have a certain charm. A turned vampire is not necessarily easy pickings for you and your pack of dogs." Kraven pulled away in an act of defiance. "Why should I tell you anything more? You almost let me starve twice and..."

"And you shot me in the back, and then several more times. That silver ever courses through my veins Kraven. If anyone deserves vengeance it is me." He warned. "You have made enemies on all sides... Do you wish to be alone in every since of the word?"

Surprise entered those usually cold eyes, and slowly they returned to their calm, darker shade. "I knew that whoever Selene chose to be with would be real. Everything she did was real... I wanted something real."

"You had that one... the blonde..."

Kraven raised his hand in annoyance. "She would have chosen anyone in my place, anyone with power. I wanted to be someone's first chose. . I wanted to be..." The vampires voice softened and seemed sad.

"Special to someone," Lucian concluded for him. "Did it never occur to you that I let you live for a reason Kraven?"

A soft snicker sounded. "Of course it did. I was vulnerable, alone... easy pickings. Death or betrayal. Perfect for our plan."

Kraven's tone was so disrespectful it almost anger Lucian but he tried very hard to keep his tone, comforting. "What I wanted Kraven, was for both of our species. Not just you, and not just me. Peace, a joining. That war continues, but there is hope even with these human hunters in the way. With Selene and Michael and their allies..."

"Michael," Kraven hissed angrily. "If it were not for him..."

Lucian rolled his eyes. He couldn't help it. "Will you get over her? If Michael had not shown up, I assure you she would not have suddenly seen the light and gone to you." The condescending tone came naturally before he could stop himself. "It was an obsession and lust and the desire to love Kraven. Not love. Do not mistake the difference."

Kraven glowered at him. "I would shoot you again in a second Lucian."

He laughed. "Well if I blocked your escape again I imagine you would. And since I do, believe me I am prepared." His eyes shown with amusement. "Always so angry and so wanting and when not those two things, frightened. It is beautiful to watch Kraven. Truly beautiful." Lucian pulled out a wrapped package and handed it to his vampire. "I have gift for you Kraven. And make no mistake, you are here because I did chose to bring you here rather than slay you in your flight, upset or not."

"I was not...."

Lucian leaned forward, his fingers curling a little. "Your eyes were distant and glistening, the entire world you knew was crumbling down around you. You had been and were going to be crying. Now stop this silly rant and open the damn present."

Kraven gripped the brown paper. "You demanded I tell you. I was not ranting."

"Open the present," Lucian growled deeply.

Kraven barred his fangs a bit but complied, opening the present and frowned at its contents. "A watch?"

"No, it is a tracking device. Put it on."

The vampire turned away from him but placed it on his wrist. "It's ugly."

"It will allow me to find you should something... happen."

Kraven smirked. "Who is being ridiculous now. If my enemies find me Lucian, it will be a sudden death."

Lucian looked out the window. Not likely, he thought, it would be long and painful. If Kraven didn't realize that now, all he had to do was read a few of the communications they intercepted.

As they pulled back into the familiar farmstead Kraven broke a settling silence with a question Lucian felt too eager to answer. "If I am sleeping in your room, where are you going to be..."

Damn, his expression must have given him away because a look of pure horror dominated Kraven's rather fine features. "No! I will not lie with a lycan."

Lucian stepped stretched his neck and vacated the vehicle without a word. He helped Kraven out of the car and back into the house, almost disappointed Kraven didn't make a run for it. Then again, he figured the vampires distaste for lycans was all show really, and now that they were no longer on forced opposing sides, it was unnecessary.

Tonight, he planned on showing Kraven just how unnecessary it was and dispel a lot of myths the vampires told.

[Part 7]

Lucian watched Kraven from the bed, his mouth etched in a sly smirk. The vampire paced back and forth, facing the wall and refusing to look at him. His body was stiff, his hands balled into fist, you'd think he was about to be beaten from the way this vampire behaved. He still remembered the first time he laid eyes on him, during the bloody battle of his soon to be destroyed fortress. Every vampire in the place looked for him, trying to destroy him at least as the tides turned against them. But when Kraven turned the corner and found himself face to face with the lycan leader, a look of pure horror formed.

He must have appeared ghastly by then, blood of friend and foe clinging to his fur, gaping jaw filled with flesh. Kraven became frozen, terrified and with that look of desperation he still carried once in awhile. Had it been any other lycan, the vampire would have been torn to shreds before the next blink of an eye. But he knew the signs of an untried fighter in the midst of great violence and had approached him slowly, easily taking that sword from the vampire without so much as a fight.

Their eyes met, and both knew the vampire forces were vanquished. Kraven had looked away then, for the first time, that almost delicate drop of the eyes. Whispered the word please.

There would have been nothing stopping him then. Kraven became his for the taking, his body, his life. He wound up demanding his loyalty and aid instead. Now here they were, years of violence and short meetings later, both striving for their own wants which ultimately led to betrayal... here they were again, back to where they started... almost.

"Kraven," he voiced softly, patting the blankets near him. "Come to bed."

The vampire hissed, refusing to look at him still. "I'll not lie with you lycan."

Lucian chuckled. He couldn't help it. "That was rather racist of you Kraven. After all these years, you still think we are filthy dogs?"

"You've never seen vampires tear each other apart over an argument or just for sport."

"They haven't caught you yet..."

An uneasy silence filled the room.

Naturally, Lucian broke it though he tried to be more tactful this time. "You will wind up in this bed Kraven. Eventually the Sun sleep will win, and I will simply pick you up and be done with it."

Kraven shuddered and breathed in deeply. "If I do as you want... What would it take to have you use oil or ointment or something?"

Lucian frowned a bit. "Kraven turn around, look at me."

It took a minute, maybe even two, before his companion complied. The dark brown eyes did not meet his gaze directly, but the uncertainty and fear dancing in them shown clear... as well as the look of defeat. The last proved nearly heart wrenching for the lycan. Lucian held his hand out. "Come here."

Kraven walked to the bed, taking a seat, doing his best to set his chin and look proud as the soft fingers touched Lucian's hand.

He smiled a little, caressing the knuckles. "If you think that you must somehow please me to gain consideration Kraven, there is much about me you do not know."

Kraven sneered, and he knew something rude would soon to follow. "I did not think that you would be even tempted by a sleeping vampire. You screw corpses too?"

Lucian growled. "Get out of your clothes, now."

Kraven flinched and hurriedly did as requested, trying to keep his trembling fingers still.

Once he was naked, Lucian barely gave him a glance which seemed to cause Kraven to blush, perhaps in shame.  He simply lifted  the blankets and waited.

"I saw some conditioner in the bathroom..."

"Just get in the bed," Lucian snarled in annoyance.

Kraven dragged his feet a little, but eventually he climbed into the bed and turned away from Lucian, hugging the covers tightly.

Lucian wrapped his arms around Kraven and pulled him snugly against his chest. Silence claimed the room again. This time, it remained.

For the longest time, Lucian did nothing, said nothing, only held Kraven's naked body against him as if it were nothing. In truth, he wasn't completely sure how to proceed. He knew what the vampire expected, and even played along purposely. However, his sigh of relief did not come until he felt Kraven's body go still and the sleep took him.

"Kraven," he whispered softly, kissing the vampire's neck. "What am I going to do with you...?"

The first breath of a vampire awakening from Sun sleep was always the most difficult. No matter how many times he awoke, his lungs simply did not enjoy refreshing themselves after that many hours of disuse.

He blinked a little, sighing a bit as his body stretched, slowly recalling where he dwelled. A bed, naked in a bed but who's... Lucian. The air caught in his throat. Had he, had they...? No, no he would have remembered that and there would have been some leftover sensation, soreness...?

Kraven sat-up, rubbing his eyes a little and looked over at the lycan breathing softly beside him. "I don't understand," he whispered quietly. "Why didn't you just do it?" His dark eyes roamed over Lucian's sleeping features. He looked rather tame like this, not at all dangerous really. Almost as deceptive as a vampire's appearance. Now would be a good chance to kill him... not even a lycan could respond with perfect swiftness. But his heart ached for something else, something more.

Carefully, Kraven reached over, his fingers just brushing against Lucian's cheek when a strong hand suddenly grasped his wrist, and Lucian's eyes opened, peering at him intensely.

The vampire didn't move; he simply gazed into those dark eyes, finding them impassive almost cold although they were not yet housing a familiar hostility.

Lucian spoke after a few more moments of silence. "It's not something you can understand Kraven. It must be experienced."

Kraven hesitated, not knowing what to say although he knew what he wanted. Tears formed, and he couldn't hold them back anymore. "I've lost everything. I was so close... so close and now, not even the clothes I wear are my own."

Oddly enough, Lucian smiled and yet his voice remained warm. "But your jewelry remains, see?"

Kraven blinked a little and looked down at his ring. Lucian teased him. The unexpected gesture actually drew a smile, and he couldn't help but laugh a little. "Yes, I suppose there is that." He went quiet, watching Lucian's fingers cover his. Take a risk, his soul whispered. "Lucian..."

A single finger pressed against his lips and stopped him. "You need to drink Kraven. You're pale, and you still look tired."

Kraven smiled weakly. "Really, it doesn't take much to sustain vampire. I know the supply is..."

"It's fine," Lucian interrupted, rolling out of bed and moving to the refrigerator. He reached in and grabbed a bag of blood and returned to the bed. "I did not help you Kraven to watch you starve nor put you on diet. You were at the meeting, Feran grabbed a shipment from a boat heading to another coven. For now, it is fine."

For now. How could that not make him worry? He looked away. "I am not really hungry..."

Lucian spoke again, this time, he was so close Kraven could feel the breath against his neck. "Then drink it for me."

Breath caught in Kraven's throat and he took the bag from his companion's hand. Without a word, but with his eyes locked with Lucian's, he sank his fangs into the defenseless plastic and began to drain the contents within.

Lucian's warm hand reached across the tiny amount of space between them and caressed his cheek, that simple gesture sending a thrill through his veins.

"Don't stop," came a quiet command.

He obeyed, his eyes partially closing as he drank.

Warm fingers brushed against his neck and shoulders and lifted to cup his ear.  He heard his heart pound loudly, and as the last of the blood vanished from its plastic prison, Lucian's voice sounded again. "Good."

The lycan took the bag away, and when Kraven opened his eyes he fond himself gazing into the large attentive globes. "Lucian," he began softly, "Would you... I mean... If you could," Kraven found it very difficult to explain, to ask. "I was hoping you might show me..."

Lucian cut him off with a warm, gentle kiss, the likes of which Kraven had not experienced before.

Kraven blinked a bit and actually felt himself blush a little when the lycan's thumb brushed against his cheek. "Lucian... everyone I have ever loved has never returned the sentiment... not remotely. I... I can sleep with you, and care for you but please..." He closed his eyes again and took a deep breath. "Don't let me fall for you if... if..."

"Kraven..." Lucian murmured. "Are you seeking a declaration of love from me?"

Just then the door opened and one of the lycans walked in with a silver tray loaded with a wine bottle, two goblets and food.

Really, he had only two choices: to stand there and realize how ridiculous it was for him to expect that much from Lucian, or make a dash for it.

He moved faster than he had ever done before. Leaping off the bed and knocking the other lycan against the wall as he made it out the door... and not a step further.

Lucian snarled, his growls low and his body pinning Kraven against the hallway wall. His cheek pressed against the cold rough stone, and Kraven could barely see what was happening. Lucian's angry voice filled the area but, surprisingly enough, it was not directed at him. Instead, the leader's wrath bellowed upon his fellow lycan who lay sprawled in the doorway wearing a lot of food and glass.

"Can you not follow one damn order? I said I would come out and get it! You realize what you almost did." Lucian's tone seemed mixed now, tainted with a hint... of fear?

His guard hung his head and began gathering the broken glass and trying to clean up. "I thought you might prefer..."

Lucian breathed in deeply. "Just go. No... leave it. Just go."

The other lycan stood, brushed himself off and hurried down the hall.

Kraven remained put, realizing his body had begun to tremble. He was afraid. His escape attempt failed... and Lucian had not stopped growling yet.

He didn't know how long they stood there like that, in the hallway, bodies pressed together and against the wall but it had to be a considerable amount of time. Unable to stand the silence any longer, he broke it. "I can, I can clean that up," the vampire offered quietly.

Lucian's hands moved down Kraven's sides to his waist where he was gripped and then spun around to face the angry lycan head on... only, Lucian didn't look that angry anymore.

"You can't run from everything Kraven, not even if its hard. Come, its more private in my room."

Kraven hesitantly returned to the large room and then took a seat on the bed, grabbing a pillow to nervously toy with as he waited. "I don't... don't expect love from you."

Lucian closed the door and locked it securely. "Of course you don't Kraven. It seems as if you do not believe yourself worthy of it... and your idea of love is... different than most people's. Its not a prize Kraven, nor something you have to be victorious to gain." He took a seat near Kraven and looked him in the eyes, those brown globes unwavering, warm. "I want to make love to you vampire, feel you, pet you, touch you in places that are unknown to the eye, hold you close to me. But how can I when you see everything as a ploy? When you go from blushing at my touch to fleeing from me as fast as you can to even cowering against me waiting to see how badly I will hurt you for defying me?"

Kraven lowered his eyes, and oddly enough, he felt sorrow and regret. "I don't know how to be different. There was an opening and I went for it. The idea of staying and hearing you say that... of answering your question it. I couldn't face that. I felt too..."


"Ashamed," he retorted but not angrily. "I should never have tried to get you say it. We don't even know each other. We are enemies."

Lucian smirked and covered Kraven's fidgeting fingers with his own calm hand. "We're not enemies Kraven, and I do know you. I keep trying to tell you that. I know you, I know how you are and I still want you. I want to show you so much."

Kraven shook his head. "If you knew me, you wouldn't have trusted me. You wouldn't have looked so surprised when I shot you."

"Well," again the lycan smiled and he found it odd. "Well you did surprise me the first time but the second... now that was predictable. After all, I shoved a large amount of steel through your leg. And I didn't trust you Kraven. I had plans... very elaborate plans actually to make you mine. It appeared I simply miscalculated a few things."

Kraven relaxed his hold on the pillow and inquired a bit, curiously. "You had... had plans for us?"

Lucian's fingers brushed against Kraven's cheek again, a soft gentle touch that left him feeling breathless. "Oh yes. I began seeing past the achievement of my goals and what I desired next?"

"A vampire lover?"

"You." Lucian smiled a little. "How many times do I have to say it Kraven, how many ways must I show it. Do I need to save your life again, perhaps show you the enemies that I willing keep at bay for you.. Perhaps you would wish..."

"Make love to me," Kraven interrupted with a soft voice and words that surprised even him. "I don't know when you became attracted to me since you could barely stand the sight of me during most our meetings... but..." The words spilled out; this time he didn't even try to think before he spoke them.

"I couldn't stare at you too long Kraven, or I would not have had the strength to send you back into that den of enemies you lived in. Viktor destroyed someone he loved, someone I loved, and he barely valued you at all."

Kraven drank in this information, his eyes meeting Lucian's gaze again, this time intent on holding it. "You achieved your goal right... that makes it worth it I guess. Your dream... realized."

Lucian reached out and pushed him back to lie upon the bed.  The lycan crawled over him and ran his fingers through Kraven's raven hair. "Now it is realized... yes. Before I met you Kraven... there was an ending to my goal... and nothing else."

The vampire licked his lips, feeling Lucian's hand run up his inner thigh. "And now?"

"There's you," he replied simply.

Their lips met in a passionate tangle of tongues and moans.

Kraven let this doubts slip behind his wall of reservation and warmed to the body pressing against him. His fingers moved down Lucian's strong back, coaxing the lycan out of his shirt.

Lucian kissed him twice more and then spoke. "Mmm, wait right here."

He squeezed his eyes shut tightly, feeling the bile of fear chill his heart and all the anxieties he tried to quash rose again. "Don't go..."

"Shhh," his captor whispered, stroking his cheek gently. "I just need to get to the dresser drawer. I promise."

After a deep breath, Kraven nodded. "All right." He watched Lucian's every move.

Lucian returned to the bed shortly with a small jar in his hand and a gentle kiss rewarding Kraven for his patience. He then ran those strong slightly calloused hands over Kraven's smooth skin, making him shiver with anticipation.

"This is not a bargain Kraven, not for your safety or your comfort or your blood... You will get those things from me without ever consenting to my bed." Warm air graced his ear, and Kraven felt he was in some sort of blissful haze. "I do love you Kraven. And I want this only if you do."

"I do," he nearly sobbed but managed to hold the tears back. So much of himself would be exposed to this lycan... already was. The hurt that might come crashing down upon him should this be another plan, another manipulation.

His eyes focused and he fond himself falling into the warm depths of his former ally's warm gaze.

"Then let it go... and just be with me Kraven."

The vampire closed his eyes and nodded, his fingers lifting to caress Lucian's cheek as they pursued a passionate kiss.

Hands roamed over his body, gentle touches that awoke his body wherever they went. Kraven actually whimpered when their lips parted, and he hissed as those strong fingers moved up his inner thigh and just brushed against the aroused flesh nestled in a dark forest.

"It's all right," Kraven breathed. "You can go faster, I can handle it."

Lucian wedged his knee between Kraven's thigh and covered him with his warm weight, his lips nipping at the younger immortal's throat. "I am not interested in handling you my precious vampire. I've waited centuries for this moment, and I'll not hurry it."

Kraven drew a shuddering breath, trying hard not to squirm while Lucian's fingers stroked and pulled at his aching flesh. A part of him, wanted the lycan to hurry up, another part remained curious as to what Lucian had in mind.

The caressing continued, a series of feather light touches moving down his thick sex, fingers massaging his sacs and a warm body pressing him against the bed. Only this time, Kraven did not feel trapped and pinned, but secure and wanted.

Probing fingers moved to his entrance, slick with whatever lubrication Lucian had hidden in that jar, it smelled sweet and felt... cool.

"Lucian," he gasped quietly, another finger entering his body, stretching his tight passageway.

"How long has it been?" Lucian asked softly and maneuvered Kraven's body so he was lifted partially off the bed, his smooth rear exposed.

Gods, Kraven thought, finding it hard to concentrate with all this heat and sensation causing his body to tingle. What was with all the questions? "I..." He breathed in quietly, and tried again. "Awhile... actually, I do mostly women now."

Lucian kissed his neck, the warm lips relaxing him slowly.  "After Viktor... I can imagine why."

"It wasn't just him," Kraven responded immediately, without thought. "Others were also... unkind..." His voice trailed of and he felt it, the large object probing his heated passageway.

"Not anymore, not ever again," Lucian whispered, pressing into him with a slowness that made Kraven whimper.

It seemed to take an eternity for the hard mass to ease its way into his body. Lucian, like many lycans, proved to be well endowed, but the gentleness in which he took Kraven, surprised him. Twice, he tried to hurry the process, lifting his body from the bed and clutching the lycan's hips to pull him closer. Each time, however, Lucian stopped him, even lifted each hand and kissed his knuckles, pausing to pet him, caress his heated flesh tenderly until Kraven found his lust calmed and patient again. His fingers balled into fist, his nails cutting into his palm and alas, Lucian settled deep inside him.

A series of wonderfully light kisses befell him, to his chest, to his neck followed by the circling of a tongue around each nipple. All the while, Lucian did not move, displaying an amount of self control that would awe anyone.

"Please," Kraven whispered softly, his eyes closing as he arched off the bed ever so slightly.

"As you wish, beloved," Lucian murmured, a hint of a smile coloring his tone. His thrusts began, slowly of course, but not lacking power. Each time he pulled back, he would thrust forward again to the same thrilling depth that he ended with during the first stroke.

They moved together, slowly and gradually finding the harmony that forms when two heated bodies meet in a mutual union of passion and desires of love. At some point, Kraven's world became but a vision of Lucian, and the wonderful things that this lycan did to his body. Perhaps, the nipping at the neck and the strong fingers bruising his skin around his waist proved a rather rough experience to that of many vampire lovers, even the rapid pace seemed... feral... but he loved it. Not once did he feel less, or a mere object to the lust of this magnificent man. Not once was he frightened.

What started out slow, became a mixture of loving touches and primal needs. Lucian's thick member burrowed into his body, stretched his innards again and again, forcing a whimper from his lips.

"I love you, Kraven," a warm voice whispered against his ear, and against his neck and against his chest. Those precious words repeated softly and never lost their potency.

"Take me," Kraven began in a raspy voice. "Take me to bliss Lucian... and don't let go."

"Never, never let go," Lucian returned. And then the man, he arched back and howled that powerful howl that all vampires had learned so well to fear or hunt... a sound that left him breathless, slightly afraid but captivated.

Commanding fingers held him fast, and Lucian thrust into him again, in a frenzy that rocked the bed and left Kraven glistening in a light sheen. He hissed a little, holding fast to his lover, was nearly lost to the animalistic nature of their bedding if it were not for the oddly, tender kisses and nudging Lucian did against his neck and soft skin just behind his ear.

Heavy sacs slapped against his rear, and they grew in size, housing his lover's passion. Soon... He exercised the inner muscles of his body, clamping around the thick member moving in and out of him, biting his lip from the pain and pleasure of it all, and crying out softly when the hot fluid splashed inside him.

And for the first time, a lover whispered his name, lovingly, against his ear in the throws of passion.

Lucian did not stop immediately, and kept claiming his body even as the flesh softened slowly. His fingers relaxed and Kraven found himself pulled into a fulfilling kiss. His strong hand slipped between them, and grasped Kraven's still hard flesh, pumping it steadily while smiling down at him.

Kraven moaned and softly, his eyes closing and body arching, reacting weakly to the stimulation for it still recovered from the wonderful ache that came from recently joining with another male.

This portion of their love making remained gentle throughout, and at some point, Lucian began speaking to him. Kraven became too lost in the pleasure to understand what was being said, but he relished the gentle tone and stroking. A few sudden, firm pulls and he came, crying out quietly and clutching Lucian to him while his hips thrust against his lover's palm

Gently, Lucian led him down from the orgasm and they kissed again, petting and moving on the bed until both finally sighed; their eyes met.

Lucian stroked his cheek then. "Rest Kraven. I will watch over you."

Kraven closed his eyes wearily and held fast to Lucian's hand. "Please... be here when I awaken."

He didn't stay awake long enough to hear the response.


Lucian knew that Kraven rested in exhaustion, not so much physical as it was emotional. This vampire had lived in such deceit, so many power struggles that he must have lost sight of himself along the way. The worst part was, Lucian had more than a little bit of the blame in this.

No matter, Kraven stayed safe here now and that was all that mattered.

He had to wait till the sun rise before he could reluctantly part from Kraven. The lycan leader walked down the halls to where his two guards often played cards and amused themselves with TV or other oddities they had about.

The one stood instantly. "Lucian. I am so sorry. I was just trying... I thought it would be more convenient if..."

Lucian opened their refrigerator and pulled out a cold beer, looking at the two lycans without a word. He replied, after some time.. "I understand what you were trying to do and why you did it. You will not be punished for it."

"But you were so angry. I thought..." He still looked doubtful of Lucian's sincerity.

"I was... terrified," the older lycan clarified, recalling that moment of white fear that had washed over him. "You do not understand... what you almost did."

They both looked confused. "We're not that short of supplies. I can get another glass... more wine. The cuts... there's not..."

Lucian sighed heavily and took a seat, encouraging the other two to sit across from him. "I appreciate your sacrifice, your loyalty no matter how bumbling it is at times." He shook his head again smiling but once more tried to seriously explain. "You just do not understand what will happen if Kraven gets loose and our enemies get to him before we can recover him."

His fingers tightened on the glass bottle in his hand. "I've lost one love to ashes before, to these monstrous vampires. I'll not loose this one too. Not because he becomes so uncertain that he does something as innocent as running away from me in an emotional moment. It's a luxury he can't afford... but I am the one level headed enough to realize that, not him. Do you two understand me?"

"Yes sir."

They drank a bit in silence together when Lucian stood again. "You two clean up the mess in the room. I am going to shower and keep my promise. You notice anything unusual, hear anything suspicious at all. Come get me and for god's sake, stay together. Safety in numbers."

He left the two and took a hot shower, though not even soap and water could wash away the warm  tingle of afterglow that made his heart sing. And when he returned to see Kraven, sleeping on the bed, he paused and memorized the sight. Kraven would wake at sundown... and this time, he would awaken knowing he was loved and that his lover was right there and there to stay.


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