created September 2006

Just some sites I have enjoyed over the years, some of them are listed under a particular category because that is what I read on the site myself even if there are multiple fandoms there.


Nifty Erotic Stories Archive This is a site that focuses on alternative type pairings which basically means anything but M/F although bi-sexual themes are allowed.

FanFiction.Net A huge compiling of fanfiction stories. A bit hard to find what you are looking for. [no longer contains NC-17 stories] An excellent the site that has a variety of genres available from anime, television, movies books and more. I highly recommend this site. NEW

The Wonderful World of Makebelieve An extensive archive site which is a bit difficult to navigate in but there is a huge variety of stories here. Need I say more?



Aestheticism This site requires proof of age to access the adult content although much of the resources available on the site does not require such proof. Includes translations, reviews and various articles.

Juxian Tang's Fiction An incredible writer in a variety of fandoms including original works. Might I recommend the story Aftermath in the Ai no Kusabi fandom.

Ai No Kusabi -Anime and Novel- An excellent range of tastes and talents for the Ai No Kusabi fan here.


Least Expected: A Tolkien Slash Archive The name says it all. [Sept 06, says the site is under construction so hopefully it is not just gone.]

Magical Intrigue A very nice LOTR story here as well as others. Also other fandoms.

Melethryn Archive A nice archive of Lord of The Rings Elf slash fanfiction including those by yours truly.

Library of Moria Extensive archive of Lord of The Rings slash fanfiction of many different ratings, including fanart.


The Grey Archive
 A mostly straight erotica archive but has a wide variety. Careful, some of the stories are disturbing and very dark with the author not always informing you.

Spooky's Other Fanfiction Page There is a wonderful Dragonlance fic here with Dalamar and Raistlin.

Naked Blades Mostly M/F stories, great selection and huge range of talent. Sword and Sorcery Erotica.



X-Men: The Movie Slash Archive  At the moment, the text section does not seem to work well so try the frame



TommyHawk's Fantasy World  This is not a slash site, very much for gay men these days but Tommyhawk hosted the Titos series for me when I first started out and encouraged me to write. Consider his link on my page as a continued thanks.

Morgana's Slash Archive I particularly enjoyed the Alexander slash fiction here.

Raven's Fetish Wonderful stories based on the Underworld Movie

Jedi Masters and Apprentice's Archive You guessed it, Star Wars fan fiction here. Not a huge fan myself but occasional I browse this nice selection.

Eowyn's Musings A variety of categories here for this author.  Information on the Dragonlance fandom from the official source.

The Encyclopedia of Arda An excellent source for Lord of the Rings information. Huge! No Really. You can find Episode Recaps for a ton of fandoms here.

Inyuasha World I haven't written any fanfiction for this one yet, but this is a great source.

Almagam Episode Guide to Samurai Champloo and More.


Intrinsic Desires Silver Rayne's new site with lots of street fighter, fatal fury and misc. anime. She helped me get into the Fatal Fury series. If she is still out there somewhere, would love to know.

The Yaoi Shrine Was the home of Sahari's Heroic Legend of Arislan fictions, the big one being Coronation. Would love the new site for this.


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